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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 18, 2017 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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visible. leverage in the twenty first century. story december second on. this is d w news live from berlin zimbabweans turn out in their tens of thousands to to demand president robert mugabe's resignation the streets of the capital harare have been packed with crowds calling for mugabe's departure after nearly four decades in power but he is resisting calls to go we'll bring you the latest
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from our correspondent in harare also coming up the plot thickens as lebanese prime minister saad hariri says he'll return to beirut by mid week this comes after he held talks with french president a monologue thrown in paris two weeks after announcing his shock resignation from saudi arabia. thanks for joining us i'm marian evans dean tens of thousands of demonstrators have been a rallying in the zimbabwean capital harare to demand the resignation of president robert mugabe there was a jubilant atmosphere at the rally which had the support of the army and veterans of zimbabwe's independence war who until just last year were loyal to the president even mugabe's own zanu p.f.
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party has joined calls for him to step down gabi is said to be asking for more time to leave but many zimbabweans have had enough. people power in the center of her. mcgarvie must go very these demonstrations chant it's more like a street party but one with a political message the people of zimbabwe have had enough of that ailing neda. the modern day. finally and out to be excited. independence day it's the first time in decades that people feel free to say what they really think of president mugabe he's known for vicious crackdowns against journalists and critics. the country soldiers have become heroes for many after the military took control of zimbabwe on wednesday the generals back to this day of protest. as well as an exuberant rally called by the veterans of zimbabwe's independence pool the
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veterans who once mugabe's supposes he was there come right in the struggle against white rule now they want him to step down. mugabe's wars began last week when he sent this man his vice president and his and one guy a few politician and fellow freedom fighter when i was widely viewed as my god is heir apparent he fled the country last week just before the coup. the x. vice president is reported to be back in zimbabwe it's still uncertain if he'll take power mugabe isn't gone yet even with thousands crying for his resignation. correspondent privilege was found here and joins us now from harare for more privileges a huge crowd was seen earlier at robert mugabe's official residence what's the situation like right now. the crowd is dispersed they were asked to disperse by the army generals.
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but before that he addressed. just in the crowd to say that. thanking them for what they're done today. coming out in thousands in support of the i me. in the in addressing the crowd you then say that one of the generals say that. it that journey of the thousand miles starts with small steps this is just the beginning. and desist kind of showed that behind the scenes. there where that has been coming out that president mugabe is resisting to give up this to you negotiations for him to step down then it's ease kind of mind to let go well all the crowds we've been seeing today the opposition and even
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his own party are demanding that he resign why doesn't he step down. how is sweet the man has been in in. in the driving seat for thirty seven years he has been in power for the eighty seven years therefore it's not just easy for him to let go and it is edge. used to to you know feels comfortable in staying in office even dog is advantaged in age it's so surprising but i think it's just a question of also thinking of the things that you have to let go remember over the years and his wife they have acquired a lot of wealth they have created a lot of enemies and what will happen after these years not so sure maybe you will
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be trite. after he leaves obvious he's not sure about easy immunity our assistance mugabe has not stepped down up to now according to party sources we're hearing the rulings and m.p.'s is going to meet tomorrow to dismiss mugabe as party leader can you tell us briefly about this you're following this endorsement by the provincial structures to. for him to step down the next stage that they have to do since he's not doing that voluntarily they will have to meet is what they say core the central committee they are supposed to convene and agent central committee a central committee is there. is the governing. in between congress so they will have to meet and endorse. he's stepping down and we
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hear that is law you might be impeached and choose that if he doesn't step down after the meeting of the central committee privilege was fine here reporting for us from harare thank you. now lebanese prime minister saad hariri says he will return to his country in the coming days after abruptly announcing his resignation in saudi arabia two weeks ago hariri made the announcement following talks with french president emanuel mccrone who'd invited him and his family to paris lebanon had claims that the saudis were keeping hariri there against his will something hariri denies his resignation announcement sparked fears of a political crisis in lebanon let's listen to what hariri had to say a short time ago in paris. it's a way to reach out to the political situation in lebanon. i will go to beirut in
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the coming days. but i will participate in the independence celebrations. and it is this the thai will make known my position on these subjects after meeting president and. well the controversy surrounding saad hariri has led to a diplomatic spat between saudi arabia and germany riyadh says it's recalling its ambassador in berlin over comments by german foreign minister. he had described saudi foreign policy in lebannon as a quote political adventurism and implied that hariri was being forcibly held in saudi arabia riyadh called gabriele's remarks outrageous and unjustified. well here in berlin a last ditch coalition talks to forge a government have ended after another day that failed to reach an agreement time is running out for chancellor angela merkel to produce
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a breakthrough party negotiators are now hoping to reach a deal by sunday night miracles conservatives are seeking a coalition with the pro-business free democrats along with the greens that's unprecedented at a federal level in germany. with the talks faltering german president frank weighed in with an urgent warning about the risks of calling fresh elections and he called on the parties to respect the decision of the voters. expect that all sides are aware of their responsibility and facing up to that responsibility means not handing the mandate back to the voters free democrat leader christian little arrived at the talks earlier on saturday and made it clear that he was beginning to run out of patience. on sunday at six pm it's over by then we'll know what kind of financing is available and which direction policy will take but eventually we're done we've been creeping around each other for weeks
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pushing issues and using tactics to try and squeeze a little more out it has to end at some stage. the very conservative leader horse a hoe from met with green state premier vintry chrisman in the morning that's a partnership which could work out. quite always be able to form a coalition with mr crouch when. dealing with other people here. problems remain on the issues of climate immigration agriculture and traffic the greens are ready to make concessions. we want to compromise we have a mandate for everyone to come up with good results for the country. the parties now have until sunday evening to agree but there's no guarantee that they will. w.'s charlotte potus covering those coalition talks for us and she joins us now from city headquarters so charlotte the talks have broken up for the day are
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the party of any closer to agreement. yes you mentioned the politicians just left a few minutes ago and it seems to me that there has been very little progress today throughout the day the big topics of discussion were also the most contentious issues between those four parties that have been negotiating for four weeks and those are the big topics of migration and refugee policy in especially the question of whether family reunions are allowed for refugees from civil wars and the other big question of climate and energy policy and there has been very little movement all politicians in those topics the greens even said there was some movement but also a step backwards and it's been fascinating to me i've been observing this for three days now in a row and it's like a political poker game nobody wants to make that one move it's a give or take and it's we are nowhere close to the end at this point well they have a set a new deadline sunday six p.m.
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local time so what will happen if they don't manage to find agreement by then. well first of all this is a self set deadline so they could extend it and we've already heard the first voices tonight that we're saying well maybe we'll have to extend another couple of days maybe we'll have to go throughout the night on sunday to really find a solution everybody sees that responsibility to come to a compromise to not let failure happen because the worst case scenario if these talks fail could be new elections that new elections are called and nobody and none of the parties involved really want that because it would have serious consequences for them probably all of them would be the losers if it came to new elections it could strengthen extremists especially the right wing alternative for germany and it would be also a failure for chancellor angela merkel who is a skilled negotiator and who. if those talks fail would have it would be her
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failure and it would be about her political future as well so there is a lot at stake here while if we do want to see that compromise i think it's clear that each of the signs is going to have to give something and yet even if we do get a deal tomorrow is there any certainty that it will be ratified no we have not seen we are not seeing the end of this yet so if there is a compromise tomorrow then basically all the all four parties have to bring this to their base and that is especially difficult with the green party who are having a party convention next weekend and they will have to bring those compromises to their party base and the party base basically votes on if they should agree to then coalition talks or not then coalition talks will have to start so we don't know when we are going to see a new government if these talks end up in
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a compromise that could be well after christmas charlotte parts op updating us on those coalition talks in berlin thank you very much. some soccer news now and byron munich have gone six points clear at the top of the bundesliga table the defending champions soft oxburgh with ease a strike from our tour of a doll and two goals from robert lewandowski sealing a three nil win and lived sixty a way to ten men live at kusa and team owner and neil forsberg twice gave leipzig the lead lever couzin peg them back to claim a two all draw ok let's take a look now at all the been his legal results so far this weekend there's that biron win against oxford and liver couzens draw with leipsic also on saturday hoffenheim share the spoils with frankfurt mines down to cologne and evolve spork beach freiburg on friday stuttgart b dortmund kicking off soon has
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a berlin vs gladbach on sunday to take on hamburg and braman battle for a quick reminder now of our top story thousands of them involved winds have protested in the capital harare to demand president robert mugabe's resignation after four decades in power about the veteran leader is resisting calls to step down. you're up to date now here on d w news going back again at the top of the hour i marry in evanston from all of us here in berlin thanks for watching. i think it's really important to give a bit of time and look back to the families who make so much effort.


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