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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 18, 2017 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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you're country but you're still the black you're tossing. fruit you're really starting to simmer to d.w. . this is g.w. news live from berlin zimbabweans turned out in the tens of thousands to demand president robert mugabe's resignation the streets of the capital harare have been packed with crowds calling for god his departure after nearly four decades in power
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but he is resisting calls to go we'll bring you the latest from our correspondent and. also coming up. the plot think it's thickens in the recent middle east drama as lebanese prime minister saad hariri says he will not return and says he's skinny will return to hit by mid week today he was in paris for talks with french president emanuel not just two weeks after suddenly announcing his resignation in saudi arabia. i'm biased waiter thank you for joining us. tens of thousands of demonstrators have been rallying in the zimbabwe capital hard out to demand the resignation of president robert mugabe the protest is backed by the veterans of zimbabwe's independence war and influential group who have traditionally supported the president in the past and now even mugabe's own zanu p.f.
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party has joined the calls for him to step down mugabe is said to be asking for more time to leave the presidency but many zimbabweans have had enough. people power in the center of. mcgarvie must go very these demonstrations chant it's more like a street party but one with a political message the people of zimbabwe have had enough of that ailing neda. finally and out to be excited. independence day it's the first time in decades that people feel free to say what they really think of president mugabe he's known for vicious crackdowns against journalists and critics. the country soldiers have become heroes for many of the military took control of zimbabwe on wednesday the generals back to this day of protest. as well as an exuberant rally called by the
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veterans and zimbabwe's independent school the veterans who once mugabe's supposes he was there come right in the struggle against white rule now they too wanted to step down. mugabe's wars began last week when he sent this man his vice president and his and one guy a few politician and fellow freedom fighter when i was widely viewed as my god his heir apparent he fled the country last week just before the coup. the x. vice president is reported to be back in zimbabwe it's still uncertain if he'll take power mugabe isn't gone yet even with thousands crying for his resignation. earlier i spoke with our correspondent privilege most fun here in harare i asked him why isn't bob was president robert mugabe was still clinging to power even though he's lost the support of most of his influential allies. how is sweet
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is it has always been is it is always say. remember them in history in power for thirty seven years it is not easy for him to let go the other thing is that. his insistence in not resigning is saying that what the military did was unconstitutional. and he's insisting that. you stays to see off term of office but then if you look at it. on party of. you know they have endorsed that he goes about eighty eight provinces that makes up. ten provinces of zimbabwe with this most destructions for sunapee of. the endorsed that he must step down so the call for him to step step down is growing louder and louder in today's march in the
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streets was to add pressure but he still hasn't. given up power is a very good point we heard that there were reports that there was a huge crowd gathering at robert mugabe's official residence earlier what's the situation on the ground like there now. people have dispensed purchased. we're asked to return home into despair by the. end was veterans who had mobilized a protest in the march but before the protesters dispersed they were addressed by the army and they thank them to say thank you for the solidarity and the show of support it's only. if one step forward but the journey of a thousand miles starts with one step that's what they were saying and to morrow we
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expecting to see. in extraordinary central committee meeting where this central comedians on appears is actually the organ that runs the party that makes decisions between congress so to morrow they are expected to meet and. and finally to come up with solutions to recall prisoner mugabe and then we also hear that tomorrow. is going to meet president mugabe president most fun here in her out i thank you very much lebanese prime minister saad hariri says he will return to his country in the coming days after abruptly announcing his resignation in saudi arabia two weeks ago
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how did he has been in paris meeting with french president emanuel mccraw lebannon of claims the saudis were keeping her really in saudi arabia against his will how did he has the night this but his sudden resignation sparked fears of a political crisis in lebanon. french security forces on high alert for an important guest outgoing lebanese prime minister saad hariri he denies he's in exile rather he's visiting friends in paris french president a man who welcomed him to the earlies a palace offering support and difficult times hariri has remained abroad since his shock resignation announcement two weeks ago in saudi arabia but following the talks he had good news for his supporters. i will return to beirut in the coming days i will participate in the celebration of our independence and i will make known my position on these subjects after meeting
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with president. lebanon's president refused to accept to release resignation he's accused saudi arabia of holding harry reid against his will and forcing him to step down following harry reid's closer ties with the program raney and hezbollah militia which the saudis distrust showing he's free to move hariri came to paris with his family france once lebanon's colonial ruler is now a mediator. president michael has proven himself to be a loyal friend and this i'll never forget france has again demonstrated its important role in the world and the region and its commitment to lebanon and its stability. this stability will be put to the test and the coming days if every week keeps his word back in beirut in
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time for independence day celebrations on wednesday. and the controversy surrounding south hariri has now led to a diplomatic spat between saudi arabia and germany riyadh says it's recalling its ambassador to berlin over comments by german foreign minister gabriele on thursday gabriele described the saudi foreign policy in lebanon as quote political adventurism and implied that her read it was being forcibly held in saudi arabia riyadh calls gabriel's remarks outrageous and unjustified here in berlin last ditch coalition talks to forge a government have ended for the night after another day that saw the parties fail to reach an agreement party negotiators are now hoping to reach a deal by sunday night but time is running out for chancellor angela merkel her conservatives are seeking a coalition with the pro-business free democrats along with the greens that's on precedented at a federal level in germany the mood at the talks more fear than hope in the words
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of one of the participants the has been progress but that's being coupled with setbacks. but in team operating. it's like being dealing with climate policy or the have to say that where we did have an agreement where we managed to agree to push on with the changed energy policy to make a real contribution to climate protection and achieving our climate goals that has been partly rolled back. that's what it is if you to all. of the four parties at the table chance i'm going to merkel's christian democrats seem the most optimistic that claiming success in economic issues. we still need to look at cutting back on red tape but the fact that we found the strength to concentrate on such an important issue the economy and to reach agreement is a real step in the right direction. one of the greens the state premier
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part inverting berg met with the leader of the bavarian conservatives horse a whole. but they've not been able to agree on the crux issue of whether or not some refugees will be able to bring their families to germany. i would always be able to form a coalition with mr. but i'm dealing with other people here. and early in the talks on saturday it was clear the patience of some of the negotiators is wearing thin. at some point enough is enough we've been circling around each other for weeks pushing issues and using tactics to try and squeeze a little more out and it has to end at some stage we have to make a decision sometime in that time is this weekend at the latest six pm on sunday. but even that's not clear the very conservative leader is questioning the deadline . and it obvious charlotte party's been following us talks and he had this to say on the state of the negotiations. there is one thing that all parties agreed upon
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after this day of negotiations on saturday and that is that very little progress had been made on the most contentious issues of migration and climate policy is there has been very little movement towards each other and these issues will be discussed once again on sunday i've been watching these negotiations for days now and it is a little bit like watching a political poker game who moves first who blinks first there is still a lot of discussion and head on that sunday that is supposed to be the final day of the negotiation so self that deadline is six p.m. although we've heard from politicians of all parties that that deadline could be extended once again if these talks in the end don't lead to a compromise if they fail an option would be that new elections are called in these new elections politicians all of these parties involved are saying would be a catastrophe not only for germany but also for the chief negotiator. these
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talks are about nothing less than about her political future. and on to soccer news now in saturday's late bonus league game missing labaki hosted a commanding win against her to berlin rafael bag a brace for the falls as they cruised to victory in berlin olympic stadium that was after last until anton had scored the sides first two for two for the final score and alice take a look at all the bundesliga results so far this weekend there's that win against her belly and also on saturday by in munich defeated burke leverkusen drew with leipsic as at hockenheim with frankfurt minds down cologne and wolfsburg to try book on friday got drowned dortmund on sunday a shock attack on homburg and bremen battle hanover. tennis now at the a.t.p.
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world tour finals in london pulled off a huge upset knocking out six time champion roger federer in their semifinal match world number two federer outclassed the belgian upstart in the first set winning at six two but then go fast stayed cool to prevail in the next two sets six three and six four he will face either please go to me talk or track soccer in the final on sunday. the founding member of the heavy rock band ac d.c. malcolm young has died at the age of sixty four after a long battle with dementia a songwriter backing vocalist and rhythm guitarist who was instrumental in propelling the australian group to global stardom the band announced young's death on facebook saying he died peacefully with his family by his side young and his two brothers were all part of ac d.c. including lead guitarist angus and producer george who died in october.
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and just a reminder of the top stories we're following here for you thousands of zimbabweans have protested in the capital harare demand president robert mugabe's resignation after nearly four decades in power for the better leader is resisting calls to go. lebanese prime minister saad hariri says he will return to beirut soon the announcement came after talks with french president emmanuel mcfaul in paris. you're watching news from berlin more coming up at the top of the hour thanks for being with us. where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised to me telling the thank you should put just one t.v. shadow and if you newspapers would.


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