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tv   Doc Film - Children of Terror - Young Rebel Captives in Uganda  Deutsche Welle  November 19, 2017 8:15am-9:01am CET

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captain lars bendish shot deflected to kevin folland who finished the job with a sideways scissors kick his seventh goal of the season a real beauty. to all the final score. on monday when you add up all the chances we really should have won it and. it was sharp and caused us problems upfront we allowed a couple of set pieces that really shouldn't happen in this day and. one point for each side in this entertaining clash. you're watching the news live from berlin i'm having and will have more coming up for you at the top of the hour join us if you can. guess.
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that joseph coney and the lord's resistance army destroyed my life. i have been yours i was in the bush i could have done many things with my life. and if the right things that you're as it's saying it wouldn't happen. that's like a balloon i think though was that. the. sun oppression on the way today in the town of. but the memory of the past is never far behind the rebels of the resistance army left the region some ten years ago the suffering still hasn't healed. the people here are celebrating the anniversary of evelyn and his mother's death. three years off to evelyn was liberated from the hands of christian militia. had suffered
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under years of war for her daughter the years that evelyn spent as a captive of. head of the. everyone here is a victim of the terror waged by the. family the children parents grandparents many were kidnapped and forced to become child soldiers given no choice but to. young women had to bear the children of their kidnappers. when i returned home from captivity from the bush i had two children with my mother took in my children and love them when my mother died she left a big hole in my life. so many people here in the village lost family members to the massacre. they weren't pleased that my children were here i couldn't
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raise my children here and i can't trust people. i only come here for short visits and then i leave. evelyn and his ordeal began here in the bush near the road that leads to attack on the twenty fifth one thousand nine hundred at about five pm. evelyn lived with her mother and her grandparents on their nearby farm. she was just eleven years old. she shows us the place where the family's heart was the circle where the walls used to be is still visible evelyn was on her way home from school when she was suddenly confronted by a group of rebels. the rebels asked me what's your name i didn't reply they took sticks and beat me. are you evelyn money they asked me.
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i said no my name is betty i'm just visiting. but they took me with them we walked to the next farm where the village teacher lived when he saw us he reached for his rubber boots the rebels thought he was reaching for a weapon and they shot him on the spot. then we continued i had no idea that i would have to spend many years marching with the l r a i spent eleven years in the bush with the rebels i had no contact with my family. northern uganda has suffered from civil unrest for generations the region is home to the actually ethnic group who have farmed and raise livestock in the isolated region for many years under the nearly seventy years of british colonial rule the rift between the north and the south deepened. the north remained and undeveloped.
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after uganda or achieved independence in one thousand nine hundred sixty two various armed groups trying to seize power under the dictator in political opponents were brutally past accused had. actually who opposed are men were arrested in the tens of thousands tortured and murdered. in one thousand nine hundred six yoweri most of amy was sworn in as president. his policies continued to exacerbate ethnic conflict in uganda and he also regarded the actually as a security risk time and again most of any dispatched the military into actually
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land in northern uganda nine hundred eighty seven word began to spread of a man named joseph koni who claimed he had been called by god to free the people he formed a rebel group in the north calling his militia the lord's resistance army. under county's command the l r a began to wage armed rebellion against uganda's army kone and his militia took brutal vengeance against anyone they suspected of collaboration. he and his militia inflicted atrocities on the local population maiming civilians and killing without mercy thousands of children were abducted into slavery. heads an organization in the provincial capital of gulu that helps victims of the l r a return to civilian life. it's a very very unique. that is to me and that is why they were. fired. because.
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if you have. to commit crime. once and this crime you commit them right in your village at home sometimes you have made to kill your parents now you fail of coming up to committing a crime and definitely you will feel that down home. it is committed at home no one is going to receive me so this is a home for me. i should fight. staying here and that is. quite a long time. the government held numerous peace talks with the alarm time and again the negotiations failed in the mid one nine hundred ninety s. coney and his militia moved their base to sudan where they served as mercenaries
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for the sudanese government over and over again the l r a crossed back into uganda to kidnap more children whenever they needed to replenish their fighting force you know. in two thousand and two the ugandan army launched a major offensive in sudan and forced the rebels to take part in a new peace negotiations. the talks continued for four years but also failed. the hatred and mistrust was an obstacle as was cone is unpredictable behavior. those are closest to. me. was taking place in your god i was. gonna government. good communication and it was a. good thing which was there was not. what
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would. happen. after the talks collapsed kone vanished from the area he and his remaining followers first hid in the democratic republic of the congo and later in the central african republic. after twenty years of terror and death and fragile peace returned to northern uganda. this comparative calm was disturbed when the n.r.a. made headlines around the world as part of the coney twenty twelve internet campaign. because the truth is coney adox kids just like. us human rights activists drew on all the tools of social media to publicize the hunt for the ugandan warlord for twenty six the atrocities committed by tony and the and went viral the u.s. government capitulated to the pressure sending one hundred special forces to the
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central african republic to hunt for county but the fear all vanished as suddenly as it had appeared meanwhile for the people of northern uganda old wounds were reopened joseph county and his band of followers remain in hiding. it's been over thirty thousand of them. and. when evelyn was adopted in one thousand nine hundred four her brother oscar was just eight years old one day in two thousand and four he suffered the same fate as his sister oscar was eighteen and a high school student he was in the field harvesting mangoes when he was abducted by rebels. that they're living about from. forget about your family forget about anything that you left at home from gruber on what you are now our
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members. that there were over just a few in our military when we are moving the route that we used then live like people behind the birth of a. two or three thing it does away from the bigger group with intention that when one. would have followed that the road. behind. what was it. would be rescuing them. that we had. for him movie he never wanted killing people but getting people by day young showed us for them they just do it because sometimes the board is a better for. us when they see a killer loose when you kill and kill him i with so do not know. and he
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enjoyed you know the people. and there. are you know you also rated as. people like you. and that happen regularly yeah. and if i want something i don't just ask i got to do what i want my duty i would soon get there that are my age i don't. live here manpower when fighting there they send people like us young people a guys you know the one who was in the front so those who stay for a long time now for them day their work is to guide us what to do. oscar was assigned to dominic on gwen's brigade a young commander on ground was also a doctor it is
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a boy and grew up with the rebels he has been charged with war crimes before the international criminal court. he was a political issue but instead doing valving politicians that involve children. so when wearing their boys they were accepting when and using. they were expecting that that is why we are using these kids kids can forget quickly example very quickly when you tell when you tell him. if you. put it example when you take it you. don't fire then you tell him that is not good and if. you do not take. so when you use this to fight a better. position to know what is.
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making that decision that is why do you use the. i will not. forget i will never. jackson a charmer is returning from a long day in his fields his leg is painful he has an amputation but a charmer has many mouths to feed them so he spends his days working the land that once belonged to his ancestors the chairman lives here with two y.m.c.a. brought with him from the bush and their sixteen children a charmer spent seventeen years with the l r a he was abducted himself a victim who became one of jozy of counties loyal followers even today many years
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after his return to civilian life he still believes in the sect's murky ideology and insists that joseph carney was called upon by a guard. thirty years ago a charm i was a young teacher in a local village the rebels ambushed his school in broad daylight. and a few of his students were taken captive. you can i quickly not have any chance of escaping going there. so i decided to spare my life and stay with the. school and i went i had a wind damage craning. as i was a bus you know going to see you know for i was included in the quoted as saying that they're going to. dignify those with stay and be united. and do you
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deploy as well. expresses as well. in the whole mission because the first thing is that what you propose sizes comes to pass. that is no like a concious the a lot it does not do anything on that one accord everything is a done on disposition of the spirit when disobedience why doesn't the killing it is done when disputed stops killing it is done when the spirit is stopped fighting even if the enemies come there will be no fighting. during one's khamis his right leg was injured. in sudan it was amputated now disabled a charmer became an administrator and rebel headquarters by then he was an officer
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so i have several women one given to him the trauma still believes in count his twisted interpretation of the bible which he says justifies the kidnapping of children. during that mazas northwood was reputed willingly mothers came to find out and said i want all of this is good is to go and all that is this all went away as soon as abol good is the solution so he ducks anybody that is able to fight as much as was fighting with the israelis in the same way it was. actually it was a big force of about sixty then me yes but the women were actually supposed to stay with. the relation it bends if. a woman is already a machine woman sees a lot that commanded to be
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a wife so actually all of one must all of them were machine enough where wives actually. go and age but if a woman begins to minute straight then this say that the woman is my shoe. because if your mind was. given you may give in and be given one. because. you might be given a woman is. good. for you when. jackson a charmer feels no remorse no pangs of conscience he says he did nothing wrong and neither did joseph county they just followed god's orders a charm has nothing to fear from punishment in two thousand uganda passed an
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amnesty act to help encourage abducted child fighters to defect from the n.r.a. jackson a charmer was able to return home without repercussions like many other commanders and older soldiers. good evening ladies and gentlemen and this is. i don't know what radio program this afternoon and tonight which i don't have our retirees from the jungle. in nineteen ninety eight came back home and it's a very big program to welcome him we organized in such a way that the parents where i sat waiting for his coming back home.
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with. walter. those of you out there know my name. we spent a long time together in the bush. i said you my greetings wherever you are why be some of you are dead i saw you your desk was in line. and i gathered my courage and surrendered to the army. many civilians out here take care of us they returned me to my family who greeted me warmly and i know i know that my little brothers and i are sitting next to the radio and listening to me. please come home that is all i have to say my name is okuda balla you know the kind of people left in the jungle there you see most of them are people that i need to get it if i do get it at
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a very low level very low level primary one two three four at once so the best thing was to use traditional music and introduced music we made it in such a way that the fiends where there. was to entertain sensitize educate and convinced that the come back. we were told that the people here will really own killed by government forces that is what they were told so that they could continue fighting fighting for their party and rule really came and yet these particular here only suffered. there wasn't really life going on home production. medication for people who are sick. so some of these things even mean. in the mid one nine hundred ninety s. what again became a star in northern uganda the rebels only knew him and his show which he called
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come back home the officers usually don't allow the fighters to listen to the radio but many do it anyhow in secret. as an intermediary for the government they sent him into the bush to deliver messages to joseph county to gain his trust and to prepare meetings. he would call me because i was mandated by the state given i was given a. satellite phone with. air time a lot of it so many talking by the government. just to help communicate. the communication was with a purpose. for. all time. to me. because at least when
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someone could hear someone from talking. that would be something else. hearing it while. telling the children. at school so and so. so and so is doing well and. i would even say let's use the. it was even thought of. the program used. in the summer of one nine hundred ninety four after evelyn had been abducted from her mother's farm she was forced to march for many days the rebels showed the children how to use twigs as camouflage and hide from attacks from ugandan military helicopters. the children were told to make sure their foreheads and fingernails
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were covered since they reflected light eleven year old evelyn was forced to march on until the group reached the camp in south sudan that evelyn was assigned to joseph county as a ting ting a housemaid she had to tend to the household and counties wives and many children. shortly after her fourteenth birthday he took her as his wife. i had no choice. we went to the bush in the morning to search for food came to me and said today is the day you will become my wife whether you want to or not. i resisted and said no i don't want that. then he took out his pistol and held it to my forehead but he said if you refuse i will kill you. so i gave up i said do with me what you will. i just had
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my first period when he slept with i waited for the second one but it didn't come instead i had pain that's when i realized i was pregnant. a woman from congo lived with us in the camp they told me she could help me get rid of the child. she made a juice out of red chili peppers i drank it and had terrible pain. the pain kept getting worse and i bled. but i knew i wanted to abort the child and i had no idea how i would be able to care for it we were constantly on the march fleeing. i knew i was too young to be pregnant. three times i tried to get rid of the child but it didn't work and i gave up and said ok then i will have this baby and if i die in childbirth then that's what was meant to be.
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the birth was terrible it was a girl i was afraid to nurse the baby when other people were watching i wanted to go play with the other children any time i went to the spring to get water i stayed there to play with the other children. and my baby stayed at home and cried. this isn't mary's residential school for girls and as well known in northern uganda girls who win a spot to attend school here know they have an opportunity to make something of themselves. was one of the fortunate ones she was a very good student the girls weren't permitted to leave the school grounds the militia often crossed the border from sudan to carry out rights. it's their first
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day i bet they never take their mail right stankovic or ten everything out there that each day may have come to acknowledge this situation and how everything up in . a tricky no. memories than a scramble when we went out in the us for. that one now remains a mystery because when every year they have the commemoration prayer for what happened on the name commemoration prayers take place and then the hope to buy every year then another thing is you had been there and then they're talking about some of us spent day in captivity it's something that the staff can only down main street. was. hearse was. this was.
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well you know. here. i am. the events of october the nine nine hundred ninety six made headlines around the world until that point few outside the region had heard of the atrocities being committed in uganda that changed with the abduction of one hundred thirty nine young girls from the residential school of a boca. if . the rebels came under cover of darkness eleven armed militia members stormed the dormitory and took the girls hostage. today there is
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a memorial to the girls in the courtyard. so when we moved down in their money around nine ten there we started seeing snow stay clean she kept on a good shape do you negotiate with them have elements one and two there they first started in one place so i think they had a plan maybe two and of a few of the guys to her sister did not choose what to do you may know what to do with come back you have a choice you them scales. and he saw how did that the of west on one side one hundred nineteen on one side then says that got them to come and talk to us to where i remain mean we only knew that when she was. first class and started talking to us we couldn't help ourselves i started running and we screamed but that is so that was an issue started. making me spend they didn't
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eighty has in captivity at that time i didn't know what can i say it would be. with her so when i was abducted i taped i didn't know berty a man hears me today being given to a man marries older i didn't know where i was given to he may thirtieth yesterday nice woman i had been staying in another place but david being found out around when he called me. and then you saying i'm use wife so it's led to me. that. marked the beginning ok you. have a very intimate dance was not a good one. but it is still out thanks me up to you today. i don't know way had to out then to know one people have windows look at myself
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what comes in life of one individual at our home we have many. coming to the school thinking i was going to share my future. i need to end up in the bush and really why did you feel like i'd never heard. it hurts me when i think of. that at the end of the day. i have to accept their situation and us and we'll all. four years later victoria had her first child at the age of seventeen or eighteen and then she had another child during an attack by government soldiers she managed to flee after eight years in captivity her children were very young victoria decided not to tell them who their father is and how they came to be born so i have a plan of standing with them this year but i'm a country late. one i don't need to delegate is that thing whereby she will go and
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asking friends are we allowed school that when they say this what you mean i don't i want them when they can appreciate that they were sure. there's only way to be there you're grand if somebody told you they have no stigma that even if. i get this big in my big mouth that. evelyn and her oldest daughter bucky to have experienced that stigma. back home in t.x. people said that back looks like county. that's when evelyn decided to send her daughter to a residential school in the capital camp almost four hundred kilometers away.
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when bakita was small i couldn't help remembering how i was forced to have this child. i saw coney hold the pistol to my head i couldn't feel love for her. today i can i do what i can to make sure she is cared for. i know i'm the only person who can help her. today i love. and i feel a terrible burden of guilt because i treated her so badly when she was little. but was born in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven in a mud heart in an hour a camp in south sudan. was head. but. i didn't know that. i just knew that was how life was. to us. but.
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everything that happened. and then i was home with my sister i met my. and then we saw airplanes coming something like that and people too cool i was in macy's that bag just don't know how she she took another direction and i met this because as a so young i didn't know what to do but i remember i still was like i still recall what happened how she when i watch us but. i try to forget but at night i dream of winnie even today i'm still searching for her. if she were still with me she would be in secondary school like her sister but. when he was never found in january two thousand and four shortly after the birth of
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her third daughter marcy evelyn's group came under attack. that day everything changed evelyn and her daughters were captured by government soldiers they survived i'm afraid. that was and i was. there. because i remember something maybe of two days. one day my mom had given birth to my sibling and then there was that she was too she was too not feeling well with the baby as well and so on. then. i remember she wanted to throw the baby and then i didn't want to so she threw her back take big time i kept running with that. yeah and then i think it was the next day but we slept in some. reason to live in the following day you know would catch up with me. to say.
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i remember i was his favorite child. yeah he used to like me used to call me this and say that you men that i know also remember on that do in may when i lost my sister that was i remember what happened to us when showing something like that and then. the airplanes came and if you by then you had gone to the bathroom i just saw him running with this tower that's all of that was the last time they saw you so i can recall that. to me was a good father because he didn't do anything bad to me so personally i would not go again his team because he has never done anything bad to me i am not a witness in this the simple but he has done something bad to my mom rooney hit her future. she suffered a lot although most of the suffering was before i when i became old enough like when i was too young that's when she says she went through many things yeah.
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for many of those kidnapped by the n.r.a. as children liberation did not bring an end to their suffering. many victims of the abductions perform self-help groups like the women's advocacy network they make jewelry and for many the sale of the jewelry is their only source of income. it was so hard to return to normal life. sometimes i thought it would have been better if i had died in the bush. after i escaped from the l r a i was in the rehabilitation center in gulu everyone else receive visits from their family. i waited for my family to come and get me but no one came. finally someone informed
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my mother and she came. she stayed a few day as and left and never came back. i ran away from the rehabilitation center and followed her to avalanche. she trying to get away from me. but i kept following her. finally yelled at me jennifer i'm going to tell you once and for all i have crossed your name off the list of my children. i will no longer my daughter . go find someone else you can call mother and then she turned around and left. dominic on gwen was a commander of an l.r. a brigade he was abducted is a boy forced to take up a weapon and rose in the ranks nearly thirty years later in two thousand and fifteen he turned himself in to the ugandan army today he is standing trial at the
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international criminal court in the hague laws the former child soldier a victim of the l r a's atrocities or a perpetrator. it is not for. the government. i know but always in the boys you have. your back there's no problem with you we know you are not. weather now. i don't think. coming back home and arrest warrant has also been issued for joseph county county is still frame and hiding in uganda people are trying to expand him from their memories. he destroyed my life in those eleven years i was in the bush i could have done so many other things with my life
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. and today i'm doing better and i don't need to fight for my daily survival should he be punished for what he did i forgave him a long time ago everything else is up to god to decide. i didn't see him do that but maybe us call many other people to do that so i i don't have the message to say he's right cause to me he was good to me. it's good. for everybody thing that you're doing this well you must pay for it. if. and. it's ok if me i have moved. whatever lives. my.
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thanks. to me will never go. back toria wants to attend university but she doesn't have the money she hasn't decided yet whether she'll tell her children who the father is. is out of work he says he wouldn't be able to manage a degree or proper job training ever since his time in captivity he's been unable to concentrate. evelyn's daughter baccy to his living in camp are under a different name she wants to study law and become a lawyer evelyn hopes to find a good psychologist she says her mind is no longer works the way used to she's written a book about her life which has sold a few copies but not enough to make a living. today evelyn lives with mubarak who was also abducted as a child by the al. they have two children together. the
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victims have received no compensation for the last years they spent in the bush for the loss of their families and for raising the children they were forced to back. joseph county is still out there somewhere an evil spirit they say who should remain where he is. love the theater. for the devotion to dance. john long while thinks in movies.
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and does choreography to some of the best dance companies in the. an encounter with an exceptional artist. tauriel the fact john noyes. freedom of expression. a value that a ways has to be defended and new. all over the world. art of freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d w dot com part of freedom. he's a doctor what kind of diseases can be healed spawns at a reporter so what part of this is implied as being inside the ear but it's outside
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. draws on a wealth of insights totally different experts and whole fields of medicine. in good shape. this is d.w. news live from berlin zimbabwe's president robert mugabe faces the end of his nearly four decades rule and he's expected to meet his country's top military
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leaders later today to discuss leaving office thousands of bob wins the.


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