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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 19, 2017 9:00am-9:16am CET

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inside totally different experts in coal fields of medicine. in good shape. this is developing news live from berlin zimbabwe's president robert mugabe faces the end of his nearly four decades rule and he's expected to meet his country's top military leaders later today to discuss leaving office thousands of the bob winds though have demanded he resign immediately but he's showing little signs stepping
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down. also coming up deadline day for german chancellor angela merkel talks on forming a new government enter their final day after another round of negotiations differences still remain on key issues and if no deal is reached by this evening it could be the end of the road for the chancellor. plus world toilet day honors the invention that face more lives than any other a billion still lack proper access to sanitation we'll show you how india is addressing the problem. welcome to the program. they want him to go but he is refusing the military leadership in zimbabwe will meet today with president robert mugabe to discuss his resignation tens of thousands rallied in the capital harare yesterday to demand he
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leave office. people power in the center of. mcgarvie must guard these demonstrations chant it's more like a street party but one with a political message the people of zimbabwe have had enough of that ailing naida. working. day. finally and out to be excited for the independence day it's the first time in decades that people feel free to say what they really think of president mugabe he's known for vicious crackdowns against journalists and critics. the country soldiers have become heroes for many after the military took control of zimbabwe on wednesday the generals that this day a protest. as well as an exuberant rally called by the veterans of zimbabwe's independence pool the veterans who once mugabe supposes he was there come right in
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the struggle against white rule now they want him to step down. mugabe's wars began last week when he sent this man his vice president m. isn't one guy a few politician and fellow freedom fighter when i was widely viewed as my god is heir apparent he fled the country last week just before the coup. the x. vice president is reported to be back in zimbabwe it's still uncertain if he'll take power mugabe isn't gone yet even with thousands crying for his resignation. the pressure is certainly being abt up for his exit and harare and that's where you'll find cold hard he's a human rights activist doug thanks for taking the time president mugabe is great thank you very much of a party officials as well as the military leadership what's the purpose of these talks when they definitely want him gone. i think the purpose is
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that mugabe still holds a huge trump card internationally at least. if the military oust him by unconstitutional means if he refused to resign and they're forced to. then there lived with a massive legitimacy problem on their hands because they caught hide behind this ritual that they'd be using that this isn't a coup. mcgovern knows that that he has that he has that negotiation chip and so and we know him to be a very stubborn individual so i think he is weak and we don't know yet what the what the contents of of his demond but it's it's it's clear that he is using that trump card to try to get to try and get what he wants ok so we don't know what his demands are but we know the demands of the zimbabwean people or at least the thousands that showed up for a rally yesterday how carefully to the military manage this demonstration.
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so the demonstration was was organized independently of the military but because it was you know it was supported by the by the military. they were there was close coordination on the day. the military it began there were there were there were actually multiple marches going on all over the city but the one i was a part of began its state house and then it was actually the military directed us out to freedom square and then we marched back when we came back the military had set up a line one block from state house and asked protesters not to cross that line which which everyone complied with. you know they were it was there was close coordination on the day ok and you were among the demonstrators what did they expect besides his resignation. so i think i think for many people people are caught up in the jubilation of the possibility of seeing the back of
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work other people are totally fed up with his rule and many people are not seeing beyond that but for a lot of particularly civil society activists to understand how these things play out and remember remember the how things played out off the independent in one thousand nine hundred while the the the concern that this needs to translate into real democratic politicians and i think back to happen it needs to be a proper transitional authority which is inclusive of multiple players and that this isn't allowed to just simply be and an internal transitional pod within the ruling party which has really. you know as a whole responsible for the oppression of people it's not just mugabe himself many possibilities for change in a country that hasn't seen very much in the past few decades david coulter in harare thank you. thanks very much. to germany
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now were talks on forging a new government here are entering what is supposed to be their final day german chancellor angela merkel's conservatives want to form a coalition with the pro-business free democrats and the greens they're hoping to reach a deal by tonight but it's still unclear if the parties will be able to agree the mood of the talks more fear than hope in the words of one of the participants the has been progress but that's being coupled with setbacks. but in team are. being dealing with climate policy the have to say that where we did have an agreement where we managed to agree to push on with the change in energy policy and make a real contribution to climate protection and achieving our climate goals that has been partly rolled back. that's one of the highrise if you go off the mark. of the four parties at the table chances are going to merkel's christian democrats seem the most optimistic they're claiming success in economic issues and. we still need
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to look at cutting back on red tape but the fact that we found the strength to concentrate on such an important issue the economy and to reach agreement is a real step in the right direction. of the greens the state premier part of it and burke met with the leader of the very conservatives horse a whole for but they have not been able to agree on the crux issue of whether or not some refugees will be able to bring their families to germany. you know which one of the inequalities i would always be able to form a coalition with mr. but i'm dealing with other people here. and early in the talks on saturday it was clear the patience of some of the negotiators is wearing thin. at some point enough is enough we've been circling around each other for weeks pushing issues and using tactics to try and squeeze a little more out it has to end at some stage we have to make a decision sometime in that time is this weekend at the latest six p.m.
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on sunday. but even that's not clear the very conservative leader is questioning the deadline. it seems many are questioning the deadline in germany this hour i'm now joined by d.w. correspondent jefferson chase jefferson senior party figures are due to arrive for negotiations in the next several hours but it's been almost two months since the election an anglo-american still hasn't managed to form a government despite the end for her actually well i think i can i can spend some calm here i don't think this is the end of. obviously something has to come out of these talks she has to be able to form a government however this is not like the u.s. or the u.k. it's not first past the post it's not one party wins the entire thing and then forms the new government this is a parliamentary system this only is a coalition which means there's always lots and lots and lots of talks. just to
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give you an idea of where we are in this process the last government which was a lot easier to form because there were only three parties at the table took eighty four days so we're not actually that far behind ok we're not that far behind but these parties that are involved right now sit on a broad political spectrum across the board right we have the conservatives merkel's conservatives we have the f.d.p. which is center right and then we have the greens can these parties with such differing points of view and agendas actually form some kind of consensus and reach an agreement where you say you're right there i mean this is this is the broadest political spectrum that you've ever had in post-war germany it goes all the way from the c.s.u. the most conservative of the mainstream parties that's the varian conservatives all the way to the greens so it is more difficult but i think you will see them reach an agreement for the simple reason they don't really have much choice no one wants to call fresh elections the only party that's going to benefit from that is the
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f.t. the far right populous none of the mainstream parties want it so i think they'll get a deal done ok so they'll have to get a deal done but there are major sticking points major sticking points right. i mean the most major of the major sticking points is the issue of refugees the conservatives want to cap the number of that can enter the country in any one year at two hundred thousand the greens don't like that the conservatives also don't want to let's all family members for all refugees have the right to come into the country that's a red line in the sand for the greens the greens say we have to allow that so that's going to be the issue today that i think they're going to work the hardest on trying to find some sort of compromise for and they expect at six pm they'll come in and say either we've got a deal or we've agreed to keep talking ok so either a deal or keep talking the same situation we are and probably yesterday we'll watch and see exactly and chase thank you for walking us through that now to some of the
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other stories making news around the world the argentinian military believes the crew of a missing submarine may have attempted to transmit a distress call it detected several failed transmissions it believes may have come from the vessel an international search operation has been unable to locate the sub it went missing three days ago with forty four people on board and in the united states some eight hundred thousand liters of crude oil have been leaks from that keystone pipeline in south dakota officials are investigating the cause of the leak a pipeline carries oil from canada to the gulf of mexico. it's a private matter but it's for public health the invention of the flushing toilet has saved more lives than any other invention in human history and that's been commemorated as part of the un's world toilet day but four point five billion people around the globe still live without proper sanitation and in india the problem is particularly acute. early in the morning when the cool of one thousand
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comes these village residents take to the fields. despite the risk of disease and sexual assault millions of indians deficit in the open. but not d.v. she is now the proud owner of an outside toilet. finally we have a toilet we used to have to go to the fields and if anyone came we hid here we just knocked the. cash is a man with a mission he's a teacher and an official toilets commissioner it's his job to make sure that every family here has a which isn't always easy. some families just won't be convinced no matter how often i visit them they have no concept of hygiene or disease they just can't see the advantages of having a toilet. india lacks public sanitary facilities the government
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wants to fix that it's promised one hundred million new toilets and is paying a subsidy to help people build one avatar took up the offer. we have a toilet like the government ones but we don't use it we prefer to go in the fields . the women in the family also avoid the new strange object behind the house. having no no no. no not on the toilet i don't like it it's not nice. but. this house also has a new toilet but it's not used when. we have a toilet but no water supply. so you don't use it without water where are we supposed to get it from. so some villages do what they've always done washed the fountain and relieve themselves in the fields while others build laboratories to prove that complying with the government's demands. to refuse will get into trouble
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people who don't build toilets will lose their right to social benefits. open definition isn't just a problem in rural areas many people relieve themselves publicly in india's cities too with little or no access to proper sanitation they have no alternative. also coming up all the goals from germany's top flight soccer and our bundesliga show. stay tuned but for now. i am doing fine tens of thousands of fans for their mega life sets. a mood it's just a really beautiful moment that you're able to share with people a little.


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