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tv   Euromaxx - Highlights of the Week  Deutsche Welle  November 19, 2017 11:30am-12:01pm CET

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it's all about. it's all about the ins. it's all about joy chance to discover the world from different perspectives. join us inspired by distinctive instagram's. d.w. story topic each week on instagram. and. greetings from the german capital on a warm welcome to our highlights edition which this time around shapes up with the
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following top stories. perfect paris why french pastries and high end shoes make for the ideal couple. vintage aircraft a german family business restoring historic plane. and nordic notes presenting a finnish symphony based on the nation's d n a. pastries and shoes two things that certainly have serious addiction potential and ties bigger it could and has in fact written a book about it the graphic designer slash pastry chef is currently hot stuff on instagram where he artfully combines his two fetish objects so the most creative pastries in paris and dynamite footwear or how the two things first appeared in one frame is brilliantly anecdotal but once they did he knew that the possibilities were and. and
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a little crazy pastries in every shade imaginable shoes to match the photos highlight the rich variety of the paris patisseries and the fashion world. the creation of. the patisseries of paris in search of inspiration. a dream job for a man with a sweet tooth. every two minutes you have a place you have so much places and you have so much places to get inspired by and it changes all the time and it's really like this is why i said it's like living there because it's really a part of your daily life here originally from israel town used to be a graphic designer but retrained as a pastry chef when he first came to paris a couple of years ago he was fascinated by the colors textures and geometric
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patterns of it is today he's looking for a pink pastry. and this muck around is filled with rose petal cream leaching and fresh raspberry. towel usually takes his photos right outside shops he tries to get a neutral background so the entire focus is on the pastry and the shoes. uploads the photo to his instagram account deserted in paris i think the idea for this paris started by accident when i was exploring the world of parties when paris and i really wanted to remember each. try so i took a photo and just one day i discovered that the cake that i bought was a natural i shoes i tried to take a photo people really liked it and from there on it it's all history. now has around one hundred fifty thousand followers almost every day. it's a new shoot pastry.
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sometimes it looks like a snapshot it looks like something very easy but actually there's a lot of work behind photos creating the photos visit in visiting the chefs and visiting places but i always make sure that there is like a variety of places of colors of creation so each day will be different it will give you a totally different aspect an experience of paris. no easy task especially as he weighs needs new shoes he now has over two hundred pairs and he's constantly buying more each band needs to be especially colorful he's a regular at this paris boutique and i know exactly what he's looking for. my love for shoes started way before when i was living in tel aviv. as a graphic designer always had this appeal for very graphic and so i was collecting them and when i came to paris i discovered there's like more colors and we're. just
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group with desert and paris his latest purchase is immediately turned into a photo. you know knows lots of pastry chefs in paris who provide him with cakes. one of them a towel used to bake his own pastries but now he focuses solely on creating photos by instagram that's where. first saw his work. i think that the. smart you know what we were thinking me something new you know because he's not only thinking picture of cake the idea to take a steak with a sense of truth and i said yeah like you know his first mango pastry soon appears on town's instagram account matched with yet another new pair of shoes. recently published patisseries book featuring the best of the seven
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hundred plus fun times. i think the cakes that are always more graphic or more different would get more attention. for example. i had. my phone and that one like crazy or the rubik's cube. so it's always like you for a shift create something that's a little different and something that people are not used to it will go through the roof but i think like usually people are so happy to see creations from paris so i can say that most pictures are considered successful. pastries and she's clearly a winning combination. it was late summer in one thousand nine hundred ninety one when a couple hiking in the italian alps made an astonishing discovery an entrance mummy
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frozen into the ice and naturally preserved who later made headlines as the iceman all experts then confirmed that he'd been lying there for over five thousand years the oldest natural human mummy in europe and what's more he appeared to have been murdered well now a brand new film postulates what might have happened in the ice man's last days and hours. he's lost everything his village is in flames his family day. and the perpetrators gone. so the man vows to take revenge and pursue the culprits that's how the producers of the movie iceman imagined that's his fate. i was looking for a mythical figure from our region to tell a universal story so i also wanted to pick a character that's not already known inside and out. where you have to deliver all those facts in fact the concentration. but at sea the naturally
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mummified stone age man isn't a complete unknown his frozen bodies kept at minus six degrees celsius the sun to roll museum of archaeology. when it was found scientists were jubilant by adding lies in the contents of his stomach they reconstructed his path across the alps and they found an arrowhead in that seas shoulder the iceman was murdered before you're going up this high before i started writing i tried to read all the literature on the subject then i wrote the first draft and i always wanted the story to be plausible no matter what actually occurred. that was my aim and i kept it until the end. just interesting but the result is a movie about man's perennial fight for survival at a time when death looms large. german actor you can feel those plays at sea it was his first time portraying
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a stone age man. it was a challenge i read everything i knew how strenuous it would be in the mountains in the cold it's going to be physically demanding and i like that to me the story was like a thriller set in the alps fifty three hundred years ago my revenge story. in addition. to speak german in the movie only a fantasy language based on an early dialect which used to be spoken in the alps. and. the. linguist develop the fantasy language especially for the film although there's not that much dialogue. it's like arc a typical acting it's like painting when you know you've got a picture and everyone interprets it differently but it still captures
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a mood that has to do with the colors so that's what acting without speaking is like and i like it. and nature itself posed a further challenge to the actual site of that sees demise south to roles alps are beautiful but unpredictable. we were lucky we didn't lose a single day due to weather problems. like a snowstorm up on the glacier which can be seen in the last quarter of the film. three days earlier there was no snow there it looked like the canary islands but once we arrived it started snowing we were lucky. starting november thirtieth the fruits of this hard labor hit the silver screen and viewers can finally learn whether or not that seat got his revenge. thanks.
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well on any given day there are tens of thousands of airplanes crisscrossing the skies and that's of course just here in europe and so it's hardly surprising that people don't pay much attention to all that noise going on overhead unless of course it sounds completely unfamiliar and it turns out that there is a vintage plane in the air like something out of a film well meyer motors in southern germany is a highly reputed address when it comes to restoring historic aircraft and the tale of their family business is also worth telling. this plane's first owner flew into right around the world after purchasing the piper ph twelve in one thousand nine hundred forty seven. today mechanic eric meyer is going to pilot the american aircraft under the watchful eye of his father elmer and his sister and. that sound is music to the years of airplane into. the it's
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a passion it's definitely takes you back to the roots of flying to the simplicity of a plane it's and the likeness to. the myers are all fascinated with flying. this moves on and what my son is doing is just great the whole family flies that's the nicest thing i could. go to any meyer is also training to be an aircraft mechanic she's one of the few women to pursue this profession. for. joining is an adventure you can see the world from above it's peaceful up there you're a little bit closer to have an addiction. eric meyer has loved planes like this super cruiser since childhood. in oakland similar to my good for my birthday my uncle would always give me a round trip flight as a present i was even allowed to steer that went on for four or five maybe six years
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and there was nothing better than. today uncle hakim is a professional pilot and meyer motors flight instructor together with his brother elmer he runs the family business which specializes in restoring historical airplanes. the brothers founded the business a decade ago but the meiers were restoring and flying vintage aircraft long before that it all started with their father a farmer who owned vineyards. i think second of all he said we need a plane to spray the grape vine its shine and when the barn had to be reconstructed and large. they've got to make room for the plane so nor mother and my brother we all worked on it by that back in one thousand nine hundred sixty five his father paid twelve hundred marks for this. will be minus follows my father's problem was that he was also disabled because he only had one arm that people said he was being stupid that a disabled man couldn't and shouldn't fly was impossible but he did and in one
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thousand nine hundred four he became the first disabled person in germany to get his pilot's license my brother and i went up with them regularly as children and that's how we caught the flying bug. the brothers even experienced a crash with their father the plane was totaled but that didn't dampen their passion for flying twenty five years ago the brothers bought an aircraft of their own today meyer motors employs more than twenty people in two thousand and eleven they found this one nine hundred fifty hawker c. fury at an air show that propeller plane could go almost as fast as a fighter jet at the time. well him and i were in reno when the plane crashed. the pilot ran out of fuel just before hitting the runway out the plane was destroyed and i read my brother's thoughts and said we'll buy it and reconstruct it again. numerous rare our famous flying machines now stand in the hangar or the workshop many of them belong to clients like this p.
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fifty one mustang. and the mayor is currently working on a messerschmitt built in one nine hundred thirty four. when you know that you're handling things that are around one hundred years old it's kind of all inspiring and when you achieve something after working on it for so long when a piece finally fits and you attach it to the fuselage it's pretty cool emphasis. still no one in the family expected that any would wind up doing her professional training here. it was the last thing i wanted to do i always said dad i'm not going to work for you then i took a gap year and went abroad and noticed how much i missed helping out and getting my hands dirty. after thinking about a lot i decided to do it after all and i don't regret it. i do it all over again is this is what some of you don't know. her brother eric already knew as
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a child that he wanted to become an aircraft mechanic today he's one of and he's instructors. who are fed today from i must say that i was really apprehensive but as we know how to solve problems from being siblings i'd say we make a pretty good team and you know. we have a lot of fun as work i thought it would be a lot worse. sabina meyer has managed the office from the start she always brought her children along to work. they had their little bicycles with them and their wading pool stood outside. they helped clean the planes and even built their own from cardboard boxes they had a lot of fun. the meiers are a family who are still having fun and shearing the vintage aircraft stay in the air for years to come. well anyone who's ever been up to finland knows that it's
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a nation of extremes and very strong contrast with its seasons its people or its natural heritage and this year finland is celebrating a sensory of independence and to mark that occasion the country's official tourism portales visit finland commissioned a piece of music that delves into the national character more deeply than ever before will the symphony of extremes as it's called was created by setting finnish geno type to music and so let's see what that sounds like. the symphony of extremes is as diverse as finland itself. i could talk in cellist and songwriter a finnish band apocalyptica based the music on d.n.a. samples from his countrymen. these people that have sinky have never heard the symphony but they suspect what it might sound like. music from finnish d.n.a.
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would probably be kind of. like. a lot of people if it's songs like famous people there like the famous beard bush sold it's going to be a pretty heavy. top and it is the most prominent member of apocalyptica for years the cello metal band has been one of the most popular musical exports he's composed dozens of songs for apocalyptica but he's never used genetic material as an inspiration before it took him a while to get used to the idea for the symphony of extreme. writing music from out of it's kind of i don't know what it means to be dead but that was my first thought but then i thought that actually. sounds very interesting and that's why i decided to start to figure out what it what it could be and what would it actually means there were so many different approach possibilities to approach the whole idea that. it's
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a big challenge and therefore i wanted to be part of. finland is a country of contrasts and lapland the midnight sun shines for seventy consecutive days in winter there's no sun at all for more than fifty days straight. institute for molecular medicine finland scientists have spent years studying finnish d.n.a. . researcher yana sarla and. colleagues constantly uncover typical variance at the margins of the country. we know that there are variants in the finnish genome that men in the know them but to finland all more common in the west and but the fin. and. the differences are not huge. but if you will get the right regions in the genome you can actually tail from we have to finish.
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these from. data composer jonathan middleton who teaches at penland stomper a university translated these d.n.a. variants into simple sequences of musical notes like a top and then spent long hours in his studio combining those sequences to express a sense of finland. for me it was also important to. the men's all ten and six of all finished people and the history of. the nation and where we come from and why finnish d.n.a. is so diverse and i also wanted to bring into the music the feel that my main goal was that when famous people day he had this piece that they feel it's very famous and that was for me equally important. letter chains you know because. they're basically just letters and nothing else. top and worked hard to ensure that
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the various regions of finland could be recognized within the music. biz maybe kind of north. of. us all. jane. this symphony of extremes has now premiered in helsinki finnish audiences can find out if they can recognize their own d.n.a. in the music. and to round off the show we're headed now to sweden's favorite holiday island and that is earl and it's about one hundred thirty seven kilometers long but only sixteen kilometers wide and so it boasts lots of beach and because it's in the southeast of the country apparently the most hours of sunshine so it's population of about twenty
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four thousand swells to about ten times that in the summer and that's why we thought the best time to go is definitely off season. for most visitors a trip to the island usually begins with the drive across the land bridge. the island is a tremendously popular summer destination for sun starved swedes but its natural beauty is best experienced when fall sets in. the weather gets rougher and peace and quiet descend on you and. there's a lighthouse at each end of the one hundred thirty seven kilometer long coast the one of the northern point is nicknamed tall eric. than ever i don't have a long time marathon tradition and the line ours is a remnants of that history currents around the island are tricky so there are not just the two big lighthouses but also many smaller ones along the coast i mean.
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the wooden windmills that dot the landscape are typical of the region most of them are out of service but time was they turned year round in the baltic breeze when bills were long key to agricultural operations here. just about every farmer on the island put up a windmill on his farm to cover his own energy. in a day in the mid nineteenth century there were some two thousand when mills on the balkan a little. girl and has been inhabited since the early stone age. broun stone is testify to the vikings presents. for calling castle was built from a twelfth century rampart and long served as a key fortress in battles against denmark today all that remains is a ruin. so legion palace is located nearby known for its good air the spot was selected for
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a royal summer residence by sweden's queen victoria in the early twentieth century the gardens are a major attraction. remember they're not hard to make it is the oldest part of the palace garden consists of an english park and italian garden it too was commissioned by queen victoria then there are later additions. we take good care of the park to ensure it looks as good in the future as it did in the past. the expensive estate continues to be used by the swedish royal family as a vacation retreat to this day every year the family gets together to celebrate the birthday in july of crown prince's victoria. and the royal family spends eight to ten weeks a year on the palace and the starting point for their excursions we always fly the royal flag so that everyone knows a member of the royal families here have been on
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a. half hour's drive south of the restaurant aren't serves up a local specialities. core are bacon filled potato dumplings they prepare hundreds here every day by hand. in the end it's. dumplings have a feeling made from cured and diced pork barrelling. season but clove predator and onion. matter to their filled we boil them for an hour or so and they're served with butter cream and lynn.


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