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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 19, 2017 8:00pm-8:15pm CET

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it has to be. slavery in the twenty first century. story december second on d w. this is d w news live from berlin and it's the end of an era first involved way president robert mugabe is due to give a televised address in which he's widely expected to step down after nearly four decades at the country's house this after a zimbabwean rulings on o.p.m. party today sacked him as its leader and called for his immediate resignation will
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bring you the latest as it happens also coming up. no deal still in the german coalition talks but the latest deadline now expired but the parties are pushing on in a final bid to form a new government under chancellor angela merkel our correspondent we have the latest on the wrangling here in berlin. and in bundesliga action on match day twelve high flying out of a life to face a real test against an improving liver cause that the red bulls were gunning for a win as they aim to stay in the mix at the top of the league we'll have all the latest on the auction. i my ass waiter thanks for joining us the people of zimbabwe are waiting for president robert mugabe to make a televised address to the nation movie. he has been under growing pressure from
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all sides to resign as president says the country's ruling party removed him as its leader earlier today and expelled him and his wife grace is out of pay at party install the country's former vice president emerson on god what in place. let's listen now to mugabe's party making the announcement that it was firing its longtime leader. i address you tonight on the back. here today with the nation's security forces command element.
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meeting which was facilitated by. led by father. of the catholic church. ration mounted by the defense forces. in the week that has gone by and which was triggered by. rising from their. country and in their ruling. party. the pros and cons. of the way they went about the raid. i as the president of zimbabwe and as their commander in chief
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do acknowledge the issues they have drawn my attention to and do believe that these were raised in this spirit of on s.t. and outlook. and that tree arctic concern for this type of our nation and for the welfare of our people as i address you i'm also aware of a range of concerns which is come from you as citizens of our great country and whose last days of our untried merril i tension today's meeting with a command element has underscored the need for us to collectively
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collectively start processes that return our nation to normalcy so people can go about their business i knew he died in one environment of perfect peace and security i sure that the law and order or chain and prevail as before and where into the future if there is anyone or anyone observation we have made to and draw. from events of the past week. it is there and shake a ball pedestal upon which it rests our state of peace law and order and indicating that as zimbabweans
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we are generally a pca be disposed people and we think given. to expressing our grievances and to resolving our differences by ourselves and with a level of dignity discipline and restraint so rare to many at the nations this is to be admired and indeed such traits must form the belief of our national character and personality yes very resource we some mourn and draw up on in times of vice city to. the operation i have alluded to did not amount to
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a threat to our way all cherished constitutional order nor was it a challenge to my oath already as head of state and government not even as commander in chief of the zimbabwe defense forces to demand their command element remain the respectful and comported. with a dictates and more's of institutionalism true if you incidents men had both here and there but there are. these are being corrected. i'm happy that throughout this short period the pillars of state remained function not
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even a happy hour for me and arising from today's meeting in a strong sense is a strong sense of call a.g.i. lity and co marriage ship now. binding the various arms of security establishment this should read down to greater peace and they're. not abiding sins of security in communities and you know our entire nation of greater concern man i read this again i beg your pardon of greater concern.
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to our commanders are the way out of founded fears that they lack of unity and common ness of purpose in both party and government was translating into perceptions of you know attentiveness through the economy open public spaces between high ranking officials in the party and government exacerbated by multiple conflicting messages from both the party and government made the criticisms leveled against us in escapable i made all this. like she projects or radiate adopted
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by government strewed stalled or my idea and needless controversies all this now is to stop as we you know great a new work culture and pace which will show us strong sense of purpose and commitment to turning around our economy in terms of. policies is in my city government remains committed to improving the social and material conditions. like tiriel conditions of the people government will unveil and none then drop or no real skill and business development
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program with real impala and on lish gainful projects at all growth points and rural areas pharaoh zimbabweans we are a nation born out of a protracted struggle for national independence our roots lie in that people will struggle with goals and ideals must guy. present and struck and structure our future the tradition of resistance is our collective legacy. coal tenets must be subscribed by or across generations and across time. indeed these two. it was
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a great concern for commanders who themselves are aware makers of that revolution and often i very tender ages and that great yes or no care we still have enough of very good scheme unities the veterans of that founding struggle who might have found the prevailing management of national and party is quite alienating this must be corrected without delay including ensuring that the d's veterans continue to play a central role in the lives of our nation we must all recognize that they are participation in the war of
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liberation exacted lifelong costs which whilst hardly repayable may still be as waged and. ameliorated in respect of the party and the party each is raised both by their commanders i by the general membership of the new p.f. there to stand acknowledged this to stand that no rights. they have to be attended to with a great sense of agency however i am aware that as a party of liberation. over. this
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region elaborate rules and procedure is that guy the operations of all guns and to pursue a nail indeed the current criticism raised raise against the command element but raised again sit by the command element and some of its members have a reason from a aware founded the perception that the party was straight cian or even failing in its own rules and procedures their way for what the us cannot be based on swapping vying cliques that dry the rough shored up high tea
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party rules and procedures there has to be a net return today guiding principles of our party as enshrined in its constitution which.


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