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tv   Quadriga - Coalition Talks Collapse Disaster for Germany  Deutsche Welle  November 20, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm CET

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the soviet union russians have become used to political instability and economic misery but now they feared for their lives. in moscow there was terrific fear of the attacks in desperation the government posted a soldier in front of each building. one of these boys said outside my building it was clear that he couldn't protect us from an explosion but it was a desperate attempt to reassure the population. independent journalist under razor dot office been running an investigative website since two thousand. the mood in moscow was dramatically worse and people said that the west had lied to them we had been promised that we would live in prosperity if we followed democratic values learned english and worked according to western rules we did all that and then still ended up in a crisis we could see that the liberal and intelligent atmosphere that had
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prevailed in the mass media of the ninety's was finished people wanted simple and clear solutions. if someone attacks you you have to fight back people wanted a strong leader. the former great hope was weak and dependent on a small group of. he only managed to get reelected with their financial support in russia money made the world go round on august ninth one thousand nine hundred ninety yeltsin put forward a new prime minister the director of the russian secret service. familiarity level with zero point two or three percent in other words he was practically unknown a shot. we figure. never good coffee heads the levada center the largest
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independent opinion research institute in russia. where sleeves are were after the explosions as heineken fair grip the country he appeared as a leader who spoke the language of ordinary people well more precisely. the language of the criminals. a lot of them tickle me is a look that is not easy to the but i do. believe he is that use them which those of us with them denied he was immediately seen by a large part of the population as one of them not as a reformer a liberal or an intellectual but one of the people. and that immediately boosted his popularity. that i couldn't. get anybody absolutely you're putting you at the moment but i don't think. it means that the
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i'm never. going. to putin it was clear who was behind the wave of terror fighters from chechnya. since the dissolution of the soviet union the autonomous republic in the caucasus had been fighting for independence the region was a permanent source of crisis one of many that were destabilizing russia. you more with pride they were in no position to control the armed military groups that existed back then in chechnya. protein wanted to stop the spread of terror and the growing radicalization in the caucasus on october the first nine hundred ninety nine he gave the order for what he called anti terrorist actions the second chechen war began. after
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russia's disastrous defeat in the first chechen war this time the republic was quickly brought to its knees. fully you can talk about an absolute russian victory over the separatists because the former rebels are now the government in chechnya. akhmad kadyrov played a crucial role in russia's victory during the first chechen more he fought against russia as the country's highest islamic jurist he called for jihad a holy war. at the station. but in two thousand russia's public enemy number one switched sides. came to the conclusion that it was better to negotiate with russia than to end up in an islamic theocracy he sided with russia and was appointed by putin as the head
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of the administration. could you off was elected president in october two thousand and three as soon as you came to power he made a deal with moscow what was putin's bait chechnya would remain autonomous within russia and the reward peace and stability in the caucasus republic both sides came out because winners. the. election confirmed how flexible the kremlin and putting policies were. there was no dogmatism. they were prepared to to forget all the events of the past has been look peaceful future. and i wouldn't. putin needed peace in russia's out lie. eyeing regions he spent billions on the
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reconstruction of chechnya. meanwhile the roof's was watching it's big brother russia with keen interest the country is in russia's buffer zone with the west and it was in the throes of an economic crisis the first attempts at reform had left few winners. a group a small group of people who had benefited from the reforms began to dominate political life he all the dark system triggered political of disillusionment and disappointment among the population in a market economy and in democracy. by any carbon year which was a well known political commentator and one of the few journalists in the country who
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were critical of the government. but if you look it led to a great desire for a strong hand a strong power a desire for dictatorship. and president alexander look at shankar always a classic example of this. is just how much you. want to thank aleksander lucas shankar was a product of the old system a loyal party comrade an army officer and the director of a co-operative he wanted independence but new brother was couldn't go it alone. but we've rejected privatization and held on to state property and it's wanted to russia and ukraine and ask do you want all the property to fall into the hands of all of arc's and the rest of the population to be left with nothing. a majority of
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belarusians replied no we don't want that. things used to be better that was the message he used to win over the voters in the one nine hundred ninety four presidential election. today under look regime. is a soviet marsh drowning the regime along with its mentors. and. bella racine writer of the munich leon is one of the few political activists in the country. that the wash our society has not taken one step towards democratization and. we have had neither economic nor political reforms. instead began to replace reality with fairytales. during the construction of this make believe world he didn't give any thought to what people were actually to eat and this fairy tale
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. in fact has nothing to do with a socialist paradise. the social model that alexander lukashenko has built up is in severe economic crisis. while bella roofs was stagnating putin was becoming increasingly popular. his pithy words and robust crackdown in the second chechen war met with the approval of an anxious russian population after morsy out seems resignation he was sworn in as president of the russian federation. and i see you. don't. you just blow but he. doesn't.
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let him in put things aim was a strong russia and the revival of the empire. he ensured stability for the country and for a new elite because the secret service the f.s.b. came to power within. a single system. russia has no system for a normal change of the elites every new president only surrounds himself with people he knows that's what gorbachev did yeltsin did it too and so does putin since he knew the f.s.b. well from st petersburg he took almost the entire apparatus with them to moscow and gave them all important positions. that i see is created by a russian democracy as an imposed democracy. the political police the army the law enforcement authorities even the judicial system have remained virtually unchanged
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. the name tags have been altered but by and large the structures are not subject to control by society or. these structures were basically the same as in soviet times shortly after coming to power putin found out what state they were in their once glorious armed forces one of the pillars of the old soviet union were a basket case. where you know if you were in the army we got financial allowances but they weren't paid out for several months can you imagine a nuclear submarine commander earning less than a bus driver and the submarine course was wrecked because of this neglect that it was. all a class are off was him self a submarine commander after retiring he joined the commission investigating the sinking of the course. but. the crew wasn't adequately trained there was no logistical base it all led to this
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catastrophe. on august twelfth two thousand during maneuvers in the barents sea an explosion occurred in the nuclear submarine course probably caused by a faulty torpedo. russia didn't have the technology to reach its own submarine. their naval command has it dated too long before accepting help from norwegian rescue divers. were going to give us a partial system we told the highest authorities that it was impossible to save the cruel but the bosses the commander in chief the president believed in a miracle. but there was to be no miracle. by the time the norwegian divers reached the submarine it was too late the one hundred. at eighteen crew members of the course didn't stand a chance the sinking of the course could damage the pride of the whole state the
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disaster was powerfully symbolic. georgia was famous in the soviet union for its agriculture and of course as the birthplace of joseph stalin. after the declaration of independence on april ninth one thousand nine hundred ninety one the economy hit rock bottom and left the population impoverished. but business deals were still being done. under was one of the first real estate brokers in tbilisi. there was no electricity no water and great social distress but people didn't give up hope anyone who had a good house sold it and bought something smaller hoping that the emergency would
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soon be over and something new would begin. at that time i would know offices anyone who wanted to sell by all rent an apartment stood in the street with handwritten signs that's when we set up our company. they are. honest about the. chaos ruled in the country. there was very serious corruption in the state structures which posed a threat to the whole country. in november two thousand board should not as he became the first woman in georgia's history to become president of parliament. not. he had been president of georgia since the mid nineties in the late soviet era he was the foreign minister who made german
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reunification and the realignment of europe a reality. but his attempts to democratize georgia and bring young exiles back to the country met with only moderate success. i do smart fellow peace seven nazis last years in power were very ineffectual i tried really hard to explain to the president the difficulties the country was facing. but unfortunately the influence of his environment was much stronger than my words . so a classic revolutionary situation arose in which the rulers could no longer rule as before and the people no longer wanted to live the way they had also other level that's.
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even ukraine the breadbasket of the former soviet union was still suffering from the break up. the gradual privatization of the economy had been haphazard and halfhearted president leonid kuchma was negotiating with both russia and the west but like boris yeltsin he was only in power thanks to financial support from some oligarchy. in two thousand and one tape recordings surfaced suggesting that coach my head instigated the murder of a journalist. voice can be heard on the tape giving the order to silence godsick a sharp critic of the government. here. i have asked the president's office for an analysis of the recordings were the
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conversations genuine or were they fake you know he didn't have to convince me because i'd heard who was speaking and what was said but could we prove it because i said that the alexander mottos was chairman of the socialist party of ukraine for almost twenty years and twice the president of parliament just as i did but they said it was all correct only then did i stand up in parliament. i merely published eight fragments that were directly related to the gun god's a tragedy. two months after his disappearance gandhi's decapitated corpse was found buried in a forest the scandal sparked an outcry in ukraine and triggered a mass movement against the president. that you want to ukraine without coachmen movement started we organized a coach and i want to be president for a third time. but the opposition is votes of no confidence failed and
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coachmen clung to power. back in moscow putin had made protests against the government a thing of the past russia was economically and politically stable but the calm was deceptive because the chechen problem was about to rear its head once again. rebels made another attempt to force russia to let chechnya go. this time in a moscow theater. because . in my opinion the north-east was one of the best musicals ever made in russia i played mikail amish off of a nasty boy which is good. because of philip office been acting since he was twelve
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. on october twenty third two thousand and two between forty and fifty chechen separatists stormed the debris of good theater in moscow taking the eight hundred fifty people in the audience hostage. with police at least and suddenly the terrorists appeared and chased our people off stage. i remember a man he was standing next to us. going to win the second act began the guy with a machine gun came in and said go to the hall. at first i thought it was some sort of joke by the then they divided us up and said we will not release you until russian troops pull out of chechnya there was a bomb on the ground floor and one of the mezzanine next to us.


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