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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 21, 2017 4:02am-4:16am CET

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it's been nearly a week since the submarine with its forty four man crew was last heard from storms have been complicating the search for. germany's political leaders fail to come up with a coalition agreement prolonging uncertainty surprisingly investors didn't seem to care instead warming to fresh economic data. also coming up the spoils of breck's at the european banking and of medicines agencies that are leaving london as britain leaves the e.u. we look at where they're headed and why. and blistering barnacles this original tintin drawing sells behalf of million euros we'll find out what makes red head journalist so popular. and daniel winter and this is your business update they say there's nothing investors hate more than uncertainty but the political
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crisis in berlin seems to have been of little interest to german shareholders the country's benchmark index actually rose in monday's session on the back of strong economic data but analysts say it's far too early to be complacent. confidence in germany's political system and its booming economy are reassuring to many who look at the current impasse but there's trouble ahead if uncertainty lingers businesses want to belittle investors need certainty and germany europe's largest economy has a lot on its plate. as if the holes for the on the economic challenges are humans get well so what does it mean for the e.u. economy what's in the for international trade digitalisation education infrastructure payment for germany's energy transformation there's so much on the agenda and we need answers all too often. one answer that's feared by many economic stakeholders is new elections it's a process that would lead to months of uncertainty new elections are so unattractive to german business that on monday representatives across germany's
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economy including the engineering and chemical industries and the export sector each publicly urged for a continuation of coalition talks. there's concern also at the e.u. level where ministers await action on several economic proposals including euro zone reforms a common finance minister and a common budget think french president a man well mccraw has a particular stake in a new german government put his quest for a more economically integrated european economy hinges upon german support. and being number one without a partner is not good emma cross has also been elected to revive the european project. it was supposed to be a matter of weeks before mccraw had his german partner now the timing is anyone's guess. the city of paris has been picked to host the european banking all thora take off to britain leaves the european union in twenty nineteen dublin and early favorite frankfurt lost out in the vote by e.u.
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banned states they earlier voted for amsterdam as the new postboxes location of the european medicines agency the move will give both cities a political status boost within the e.u. . ukase loss is now france and holland again it was a modest celebration from the winners thank you now champagne and spotless to rub london's nose in it boss undisguised relief after want was a nail biting voting process we are delighted that in the end it was a very tight it was nerve wracking to be honest it was these fifteen cities that put their names in the hat for the e.m.e.a. these four went for the e.p.a. while these four was so keen they went for bass and the appeal is obvious with the e.p.a. and a.m.a. expertise prestige and business not to mention jobs combines they employ over a thousand people it was this up occasion video that helps swing it for amsterdam
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patients safety is that our heart medicines evaluation board is one of the strongest national regulators in europe the winners not only had to prove they were ready to host the agency but that they would be appealing enough to do the london based employees to relocate to brought in an established the ministry of finance of the government and that is the force regions will do everything they can to ensure that this relocation will take place in the best possible terms. with the u.k. losing so many jobs some british journalists in the room have one burning question what happens if the u.k. revokes article fifty do we do forget the decisions of today were these to be decisions irreversible. i would not go into any hypothetical scenario. for now then it's full steam ahead but the decisive step in britain's exits from the e.u. . pill is in brussels for us charlotte why did paris win as the host city for the
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banking agency. well something that we're going to have to ask the individual ministers who took part in this vote this evening failing that we're just going to have to speculate at the moment i think a lot of people really are wondering why frankfurt wasn't the winner for the be a it had been a front runner and a lot thought that it was going to take the lead it didn't though it was knocked out it did reach the final three alongside dublin then came down to dublin and to paris and then in a tie break vote names were picked out of a hat and paris was the winner so something of a bit of luck for paris with dublin left incredibly disappointed but that was let's not do it down paris of course is something of a financial hub it's already home to the european security markets agency that might played a role ultimately though any winner of this had to prove various criteria one of which being that they were ready to take over as soon as the u.k. left the e.u.
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and immediately. the e.p.a. that something obviously paris proved that it was able to do ok looking ahead moving the agency's brings up its own problems including issues of the sort of new world. that's quite right although the idea is that the new host city is able to relocate the workers from london in fact in a lot of the videos that were put out by each individual city applying for these two agencies they were very keen to prove that they would be good hosts for these london is that they wish they could offer good international schools some even were keen to prove how many flights a day they would off the backs of london so the idea is that these highly skilled workers are keen to move over to the new cities and indeed to down was one of the top choices apparently according to a survey for workers at the m. and a as you said there are there also some problems if a lot of those people don't want to relocate then you're going to have to employ
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new workers from the host cities and that does raise some issues particularly since they're so highly skilled these new workers are likely to have a very strong degree of expertise in already walk in the industries and then having the move from industry into regulatory bodies does carry with it a host of concerns. k. shall chosen pill in brussels force of thank you very much for that and speaking of moving post bricks that american investment bank goldman sachs will have hubs in paris and frankfurt goldman c.e.o. lloyd blankfein told french newspaper le figaro that employees currently in london will be able to choose between the two cities after the u.k. leaves the e.u. the bank will also hire new staff to help fill out the offices goldman currently has six thousand employees in london the new hubs will ensure the bank's access to the e.u. single market post breaks it all financial correspondent against quarter filed this nonsense. it was that see all lloyd blankfein is claiming that some of his
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employees they actually might rather work in paris then and frankfurt so that might be one reason but then again it also might be that goldman sachs is looking for some leverage meaning if you have two competing offers here might negotiate and tax incentives for example goldman has done something similar when they picked the headquarter here in new york city so that might also be a reason and then looking ahead france actually might play a bigger role when it comes to financial regulation in a europe and so therefore goldman might also be looking to be closer geographically to the french government so those probably are some reasons why goldman is not just looking for one but for two headquarters within europe that was once called a speaking from new york and staying in the u.s. federal reserve chief janet yellen announced she'll leave the central bank
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altogether when her successor is sworn in yet and will forego the remaining seven years of her term as member of the reserve board of governors current board member jerome powell is set to replace her as head of the board following senate approval president trump who was critical of yellen during his presidential campaign did not ask her to serve a second term as champ. and now to billions of billy is blue blistering bamma cols who hasn't heard of the famous tin tin series the comics have been translated into more than ninety languages from their original french and sold well over two hundred million copies and some of the original drawings for the comic strip are still fetching raechel prices are at auction. some hardcore tinton fans are willing to spend a small fortune to get their hands on his work this original drawing by belgian cartoonist and is a sold for a whopping five hundred five thousand euros but
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a paris auction house had initially expected more because original works from the artist have become rare. said so this is growing is unique because it's in color because the covers for him where drone in chinese nk in black and white and when you only have three or four covers and color that we identified and this one was never seen on the market it was given in one thousand and thirty nine to the person who still had it also in st louis the story of one life this person lived with this drawing in her house since her childhood as she met ajay when she was a little girl and she received it as a gift. at all falls in the auction world as jail holds records for drawings for comics another reason why collectors a keen to purchase his work in two thousand and fourteen the strip he drew and nine hundred thirty seven sold for over two and a half million euros. he really is
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a great role model for red head journalists everywhere well that's a wrap from us if you want more don't forget you can also check out our facebook and twitter pages just such for t w business on the back with more tomorrow same time same place until that from may on the d w business team in berlin thank you very much for watching.
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discussions continue and welcome to the debuts program tonight from going to meet from one uses easy to our website dedicated comes to africa join us on facebook and d.-w. africa. how to cover more than just one reality. where i come from we have a transatlantic way of looking at things that's because my father is from germany and my mother is from the united states of america and so i realized fairly early that it makes sense to explain different realities. and now here at the heart of the european union in brussels we have twenty eight different realities and so i think people are really looking for any journalist they can trust for them to make sense of this. ride is not tough enough and i work at u.w. .


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