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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 21, 2017 9:00am-9:31am CET

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so you. do something for your country but you're still the black swan. afro germany starting december tenth d.w. . this is t w news coming to you live from berlin and all of that cool under pressure as germany is plunged into political uncertainty after coalition talks collapse the german chancellor says she would prefer fresh elections over trying to lead a minority government will ask does this mark the end of the medical era also
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coming up with impeachment proceedings set to begin against robert mugabe the zimbabwean president is still refusing to quit but for many in the country change can't come fast enough. and in football dortmund seeks to end its losing streak the black and yellow space topping them in the champions league tonight a crucial match for a controversial coach peter walsh. well one welcome i'm terry martin good to have you with this. germany has been thrust into political uncertainty talks to form a new coalition government collapsed late on sunday after four weeks of marathon negotiations the german president says he will meet with the leaders of all parties to press them to try once more to cut
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a deal meanwhile chancellor i'm going to michael is weighing her options she says she's ready to run for chancellor again if a new election in a new election if necessary. the german chancellor would have gladly spared herself and germany from this walk of shame but after the collapse of coalition talks it's up to the german president to decide the next step. is a new government is always a difficult political. one involving struggle and disagreement but the task of forming a government is very important possibly the most important task that voters give their representatives within a democracy and this task remains. confound to my own plans to meet up for talks with the various parties over the next few days my refuses to accept that they are incapable of fulfilling the voters' mandate
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german voters don't understand why the four way talks failed they had a task and still were not capable of coming to a compromise that is a shame this is horrible these politicians can't agree chancellor angela merkel insists that even in this phase germany remains a stable country. i'm not planning on a minority government but we will have to wait and see what happens in the next few days time the path to fresh elections is one way. but according to polls the results of new elections would find the c.d.u. their sister party the c.s.u. and the s.p.d. with about the same number of votes as last time. for some analysis let's bring in sara brookmyre she's a political analyst at the global public policy institute here in berlin and good morning sarah so uncle michael as we just heard there says she would prefer fresh elections to instead of trying to lead them nor of the government what do you see
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happening it does seem like the most likely outcome in the next few months will be new elections the other options are the f.t.p. and the social democrats would be considering joining a government coalition with her or a minority government but sixty three percent of germans have said in a poll yesterday that they would prefer fresh elections as well ok so the german electorate wouldn't mind going back to the polls under these conditions it seems the situation we're in though now has never happened in germany before why are we seeing this now is it simply the result of an inconclusive election in september or is there something is there a deeper problem in germany's political culture we do indeed see a quite unprecedented situation but it was a quite a shift in the last election with the right wing turn to for germany the. being elected into parliament for the first time this makes it harder for other parties to find the majorities to govern basically but it might also with this kind of
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populism way make the other part is a bit more absolutist in their stance and what makes it harder for them to compromise and america has been giving a lot of interviews let's listen to what she's been having to say she's addressing speculation over her political future let's listen in. i was asked time and again during the election campaign whether i was prepared to serve germany for a full. two months of possums than so it would be very strange just because we have a situation where the f.d.p. has decided to leave the talks to tell voters that everything i said during the campaign is no longer valid so yes i am ready to say the. chancellor merkel says she is ready to continue as chancellor you think that's going to happen can she count on that can she be confident it looks quite likely that that's going to happen for two reasons one she is there's basically no i'd turn it if in the city you're right now no clear other views are that they could
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replace her with and secondly germans really like her again yesterday a poll showed fifty eight percent of germans would be like her continuation. the german president. he has a role to play right now a very important role he says he would not like to see fresh elections and he's going to be talking to the leaders of all the prospective coalition partners to see if he can get them back to the negotiating table what do you think is going to be saying to them well it's basically his job right now to precisely constitutionally remind them that they have the responsibility to form a government right now so that's what he's going to do today he's meeting the f.d.p. the liberals and he will tell them to go back to the negotiation table the same tomorrow with his own party the s.p.d. he will ask them to basically reconsider their strong stance and join a coalition with them going to merkel and you've already said that you do expect to see fresh elections but under these conditions why can't we have
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a government we had a successful election there are a couple of options for for putting together a coalition governments one of the parties not willing. there might be a shift as i said earlier two parties being less likely to come from ais basically all of them expect that they might gain from future elections even though it's very unclear how new elections will turn out well that's my blass question to you if we do have a rerun of the election what's going to happen we had an unprecedented number of parties coming into the german parliament as after the last election what point spec next time around we will see it there are last night's polls show that none of the parties will actually shift a lot in their percentage points so we might have precisely the same election and we will have also difficulties forming a new government but all depends on both to turn out as well sara thank you so much sarah brookmyre from the global public policy institute here in berlin and now some
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other stories making news around the world today russian president vladimir putin and his syrian counterpart bashar al assad have revealed they met yesterday in salt street the two leaders agreed to switch their efforts in syria from military operations to the search for a political solution to the country's civil war. us president donald trump has declared north korea a state sponsor of terrorism trump said the mood to blacklist the regime again was long overdue john yang was removed from the list in two thousand and eight north korea and the us are at loggerheads over kim jong un's controversial nuclear program. and hopes of finding a missing argentinian submarine have been dealt a setback a navy spokesman said a noise detected by search and rescue craft did not come from the sub been no sign of the vessel and its forty four man crew for nearly a week. to zimbabwe now war there where the ruling party has
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moved to begin impeachment proceedings against robert mugabe the embattled leader his refusal to quit following a military intervention has plunged the african nation into crisis is an appeal party says impeachment proceedings are likely to start today meanwhile in a new twist the army says mugabe is in contact with his ousted by president who is said to be his successor in a statement issued yesterday evening the head of the army said former vice president. was working with the president on quote a solution to the deadlock we have made fit the consultation with the president throughout the one that roadmap on that varying situation in that country. this defense and security services i encouraged by new developments which include one back to between the president and the form of vice president clinton it mustn't
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down with them then that well we as expected in the country shortly thereafter the nation would be advised the one that. talks between the two well for more on the story i spoke to journalist randall in harare and asked him what we know about the possible contact between president robert mugabe and his ousted vice president everson one and god while. well thank you for having me this morning i can confirm with you that as of this morning emma someone got to release his own statement to the media where he basically rubbished the proposed deal with the military between robert mugabe and himself to have talks and to meet and have face to face talks with amazon and google simply putting it across that prisoner but mark of
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a must to resign and step down so this is an indication that zimbabwe's political crisis is far from over as long as president obama remains in office and he's a rival his form of vice president is not in any way and detaining any overtures to meet and discuss we've got. what about of the prospects of. will gobble getting in touch with one god wall and trying to work something out is are we going to see an orderly succession there or is there going to be some backroom deal. well i think given the fact that we have a fresh statement that was released this morning by emerson and which i very fight to be able to and dick i think there is no room for back room back behind the scenes that arrangement of sorts between the two where in fact i met someone got
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the zanu p.f. m.p.'s to go i did and impeach him as head of state and tells mugabe that he needs to listen to the voice of the people the people came out on saturday where they demanded that he steps down and held my cheese that it is a huge turnout of tens of thousands of zimbabweans and i think as i live for that fact that the ease of popular support that he can stand on and play to and he has rejected any grounds any room for mugabe to try and you know. we often speak to him behind the scenes ok the focus now is clearly on. the the former vice president what or zimbabweans expecting from him what i think at the moment they aren't any expectations of sorts in terms of leadership i think the only expectations can be summed up in two first awful we know that zanu p.f. . is rejected in effect for his didn't open this party leader and chosen one guy
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quite to replace him as the interim president so for the fact we know that one got quite easy now the third person to take charge. and we'll also know that he's also been chosen by the same party to be the state president so i think for now they want to see that process complete and then the next step will move on as to expectations let's talk about the process then just very briefly impeachment proceedings can expect a start today can you walk us through that when are they going to be over. yes well that the fishman process expected. today they should too likely become true to it barring any unforeseen surprises by tomorrow we basically today the charge is the motion rather will be moved to impeach the president and. stand up pointed to look into those charges or not grounds president mugabe's being
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in. impeached and after that the vote is conducted and so basically it's a process which could be expected to be completed by tonight but i spoke to some of the state it might take some time but watching that that was journalist ray and glover there speaking to us a little earlier from horary you're watching t w news still to come amnesty international says bill maher has subjected really hinge of muslims to persecution that amounts to dehumanizing apartheid i'll ask an amnesty spokes person what they do you can do to help ease the rippin just suffering. well the u.s. government has moved to block an eighty five billion dollar corporate merger between eighteen t. and time warner what's behind that decision cost on terry there are several layers to this story eight hundred eighty is the united states biggest tell you telecommunications company time warner
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a major producer of media content not allowing both companies to merge would mean a concentration of power detrimental to consumers the department of justice argues however with president donald trump's outspoken dislike for time warner's news channel c.n.n. some also see a political twist to the story. plans by eighty n.t.v. to purchase time warner one of the leading media companies in the u.s. we're ready controversial when they were announced in two thousand and sixteen even before he became president donald trump was already critical. a deal we will not approve in my administration because it's too much concentration of power in the hands of too few. trump has called c.n.n. which is owned by time warner fake news this is why plans by the department of justice to sue eighteen t. to stop its acquisition of time warner a controversial but c.e.o.
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has said he will fight the u.s. government's suit in court there's been a lot of reporting and speculation whether this is all about c.n.n. and frankly i don't know but nobody should be surprised that the question keeps coming up because we witnessed such an abrupt change in the application of and i trust law here so any agreement that results in us forfeiting control of c.n.n. whether directly or indirectly is a nonstarter the u.s. has not seen such a high profile on type trustees in decades already many are asking whether the lawsuit is about protecting consumers it's a political interference in america's press freedoms. the city of paris has been takes to host a key institution after britain leaves the european union and twenty nineteen the european banking agency is currently located in london but britain's imminent departure from the block left of looking for
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a new home competition to acquire the banking agency which employs over one hundred sixty people have been fierce dublin and early favorite frankfurt lost out in the vote by e.u. member states. so let's get some reaction to this result from our correspondent conrad bosun in germany's financial hub frankfurt conrad how much of a blow is this to the city. well of course it is a blow to many people here in frankfurt who worked on the application but it's not a big surprise if you talk to insiders here politics in europe always have to be very balanced and we already have the european central bank here in frankfurt with large supervision authority on the banks in the euro area we also have a your power which is the supervising agency for the insurance companies in europe and for the pension funds if you look at it from outside germany it probably would
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have been too much of a concentration of power if the banking or thora t. had been situated also here in frankfurt so paris did come out on top but that the french capital set apart from the other seven contestants well of course paris is known for many beautiful attractions what's less known in the world is that paris is really also a financial help with many banks situated there which are well connected to other european banks and also to many governments and also paris it's well situated in the center of europe much better situated than dublin the other city was which was in the race you can make the trip from paris to frankfurt for example on the high speed train in less than four hours and let me tell you christophe the people of the european banking or story t.v. in paris will make the trip to frankfurt very often because they will have to work very very closely with the real superpower in europe's financial world and that's
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the european central bank conrad bosun in frankfurt thank you so much. now why would you want to build a solar power plant in a region that gets an average less than four hours of sunday a day is probably a good question unless the region's name is turned oval the place forever linked to the nuclear catastrophe of one thousand nine hundred six and a shift in the way many people look at energy supply and consumption. there are few signs of life in the no go area surrounding that disaster site just an information center selling souvenirs and offering tours but a solar power park is now being built here the modules are going up in the thirty kilometer belt of wasteland that surrounds the old reactor a german ukrainian consortium is behind the project which is scheduled to go online in february it will supply significant amounts of clean power to the region. at the existence of for comparison with this output you can energize approximately two
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thousand apartments this year as our pilot experiment for their power plant is planned with twenty sixteen we already built one with four megawatts on the belorussians side of the chernobyl zone so delusional was because. the nearly four thousand modules in the array will produce around a megawatt of electricity that's about half of what the nuclear power plant wants churned out and all with safety measures factored in the project will cost around a million dollars to complete then this site of one of the worst nuclear disasters in history will house a park for sustainable energy. there are new insights into the background of the euro hinge refugee crisis terry striker stuff international has published the findings of a two year long investigation into the crackdown by myanmar's military on the ethnic range of people the findings are hard hitting with amnesty accusing the authorities in myanmar of creating a system of apartheid which is classified as
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a crime against humanity for him to have faced state sponsored discrimination for decades according to the report but this is worsened since two thousand and twelve when bylines broke out between buddhists and the muslim really hinges up to date that violence has forced over six hundred thousand range of to flee to neighboring bangladesh earlier laura hay a researcher with amnesty talked to us from bangkok about. what was driving the crisis. and well thank you for having me and yeah i think everyone we've had a. glimpse of a t.v. screen or. as we've seen the horrific images environment actually inject us led to this awful campaign but it might it's the right kind of thing when i record showing states that actually there is a root cause to this life that is a system of institutionalized discrimination and segregation of are. states meaning that virtually every single aspect of it is restricted and has been for at least
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the last five years and we've continued to have to careful evidence you can analysis that this is a crime against humanity and specifically as the crack the top talent or the facto leader on one sochi she's been severely criticized for her handling of this crisis she appears at least to be supporting the army how does your organization view her role in this crisis well i think we have to be very clear that one things you see is not to talk to bigotry when we're looking at the outrage it's hard it is the truth it sounds. like she is failing political responsibility on this crisis but i think what's also really important to consider and to bear in mind as well is actually this is not a new situation in many ways these this is a campaign that's an attempt to crimes against humanity that these crimes against humanity predate the current find when you look at the systematic discrimination and segregation interface it is widespread it's something that outs affects every
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single aspect that i went around to move around freely to access health care so when we're talking about what happens to range refugees i'm going to be trying to hard the question is what are they responding to i mean is this government it's almost like you cheat committed to the scientific system of things that states. ok so there's also so cheese role in all of this but other countries have an interest to european and asian foreign ministers are meeting in myanmar this week do they have any leverage to help resolve this crisis they do and they have to use every single piece of leverage every single measure to stop this. and you can see also many of the many of the international community is not stepping up to the plate but there are condemnations that it is not resulting in it's not results of change where we need to see is a very strong message that leads you can join the next stage then basically makes
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clear the crimes against humanity will go on and there will be consequences what about china it's so that's the key player in the region and china's proposed a plan to address the crisis in rakhine state is that the way forward. that i say is one of the poorest states and there is no doubt that development is very positive as well we're concerned about is that development without interesting recourse that is structural discrimination and segregation in your communities is only going to perpetuate the problem so what happens if you rebuild hospitals and rebuilt products that are actually very dangerous on how to use you cement a system of apartheid theories and less international job step very clear first lines we're going to see this warning systems warning regime. laura hi from amnesty international talking to us from bangkok thank you very much.
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soccer no in two german teams are in champions league action tonight in the penultimate round of group stage matches which could prove to be decisive dortmund are looking to save their season in their match at home to tottenham this week could prove crucial for coach bosch with a game against fierce rivals shocker this weekend this will run of results at home and in europe has left the dutch coach on the brink of dismissal and the other bonus league aside in action tonight are champions league newcomers leipzig the bulls are third in their group and still in with a chance of advancing to the knockout stage but first they face a tough game bottom side monaco. coach ralph harden who is in a somber mood ahead of his side's must win game against monaco the bulls debut champions league campaign has been lackluster to say the least but they are the only disappointing team out there on tuesday much of his fall of c.h.p.
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both teams will play to win because otherwise their chances to advance are as good as gone if we can't get three points on the road we don't deserve to qualify for the next round that's it end of story but monaco are a far cry from the team that reached the champions league semifinals and were crowned french champions last season the club sold most of their standout players during the transfer window colombian striker about a male and coach leonardo yeah deem remained behind in the principality deemed doesn't underestimate the challenge at hand the objective of the goal to qualify for the next round of the champions league is not in our hands. but qualification for the euro police his odd job is to win this match that's the objective of the much. tuesday night as a final showdown for the money casks and the bulls on the court. the winner is short of extending their european campaign and finally the georgia dome in atlanta
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used in the one nine hundred ninety six summer olympic games and two super bowls was demolished in an impressive implosion after two years of planning and prepping it took over twenty two hundred kilograms of explosives to bring down the stadium in less than fifteen seconds. its replacement the even bigger mercedes benz stadium opened in august and is now the new home to n.f.l. team the atlanta falcons. and for we go just reminder the top story we're following for you here today on the news german chancellor i'm going to says she would prefer fresh elections rather than ruling with a minority government that's after coalition talks collapsed the country's president i thought this time i will now tried to persuade the potential coalition partners to return to the negotiating table. you're watching d.w. news from berlin we have more for you at the top of the next hour if you can get
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a story of trust activism and boundless. how vulnerable is germany to a hacker attack. a rigorous standards applied to energy supply and. telecommunication companies. completely networked completely vulnerable again germany. w. . with different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters
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