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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 21, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm CET

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thanks ten days i'm going to show you really simple way of getting some of that space. ship says if you take your meditation seriously you need head space. get suitable for beginners as well as the more in life. want to find out more about the digital world then check out our facebook page d.w. digital tools you'll find all the latest news and trends as well as interesting apps exciting gadgets and helpful tutorials and of course all the ship reports are there to. like us post your comments give us your opinions and d.-w. digital. as always we leave shift through the exit our internet find of the week this time the night at the airport. when life can't seem to get off the ground dancing lifts the spirits mushy my son she remembered that when she missed her connecting flight one evening.
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the. thirty year old man she decided to get into the groove in charlotte airport and got an airport staff and fellow passengers to join in and they danced away the hours still boarding time. with three million views her dance video was a real hit on you tube. and next time on shift. children and teens all over the world are bullied with threats and emotional abuse on the internet often they don't know how to defend themselves online services offer help and information for young people and parents cyberbullying next week on shift.
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expression. a value that always has to be defended and you. all over the world. are to afraid of freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d w dot com or to freedom. whatever we begin to the day will effect get out of c o two in the atmosphere of the increase of the temperature. twenty fifth you have to start down by starting to decrease the amount of c o two programs now this is actually not a hard problem that just takes will however there are very important economic interests to. oh no a lot of coal who own
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a lot of oil that are doing everything possible to make sure this doesn't happen we have to fight them by twenty fifty we'll be well on the way to reliable renewable solar wind i'm optimistic that. we're not totally it's a species. this is really news live from berlin the end of an era in zimbabwe as the country's
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president robert mugabe resides before he could be impeached ending four decades of repressive rule the move sparking jubilation in parliament and on the streets of harare will go to the capital for reactions. also on the program can she hold on anglo-american under pressure as germany plunges into political uncertainty after the collapse of coalition talks the german chancellor says she would rather run in new elections then lead a minority government is a post merkel era about to begin. and german police arrest six syrian refugees in a series of raids across several cities they are suspected of planning a terror attack on a christmas market well get the latest from our political correspondent.
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it's good to have you with us while we've got breaking news to report on as we come on the air zimbabwean ruler robert mugabe has resigned the speaker of parliament made the announcement just as lawmakers debated an impeachment motion against mugabe. all members of parliament shared when the news that mugabe gave up power was announced who got his resignation and been a key demand of bizarre nokia's party and the parliament the opposition supported the impeachment motion against him he was charged with allowing his wife grace to quote usurp the constitutional power. all right well it's
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a historic move robert mugabe resigning after massive protests and a military takeover the man who led zimbabwe as one of africa's longest serving rulers a very humble beginnings. robert mugabe was born in one nine hundred twenty four to a poor family in a country that no longer exists the british colony of southern rhodesia a champion of black independence he rose to prominence in the early one nine hundred sixty s. but want to authorities saw him as a threat throwing mugabe in jail for decades after his release mugabe fled abroad when he masterminded the overthrow of the white minority government in one nine hundred seventy nine a triumphant mugabe returned signing an agreement with the british recognizing newly renamed zimbabwe. as the british flag was finally lowered in one thousand eight hundred gobby took over as the country's prime minister. revealed as
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a freedom fighter he became known as a champion of the poor investing in education and health care zimbabwe became one of africa's most prosperous nations. that mugabe ruled with an iron fist funerals became commonplace as more than twenty thousand opposition supporters were slain in a brutal crackdown by mugabe's downing p.f. party in the 1980's. in one thousand nine hundred seven mugabe tightened his grip on power after a merger with the main opposition party he effectively declared one party rule and himself the president. in election after election mugabe won amid charges of vote rigging media intimidation and violent clampdowns on opposition supporters and politicians. always the. magog is
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heavy handed rule turned more and more zimbabweans against him the once thriving country began spiralling out of control. mcgarvie launched a bloody campaign to seize thousands of white and found the new one his daughter lacked family experience an agricultural production went into a noise dive once one of africa's breadbaskets zimbabwe was now struggling to feed its own people. and made rampant poverty and political upheaval in two thousand and five mugabe turned his attention to the country's slums his demolition campaign left at least seven hundred thousand people homeless many of whom supported the opposition just a few years later supermarket shelves were empty rampant inflation sent prices spiraling and caused panic buying once one of africa's richest countries its economy all but collapsed it hasn't recovered since. for years now
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his rulings on the p.f. party has been consumed with internal power struggles about who will succeed him until recent days the battle was between vice president and mr morgan gog and magog his wife grace mcgaha once said that only god could remove him from power but in the end it was the generals displeased with mugabe sacking of that. while some will on him a guy with pushing out the colonizers many will remember him as one of africa's longest serving autocrats. all right and we're here can talk about this historic unfolding of events is where that really. is a journalist in harare first describe to us the scene around you where you are in the capital. you're not only
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an integrated. people out on the streets are there celebrations taking place when this news is reaching the people here to get you to want to and you can your car will start going to be and i think that with the things i'm going to be on tonight right what's this surprise saying that president mugabe decided to resign himself rather than wait for the parliament members to impeach him yeah i think i think that you know one of the things that you're going to be a lot but then people wanting to demonstrate frankly is all i think and certainly been told in that look into matchmaking you can be kinky can he still stay in zimbabwe is there still even though he has resigned now can he remain is in law and. he came back to what no one really didn't think about do we know what's going to happen to grace mugabe.
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mugabe i think. i'm quite sure that the feet could feel the feeling i've been in that you can see it but i think that that should be i mean i think what you can right now just that unite the country and team you don't need challenge i will guide me. through to through is going to be all of the beauty and what you think right now something like the ten remove the template for our rights so let's look a little bit ahead ray who is going to fail president mugabe's position in the immediate term in terms of the laws of the people the people you need to listen to it's likely to be not so migrant. what has been your reaction sir to all these unfolding events have you ever have you ever thought that this would be possible.
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well you can do the possible to prevent people from suing time so quickly and that beacon so of the seven days in the middle of course of the most you do them so there's a real busy man believe it or even now and i truly believe that even during. fifty years of age you can only know what he did not like to get your body. wet sano p.f. most likely staying at the helm in zimbabwe is there really a change in some of these are trying to get it on this weekend what are you talking about these big chains but it is his party i mean they supported him for decades and but we're going to be the same again we want to turn soldier one we were told and we can go back there's no one quick you haven't gotten anything but we're going to win again is the beginning of the
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trouble for him to walk and. who would you like to see take over all of them even before you probably colicky even functional for instance the fifty between of course hope of course and i that will get to the president also appealing to me most every form in the next two to three years and that is what keeps. all right and i want to apologize to you sir attend diabetes i was wrongly informed i was told i was speaking to ray but of course mr beattie we're very happy that you came on your of course the finance minister of assam bob rae from two thousand and one to two thousand and thirteen we greatly appreciate you giving us this new giving us perspective on these historic developments unfolding in your country we hope you'll a comeback and talk to us again thank you thank you mr beaty.
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all right we had to nigeria now where police say at least fifty people have been killed in a suicide bombing the attack took place at a mosque in the town of movie in the north east of the country police say a teenage bomber targeted worshipers as they were gathering for early morning prayers there has been no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack but it bears all the hallmarks of boko haram extremists. and earlier we asked you to use your way so it is in what more he could tell us. how when and what he. wanted and pretty yes because of the improvement of security it relates to drug tests without suspended. it in. so many times in the past many. many. but now nobody has come out to claim responsibility to only to
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be built up by the like isn't it well our ground sergeant who have been sent to the bombs used and won't last. time i get because they aren't able to account out front at least fall away cities they're reporting well now we want to bring you up to speed with some of the other stories making news around the world. russian president vladimir putin and his syrian counterpart bashar al assad have revealed that they met yesterday in the resort city of sochi two leaders agreed to switch their efforts in syria from military operations to the search for a political solution to the country's civil war. a chinese court has sentenced a prominent human rights lawyer to two years in prison for allegedly inciting subversion of state power sharing tan young disappeared last november while
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visiting the family of another detained rights lawyer it was held incommunicado for six months before being formally charged. american journalist and talk show host charlie rose has been suspended by two networks over a series of sexual misconduct allegations at least eight women have accused him of harassing or groping them roses issued a statement saying he was embarrassed and apologized for his behavior. germany is in political limbo after talks to form a new coalition government collapsed chance on the americal has been in office for twelve years but for the first time her future looks on certain the man whose party prompted the break up of these talks christiane minver today visited the german president to discuss for discussions on how to break the political deadlock on the earlier co-chairs of the green party also met fun call for shine meyer in the
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presidential palace in berlin. as backroom talks continue ordinary germans are split on what should happen next and a national poll conducted by the german broadcaster a r d fifty seven percent said they were disappointed to see the coalition talks collapse while thirty one percent were pleased now when asked what they want to see happen next only twenty nine percent said they supported a minority government while more than sixty percent would like to see new elections as for america's future fifty eight percent say they'd like to see her stay on as chancellor while forty one percent would like to see her go all americal herself says she would rather run again in new polls then lead a minority government. at least the masters in german as parliament can stick to their regular routine they cordon off areas for t.v. interviews and prepare for the upcoming session otherwise nothing here is business
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as usual type presidential voiced his concerns allostatic about good form for a whole state power comes from the people the people have spoken to us with these elections and now we must act in accordance and responsibly and what the game although the failed coalition talks were not officially on the agenda america was under close scrutiny today would she try to persuade the social democrat leader martin chose to join a new grand coalition that would be the easiest way out of the gridlock of the s.p.d. doesn't seem willing to help the chancellor. it's a win for macromedia one goal merkel has failed miserably with the coalition she wanted she cannot lead a princely she has lost her touch and now parliament can try but self to make progress perhaps it will even be better for the people when he got few near the.


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