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tv   Global 3000 - The Globalization Program  Deutsche Welle  November 21, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm CET

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the pace of aggression movement persuasion had it all. up to think about something and the moment we focus as a team and we don't worry about how many points we have we simply want to win and keep going from wins and winning and gain of six teams that. the opening call wasn't quite as pretty after a frantic scramble the both kind lead to the dowd to make no mistake about it. everything seems to be going right for by and right now opponents are feeling more and more intimidated each weight of. their cross about outs but that much is clear nevertheless we thought we might at least give the fans something a little more exciting to watch on japan in the history of the funk and get everything everybody wants them they can all do something where they are and they
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showed that that's the reason we lost to the best team in journalism and just what we came out having not seen as by and once again the best team in the country. under your high i guess anything is possible. maybe even a trouble could be on the cards. well like they can dortmund both drop points could we see a new numbers here this season shocker continued their great form six matches unbeaten for the royalists braman celebrated their first win of the season while votes were one after seven consecutive draws under coach martin schmidt. is that environed shadow we have a new number. i think i'll be more than happy to stay in the shade. and night of the bundesliga is most famous runners up dream of recapturing. mero magic. newly
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promoted shook up our eleven on the bus and train and that bayliss cars have left the drop zone private in cologne having been cited fortunate as ever we finish without much time and the. love story starts. new hair same old gold dress our moment of match day twelve the seven seas one hundred and sixty four explain the snake eagle the sexy. beast a saucer slightly different it's also this awesome i also scored two goals because they didn't have anything to do with my hair service it was a bit more for my feet get my head.
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from the dusky moves closer to getting into the top ten list of all time put this latest doris.
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his friends used to live out on the street in. kiev has big plans for the future how do you think that winning on. a story of trust activism and boundless optimism. in thirty minutes d w. i am hoping to find tens of thousands of fans for their mega life sets. have a look it's just
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a really beautiful moment that you're able to share with a little. more air miles some highlights. like andre every. three german d.j. superstars can't get any more bombastic the music didn't exist it is what we wanted to hear on how to do it. between backstage rooms so disciplined and a twenty four seven social media presence. super star deejays starting november twenty fifth on double. their black and living in germany. has reminded what that means on a daily basis presenter like this. and.
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if when the end of race. she traveled across germany to meet other black people and to hear their stories. to look at c s. i grew up in a white family in a white neighborhood it was definitely a challenge. and she decided to put me up for adoption. the main thing was to keep your head down and your mouth shut of course of the face like this i could never completely disappear if you see all these stereotypes about it because it's good see if. you do something for your country but you're still the black guy it's awesome. afro germany starting december tenth d.w. .
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this is due to be a news life for a girl and the end of an era in zimbabwe as president robert mugabe presides after almost four decades of acquiring rule his resignation sparking scenes of jubilation across the nation we'll take you live to the capital harare for reactions. it's a pleasure to be with you a bombshell announcement in zimbabwe is parliament today the country's ruler robert mugabe has resigned the spin. parliament read his letter of resignation out loud
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just as lawmakers were debating an impeachment motion against mugabe take a listen in. the. course of the in the. members of parliament cheered when the news that mugabe has given up power was announced his resignation had been a key demand of the zanu p.f. party and the army the opposition supported the impeachment motion against him he had been accused of allowing his wife grace to quote usurp constitutional power. christine one is in the very thick of it in harare following developments christine a historic day describe the scenes around you. i've literally had to write in each is a way to get away from the crowd just so that you're able to hear me basically average
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the streets of harare right now you have to take it fresh out of people not coming home from work so many people are sitting in because of the announcement came by radio both back robert mugabe has resigned you are hearing calls pumping people had run out in the streets yeah i'm here and all they are there is pure education i cannot describe just you just how we sighted people are people are chanting things like we're finally free we have freedom in this country that all chrysler has gone they are saying. you know it's incredibly is say that it's chaos i'm actually surprised that you know their own arrested mother earth because these guys they have in all kinds of ways like i say but but the i could say is absolute huge relation that this announcement has time telling people what he's thinking it may not be sort of at some point they would delay people felt that this wasn't going to come but there was a professor i feel a bit that come with this announcement people saffold i've seen some people crying
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people hugging each other people that don't know each other so yes that's crimes the al qaeda right christine incredible scenes that you're describing and that we're seeing as well mugabe arguably the only leader that the majority of people in some zimbabwe have ever known i don't want to take away from the joy and that's unfolding there where you are but the question on everybody's lips right now is what happens next who will succeed mugabe. that is a very good question very low when the announcement happened i was sitting in the office of the head of the opposition dr robinson mold in front guy and that had to go on and robert mugabe is by grateful that this part of the law is a fantasy it is their duty and i welcome that there is a great look what happens now with the globe that congress will cover the cost of all this constitution that this that the president takes over public got to be say
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to people where they don't speak about that and yet you know the country has a general election you know that coming in to do this with us you know you both have a good not about what the fifty degrees. of the day not he is going to make you take over but what the opposition is warning people is that it's not an opiate want to go with the constitution and only have to part it's all government and so that's done as a general good to make the holes and that is yes we're happy about july the peak in i will get. a correspondent christine when you are reporting from harare zimbabwe and mugabe's purpose of nation comes after massive protests and a military takeover the man who rules somebody for nearly four decades earned a reputation as a much fairer dictator but as we see now in his report he had humble beginnings. robert mugabe was twenty nine hundred twenty four to a poor family in
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a country that no longer exists the british colony of southern rhodesia a champion of black independence he rose to prominence in the early one nine hundred sixty s. but want to authorities saw him as a threat showing the gobby in jail for decades. after his release mcgavock fled abroad when he masterminded the overthrow of the white minority government in nine hundred seventy nine a triumphant macabre returned signing an agreement with the british recognizing newly renamed zimbabwe. as the. flag was finally lowered in one thousand eight hundred. as the country's prime minister. revealed as a freedom fighter he became known as a champion of the poor investing in education and health care zimbabwe became one of africa's most prosperous nations. but mugabe ruled with an iron fist funerals became commonplace as more than twenty thousand opposition supporters were slain in
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a brutal crackdown by mugabe's danny p.f. party in the 1980's. in one thousand nine hundred seven mugabe tightened his grip on power after a merger with the main opposition party he effectively declared one party rule and himself the president. in election after election mugabe won amid charges of vote rigging media intimidation and violent clampdowns on opposition supporters and politicians. always. mcgarvie his heavy handed rule turned more and more zimbabweans against him the once thriving country began spiraling out of control. mugabe launched a bloody campaign to seize thousands of white owned farms the new owner's daughter lacked farming experience and agricultural production went into
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a noise dive once one of africa's breadbaskets zimbabwe was now struggling to feed its own people. amid rampant poverty and political upheaval in two thousand and five mugabe turned his attention to the country's slums his demolition campaign left at least seven hundred thousand people homeless many of whom supported the opposition just a few years later supermarket shelves were empty rampant inflation and prices spiraling and caused panic buying once one of africa's richest countries its economy all but collapsed it hasn't recovered since. for years now his rulings on the p.f. part he's been consumed into no power struggles about who will succeed him and two recent days the battle was between vice president and mr more than gog and magog his wife grace mcgaha once said that only god could remove him from power but in
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the end it was the generals displeased with mugabe sacking of that ally morning. while some will on him a guy with pushing out the colonizers many will remember him as one of africa's longest serving autocrats. and our reporters are on the story for you for live updates follow us on twitter at the w. news you can also have your say on what you think should happen next for symbolic and join the conversation on facebook at d w africa all right but next we had to nigeria where police say that at least fifty people have been killed in a suicide bombing the attack took place at a mosque in the town of newbie in the northeast of the country a police say a teenage bomber targeted worshipers as they were gathering for early morning prayers there has been no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack. well earlier we asked. what more he could tell us about what happened.
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well how come when and what advice would anyone pretty yes because of the improvement of security. in relapse the drug that can split without suspended that is if you. miss so many times in the past many. men do less now but you must come up to glamorous possibility that you are going to be real up i didn't like this. it will all have around so i could be sent to use in won't last. time i get because they aren't going to account for at least useful. to have you see wasted research reporting from niger i want to tell you now about some of the other stories making news around the world. russian president vladimir putin and his syrian counterpart bashar al assad have revealed
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they met yesterday in the resort city of sochi the two leaders agreed to switch their efforts in syria from military operations to the search for a political solution to the country's civil war. american journalist and talk show host charlie rose has been suspended by two networks over a series of sexual misconduct allegations at least women have accused him of her around saying oh groping them rosie issued a statement saying he was embarrassed and apologized for his behavior. germany is in political limbo after talks to form a new coalition government collapsed chason the americal has been in office for twelve years but for the first time her future looks on certain the man whose party prompted the break up of these talks christiane elinor today visited the german president for discussions on how to break the political deadlock earlier co-chairs of the year green party also met with the phunk author steinmeyer in the presidential palace and lands well as
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a backroom talks continue germans are split on what should happen next as for america she says she would rather run again in fresh coals then made a minority government. at least the ushers in germany's parliament can stick to their regular routine they cordoned off areas for t.v. interviews and prepared for the upcoming session otherwise nothing here is business as usual in this type president of gun show voiced his concerns early starts good bye old state power comes from the people the people have spoken to us with these elections and now we must act in accordance on the responsibly. and. although the failed coalition talks weren't officially on the agenda i'm glad merkel was under close scrutiny which he tried to persuade the social democrat leader martin shultz to join a new grand coalition that would be the easiest way out of the gridlock but the s.p. day doesn't seem willing to help the chancellor. it's
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a good move for mccabe from merkel has failed miserably with the coalition she wanted she can't lead apparently she's lost her touch and now parliament can try by itself to make progress and perhaps it'll be even better for the people wouldn't he to build a few nights ago a few near the pro-business free democrats have also had enough of merkel for the moment they walked out of talks on sunday party leader christiane linton german president frank valter steinmeyer on choose a afternoon but he and other party members appear reluctant to go back to the negotiating to. able to start to buy in english please nothing was achieved in the talks we weren't able to bring change and reform into german politics it wasn't an easy decision but it needed to be taken to avoid losing credibility. with the.


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