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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  November 22, 2017 1:02am-1:30am CET

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after thirty seven years of owning the power and politics of zimbabwe robert mugabe today was finally forced to own up to the truth and call it quits even if he was a no show the president turned dictator had nothing left for his troubled nation except his absence and a letter of resignation. ok. ok.
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i'm burned off in berlin we begin the day on a day that will go down in history now these are the first hours of a zimbabwe minus mugabi the embattled president turned iron fist ruler resigned today the man whose presence was matched for almost four decades by his omnipotence outside the rule of law did not show up to let it all go instead he sent word of his resignation by letter to the speaker of zimbabwe's parliament his absence some will say a final act of disdain for the democracy that he dismantled for others mugabe's sudden a strange moment didn't come soon enough. how quickly a new chapter of history in zimbabwe has been written exactly one week ago tonight there were reports of tanks rolling into the capital harare my colleague christine
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joined me here to talk us through what would become a bloodless military coup mixed with a forced constitutional transfer of power tonight christine is in harare with zimbabweans celebrating an end and a beginning like never before. the only. the only really was the only. way i.
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people who. take oh and. celebrate the good. one i'm sure. that was our colleague christine in harare there as history was being made today of the celebrations are also underway in south africa tonight for more on that we are joined now by they were loving guy the southern africa director at human rights watch in johannesburg it's good to have you back on the show i have to ask you what went through your mind today when you heard that mugabe had resigned.
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i would not believe that you know the man who has been in charge and. in. zimbabwe and. really mention age but let's get seven years it finally given in resigned i did not see it coming. i almost thought you might think something might happen that everything i i could not believe you know that finally this was the end of this route and that perhaps now is that what you for a start was about with. mr loving it how important is this moment for zimbabwe and for southern africa. absolutely important it is. a huge lesson in africa but never again shoot anyone men have so much power and control over
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a mission and over that institutions. it is time to celebrate it is the moment you have to. revel in it and you know that this is finally happened but i think it's also important to. be mindful of how it is come about it was the military that set of the event but it resulted in his resignation for the role of the military in what was politics is a consenting thing going forward and i hope that they will be a framework to dealing separately little from politics so that's going forward it will not be the military that's at the guarantors. but the people of this but with themselves through free and fair elections you bring up a very good point because this euphoria is going to have to give way at some point to the sober reality of what mugabe leaves behind what condition is the rule of law in zimbabwe. totally absent
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collapse rule of law over the years mugabe has completely disregarded the rule of law to get his way so for example the from invasions despite the laws of the land in the judiciary saying clearly that it was an illegal with a hit with that program of for far from incursions with this serious human rights abuses that ok over the years there was absolutely no accountability you know the people responsible for those crimes when scot free now the hope that zimbabweans could rally together to push for accountability and also a huge challenge in the compromise of state institutions including the security forces themselves we have just stepped in to intervene politically so there is no need to go back to the drawing board and say the political leadership of the public
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should insist that going forward the military and others should be independent should be from the amended without involvement in political and civilian affairs it was that that would remain a huge challenge there would be a block to reforms and accountability for human rights abuses and one of the man he was going to take mugabe's place the former vice president mr emerson. his record is just as tarnished and as problematic as mugabe's. yes that's correct a muslim god has been in force for the last seven years effectively dislike him and complicity in almost everything that he was doing so it's really. these people from the same camp and he's likely to continue on the same. sufficient pressure from zimbabweans from opposition groups and from with neighbors to.
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go to forums to ensure that what does not go the same route that mugabe has taken over the last seven years and we've got about twenty seconds i mean ask you do you trust then mr willing to be a good caretaker until fair and free elections can take place not really need for government to reach an agreement days need for close monitoring of the process and for the international community to announced it in and he hopes for what we can not to leave them and i got what you and allies in the military. have their way so that is really need. to start a new political chapter all right with human rights watch in johannesburg thank you very much we appreciate your insights tonight.
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from the un chartered political territory of one country to the next tonight germany is no closer to a new government and then it was on election day two months ago talks to form a new coalition government collapsed on sunday and for the first time in her twelve years as german chancellor angela merkel's future looks very uncertain at the center of all of this is the man there you see in the center. christiane linda his party the three democrats known as they walked out of the talks today lanier visited the german president who is calling on all parties to try again to cut a deal the co-chairs of the green party also met with germany's president today here in berlin as the back room talks continue germans are split on what should happen next as for until americans she says she would rather campaign in new elections than try to lead a minority government. at least the ushers in germany's parliament can stick to
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their regular routine they cordoned off areas for t.v. interviews and prepared for the upcoming session otherwise nothing here is business as usual on this type president was going to show his concerns early starts good by all state power comes from the people the people have spoken to us with these elections and now we must act in accordance on the responsibly. and. although the failed coalition talks weren't officially on the agenda i'm glad merkel was under close scrutiny which he tried to persuade the social democrat leader martin shultz to join a new grand coalition that would be the easiest way out of the gridlock but the esp a day doesn't seem willing to help the chancellor. it's a move for mccabe from merkel has failed miserably with the coalition she wanted she can't lead apparently she's lost her touch and now parliament can try by itself to make progress perhaps it'll be even better for the people then peter bergen few
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nights ago a few near the pro-business free democrats have also had enough of michael for the moment they walked out of talks on sunday party leader christiane linton german president frank valter steinmeyer on choose a afternoon but he and other party members appear reluctant to go back to the negotiating table this is not binding speaking nothing was achieved in the talks we weren't able to bring change and reform into german politics it wasn't an easy decision but it needed to be taken to avoid losing credibility. and the end of the greens meanwhile find themselves getting closer to michael and her conservative bloc with the it would make most sense for all parties involved to resume negotiating we're ready to talk. but in the end talking alone isn't enough in order to form a stable government chancellor merkel will have to find a clear majority within parliament and many here believe the only way to do that are fresh elections. and thomas joins me now at the big table it's good to have you
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back on the day let us to be fact let's talk politics here so we got the free democrats the f.t.p. if they are being called the negotiation killers now four years ago they didn't even get enough votes to make it into the federal parliament now they're standing in the way of a new government being formed if you're looking at this from the outside this party looks like they their power is inflated overweighted well but you have to understand what all this is about if you look at the german parliament and i was there today you have seven political parties there you have six fundamentally groups you have more than seven hundred and this is indeed a fragmented parliament and it is also a fragmented german society when you have that then you have very few options for and that american for the conservative bloc to try and form a coalition that the only viable option once the social democrats decided that they were not going to join another grand coalition was try and work with the greens and
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the liberals and from that perspective the greens and the liberals had indeed a lot of power and that's why when mr lynette is size choose to believe those conversations basically everything falls apart hocks what about the a.f.d. this far right party if there are if we do see new elections what are the chances that the. game even more seats important well there are the chances are obviously high that they could gain more seats in parliament if there's one party that can actually win out of all of this is the a if they get in in part because of the if you we're seeing this fragmented parliament the a.v. took away votes from all major parties on september twenty fourth on those votes that's a percentage that other parties are not willing to work with so obviously this shows how fragmented this whole situation is and how difficult it is for and for the conservative bloc in particular because they ultimately have the response of it is to try and form the government you know we've been saying. in the last twenty
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four hours the chancellor merkel has never been so wounded as she is now today a commentator wrote that black sunday when the coalition talks collapsed may go down in history as the beginning of the end of the eternal don't agree some people indeed have been talking about that i don't think that's the only common trend that and direction but there are also other opinions there are those who say that it's precisely in the most difficult moments precisely when people are describing merkel like that that she comes out and shows political stature we saw that for example and some occasions during the migration crisis i think it's too early yet to simply say this is the beginning of the end for merkel what we can say for sure is that she's facing a very difficult challenge and a challenge that will certainly need to show all her political stature if she's going to be successful in this case it's almost fairer as always we appreciate your insights good have you on the day my pleasure my.
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well tonight in an exclusive interview with d.w. news qatar's foreign minister has accused saudi arabia of undermining security in the gulf region shaikh mohammad bin abdul rahman out tunney met his german counterpart zoomer gabriele in berlin today now the two men opened a qatari cultural center germany is taking an active role in diplomatic efforts to end the blockade of qatar by other gulf states including saudi arabia my colleague christopher spring gate spoke with foreign minister danny who says the saudis are refusing to engage with his country. saudis and their allies say that qatar sponsors extremist groups that destabilize the middle east is that the case it's not the case at all i thought i was an active player and there was a guest actually we've been one of the founding members of the global coalition and
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we are hosting the center for their global coalition and everybody you know started to realize that it was just a smokescreen to justify the blockade again and again to stop it and they know very well they nor the reality of our contribute to the fight again are stirred up this narrative is being used by by saudi and u.a.e. mainly to justify him to gain sympathy with the west as far as the conflict in the tensions between saudi arabia and qatar your country what are you doing to deescalate those tensions since the beginning we've been calling for for dialogue and since the beginning we want to understand what are the concerns of those countries if it's a security concern then it will be our own consent as well so i need took it to sit with them on the table in order to understand they are. using a different attitude which is skittish and they did all the illegal means against my country they blockaded the only land border suddenly we got up in the morning
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there is no access for our supplies with others for dog medicine for our people they exposed our people they separated the families they expelled students from their universities there are more than twenty six thousand human rights violation conducted by saudi and u.a.e. and. because of because of the illegal measures and what they are doing they are continuing the same attitude they they submitted a list of demands and ultimatum which is no country north of the mission accept other countries to impose any demands that we can we didn't escalate against anyone we act with a. matter of maturity and. we talked we told them that we are ready if you want to engage in a serious dialogue without touching the sovereignity or. international law we are fine we are willing to engage other than that they want to remain with the stalemate and they want to. get to qatar and to submission this is will never
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happen so you're saying that the saudi arabians have refused dialogue with you they did actually the saudi arabia and us and the head and egypt the blockading states. they didn't want to engage in dialogue we have been very cooperative with the emir of kuwait and with you know i said it's when it comes to the dialogue we have issued more we have fifty fifty different assessments by different officers from all levels about calling for dialogue if you will can their. statements about dialogue you would find them if you will find you will find this very few other than that but that cannot do more if they are going to set. what was the victim we were subject to a cyber attack to start and to create this entire. crisis and now they are claiming that they just they are minimizing the issue and they are calling it it's very minor and small issue if it's very minor and small issue it is disability inc the
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gulf countries does destabilizing the region and it means that their minimization is really that they don't care about the stability of the region the security of the region they don't care about the g.c.c. as an organization which meant to be for collective security and that was my colleague christopher spring gauge in conversation with the foreign minister of qatar shaikh mohammed bin abdul rahman. amnesty international has published the findings of a two year investigation into the crackdown by me in mars' military on the ethnic hinge of people in iraq kind state of the findings are hard hitting amnesty accuses the authorities in me and mar of creating a system of apartheid which is classified as a crime against humanity they were in jail and faced state sponsored discrimination for decades according to the report but this has worsened since two thousand and
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twelve when violence broke out between buddhists and the muslim minority to date six hundred thousand road have fled to neighboring bangladesh amnesty international has now called for the un human rights council to hold a special session on the crisis these are the latest real hinge arrivals seeking safety at the risk camp and cox's bazaar in bangladesh the camp is run by the international organization for migration it has seen a massive influx of rutin just since last august several hundred thousand are sheltering here and in the surrounding area violence and persecution in their home country of me and mar drove them here. and i visit my baby shows and forced us to work as forced labor taking our identity cards from us. they burned down our houses we cannot live there we had to leave to come here that let out but i didn't know
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that. back in may in mar the country's leader sun suu she has expressed what appears to be support for the brutal crackdown today and for that she's been heavily criticized brault the authorities and me and maher have accused the real hinge of terrorism and regard them as illegal immigrants. for more on this i'm joined by barbara bila from brussels she is a german member of the european parliament for the green party with a focus on human rights is look either it's good to have you on the show european and asian foreign ministers are meeting in vienna more this week do they have any leverage to help resolve this crisis yes they do i think they have the possibility to discuss with the chinese and with the myanmar government on this plane you just mentioned and it's good that there's a ceasefire and it's good that they agree that all of those refugees from
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a kind state that are us have the right to return to their place of origin but what is not in the plaintiff the chinese government is that we have to look who is responsible for this atrocities which the high commissioner for human rights face it amounts to ethnic cleansing so the e.u. foreign ministers and their asian foreign ministers do have to insist that those who are responsible for this have to be brought have to be held accountable well amnesty international claims that b.m.r. has effectively effectively created a state of apartheid and it's discrimination against the road if that is true then the international community should be reacting in trying to stop that. yes i mean one effect is that within me and mine are the routing guys do not have any legal status or citizenship and this is very essential every plane and every
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possibility that they return and then have a decent life has this as it is its end and yes human rights institutions in the united nations but also the european union has to insist that this fundamental discrimination has to end and there's a lot of discrimination on the side of the government but also within the society like a good do screw ups out reaches preachers and teachers haters against in the wrong guess and the government has to address this human governments mean mars leader aung san suu kyi she has been harshly criticized for her failure to stop the gravity on the region what more can be done in your opinion to pressure her to act well clearly to see that for example the chief commander of the myanmar army should be held accountable what he did in reaction to this takes in august and i think
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sung suki has to be more vocal and made more determined to find a solution to it she refers to a plan. drafted by kofi annan or it would be done in the right kind state she is willing to do this they describe it but this plan does not include all the atrocities and the human rights violations committed there so she has really to be on the side of her people in these includes the rohingya guess ok barbara bill or joining us tonight from brussels misl ocular thank you very much you weigh. well the day is nearly done the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at u.w. news or berkoff t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag the day and remember no matter what happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see then everybody.
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