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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 22, 2017 2:02am-2:15am CET

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trump says no to a t.v. mega merger the us department of justice is moving to block the a.t.m. t. and time warner deal but does the president have an ulterior motive. harrison amsterdam's called the european banking and medicines agencies which will leave the u.k. post breck's it will look at what the moves mean for the two cities. also coming up in cape town students at africa's first school of design thinking at the top of dreaming up a museum for children. and daniel winter and this is your business update the u.s. department of justice is suing to stop eighty and t.'s proposed acquisition of time warner the suit sets up the biggest anti trust court clash in decades over the eighty five billion dollar tie up the u.s.
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government says the merger of the telecom and the content creator would homme competition resulting in higher costs for consumers it's no secret that u.s. president donald trump doesn't like c.n.n. in fact he seems to relish lashing out at the broadcast company which he calls fake news his most famous attack may have been a retreat a gift of him pretending to wrestle its logo that tweet could become exhibit a in the antitrust battle about to be waged between the u.s. government and eighty mt the president's outburst give life to a counter argument in the case namely that the government is trying to squeeze c.n.n. by making it poison to eighteen takeover of its parent company time warner a t.n.t. appears ready to make just such an argument there's been a lot of reporting and speculation whether this is all about c.n.n. and frankly i don't know but nobody should be surprised at the question keeps coming up because we've witnessed such an abrupt change in the application of and i trust law here. so any agreement that results in us forfeiting control of c.n.n.
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whether directly or indirectly is a nonstarter yet trump was already critical of the deal before his feud with c.n.n. calling it unfair during his campaign a deal we will not approve in my administration because it's too much concentration of power in the hands of two shoes. that's hardly an extreme position senators in both parties have openly worried the merger would hamper competition supporters say the companies never competed with one another in the first place trump's fixation on c.n.n. now threatens to overshadow those arguments it's become a recurrent theme in his administration his own words as a burden to his own policies against called his own wall street farce yes good to see you all those anti trust concerns valid after all come kos and n.b.c. were allowed to merge a few years ago. yet this lawsuit came completely out of
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the blue and especially if you look at it that's the so-called vertical deal meaning two companies trying to merge sure working in different industries one being a cable operator and the other one being a big media company now a judge will decide and that judge sure is going to be side on the future of time warner big ben actually was skeptical about the cost and the c.d.o. but eventually approved it so well the last word is not spoken in this battle a multi billion and then a activity in the us has been on the rise in the pasta but could this lawsuit have a chilling effect on this kind of activity. there's certainly that is one of the big questions and if you look at it if the justice department starts blocking vertical deals what happens to companies would ride to a merger within the same industry one of the huge multibillion dollar outstanding
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possible merger is the acquisition of monsanto by the german company bears so that also could be in jeopardy at this point the u.s. president by the way was saying to aid and water it would be bad for the country so one question also is if the u.s. president really should get which would get involved personally in such deals ok and please stay that's a lot to get your opinion on this next piece equal access online that's been the aim of net neutrality but the rules currently in place are set to be scrapped that's when the new plans are field today by agit piii the chairman of the u.s. communications like an eye to f.c.c. internet providers must currently treat all traffic across the web equally no matter its destination new rules would allow internet companies to throttle speeds to individual websites charging users to get better access or even blocking some sites altogether critics say the move would make
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a few large companies gate peak gate keepers of culture knowledge and online communication advocates say it will boost investment in broadband infrastructure and competition through let's go back over to you what would the scrapping of net neutrality mean for the united states. it would be a huge victory for cable and wireless companies on one side and it would be a blow to content providers and next month's mid december probably the f.c.c. is going to rule if there will really. and this story won't end there are companies like apple for example already said that they're not really happy with this. was this development and then specially if you think about them smaller content internet providers they would have a huge disadvantage so we can expect a long battle. regarding this topic ok we're in wait and see mode then gets caught
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on wall street thank you very much. thank you will says its search algorithms will no longer rank content from russian state run news sites and sputnik alongside content from other global news sources the decision likely means the two sites will be left out of google's high traffic news aggregator but it will stop short of an all out ban eric schmidt c.e.o. of google parent company alphabet told an audience in canada that he opposed censorship but see at the weaponization of information many western governments see the kremlin and backed news sites as part of a state run strategy to spread misinformation. that out the european banking and medicines agencies are moving away from london paris and amsterdam will be hosting them post rex it is still well over a year and three months to go but already the e.u. is making clear preparations for the divorce. this is the future home of the
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european banking authority paris won the right to host the agency after winning a coin toss against the irish capital dublin competition to host the institution had been fierce though in the end it came down to chance france's europe minister described the outcome as a testament to her country's standing in the block. system little did they give some people said we didn't have a chance and yet we won we managed to convince people that france was back on the european stage that we were serious about banking regulation that paris was attractive as a european banking hub the fact that the e.p.a. will soon be in paris shows the attractiveness of paris as an economic and financial hub. this election was a blow to the german city of frankfurt which had been hoping to cash in on its reputation as a center of european banking. it's a pity that the banking authority isn't coming to frank for us of course people can
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see that germany is not on top right now as the french are just ahead but still will get the majority of the british banks that are currently still in london frankfurt is and forever will be europe's number one banking locations not just. another city in celebration mode is amsterdam it won the right to host the european medicines authority. the e.u. and they currently employ some nine hundred people but estimates suggest that twenty percent of positions could be cost as a result of the move from london. u.k. banks and london based e.u. institutions. the twenty seven remaining member states are ready carving up the spoils of britain's departure from the european union. there's a lot of thought poured into the practicality of a product before it can be made the process is called design thinking the hasso
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plattner institute of design thinking is now bringing its rather european approach to the discipline in south africa. it might look like something you'd find in a preschool but these toy boxes are actually part of the school of design thinking in cape town. today twenty post grad students are embarking on a three month long foundation course. the concept of design thinking was developed by industrial designers in the one nine hundred sixty s. with one core principle putting the needs of others first program manager kony away money i think this kind of method can be applied well in an african context. i think in africa we've been trying to solve some of the complex programs that we have there in the way we've been doing it is that it starts with a people the students practice using design thinking by working on real world
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problems a local n.g.o.s who wants them to create a museum for children applying design thinking means they need to understand what the kids themselves would like. the next meeting and saying up and her team mates had to younger a township on the outskirts of cape town. at the local primary school they asked people is what a museum for children should look like. there are so lots of free space to dance and play and they do say i like to learn more about different cultures. after taking notes saying up and her team a satisfied. on the day of the concentration and the members of the present their assignment to the project partners they've created a lego model to explain their ideas which includes a dining hall a maze and a big playground one day hopefully these students will get the chance to apply design thinking to real life projects all over africa. but we put
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a lot of design thinking into the show we hope you enjoyed it if you want more check us out on facebook on twitter just look at each of the business. i'll be back with more tomorrow same time so.
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