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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 22, 2017 10:00am-10:16am CET

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across the world for their electrifying life sex. enters the new world of festivals and backstage parties the place where no one attain stardom just like the . superstar deejays starting november twenty fifth on t w. this is t w news coming to you live from berlin the so-called butcher of bosnia faces a life sentence for genocide roughed up a lot it's the former bosnian serb warlord is accused of ethnic cleansing in the one nine hundred ninety s. a verdict is due at the u.n.
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war crimes tribunal this morning across live to our correspondent in the hague also coming up. jubilation as president robert mugabe resign man who once proclaimed only gold will remove me steps down after thirty seven years in power so what next for zimbabwe at last our correspondent in the capital harare. and tubers coverup of a massive hack data of fifty seven million customers were exposed to the ride helaine firm kept quiet and then paid the hackers to did leak the stolen information. hello i'm terry march and thanks for joining us. in zimbabwe people are celebrating
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after president robert mugabe announced his resignation the shock announcement ended nearly four decades of rule it followed a tumultuous week the soul a military takeover a mass demonstrations and a desperate move gabay clinging to power in the face of the impeachment proceedings . to me and relief on the streets of harare thirty seven years of robert mugabe's rule has come to an end d.w. correspondent christine one on hand to witness history. that was. just minutes earlier members of the zimbabwean parliament listened as the speaker of the hands read out her statement from robert mugabe i wrap it up and then in
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terms of night to see one all because two thousand of them bob we're here bonded for my tender my resignation as the president of the republic of way we immediate effect. the speaker went on to read mugabe's reasons for stepping down . my decision to design is one on top on my plans and right well my can say. for the welfare of the people of them bob over my desire to ensure is more peaceful and nonviolent. that. is a national security peace and stability. mugabe's departure marks the end of a crisis that began last week when the military intervened to stop the rise to
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power of mugabe's wife grace that then developed into a popular revolt i knew there will be named within forty eight hours but for now zimbabweans are enjoying what marks the beginning of a new era in their country. earlier i spoke with our correspondent in harare christine milne while i put a tour of the zimbabweans must be glad to see this crisis ending peacefully yet terry. that was one of the things that this pro says that the fact that it was very peaceful life huntin huge moment in the capital in the midst of what was the military who is same city the these soldiers who are making peace and order prevailed with friendly suits to the citizens this is something that the ordinary man in the street is not used to there see a full all feel for he's off soldiers off police but the peacefulness with which
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this happened is what really got to the people of zimbabwe these are very feel cool people the reason why zimbabweans often don't take out to the streets is in fear of that is that they will be violence and so for this to happen in such a peaceful way it really means a lawsuit out of people here. i also asked christine how the opposition in zimbabwe feel about mugabe's probable successor emerson. who was mugabe's lifelong comrade and deputy until he was sacked earlier this month. so that's what the opposition is calling for at this point in time is the constitutional for the country to be upheld now what that dictates is that amazon not god should step in a take over got the full the remaining to off use to that comes to next year and the country is due to hold a general election so the opposition they say what he needs to do is only take over for that time it will remain as well
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a five year long transitional government the opposition opposes that but you're quite right emma said not what is a problematic pick at this it's been pulled out his right hand man for a very long time force that unfortunately if you if we take a look into he's cost a problem actually report particularly when it comes to human rights abuses and violations he has been linked to various horrible incidents in this country most recently the election violence of two thousand and seven two thousand and eight and further back the killing of thousands of people in the south of this country political violence so the opposition is swearing off this character like many other people are in this country to hear what will happen to robert mugabe and his wife grace. that's the big question we we don't really have the details of the agreement that was reached with president will got the but we do understand that it's most likely they have the
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bronx immunity they are unlikely to face any prior to this accused and i think the big question is really what they will choose to stay in zimbabwe only that they will take force to live in it's out these are people who have a quiet property and well they have properties all over the globe city so it would be possibly a tough choice to decide where to live out the rest of the years it's not known where that will stay in how to hide it but if they do choose so most nike and a very comfortable conditions without the prospect of eighty prosecution saying thank you did obvious christine while they're reporting from the zimbabwean capital harare now to some other stories making news around the world today lebanese prime minister saad hariri is back in the country almost three weeks after announcing his schalke resignation while he was in saudi arabia he's attending
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independent state celebrations in the capital beirut harare still has to explain the mysterious circumstances surrounding his resignation. in turkey the trial of eleven human rights activists on terrorism related charges is set to resume today in istanbul another among the defendants is tonic the chairman of amnesty international in turkey is still behind bars eight of the other activists including german national paper were released on bail last month all denied the charges against them. in argentina planes searching for a missing submarine have spotted a possible object of interest on the ocean floor argentina's navy lost contact last week with the submarine which had forty four crew members on board if the bessel is intact it's feared that it's all to gin supply could be close to running else. the un court has opened its hearing to hand down
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a verdict in the trial of the bosnian serb leader if. she. has been charged with war crimes crimes against humanity and genocide many of the charges related to the massacre of thousands of muslim bosniak men and boys in the town of srebrenica in one thousand nine hundred five the massacre was carried out by serb troops under law to choose command. a reporter catherine martins is standing by at the courthouse in the hang catherine the verdict in this case is expected to set a land mark tell us why is it so important. well it is a landmark in international justice no impunity for war criminal this is the key message today from the i.c.t. why radical moderate is the very last alleged perpetrator.
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regarding the crimes committed in extremis labor so this is a very highly important event here at the i.c.c. why today and probably right now the chances already entered the courtroom in order to read the sentence but it will take around one hour and a half before we now how the verdict will be beyond that i talked with the families of the victims so this is very important for them this very day to day because justice is the only compensation and reparation they can expect in their lives regarding fairbairn it's so this is very important and i talked with them and eyes they said they are very glad that there is royals attention today here at the i.c.c. right but they doubt that really the verdict can kind of pacify the region because the hades among the different parties is steve rooted but they said they are glad that justice international justice is done today as a speaking there catherine just looking at some live pictures that were being
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played from the courtroom there in the hague as we expect that verdict to be enough though it's been more than twenty years since the strober needs a massacre took place in which blatter it's the defendant in this case is implicated why has it taken so long for justice to well it's course. well the indictment was rendered quite quickly right after the the the the facts and nine hundred ninety five five u.i. citywide so the problem was how to get rotc on large from the battlefield to the court room indeed and this was the problem one of the reasons was that. it was protected not only by his family but also by powerful serbian lead the church the army the serbian army and we don't have to forget back than for a very long time serbia majority of the serbian population saw him as
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a national hero so they're very reluctant to anyhow relates information which could lead to the arrest to russia going ladettes so this is one of the reasons why it took so long and by the way i just hear right now that broadcom moderates will be in the courtroom presence we remember that it was a very very long years with radical moderates with no corporation with the i.c.c. right here so now we know because until now we didn't know if it will appear or not in the courtroom or here and now it is the case so we will really of serve how this will go catherine if russia is found guilty of the serious crimes that he's accused of what sort of sentence could he face. well the prosecution office a cold for a life sentence we talk about here for two years we saw this already of the priest
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and case of the cottage who got forty years right now in logic is forty seven so forty years and anyhow even if it's less than it would mean probably life sentence but for the victims' families it is important that it would be the maximum sentence pronounced here today at the i.c.c. by catherine thank you did obvious catherine martin is there reporting live from the hague for the ride healing service has admitted it concealed a huge data breach the company's new c.e.o. donna. says the hack affected fifty seven million customers around the world and happened last year but didn't inform customers that their personal information could have been stolen instead they paid the hackers one hundred thousand dollars to keep the breach secret in many countries companies are required to disclose data
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breaches to authorities so we're could end up facing it's football in a mixed night for the german sides in the champions league it was crunch time for dortmund they needed a win on match day five and they took the lead against tottenham with returning striker p.r. american above me and scoring the first goal but tottenham hit back through harry kane and human song to win two one result means dortmund go out of the tournament although they may still go into the europa league well it was a better night for rb leipsic who also needed a win when they travel to monaco he will then it was like six hero on the night he scored twice in the first half to help his side to a four one victory seeker now level on points with second place porto in group g. and a win in the final group game could see them progress with extra three. you're watching the w.
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news live from berlin we're back at the top of the next hour with more sumi will be with you then we leave you with images of the jubilation in zimbabwe after the resignation of president robert mugabe thanks watch. this find him i wasn't always successful i wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth i had to find success you know how can.


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