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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 22, 2017 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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boehner warns. the visible. slavery in the twenty first century. story december second poem d w. this is the deputy news live from berlin a triumphant to rival the first zimbabwe's incoming president ever since i'm not god makes his first public appearance since returning home from south africa his path to power made possible by the stunning resignation of his predecessor robert
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mugabe and not god what is due to be sworn into office on friday. also coming up rock a lot it's known as the butcher of bosnia is guilty of genocide and war crimes a u.n. tribunal sentences the former bosnian serb commander to life in prison for atrocities that he committed during the bosnian war. i'm sorry kelly thanks for joining us zimbabwe's former vice president emerson and not god has arrived back in harare in preparation to take power after president robert mugabe's shock resignation i'm not gaga had fled to south africa earlier this month after being fired by mugabe a short while a back addressed his supporters outside of the headquarters of the ruling zanu p.f.
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party. crowds in herat a welcome home their hero. and emerson and god failed to disappoint. it didn't take him long to connect with his supporters. was. there some. real sense or the. do oh the journey through to them but you know how good. we were to get it was. not only going to be the one this is not going to be. your hopes. his return follows
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a historic day in zimbabwe on tuesday the speaker of parliament announced that robert mugabe had resigned after thirty seven years in power. harare celebrated the beginning of a new chapter in zimbabwe's history. today though as we're squarely on and on. he's expected to be sworn in as interim president on friday. in the midst of political changes the african union took a more cautious approach. is a transition must be a short term one as to constitution provides for elections in july and these elections must be free democratic inclusive where everybody is allowed to run but. the vote is expected to be held by september two thousand and eighteen what shapes and by the way will be and by then will depend a lot on this man. to correspondent christine one is in harare covering
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developments she sent us this reaction from anderson and gaga speech. it's about was president in waiting evison was greeted by a cheering crowd when he pulled in here a few moments ago when he addressed the crowd he started off by thanking people who had really waited hours to hear him speak to them some things that he said that were notable that that crowd radio received well is he talked about the fact that he would be a servant of the people he said that he felt that no one was more important than the other he said that he was at peace in the country and that he wanted jobs in the country and when he said that you could hear the cheers going on this is a country where conservative estimates have it that eighty percent of the people here do not have jobs he said that he had already received messages of cooperation and support from regional players and international players we assume in terms of supporting and growing the zimbabwean economy. and that was g.w.'s christiane one
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reporting for us earlier in harare. now iraq a lot of the former bosnian serb army chief accused of leading the massacre of eight thousand muslim men and boys in the small town us revenue has been found guilty of war crimes crimes against humanity and genocide judges at the u.n. tribunal in the hague have sentenced him to life in prison the atrocities that logic has been convicted of took place during the bosnian war in the one nine hundred ninety s. his sentencing caps off years of efforts to bring him to justice. and july nine hundred ninety five stood before the cameras in the un designated safe zone of sugar in it and assured bosnian muslims that no one would come to harm. the shot twenty two years later when he was sentenced to life in prison by the international criminal tribunal for the former yugoslavia for the genocide that so nearly eight thousand muslim boys and men from the typhoon murdered. the conviction
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of the former bosnian serb general was met with through a leaf by the victims' relatives. but for those like you know made of it who lost two sons and two brothers it brings little consolation minutes to see about so many since those killed their only brothers they are all my sons they are all mine. they were the same age as my sons. i have no one left not even a neighbor. but it's a son darko said that his father was appeal the ruling. this is not the court this is a. commission. and i must say. that they are trying to criminalize they go and there were serbian people in times of civil war but the chief prosecutor serge dramat said lot of it was no war hero and
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rejected accusations that the tribunal had driven a wedge between bosnian serbs and muslims some today weakly to this judgement is a verdict against the serbian people. my office rejects that claim in the strongest terms not just guilt he says he's and he's. others who see this not. he was defending his people. his judgment demonstrates that nothing could be further from the troops. will no spend his life behind bars after being found guilty of ordering the worst atrocity in europe since the holocaust. and joining me now from london for more on this is what a founder and chair person of the u.k. based charity remembering seven it's at thank you so much for joining us this evening we know that the tribunal that it found guilty of war crimes and genocide so what does this mean today for the survivors i mean how are they seeing the
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significance of the sentence. well the survivors and the mothers. that i've spoken to put them there is some consolation because this man has been sentence really you know it was the chief architect behind the genocide behind you evilness that was promoted across bosnia herzegovina but certainly this this because those people who perished in the genocide those children those boys they cannot. and you know this is genocide is one of the worst crimes you know. that humanity can experience and this is what happened in our lifetime in europe and that genocide those unspeakable atrocities they were actually captured and a single iconic image that opened the world's eyes to what was happening and we
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just want to show it now because it shows an emaciated prisoner held at a serb concentration camp that prisoner managed to escape his torturers here he is at the court in the hague today where he saw radicals being brought to justice. and mr azmi that leads me to my question because your organization that wants to raise awareness of the genocide in bosnia what lessons can be drawn from this tragedy would you say. well we must learn the lessons from certainly so that hatred can lead to genocide and there will have been boring times where we have far right organisation promoting hatred particularly to focus on islam and muslims oh muslim this lifetime not hate it led to the genocide of muslims do we had said never again after the holocaust so we need to teach people through
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commemoration through memorials as well as through in schools teach children about the consequences of. the thank you so much for joining us this evening to tell us a little bit more about that important work that you are doing to raise awareness walk me we appreciate it thank you let's get a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world the presidents of russia turkey and iran say that they have agreed to keep working on the peace process in syria russia's vladimir putin and the syrian government is committed to a peace process and free and fair elections earlier this year three countries helped to negotiate a partial truce between syrian forces and the opposition's. palestinian political rivals fatah and hamas have agreed to hold elections by the end of twenty eighteen they will be joined by eleven other factions the last parliamentary elections were held in two thousand and six and were won by hamas sparking a civil war the two sides have been meeting to firm up
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a reconciliation agreement. lebanese prime minister saad hariri says that he is putting his resignation on hold after the country's president asked him to reconsider. i rarely attended independence day celebrations in the capital after returning to lebanon late last night it's nearly three weeks since he suddenly announced his resignation while in saudi arabia. failed coalition talks in germany have catapulted the country into a major political uncertainty president from top to steinmeyer has been meeting with the heads of the country's main parties to take stock of the situation money on thursday he will meet with the social democrats leadership he will urge them to rethink joining conservatives in a grand coalition the social democrats have so far ruled out but rules that out rather but their position is increasingly difficult to maintain. in turkey the trial of eleven human rights activists on terrorism related charges resumed today
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in istanbul among the defendants is tanner killing the chairman of amnesty international in turkey he is still behind bars need time eight of the other activists including german nationals. were released on bail last month all of them deny the charges against them our correspondent you leon has this report from istanbul. their supporters came to make a point this banner says justice for rights defenders. it's a reference to the eleven activists on trial. today many of your friends have gathered here rights defenders from turkey and other countries like brazil the us india ireland and germany. in this town than. they all maya done. it has nothing to do with the
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rule of law this is a politically motivated case the court is just following the decision already made by the authorities. most of the accused had previously been released from detention including the german national. he's seen here at the rear before he flew home last month but this man was kept in custody ten or killer the chairman of amnesty international in turkey he's accused of having links to the google and movement which turkey claims was behind last summer's attempted coup and is classified by on korea as a terrorist organization. aiding a terrorist organization similar charges have been leveled against tens of thousands of people here in turkey since last year's failed to military coup the government says the prosecutions are necessary to maintain stability in turkey and the region but the activists and their supporters believe their trial is aimed at silencing all critical voices in turkey. the trial further inflames the already
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heated relations between turkey and the european union at the same time it sends a clear signal to the people of turkey according to another of the accused it in a certain turkey director of amnesty international. the founding human rights group human rights group or guy has never been an easy task. shows. its concordes dangerous as well put the. pupil can be accused of ridiculous charges. for no good presumes the accused have long campaigned for human rights in turkey the question now is whether that campaign can continue if found guilty the defendants could face fifteen years in prison. while thursday is thanksgiving and the united states and this year more americans will travel then and over
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a decade in fact more than fifty million people will be making big trips away from home with increases in car air and rail travel analysts say that a growing number a growing economy and cheap tickets are behind the phenomenon with all those cars on the road and lines at the airport one thing that everyone should pack is patience. you're up to date now on news i'm sorry kelly in berlin thanks so much for watching we'll see you next time.


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