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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  November 23, 2017 1:02am-1:30am CET

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gunboats to have a company. the butcher of bosnia is found guilty judges at the u.n. tribunal in the hague sentence of. to life in prison for his crimes during the bosnian war the chamber finds. guilty as a member of joint criminal enterprises of the following cones. count to genocide count three persecution the crime against humanity. i'm sorry kelly we begin the day with a moment more than two decades in the making the man that they call the butcher of
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bosnia right go a lot it will face life in prison for genocide war crimes and crimes against humanity the former bosnian serb army chief was found to have led the slaughter of eight thousand muslim men and boys that's weapon it's a and the siege of the bosnian capital sorry a vote where more than ten thousand civilians were killed these were some of the darkest days in recent human history and the calls for justice and reconciliation there after they rang loud the tribunal which sought to do just that will close its doors later this year what lessons about international justice will follow in its wake and has there really been reconciliation coming up we will ask one of the court's architects first a look at lot of his reign of terror. in july in one thousand nine hundred five it stood before the cameras in the u.n. designated safe zone of srebrenica and assured bosnian muslims that no one would come to harm. twenty two years later he was sentenced to life in prison by the
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international criminal tribunal for the former yugoslavia for the genocide that saw nearly eight thousand muslim boys and men from the typhoon murdered. the conviction of the former bosnian serb general was met with relief by the victims' relatives. but for those like you know made of it it lost two sons and two brothers it brings little consolation menace the same menace is those killed they are all my brothers they are all my sons they are all mine. they were the same age as my sons. i have no one left not even a neighbor. not it's a son darko said that his father was appeal the ruling. this is not the court this is. commission. and i most say
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that. trying to criminalize legal and there were also have been people in times of civil war but the chief prosecutor serge brammertz said luggage was no war hero and rejected accusations that the tribunal had driven a wedge between bosnian serbs and muslims some to do weekly he did use judgement is a verdict could use the serbian people. my office rejects in the strongest terms. he's he's he's. others would see disunited these are human he was defending people. this judgement demonstrates did nothing could be further from the troops. will no spend his life behind bars after being found guilty of ordering the worst atrocity in europe since the holocaust and earlier we spoke with a car as me founder and chairman of the u.k.
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based charity remembering seventieth's yeah he gave us his reaction to the sentence the mothers the survivors have been waiting for over twenty years now to see this day the man who is the cheap architect the man who was the commander for the worst atrocity on your unit or since the second or that man has been put in jail for life it's something which will not return those innocent children those women. whose dignity were taken where rape counts you know those people who are men and boys were murdered but he certainly will be some consolation this man has been put behind bars you know he represents evil and everything that comes with all you know he was behind that. and that was the founder and the chairman of the u.k. based charity remembering seven that's well let's get more now on today's verdict
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we are joined by. the first legal advisor to the prosecutor's office of the international criminal tribunal for the former yugoslavia and rwanda at the hague he is a human rights lawyer and professor at mcgill university thanks so much for joining us this evening i want to begin first by asking you because the u.n. high commissioner for human rights has said that. is the appeared to me of evil and the prosecution of him is the epitome of international justice how do you feel about the result today was justice served. i think it is astonishing. that it was one untouchable. be brought to justice as we have when we were going to be invited back to one thousand four hundred we could risk there still imagine that you would one day be captured and of course it took six years from the system until he was arrested certain today is
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a great day for the national guard is for the sent home how is it possible to adequately punish them upright. exploded where the limits of international law still. hope to do is to do some measure of justice whether it is real conditional is adequate for the crimes that is diluted and i want to turn a little bit to the timetable that you also just referenced there because critics of this trial they point to the amount of time that it took to bring him to justice more than twenty years here does that frustrate you. frustrates me but we have to be realistic the international criminal justice system which is supposed. incarnation was born with. we have to understand that there is no army of occupation around the world people.
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are just. invested. our whole message to other parents around the world. power but you will not miss. one. but how strong is that message really because i mean when we look at the biggest figureheads who were convicted by this tribunal lot of courage milosevic when they began committing their crimes perhaps they didn't imagine a court where they can face international justice now of course we have the international criminal court and yet we have evidence of atrocities still being committed for example in syria just to name one example in your opinion is international justice anough of a deterrence to prevent crimes against humanity and is there any chance that we can see the perpetrators there that they will get their day in court. i would say
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that international criminal justice provides some measure of deterrence. but the threat of punishment. for. committing mass murder. power international criminal justice. system. take time. cultural throughout the year and. not one. brought to justice for jennifer. whether it's the pope or become both your militancy so this is part of the historical struggle to transform the culture of international relations and to change the boundaries of power and digital receiver and i do think that in the long run if we are we are in the behavior of those in power by a little bit more cautiously
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a little prophecy of the use of staying in power and in that long run as the international criminal court you know now takes on this cause as the means for international justice in countries where the accused cannot be tried fairly do you think that it has adequately as a court incorporated the lessons of the international criminal tribunal for the former yugoslavia. international criminal court much more difficult position because unlike weeks of tribunal which we regard one country. has to move it across the world from uganda congo for african republic. so i think that it is a very different part of the creature if you like. with of course you know it was established by the security council there was an international movement on the. properties which doesn't exist now
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because it. may have learned some of the lessons of the risk of problem of a situation with or are different but i would say there is a retreat. from the commitment for national criminal justice to do you mentioned syria i could mention one more international community has dropped the ball they are not pursuing justice of the ship so it's not so much whether the r.c.c. has the lessons of the restructuring it's more for national community to learn the lessons and i would say that. we still have a long way to go aside from criminal justice and procedure i mean one of the hopes . of the should be you know for the former yugoslavia was this process of reconciliation do you think that it was successful in that regard and just generally speaking as you know from your experience as
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a human rights lawyer i mean you've interviewed survivors you've defended you've prosecuted the accused what do you see as being necessary to achieve reconciliation just generally speaking for crimes that are so gross and so massive on the scale of those for example in the former yugoslavia. first of all i think reconciliation is the primary objective of justice that the solution is incidental to justice. if you have a solution takes time people forget that the lessons of the nuremberg trials you know were not and growth for the german public on to perhaps one or two generations later but certainly it's the average loss of historical record the message of condemnation of disapproval which will result. to tell people that these crimes are committed by individuals and they're not martyrs a collective responsibility i think before have an important effect on future generations but as it's
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a serious event with today there are still and trenched the most of the trip between the different groups what would be will look like is ruskell not which was still in power what we were with right over the russia which had never been brought to justice we were still the president who served us so i think the world is a much better place for how to vote these people to justice and the prospect of reconciliation all those real difficult much better than this piece that you hate mongers will the words are still in power so that's why we have to look at it still some very important work to be done on that front with thank you very much for joining us this evening to tell us a little bit more about it on we mentioned that you were the first the legal advisor to the prosecutor's office of the international criminal tribunal for the former yugoslavia and rwanda at the hague your human rights lawyer and professor at mcgill university thank you again.
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lebanese prime minister saad hariri says that he is putting his resignation on hold after the country's president asked him to reconsider and allow time for more dialogue are weary attended independence day celebrations in the capital after returning to lebanon late last night it is nearly three weeks since he suddenly announced his resignation valan saudi arabia lebanese officials accuse saudi arabia of forcing her weary to resign but hariri has yet to confirm those allegations. and for more on this i am joined now by ben to shell or she is the beirut office director of the heinrich all foundation welcome to you so why is this change of heart do you think taking place from horary well it was very grim in that today he would be here in lebanon today we're celebrating the lebanese independence
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day and all parties here had said they console the celebrations if you would not return and the bird it's very important that he came and he deliberate the message it is and he is willing to engage and all of here i mean this was that saudi arabia was behind his move and there for now his signal to the lebanese population was i'm here for you and i went to my bursaries or the other political parties what to do to solve the nice crisis i want to talk a little bit more about that role of outside powers like saudi arabia and iran what do you make of the role that they are playing in this and then in the small state that has always been the focus of regional powers and therefore how to reduce movement the future movement is backed by saudi arabia we have other movements that are backed by iran and i think given the controversy these two have in the region in lebanon is one of the least the target way for them to find out. so is the
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crisis would you say over now what do you anticipate her various next move will be . well the main aim of all political activity in there is to have the parliamentary elections that are scheduled for may next year this really do you believe because that palm island has extended its mandate several times and now we're looking forward to these elections and they for one thing the crisis is such is not over but at least and a very important step has been done by having him back here so there is a possibility to discuss the issues and say what's the feeling on the ground there in lebanon i mean what sort of reception did the people give her area when he came back it was a very warm welcoming back also in the weeks before we already saw a lot of posters in all the streets of beirut to find poster is
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a good image of heavy saying we're all we hear there really was a large effort of political parties and activists here to stress own the importance of his return to focus on the future of lebanon and to shallow director of the beirut office for the heinrich post if done thank you so much. thank you. zimbabwe's former vice president everson and not god has arrived back in harare in preparation to take power after president robert mugabe's shock resignation i'm not god well has fled to south africa earlier this month after being fired by mugabe a short while back he addressed his supporters outside of the headquarters of the ruling zanu p.f. party. the crowds in harare a welcome home their hero. and emerson and god failed to disappoint.
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it didn't take him long to connect with his supporters the force of the. forest. gate we don't make this. easy oh here you are you won't even have to see the. end. of his return follows a historic day in zimbabwe on tuesday the speaker of parliament announce that robert mugabe had resigned after thirty seven years in power. harare celebrated the beginning of a new chapter in zimbabwe's history. today though all eyes were squarely on the one guy. he's expected to be sworn in as interim president on friday. in the midst of political changes the african union took
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a more cautious approach. it was a transition most to be a short term one as the constitution provides for elections in july and these elections must be free democratic inclusive where everybody is allowed to run. the vote is expected to be held by september two thousand and eighteen what shapes and by the way will be and by then will depend a lot on this man. it is twelve years to the day since agel americal was sworn in as german chancellor for the first time and never has her grip on power been weaker than now the breakdown in coalition talks at the weekend has thrown the formation of a new government in doubt fresh elections are still a possibility president frank steinmeyer is talking to political leaders this week to put the process of forming a government back on track the leader of the bavarian conservatives force to see how far has visited the president today. but the focus is turning away from the
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parties involved in the failed coalition negotiations the social democrats have rolled out entering into another grand coalition with chancellor merkel's conservatives but now some members of the party are advocating a different approach. the conservative c.d.u. c.s.u. bloc working together with the social democrats and the federal government will the only team also form the new one there's already support for a new edition of the grand coalition the conservatives want to stay in power. so we need a partner who at the moment still refuses to go along the s.p.d. needs to quit pouting so far s.p.d. party leaders have shown no interest in governing on election night they ruled out joining a grand coalition something they reiterated after the collapse of the recent coalition to go she ations. we remain unafraid of new elections
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in view of the results of this year's elections on september twenty fourth we will be available to enter into a grand coalition. you know and it goes. but germany's president is increasing the pressure he even alluded to the s.p.d. is a rigid stance during a visit with schoolchildren. in those who barricade themselves behind assertions as we're now witnessing can only be reached with great difficulty later and. there are even rumblings within the s.p.d. itself not everyone is thrilled with the possible role and the opposition president president steinmeyer has made a very clever announcement he sent that we now have been called upon to talk i always very much favor coming to decisions at the end of talks and not at the beginning. among funk. even the would be governing green party thinks the social
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democrats should not refuse in spite of everything. probably won't work to their advantage to enter into a grand coalition again that's the dilemma but this general refusal to negotiate is unacceptable. s.p.d. chief martin shultz has probably started to reconsider suddenly he is reported to have said that the s.p.d. will put the country's interests ahead of its own shorts is due to meet president on thursday. and for more on all of this i'm joined here in the studio by political analysts christopher knew and thank you so much for joining us from violence for university but before we get started with our conversation i first want to play something for you and for our viewers and then get your reaction there after because you had a scars from the s.p.d. i was asked if his party leader was right to rule out joining a coalition government and this is what he set i think the social democrats should
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reconsider what they would as president said that all parties have the duty to talk with each other before they go into another election and that's what we are going to do so we are talking about all the issues that we having there were parts of our election campaign and we're looking for partners and nobody knows it will end if we have a new election a grand coalition or if we have if you tolerate some other coalition without a majority. and that is not the position that the head of his party has so christophe what are we to make of this so he is he is reflecting some tensions that have been growing within the s.p.d. itself. schultz has been very adamant about not wanting another grand coalition. as pretty leadership officially has the same position up until quite recently but of course this is easy to say when you think there is going to be another government
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but now that those coalition talks have failed of all the spotlight is back on the s.p. day and i think a lot of members of parliament in particular are worried that another election my it hurt them just as much as it hurts all the other parties and when we talk about this party in particular the s.p.d. just to remind our viewers when we're talking about a grand coalition this is governing from the center here in germany this is the government that you know was in place the last time so it would very much be the status quo you know if the s.p.d. were to be convinced to participate there's going to be a conversation that effect coming up on thursday between much in shelters and between the president. how do you think that that's going to go so the president has been doing quite a good job of reminding all the parties involved that they have a duty not just to their base and not just to party politics as usual but also to democracy and to govern and he said there is a responsibility to govern and to form a government is a sense there is a sense of duty associated with this and i think he will remind. even the s.p.d.
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you know where you is what he was a member of he will tell them that they too have that responsibility and i think whether or not this will take is of course up in the air is shell's going to have to give in ultimately. he may have to again another election may be damaging just as much to the esprit de as it is to all the other parties involved the recent election polls are not good for them lender level elections have not been great for them either so it is a risky strategy to just push for another election for them do you see any way other way out of this because i mean you have on the one hand you have the free democrats they have rolled out again joining a government the only other option really seems to be a minority government or new elections do you see a path i think the president has been doing a good job for creating a new narrative where the previous possibility of
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a minority government becomes feasible not just not because people want it but because it is the last option but it is an option for stability it is an option that gives breathing room to voters and parties alike to reconstitute their interests to rebuild their their capacities and i think that maybe those kind of that kind of new framework may allow in minority government where maybe the s.p.d. tolerates and the fact that they are split is now even willing to go on air to say this shows that he has already has had an effect so many open questions still yet to be answered and we thank you so much for joining us this evening to tell us a little bit more about the potential scenarios help us try and make sense of it all kristoff no end from berlin's free university we very much appreciate you coming into the studio thanks for having me. well the day is nearly done but as the conversation continues online you can find us on twitter either news my handle is seroquel a.t.v. don't forget you can use the hash tag the day thanks so much for watching i'll see
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