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and this country turns the sewing machine sewing i suppose was more complaints for girls than riding a bike and now i want to meet those women back home like bones my men two thousand and social rules and informed and own dead basic rights my name is them out of the home and i warn you to. fly from berlin this is d. w. news they refused to go but australia's prime minister warns we won't be pressured
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police and immigration officials move in to clear almost four hundred refugees from an immigration camp they're seeking asylum in australia but they fear for their safety at the alternative accommodation being offered we get the latest also coming up everson lugard well returns home promising full democracy in zimbabwe and he's due to be sworn in as president on friday he fled to south africa after being fired by robert mugabe. and germany's president prepares to turn the screws president's dima is due to meet the leader of the social democrats bought in shoals to persuade him to join chancellor on the back lynn government will the president for a bail. well i'm terry martin thanks for joining us. police and immigration officials in papua
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new guinea have moved in to clear almost four hundred refugees from an abandoned immigration camp the camp is on mama's island which is part of new guinea it had been used to house refugees hoping to get to australia but it was closed at the end of october that was after the papa new guinea supreme court ruled it unconstitutional some of the inmates refused to go because they feared for their safety at an alternative accommodation being offered. they want to kill us they chant this mobile phone footage captures asylum seekers in a controversial australian run detention center in papua new guinea one that was officially shut down three weeks ago now police have entered the compound they ordered those remaining to leave shocking scenes of distress the crowd tries to revive one
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man who has collapsed. oh. my god. these pictures show police attempting to clear the madness island center almost four hundred people have refused to leave the camp citing fares for their safety many tried to evade the authorities australia detained refugees arriving by boat in the controversial facility and shut it down after a papua new guinea court ruled it unconstitutional. australia now wants to rehire has them and not the camp on the island to say that the people at the. menace regional processing center which has been closed by the p. and g. authorities should leave and go to the alternative accommodation that has been provided the they should have by the law and the lawful authorities of poppy new guinea. there are alternative facilities that have been made available with
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food water security and of medical services. supplies that is sorely lacking at manas refugees say police destroyed their belongings and took away food and water stockpiles adding to the utter squalor in which they have been living here. for more now we're joined by kate shots from amnesty international in bruised and thanks for talking with us this morning kate tell us more about what's going on at all the ground at the man asylum camp. thank you today we had the authorities moving to the camp and also a number of the four hundred refugees that are still remaining then we're very concerned because the family the they were in general it's. for a number of hours a day before they released him at another brick detention center the same thing i
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think what we've got the holding for is their freedom and that safety and we still night that camp new facilities that the strain government is sending them to and not yet fully they don't have consistent power supply at them and they're dramatically reducing the medical staff that they're providing to the mansion they may post it to town in addition they have safety and security concerns one of the facilities doesn't have a built around it and the like which of course have been protesting the maid a pretty place it's down well what are you suggesting then that a sword to do with these asylum seekers kate if they if you don't feel that the the other facility that they're offering is really ready for them well i mean there was no reason to shut down these camps and that services on the day that they did it was entirely opportunity and it was a crisis of the strain governments are in making it was deliberately designed to
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make things much look for the rich and increase the suffering that they've already experienced before and i hope now what these men need is they need their safety and they need their rights protected and they need to bring them to the strike here or resettle i mean it may not show them around. on mount a silent which is a very remarkable isolated traditional community and any. so what are you saying that the about the australian government the australian government claims that they are treating these people who mainly you are claiming otherwise why do you feel that the australia is treating these people in this way. hysteria has a well known policy of terror in which punishes refugees think going up the list that's been well nine for the last four or five years that these policies have been up and running is that it can't three times now they're up policies in place
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that don't make any sense of them being there to. increase the hot shit and the suffering that. it's isolated out voice it is about timing them ease about isolating them from the rest that well we saw a number of refugees have to find taken from them today so they couldn't report on the condition they wouldn't report on the planes coming in they wouldn't report on what was going on on the ground that the u.s. trained government wants these people out of sight out of mind so that they can you know do what they want them and the west them to back time but up the new thirty five years that's not going to happen if people don't have the opportunity to go back home because they were they need protection somewhere and company cannot provide it ok thank you very much for talking with us today ok so there from amnesty international embarrassment australia zimbabwe's former vice president emerson. has promised full democracy after he's sworn in as president on
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friday he's back in harare after returning from south africa where he fled after being fired by the then president robert mugabe then and god well had previously been a supporter of mugabe and is known as a ruthless operators but didn't bother supporters of the rulings out of p.f. party who turned out to greet him. crown's in harare welcome home the hero. and emerson man and god why didn't fail to deliver. it didn't take him long to connect with the supporters. who knew. the embassy. the u.s. senator who was there for you both joining me but i do have to examine you and how did you know you were good i
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was putting them here i. was going to be the guy who was never heard of you if you show us the east. it's return follows a historic day in zimbabwe on choose dead the speaker of parliament announced that robert mugabe had resigned after thirty seven years in power one was the runner and celebrated the beginning of a new chapter in zimbabwe's history. but now all eyes are squarely on him and in god while. he's expected to be sworn in as interim president on friday. in the midst of political changes the african union took a more cautious approach. there's a transition must be a short term one as to constitution provides for elections in july and these
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elections must be free democratic inclusive where everybody is allowed to run. the vote is expected to be held by september two thousand and eighteen what shapes and bob i will be in by then will depend a lot on this man. a say look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today house to. political rivals fatah and hamas say they've agreed to hold elections by the end of twenty eight thousand they'll be joined by eleven other factions the last parliamentary elections were held in two thousand and six and were won by hamas sparking a palestinian civil war the two sides have been meeting to firm up a reconciliation between. argentina's navy says it's investigating a new lead in the search for a submarine that went missing last week with forty four crew members officials are looking into an unusual sound recorder to week ago in a ocean several hours after it communicated with the vessel some have speculated it
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could have been an explosion. and a former sports doctor for the u.s. olympic gymnastics team larry nascar has pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting young girls and women you know faces at least twenty five years in prison star gymnast gabby douglas and other olympic champion say they were among his victims. conservative conservationists in china have released two captive bred pandas into a nature preserve the aim is to increase the giant panda population in the wild the two pandas were born in two thousand and fifteen and completed two years of survival training to help them adapt to life in the wilderness. here in germany the president is due to meet the social democrats to try to break the deadlock over forming a new coalition government talks between chancellor angela merkel's conservatives
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the greens and the liberals collapsed last week and two months after the election so far the social democrats have stepped past leigh refused to consider joining merkel in government but some members of the party are now advocating a different approach. the conservative c.d.u. c.s.u. bloc working together with the social democrats and the federal government will the old team also form the new one there's already support for a new edition of the grand coalition the conservatives want to stay in power. so we need a partner who at the moment still refuses to go along the s.p.d. needs to quit pouting so far s.p.d. party leaders have shown no interest in governing on election night they ruled out joining a grand coalition something they reiterated after the collapse of the recent coalition to go she ations. we remain unafraid of new elections.
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in view of the results of this year's elections on september twenty fourth we will be available to enter into a grand coalition. you know nichols or. so. but germany's president is increasing the pressure he even alluded to the s.p.d. is a rigid stance during a visit with schoolchildren visit. those who barricade themselves behind assertions as we're now witnessing can only be reached with great difficulty later . there are even rumblings within the s.p.d. itself not everyone is thrilled with the possible role and the opposition president the president has made a very clever announcement he sent that we now have been called upon to talk i always very much favor coming to decisions at the end of talks and not at the beginning. among funk. even the would be governing green party thinks the social democrats should not refuse in spite of everything.
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probably won't work to their advantage to enter into a grand coalition again that's the dilemma but this general refusal to negotiate is unacceptable. as the chief martin shultz has probably started to reconsider suddenly he is reported to have said that the s.p.d. will put the country's interests ahead of its own shorts is due to meet president on thursday. sports now and we begin with football's champions league here in europe fly in munich already made the knockout stages but one to one it belgians to give them a chance of top spot the big drama came off the field as by and fans through fake money on to the pitch and held up banners to protest against the one hundred euro cost of tickets all but they've been doused eleven open scoring after fifty one
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minutes on the left rally joey flies in through sofia honea on sixty three minutes but minutes later corinto on to lease so bagged the winner for milan it's their ninth straight win since coke pint has took over the reins. and here's a brief recap of all the wednesday of wednesday's champions league group phase results as we saw by and beat on the left where as group rivals p.s.g. slam seven past celtic elsewhere chelsea booked their ticket to the next round with a win over a car a bike and at let it go beat roma no goals between eventis and barcelona which pushed the spaniards through and there were wins for sporting basel and c.s.k. moscow. news for now sumi will be with you at the top of the next hour thanks watch .
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