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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 23, 2017 2:00pm-2:15pm CET

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it's intimidation. and i wonder is that where we're headed is world. my responsibility as a journalist is to get beyond the smoke and mirrors it's not just about being fair and balanced or being neutral it's about being truthful. when he was born to go and i would you know. this is the w.'s live from berlin the president of germany tries to break the political deadlock after the collapse of coalition talks of president john meyer
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hopes to persuade the leader of the social democrats to join the chancellor merkel in forming a government we'll go live to berlin's presidential palace also coming up police and immigration officials move in to clear almost four hundred refugees from a camp and papa new guinea the migrants hope to get to australia but they fear they won't be safe at the alternative accommodation offer. and emerson monoglot returns to zimbabwe ahead of being sworn in as the new president he promises full democracy and to turn around the faltering economy but will he deliver. i'm sumi so much going to good to have you with us the president of germany is due to meet the head of the social democrats shortly to try to break the deadlock over forming a new coalition government that's after two. talks between chancellor angela merkel's
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conservatives and two other parties collapsed last weekend now the leader of the social democrats martin schultz has so far ruled out joining a new coalition under chancellor merkel but president from foster steinmeyer a fellow social democrat is expected to urge him to reconsider that stance well let's bring in our political correspondent hans frond he's been following all of this for us and he's standing outside the presidential palace in berlin for us hi hans good to see you first of all there have been a lot of media reports rolling around in berlin today first of all suggesting that the varian state premier. that he is stepping down now he has been the head of the c.s.u. this is the sister party to anglo-american c.d.u. what do you make of this news well there is something in the offing c.s.u. party leadership is meeting later today to decide on policy hoovers future and he has said that his future will in fact be decided tonight these rumors seem to
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indicate that he's going to stay on as party leader but that he's going to resign the premiership of his home region of varia and to hand that over to an internal party rival this has not yet been confirmed by the party but the rumors have been very consistent for the last hour or so and it seems very likely that holsey who will give up one of his most important political posts and that would make him one of the first casualties of the recent political upheavals here in germany here and joggle americans have been involved in quite intense discussions in the kind of infighting on the conservative side for months if not years and it seems that may have suffered as a result meanwhile hans there were also rumors that the s.p.d. as martin schulze was threatening to resign what's behind that. well this is this is really a rumor that has not had any confirmation from any side whatsoever clearly there is
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a lot of tension within the social democratic party because martin short its leader and the entire leadership standing behind him have for me for weeks said that they are not going to enter into a coalition talks with the conservatives that they're not interested in having a rerun of the grand coalition that has run germany for the past four years but now with the pressure being piled on right here by the german president on to his social democratic party colleague to reconsider their decision obviously there are many discussions within the social democratic party to decide how to respond to that and there will be a meeting of the party of the ship later this afternoon after shorter spoken to the state president to try and decide how to respond to this pressure hans given all that what can we expect from this meeting between the president and martin. well they are both social democrats and the president frank fighter for many years was
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germany's foreign minister in this just the outgoing government of i'm going to now call in the grand coalition such time i knows exactly what is party is would be letting itself in for if it were to enter into another grand coalition a situation where the party in the past four years has managed to put a lot of its interests push push through a lot of its program and to have it actually implemented by the government yet not to be rewarded by the voters for that all the credit for that is going to anger america and the social democrats have done very badly in recent elections so under these circumstances it's very difficult for the social democrats once again to enter such a coalition for fear that their party will suffer further did have used hands branch reporting outside of the presidential palace here in berlin thank you hans. now a leading member of chancellor merkel's conservative acting defense minister ursula fonda line has also urged the s.p.d. to enter into talks here's what she told the w.c.
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christopher springeth yesterday this is from the line is germany in a state of national crisis no because we do have a constitution that is wise and realizable and that is working with a lot of checks and balances so we have an unusual situation but it is manageable. do you think the s.p.d. is going to be able to continue refusing to join at least exploratory coalition talks with your party with the conservatives here in germany well my personal opinion is that if you've been elected as a party your voters wanted you to fulfill the program you have been voted for so i think all of us the democratic parties. are obliged to at least talk to each other and to try to sit down at the negotiation table and this is what i expect from the social democrats so you think they're going to come and talk to you i hope so tomorrow the leader of the social democrats will see our president and i hope
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that he will after that meeting he will be accepting to enter in at least talks to explore whether we could go into coalition talks and what would the conservatives what would chancellor merkel be able to offer the social democrats to get them into another government well i'm pretty experienced with coalition negotiations it's where fifth time i'm sitting now with that so this is a long process so you don't start by offering big things but you start by talking and to find a common position from which an you develop projects for the future what germany needs what europe needs where our responsibility for the world is and then you define the details the other option of course will be a minority government is there anything that you find attractive about the perspective of a minor. government in germany i'm very skeptical about a minority government because my experience is that you need a stable strong government first of all to push forward common projects but also in
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a moment of crisis and we have seen many crises the euro crisis the refugee crisis we had different other difficult situation you need a very strong and a government that is determined to step forward and for that a minority government is not sure that one last question there has been criticism of chancellor merkel style of negotiation that it perhaps hasn't been effective enough you were in these negotiations what's your view of her style of negotiation i have seen her i've seen are highly concentrated very balanced actually the greens were very satisfied with her style of negotiation and liberals as long as they have been in the negotiations were very satisfied too. she was acting in the same way we know her from international negotiations and we know that she and most of the cases was able to find a good solution why was she not a able to find
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a good solution this time because it's not only depending on the chancellor there are four parties and all four of them must have the will to govern together are you suggesting the liberals never had that well. you have to ask this question a to the liberals at the very beginning and we've been sitting together for four weeks i was convinced that there was a strong will and all sides so it was we were quite surprised when they walked out of the room on sunday night this is from the line thank you very much for talking to dublin yes thank you so much. not some other stories making headlines around the world mean maher in bangladesh have reached a deal on the return of rohingya refugees living in bangladesh more than six hundred thousand of fled their homes in myanmar amid a violent military crackdown this year some details of the deal remain unclear but the two countries agreed that repatriations are to begin in two months. palestinian
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political rivals for a time hamas say they have agreed to hold elections by the end of two thousand and eighteen they'll be joined by a love and other factions the last parliamentary elections were held in two thousand and six they were won by hamas sparking a palestinian civil war the two sides have been meeting to firm up a reconciliation agreement. and zimbabwe's former vice president emerson gaga has arrived back in the capital harare to take power after president robert mugabe's presage nation when gaga is due to be sworn in on friday he pledged quote hold a mock receipt for zimbabwe in a speech to supporters. here watching the news still to come magog are returning to zimbabwe so much what must he do to turn around the country's faltering economy we'll have more from business after the break. now police and immigration officials in papa new guinea have moved in to clear almost four hundred refugees from an abandoned immigration camp they deny allegations that they
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used force the campus on man asylum which is part of papa new guinea it's been used to house refugees hoping to get to australia but it was closed at the end of october after the papa new guinea supreme court ruled it was unconstitutional many of the migrants refused to leave because they fear for their safety at the new camp where they're supposed to be re housed. they want to kill us the chance this mobile phone photos captious asylum seekers and a controversial australian run detention center and papa new guinea. one that was officially shut down three weeks ago. now police have answers to compound they ordered those remaining to leave. shocking scenes of distress the crowd tries to revive one man who has collapsed. and. these pictures show police attempting to clear the man is island center. dozens of
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refugees are reported to have left but hundreds determined to stay many try to evade. australia detained refugees arriving by boat and the controversial facility and shut it down after a papua new guinea court route and constitutional. australia now wants to reach house them in another camp on the island. to save the people at the. mannus regional processing center which has been caused by the pay and three authorities to leave and go to the alternative accommodation that has been provided . they should have by the law and the lawful authorities of poppy new guinea. there are alternative facilities that have been made available with. security and medical services but n.g.o.s report that the new camp is not fit to be
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inhabited yet and refugees say they are not safe there there's a history of violent attacks against them by locals who want them off their island and the new detention center is not as secure as the old one staying doesn't seem to be an option though supplies are sorely lacking here refugees say police destroyed their belongings and took away food and water stockpiles adding to the utter squalor in which they have been living here. let's get more on this story with me from melbourne she's a human rights lawyer and a campaigner for the human rights group getting as you did shows today and fortunately now we have more than four hundred refugees who have been languishing in a day commissioned detention seem to mean and evil based on medicine being forcibly moved to alternative facilities in a town they face a dangerous assault in that town and the protests of the locals who feel that this
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is a strategy as problem and they do not deserve having six hundred man pushed into their town so we have refugees now facing a very very horrifying choice which means i slaughtered eighty three stay inside the detention centers and potentially a rapid one outside facing violence and instability on that assignment shed activists as yourself have been very critical of the australian government's practice of sheltering refugees on madison island the government however says it is trying to stop people smugglers and to deter people from making the crossing from indonesia to australia don't they have a point cruising by sea is dangerous but ultimately will be strong in the government has been doing is violating international law and stranding was not i'm getting in a struggle and don't want to deal with truth now when people who have come to us drug and not as you well aware in europe the numbers go up with fiji caresses are
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far beyond that and what you see in a struggling is i small country very trying the problem massively overacting slightly violating international law with impunity and the training on both fully two thousand men women and children in absolutely despicable conditions for the four years. and that was a show me from the human rights group get up speaking to us a little bit earlier in the day thanks for watching helen i will have your business headlines coming up in just one minute.


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