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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 23, 2017 4:00pm-4:16pm CET

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as we go about our daily lives the lights go off in the last week no no no. visible. we bring you the twenty first century. story december second on d w. this is due to be a news live from berlin finding common ground germany tries to break the political deadlock after the collapse of coalition talks president shine meyer hopes to persuade the leader of the social democrats to join chance americal in forming
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a government or a live edger mini's presidential palace also coming up. big promises from zimbabwe's incoming president addressing crowds in harare emmerson ganga says he'll bring democracy and prosperity back to the country but will he deliver. and police move in to clear an australian run refugee camp in pop one new guinea the camp has officially been closed but more than three hundred asylum seekers are refusing to leave. iraq it's good to have you with us while here in berlin the german president is meeting the head of the social democratic party to try and break the deadlock over forming a new coalition government all this after the collapse of talks last weekend between chancellor. conservatives and two other parties the leader of the social democrats
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martin schultz has so far ruled out any possibility of joining a new coalition under chancellor angela merkel but president talk about the steinmeier is now thought to be urging him to reconsider that position i had indeed over use a political correspondent thomas spare has been following this for us from the very beginning thomas are the socialists going to step up to the plate considering that this could be a last ditch attempt to form a coalition government and avoid a new election from taking place. all day life as anyone who could try and convince martin shows of changing his position of changing that position of being in the opposition that it's going to be the german president. who is not only as german president the one in charge of directing political debates in the country because the rection of those debates and certain cases he's also a prominent figure of the social democrats himself so that's why this conversation
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now happening right behind where we're standing is particularly important because of a still unclear to watch extent martin shows when the social democrats could change their mind different formulas that are being discussed at least here in berlin from a full participation in another grand coalition something unlikely to participation if you will on a case by case basis if they were a minority government in germany and all those are issues that are being discussed here at the moment there is still however. not a lot of clarity regarding what can happen next all right so those are all the reasons why i mean why have the social democrats been playing hard to get that they don't want to govern with the chancellor. well they were part of the grand coalition for the past four years and although they did manage to pass a few proposals especially when it comes to social policy in germany it was normally the chancellor who took if you will all the good opinions of those
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policies that were possible they see their very bad result in the election of september twenty four as a result of their participation in a grand coalition and that's why after the results of september twenty fourth they very clearly said we are under no circumstance going to be part of another grand coalition we see a step in the next parliamentary period as being leaders of the opposition again that's something that they're at least reconsidering now after certain members within the s.p.d. asked martin shultz not to have that strict opposition policy and rather at least be able or at least be willing to have conversations with the chancellor and with other parties and thomas our new will lections still on the table. they are still on the table but i believe and also from what we've seen in the german parliament that that's like a last resort possibility if you will get something done most parties want to avoid
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even if publicly they are saying that they would be prepared for such new elections they're more likely or more inclined at least to try and find some sort of compromise and that's also the reason why these conversations are taking place just behind here because president frank like that steinmeyer is one who said that new elections would be not the best option on the table because it would mean turning the responsibility back in the hands of the voter instead of having that responsibility by the parties who have the responsibility to try and form a government in our time a sparrow reporting thank you i want to bring you up to date now with the other stories making news around the world. argentina's navy says an unusual sound detected near the last known position of a missing submarine is consistent with an explosion the noise was recorded a week ago several hours after the navy last had contact with the vessel and its forty four crew members but officials say there is no evidence of an attack. i
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mean our and bangladesh have reached a deal on the return of revenge of refugees living in bangladesh more than six hundred thousand people have fled their homes in me and maher amid a violent military crackdown this year some details of the deal remain unclear but the two countries agreed that repatriations are to begin in two months time. saying in a political rivals fights ahead and hamis say they've agreed to hold elections by the end of twenty eighteen that we joined by eleven other factions in the last parliamentary elections were held in two thousand and six and were won by hamas sparking a palestinian civil war while the two sides have been meeting to for firm a reconciliation agreement. zimbabwe's for vice president emerson is set to be sworn in tomorrow robert mugabe's successor addressed his supporters outside the headquarters of the ruling zanu p.f.
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party after arriving back in the country on wednesday the leader who had fled to south africa earlier this month after being fired by mugabe pledged his service to the people and urged him by winds to come together take a listen. no one is very. angry that. me growing economy. we went to prison ok we want to join. for. the incoming president there speaking and to give music christine is in harare and can join her right now christine how isn't going to our managing expectations. judging by his words last night at what you just said in that the jobs jobs jobs that he is speaking the language that people wants to hear here he says that he's going to pursue investment for this country
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and in fact a few sentences often he said jobs three times he said that he had been speaking and engaging with people and governments abroad and of course reaching to here on the continent and he said these were people who wanted to support the zimbabwean economy so he has struck a chord with the people here by talking about the fact that he wants to rejuvenate this economy so he's saying the right things at the right time i'm gonna go we'll have to rebuild the economy from the ground up has he outlined how he plans to do that. he's not outlined and this is why we're looking forward to he speech tomorrow the we we want to get a sense of what exactly he means by we're going to be creating jobs that we're going to be opening up this economy. if you talk to economists they talk about for example that he needs to look at policies in this country that have essentially made it an unfriendly environmental invest is this and things like certainty that investors need need to be put in place he is a businessman he has been engaging for example with the chinese government on the behalf of the zimbabwean government so we understand that he is somebody who is
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used to dealing with the governments and negotiating he does have that background and so much work is innocent we don't know exactly how he's going to do it and part of what will tell us that is the people that he puts in certain positions tomorrow we understand that we'll have an announcement about he's cabinet tomorrow he is sworn in now interestingly of course there with robert mugabe are not facing prosecution gondar getting a hero's welcome are people ready to forgive and forget for the sake of moving on. yes i think for a lot of zimbabweans what needed to happen was for president mugabe to to be moved from office that has come people are now looking forward as involved means looking to the future now and they don't want to hold grudges a pasta lot of people say we don't mind if president stays here if he if he enjoys the rest of his life they don't even mind but taking that he's going to have in the fact that he's been granted immunity some do take issue with the fact that he has
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amassed a lot of wealth of the is and some have gone as far as saying well he doesn't have to keep all of this we're talking about mines and you know we're talking about huge commercial farms and and some people say surely he doesn't need to keep all of that but political ads to him staying here and living a peaceful life for the rest of his he is people don't necessarily take issue with that what will be interesting for me is to see if he'll be invited to mars swearing in ceremony amazon has certainly been striking a recon city a tree and notes going as far as showing dignity and respect for all that mugabe not insulting him it's a different case when you talk about the first lady that will form a fit for this lady but regarding president mugabe and not as quite simply ready to move on if that were to happen tomorrow there would be a remarkable indeed a christine one draw and harare zimbabwe thank you. police and immigration officials in papua new guinea have removed dozens of asylum seekers from an abandoned immigration camp and are ratcheting up the pressure on more than three
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hundred others to leave the un has urged calm after receiving reports that force was being used the camp on madison island has been the years to house refugees hoping to get to australia but it was closed at the end of october after the new guinea supreme court ruled it was unconstitutional well many of the refugees have refused to leave because they're afraid for their safety at the nou camp where they are supposed to be really housed. thing want to kill us they chant this mobile phone photos captious asylum seekers in a controversial australian run detention center and papa new guinea. one that was officially shut down three weeks ago. now police have and has to compound they ordered those remaining to leave. shocking scenes of distress the crowd tries to revive one man
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who has collapsed. and. these pictures show police attempting to clear the money island center. dozens of refugees are reported to have left but hundreds determined to stay many try to evade. australia detained refugees arriving by boat in the controversial facility and shut it down after a papua new guinea caught it and constitutional. australia now wants to reach house them in an hour the camp on the island. of the people at the. menace regional processing center which has been closed by the p. and three authorities to leave and go to the alternative accommodation that has been provided. they should have by the law and the lawful authorities of poppy new
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guinea. there are alternative facilities that have been made available with. water security and medical services but n.g.o.s report that the new camp is not fit to be inhabited yet and refugees say they're not safe there there's a history of violent attacks against them by locals who want them off their island and the new detention center is not as secure as the old one staying doesn't seem to be an option though supplies are sorely lacking here refugees say police destroyed their belongings and took away food and water stockpiles adding to the utter squalor in which they have been living here. all earlier we spoke to our insomnia a human rights lawyer and campaigner for human rights group get up about the conditions in the camp. this iteration is absolutely horrifying as you know what it shows today and fortunately we have more than four hundred refugees who have been
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languishing in a day commissioned to teach and seem to mean and evil by so many being forcibly moved to alternative facilities in a town they face a dangerous assault in that town and the protests of the locals who feel that this is a strategy as problem and they do not as of having six hundred man pushed into their town so we have now facing a very very horrifying choice which is i saw today by staying inside the detention centers or potentially and. outside facing violence and instability on that assignment at the moment the international agencies operating in this vice are absolutely clear and we concur with them the responsibility used in the struggle in government to evacuate these made of. bringing them to a straightener with ike in a white third country we said options which in the variable at the moment these people by starvation they have no there is absolutely medical problems in the camp
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. actually in the camp and on medicine itself and the p.m.t. government is absolutely unable to go after these great land in fact it is not their responsibility we are trimming what is happening a humanitarian crisis and calling on the international community to pressure the striking government to your neck its responsibility in the situation. and that does it for us i thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us we'll be back at the top of the hour with an update of the headlines. in just a division of those with whom i think it's really important to give a bit of time and love back to the families who make so much effort.


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