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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 23, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm CET

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this is due to the news live from berlin zimbabwe prepares to swear in a new leader ahead of his inauguration the emerson congo of promises to bring democracy and prosperity back to
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a country crippled by poverty but can he deliver we're live in harare also coming up a harrowing wait for the relatives of the forty four crewmembers on board a missing argentine submarine the fate of their loved ones still unknown that says naval officials say an unusual sound recorded at the subs last known position may have been that of an explosion also coming up bangladesh and me and mark agreed to restart repatriating muslim minority refugees in two months time over half a million for hinge i have fled to bangladesh in recent months to escape or persecution by me and mars military. plus a germany tries to break its political deadlock after the collapse of coalition talks president files or shine meyer has been pressing the social democrats to join chancellor merkel in forming a government something they previously ruled out. and a group. artist installs
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a replica of berlin's holocaust memorial outside the home of a far right politician who once labeled it a monument of shame and a prank or something more we've got that story. thank you very much for your company. people in zimbabwe are preparing for another day of celebrations on friday new leader emerson will be sworn in as only the second president in the country's history robert mugabe who resigned on tuesday after thirty seven years in power has been granted immunity from prosecution along with his family the decision that has been broadly accepted by a country keen to put the worst of the mugabe era behind them and focus on the future. it's business as usual in harare. on time to digest
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the excitement of the past few days. focus has briefly shifted to the announcement that robert mugabe and his family will be immune from prosecution feelings are divided. we believe they should let go of him and his family no problem but we also feel people also feel that they should be some accountability a lot has happened people have been oppressed. negative things have happened. if the laws have been instituted which. people which of course so people need to hear from him. maybe he should come on t.v. and apologize maybe to the nation. but zimbabweans are trying to put their country's past behind them under hopeful for the future. i think is going to. the. north being done by the past but it's been.
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you know. weren't. written for be you know. the people with the continents so that we can build our country. incoming president emerson was welcome back to zimbabwe on wednesday as a hero in an emotional speech he promised a brighter future for the country and asked his people to help them improve the economy create jobs and stamp out corruption. the final preparations are being made ahead of non-god was swearing in ceremony on friday zimbabweans will see a new president for the first time in thirty seven years. christine wonder joins us now from harare the capital are christina the first new president and post and post in the pen a symbolic way after almost four decades. managing expectations. well later listening to what is saying essentially saying the right things he's
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talking about creating jobs at this is a country where conservative estimates put it that eighty percent of people without work and so when he addressed that crowd last night he he mentioned the word jobs three times much to the roll off the crowd he also said that he was already in touch with the people abroad and regional neighbors who have indicated that they want to support and grow this economy so suddenly about what he's saying he is looking to inspire a lot of hope and confidence in the zimbabwean people also striking a recon city a tree note and saying let's move forward which are right on that note to moving forward will there be a role for the opposition and the post mugabe in zimbabwe. well this transitional government that's innocent and god will preside over that israeli jew to last until next to september when when the country goes for a general election he does have the option off including members of the opposition
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in this transitional government but i have been looking at monitoring as seniors and officials to feed and he highlighted that knows. a agreements had been struck that they had at that they hadn't been any discussions to that to that nature and given that none of what is going to be announcing his cabinet ought to the speech tomorrow at ten o'clock local time i don't see how they could possibly any bid to be any opposition think is in in that transitional government and i've spoken to senior figures in the opposition for example bolden trying to tie the needle the movement for democratic change zimbabwe's biggest opposition and he's not really interested in engaging in any parts the patient according a transitional government but rather preparing for the general election next year campaigning in their respective parts of this country now of course with robert mugabe not facing a prosecution getting a hero's welcome by all accounts of people ready to forgive and forget for the sake
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of moving on. you've hit the nail on the head yes people want to move on people's lives in disarray we talked about the fact that people are unemployed yet we talked about the fact that this country's economy has virtually come to a standstill people laundry interested in the fate of the mugabe is at this point but rather their own lives and of course the news came out that he is not going to be prosecuted people widely anticipated just that many zimbabweans going as far as telling me that he's not really a problem they take issue with the form of this lady grace mugabe who they say should not have been shielded and but one thing a lot of zimbabwe's just say is that the amount of wealth that the bill gob is a master in their time in power is radio not we're talking about huge commercial farms we're talking about lands lost amounts of lands until about mines there's a big assets that some zimbabweans feel should really be brought back to the people
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but as for mugabe's stake in in zimbabwe and being granted the military protection as we've heard many zimbabweans are ok with us christine amanpour reporting from harare zimbabwe thank you alright and danielle has more on the economic challenges facing isn't baba because the incoming president has his work cut out for him absolutely and it's been quite disruptive since the military takeover there zimbabwean stocks have lost six billion dollars in value since that military takeover a short time ago and that's according to data released by the exchange today ordinary zimbabweans are cautiously optimistic about the future as we just heard they know the next president anderson is closely tied to the old ways but they also see plenty of opportunity at least he couldn't plunge the country further into financial ruin than robert mugabe. zimbabwe has being greedy and for economic growth planned for resources solid public infrastructure and plenty of human
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capital but under mugabe the country's economy took a detour from its stubborn african neighbors it began in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven when the government began seizing land from white farmers the jolt for a country that leaned on its agricultural exports the result was an economy that nearly faulted in half over the next decade it was the strongest contraction of its kind during peacetime according to the world bank inflation hit five hundred billion percent poverty rates surged throwing a fit the country into extreme need things began to improve in two thousand and nine after zimbabwe abandoned its local currency from outside currency regime they can a me has struggled again lately and inflation fears are back investors have ploughed their money into stocks in recent months as the mugabe government began printing acquires the money called bond notes the men on guard law government faces difficult questions once the cheering subsides can it bring back a local currency can it solve a liquidity crunch i suspect that everyone knows that fixing the economy is
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a very very issue given confidence to jobs giving concessions to the investors what to do with the rest of the world so that what it will get and get from anywhere in order to get our country going once again economists say the structure for zimbabwe's success is there now the question is whether the leadership will be and journalist young langen has been reporting from zimbabwe for a decade and he joins us now here in what's the first thing we should do to jumpstart the economy. well i think the first problem to tackle from what i got was the national budget which was originally supposed to be presented today but it has been postponed until the end of january two thousand and eighteen the country will run a huge fiscal deficit deficit this year after nearly one point five billion euro billion us dollars deficit in two thousand and sixteen the economy is shrinking and the
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inflation is accelerating the budget is the only policy instrument available to the new government and whatever was planned by the former minister who is now in jail will have to review it and perhaps change completely we still have the two thousand and fifteen lima agreement which means that zimbabwe has to clear rise of three interest three institutions the i.m.f. the world bank and the southern african development bank which is also was six hundred and one six hundred two million u.s. dollars. as part of the lima agreement zimbabwe has also to develop a new comprehensive country funds and program being supported by those bangs just mentioned. it juts about i might agree on that one testament to cut public sector costs within and then they can perhaps get access to i.m.f. world bank funds again so at the moment as you just mentioned i'd be on meth won't
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lend to zimbabwe until it's cleared almost two billion dollars in debt without financial support it's going to be practically impossible to recover to its full extent so how can one god regain the trust of the i.m.f. and institutional investors. well i think that the most important thing he has to do is that he is going to restore justice and law i think that's the most important. yeah definitely has to persuade the international community that these just were theme and that there will be free fair and credible elections next year and that he's going babs to involve the oppositions in whatever form i think that's that who's going to convince the international community of ok so creating security and certainty at the moment of course is involved he has a very troubled reputation economically with two hundred percent debt to g.d.p. that is massive and that is on the official think is with these changes that are
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coming in now do you expect companies will want to invest that and i'm pretty sure there are lots of international companies which want to invest in them but before a number of reasons well that if there's a bobbins outstanding people they're still valid educated that able to work and they have got the will and they want to achieve something in life as your one as we all know lots of zimbabweans work outside the country have made be in south africa and britain and australia the us and even in other countries so they do have the will to succeed worldwide and that's what international investors know they do have the cups capacity and the do have the also to to do new things and i don't know about getting a handle on corruption meat is he the right leader to do that after all he's a stud by mcgarvie side for decades briefly if you can. bridges sure he knows how
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to really loot and to work with the means of corruption but nevertheless he also knows that if he's not going to change well this land will be again be in a freefall and that will be devastating for him as well as for the country he i think he saw over the last days well how. good the people are and how massive the protests can be ok so there's a lot of work to do and a lot of opportunity that as well you know and thank you very much for your insight and. talking job cuts later on here in germany i'll bring you that later in the show thanks danielle and out of that harrowing wait in argentina where family members of forty four sailors are anxiously waiting to learn the fate of their loved ones on board a submarine that has gone missing argentine naval officials say an unusual sound detected near the last known position of the missing sub is consistent when the
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explosion and noise was recorded a week ago several hours after the navy last had contact with the vessel and its forty four crew members well as the search continues concerns are growing for the crew's welfare as the sub nears the last of its oxygen supply. the growing desperation of the families is clearly heard in their prayers as they gather outside the home naval base of the missing submarine. relative say they're becoming increasingly distressed as hopes the vessel has been located are raised and then dashed among those unaccounted for is out of his brother at mun she's putting her faith in his strength of character. everyone will tell you that he's an excellent person and must be keeping all his crewmates calm he's a really special person that's why we're waiting here because we know we turn now to. the argentine navy estimates that if the submarine hasn't surfaced since it
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went missing a week ago there should be enough air to last the crew between seven and ten days. it's a critical situation and there is increasing concern we are all worried as well as the relatives today is the end of the seventh day an important day in terms of oxygen capacity. meanwhile the air and sea search is continuing attention centers on a noise detected a week ago which could have come from the submarine. the argentine navy said it was consistent with an explosion. for now the families of the missing sailors are left with their hopes and prayers. are now about some of the other stories making news around the world. palestinian political rivals had to have hamas say they've agreed to hold general elections by the end of twenty eighteen after talks in the egyptian capital cairo but hamas expressed criticism saying
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little other progress was made at the meeting which was called to firm up an earlier reconciliation deal between the two sides. a former u.s. olympic gymnastics team doctor larry nasser has pleaded guilty to charges of sexually molesting girls and women in our faces a minimum of twenty five years in prison star gymnast gabby douglas and other olympians went public saying they were among his victims. conservationists in china have released two pandas bred in captivity out into nature reservations the objective is to increase panda population in the wild the two pandas were born back in two thousand and fifteen and completed two years of survival training to help them adapt to life in the wilderness. mian mar and bangladesh have signed a deal to allow members of the persecuted muslim minority group there were hendra
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to return to their homes in me and maher hundreds of thousands of people have fled across the border in the past three months to escape a violence military crackdown it's not clear how many refugees will be allowed to go home and many are wary of returning to a country that the international community believes has carried out a campaign of ethnic cleansing against them. they fled to relative safety here in bangladesh bringing stories of homes burned to the ground and family members raped and murdered at the hands of security forces now they're deeply skeptical of going back. i don't trust the myanmar government they're always like this. this is my second time leaving home. and my husband has left three times. they live in a massive refugee camp but despite the appalling conditions some say they'll only return home if myanmar meets their demands. we'll go
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back if they stop harassing us. and if we can live free like the buddhists or the other ethnic minorities are allowed to do. children should also get government jobs just like the others. for months now the un has been calling manned mars treatment of their own ethnic cleansing on wednesday washington finally followed suit the organization human rights watch has welcomed that decision. on. the big question now is what is the us going to do about it what they should do is have targeted sanctions looking at the key military commanders that were in charge of this ethnic cleansing and also people up the line in the command of the burma military but in myanmar there are still lots of support for the military and its actions and
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a little love for the role hinge on. many in the majority buddhist nation view them as illegal immigrants now their own hinge are facing a return to myanmar with no clear guarantee of their safety. but. here in germany social democrat leader martin schultz is meeting with senior members of his party after talks with the german president to try and break the deadlock over forming a new government shorts has so far ruled out any possibility of joining a new coalition under chancellor america but the president is believed to have pressed him to reconsider his position on this after the collapse of talks last weekend between clericals conservatives and two other political parties. and you never use the new yorker is on the story all eyes on the s.p.d. at the moment they appear to hold the key as president steinmeier made a convincing case is the s.p.d. ready to join coalition talks. we're still waiting to find out if the talks between
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presidents and party leaders was. able to make a difference. made it clear that he doesn't think anything about snap elections because his argument is that there are this moment at least two possibilities to form a government and it wouldn't be responsible behavior to to hand this task back to the voters in addition it is most uncertain if the outcome of the snap elections would lead to another result than the result we have right now so there might be new elections by the same possibilities to build a coalition so the politician politicians have to do with the current situation and leading members of the s.p.d. they have to decide now if they are willing to join a grand coalition if they're going for snap elections or if they're willing to
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tolerate a minority government why have the social democrats up to now refused to join a coalition with the chancellor. the social democrats are in some sort of. they have been participating in two grand coalitions within the last sixteen years and every time they came out even worse in the next elections than before. this september election brought the worst results for the social democrats ever so. in the it within the government they they were able to bring through quite a lot of their social agenda but for some reason chancellor merkel claimed the benefits they don't want to risk to get into the situation again and talk to us a little bit about chancellor america why is she so dead set against forming
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a minority government briefly if you can i know america isn't known as somebody who likes to take risks and minority government would be an entirely new situation for germany on the federal level we had it only on some state level i think the minority government would only help buying time for the parties to sort themselves out to bring this into an orderly process and for the opposition parties there wouldn't be that much to gain from such a from such a scheme all right on your credit reporting thank you. immigration officials and pop one new guinea have removed dozens of asylum seekers from an abandoned immigration camp and are ratcheting up pressure on a more than three hundred people still remain there and are refusing to leave the u.n. has urged calm after receiving reports that force was being used a camp on man is island has been years to house refugees hoping to get to australia
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but it was closed at the end of october after the new guinea supreme court ruled it was unconstitutional while many of the refugees who have refused to leave do so because they're afraid for their safety at the new camp where they are supposed to be relocated. thing want to kill us the chance this mobile phone photos captious asylum seekers in a controversial australian run detention center and papa new guinea. one that was officially shut down three weeks ago. now police have and has to compound they altered those remaining to leave. shocking scenes of distress the crowd tries to revive one man who has collapsed. and. these pictures show police attempting to clear the money island center dozens of refugees are reported to have left but hundreds determined to stay many try to
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evade the oath or. australia detained refugees arriving by boat in the controversial facility and shut it down after a papua new guinea cold route and constitutional. australia now wants to reach house them in an hour the camp on the island. of the people at the. menace regional processing center which has been closed by the p. and three authorities to leave and go to the alternative accommodation that has been provided. they should have by the law and the lawful authorities of poppy new guinea. there are alternative facilities that have been made available with. border security and medical services but n.g.o.s report that the new camp is not fit to be inhabited yet and refugees say they're not safe there there's
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a history of violent attacks against them by locals who want them off their island and the new detention center is not as secure as the old one staying doesn't seem to be an option though supplies are sorely lacking here refugees say police destroyed their belongings and took away food and water stockpiles adding to the utter squalor in which they have been living here. we spoke to a. human rights lawyer and campaigner for human rights group get up about the conditions in the camp. this iteration is absolutely horrifying as you know what it shows today and fortunately we have more than four hundred refugees who have been languishing in a day commissioned to teach and seem to mean and evil by so many being forcibly moved to alternative facilities in a town they face a dangerous assault in that town and the protests of the locals who feel that this
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is a strategy as problem and they do not as of having six hundred man pushed into their town so we have now facing a very very horrifying choice which means i slaughtered by staying inside the detention centers or potentially. outside facing violence and instability on that assignment at the moment the international agencies operating in this vice are absolutely clear and we concur with them the responsibility used in the struggle in government to evacuate these made of. bringing them to a straightener with i can a white third country research options which the variable at the moment these people by starvation that have no there is absolutely medical problems in the camp . actually in the camp and on medicine itself and the p.m.t. government is absolutely unable to go after these great land in fact it is not their responsibility we are trimming what is happening a humanitarian crisis and calling on the international community to pressure the
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striking government to your neck its responsibility in the situation. speaking to us earlier while you're watching the still to come. a controversial arts start right here in germany triggers both praise and outrage the w. scott rock star will be here with the details. plus a nutritious and environmentally friendly ingredient that a couple of that's foodies are hoping to put on your lunch menu. plus last night's champions league action or well how the highlights don't go anywhere see an affair. with. a monk who believes in the power of love to
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get. in your debt. and an orphanage in the him. in forty five minutes. they make a commitment. they find. they inspire. africa all the more. stories about people making a difference shaping their nation. and their continent africa on the move stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their own hands w.'s new multimedia series. d w dot com africa on the move. fake hair and real story.
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where i come from a lot of women like me have fake hair sometimes that hairstyle takes up to two days it's a lot of time that needs to be filled so people at the salon talk about what's happening in their lives. i became a journalist to be a storyteller and i always want to find those real authentic stories from everyday people who have something to share. with all the time i spent at the salon i know a good quality here when i see it and a good story when i hear it. my name is elizabeth and i work at sea don't. get to see you again you're watching you that we knew was only a rock n roll and these are made headlines right now preparations are under way in zimbabwe for friday's inauguration of
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a new president anderson got what he's promised to bring full democracy and prosperity back to the country after almost four decades of oppressive rule under robert mugabe plus relatives of those onboard the missing arjan time submarine are becoming increasingly angry at the navy's handling of the crisis after several false alarms naval officials today revealed that an unusual sound the tech did a week ago near the craft last known position was quote consistent with an explosion. here in berlin the german president has met with the leader of the social democrats in a bit to break the coalition deadlock president steinmeyer is thought to have urged martin schulz to reconsider his opposition to joining chancellor uncle americal in a new government. all right to turkey now which hosts nearly three million syrian and iraqi refugees but there's been growing tension and violent clashes between refugees and locals across the nation in istanbul refugees
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recently had to be evacuated following clashes there is concern that the clashes could provoke a political crisis w.'s dorian jones reports from istanbul. the not seen barbershop is popular among syrians nearly everyone who works here is from syria this is the owner twenty four year old mom look. he stumbled has been good to him when we left syria only five years ago with his brother's help he now has a barber shop a restaurant and a clothing company. of course syrians can do business here syrians are not generally on successful syrians are ambitious sure a few cause trouble but they don't represent the majority. there are too many rumors about what syrians might have done and how the turks have responded but they're just badmouthing syrians casting them in about. anyone who has dreams and
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goals can come and make them happen here. it's restaurant like all of his businesses is in the ethane lead district it's one of his down bowls poorest and most densely populated areas out of the heart million inhabitants there local officials say as many of the fifty assyrians like mahmoud many therians have opened up businesses in s. in left the government made it easier for syrians to set up shop by waving the restrictions non-citizens normally face. but that success is starting to cause an ease among some locals turks. after a while they got used to being here and started opening more and more shops they've slowly started to establish their own sectors and now they only go to syrian shops . within our community they form their own internal market and their stock trading
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with us and. the situation has not been helped by the media a recent study showed that syrians are the second most criticized ethnic group after jews in the turkish media earlier this year clashes erupted between syrians and turks in the district near. the situation is making the syrians increasingly nervous. i haven't been affected so far i go from home to work and straight back from work to home i don't get involved in things that are happening outside. the turkish government's hosting of syrian refugees is an increasingly contentious issue for turks in essence. they have a jeweler store up there you see they don't pay their taxes they're given all the breaks but when we want to open a shop the state is harder and else we're not given any of the benefits they get. this tea shop owner angrily tells us to stop filming and leave the argument is just
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one sign of what local officials admit to a show but not everyone sees the syrians as a threat and. those syrians are all working they have families they are muslims living among us we don't look at the situation as syrians and turks but as one muslim community. so in the spirit of the district's motto a city of peace and hope the people of s. in law are still striving to resolve their differences amicably with their syrian neighbors. let me to move on to spread like wildfire across the globe with women sharing their stories of sexual assault meant assault and harassment and after hollywood in a high profile media personalities and politicians a new hash tag is now putting the spotlight on the church and our very own a for that about your is here from our social media descript to tell us more if you're tracking this story what's happening so we've seen the meter campaign now than you can pain is church too and it started when an american poet emily joy
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decided to speak about her experience she says she took cards after the me to come pain broke out and she took to twitter and in a serious of a post she described how she was groomed by a so-called youth leader in her evangelical church in illinois when she was sixteen and after that her story caught the attention of another woman a writer had the passion who then took to twitter and urged victims of assault within the church to to speak out using the hashtag church too she wrote a day of reckoning is coming for the church as it was in within washington and hollywood and thousands of women have been doing so this is an example a woman might get it that says when i was a distraught over family problems a priest and professor of mine used my vulnerability to try to slowly erode my boundaries and groom me for an affair he wanted
7:37 pm
a protege who he could sleep with and thousands of women are describing similar experiences these are very serious allegations why are they taking to social media why aren't they going to law enforcement with this well it's important to stress that many of the victims that are now speaking out as on social media they're saying that they have tried to report abuse in the past did it within their communities within their families sometimes they went to the police but sometimes they didn't feel like they were taken seriously and also the church is the church is. powerful institutions and it turned out in some cases that reporting abuse would backfired towards them and their families for instance here we have a young woman from chicago saying i was thirteen and the pastor's daughter a prominent church member molested me and i reported him to the church the church covered it up fired my father and made the church member and now there are so many victims feel completely powerless and another problem that they've been describing
7:38 pm
is the culture within the church itself especially within more conservative communities which stress upon the need for women to cure or behave purely and a lot of these women are saying that they grew up with the idea that if they were raped for instance it was they were responsible so there's this sort of culture of shame in the victim and also a form of sexism if you want within the church and we actually spoke about this with. for she focuses on abuse within the catholic church and she told us this is really one of the main issues and hopefully this campaign will now be not only if it will help victims feel more empowered to speak out but also the church to kind of think about what are the structures within it that why is this why does this keep happening hard for the coverage of thank you.
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i'm going to talk at job cuts with industrial giants now we start with who's financial year hasn't exactly been as strong as steel but the company is pushing ahead with a controversial merger of its european steelmaking division with an indian competitor tata. has already admitted jobs will be cut but unions say the merger will ruin far more livelihoods in the company admits. things are looking good for german steel giant too soon corporate earnings are up losses are down mostly thanks to its booming steel business but the company's c.e.o. has warned employees that a merger is on the horizon isn't we're totally convinced that a merger with tata steel is the best or teaching option for our company staff and shareholders. and he had this message for workers already has to come to an agreement with employees. that will be difficult for months to some cope staff have
7:40 pm
taken to the streets to protest the merger they're afraid for their jobs and voice within a merged company the new steel operations will be based in the netherlands. with us wonders in the netherlands are not allowed to sit on supervisory boards so. that means employee participation is much lower there than in germany is complet the union also fears for the industry in germany that's because the new joint venture would start out burdened by a huge mountain of debt and unsustainable situation they say but the board disagrees he's a strong venture. it's totally sustainable that's why we're doing it and even if the steel business our innings weren't sufficient in terms of capital they were always positive. i'm absolutely certain that we'll be able to create a sustainable of joint venture as. it was supposed to be set up and
7:41 pm
twenty eighteen but a dark cloud has hung over talks between to sync up management and workers some still believe that the merger is destined to fail. and the same continues now siemens workers protesting plans to slash thousands of jobs news of the cuts came shortly after the company posted a wreck or profit that's spot fury and most often than those who accuse the engineering plant of failing to live up to its responsibility. they're determined to let their voices be heard siemens workers turned out in droves to protest plans to cut almost seven thousand jobs and closed two factories in eastern germany. that is deepening recession asian mood is very low and there's a lot of uncertainty and insecurity this is about livelihoods and families consider that the plant and like he's going to be shut down completely and in gurlitz where
7:42 pm
there's very little other economic activity people are horrified and scared and gangs. it's an especially bitter pill to swallow just weeks after siemens posted of record profits of over six billion euro as. the company says it has to respond to changing market conditions even if overall growth is stable. condition i mean it seems like a contradiction we're posting profit in the areas of growth we have many of those but in areas where the market being we've structured and we're seeing lots of action is needed. as more countries in greater renewable energy the demand for gas turbines has fallen dramatically that's put the companies power and gas division under pressure and presence of jobs on the line. trade unions and even some politicians have called on siemens to rethink its decision they say the company has a responsibility to its workers even when times get tough. now how's
7:43 pm
this for a tasty treats the buffalo worm is a protein rich beetle larva which is used in animal feed and cosmetics on our company has found another use for the worm in the humbug. at first glance it looks like a normal hamburger but it's not just any old burger because half of the meat patty consists of ground up insect larvae student we are a book on taste of the box burger for us. there's this nice flavor i would definitely think i would recommend it to my friends. the main ingredient in various books burger is ground buffalo worms the lover of the darkling beetle. production of the insect burgers begins here in the dutch town of. the manufacturers have been breeding insects here for about forty years mainly for animal feed and the
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cosmetics industry but recently they've been producing more and more love it for human consumption. nico rudest plant manager of protein farm he performs regular checks on the quality of his worms. around two billion people around the world eat insects every day but it's still a big to boo in europe. i think that within five years it's quite normal to eat in six there will be inside there's an ingredient in a lot of food i think. within five years i think we all it's just a couple of times a year. the worms are a sustainable source of nutrition containing fifty percent protein. they only need a fraction of the space water and feed the breeding higher orders of animal requires under c o two emissions are minimal. the environmental benefits were decisive for
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the book's bogus creators. clearer and bearish ursule set up their bug foundation in twenty fourteen with only ten thousand euros venture capital they spent over a year developing their burger patties the ground buffalo worms a mixed with peas water and a secret spice mixture. often in the same time we're hoping will become a model for other countries for instance in developing countries where they used to eat insects and but stopped doing so in order to adopt the western lifestyle and eat beef burgers following the mcdonald's lifestyle. next year it becomes legal to sell processed insects in germany the two young businessman hope the book's burger will give them a head start on any competitors but the worm burger is not exactly a cheap snack belgian and dutch restaurants which already serve up the exotic delicacy charge between twelve and seventeen euro's for the pleasure.
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a controversial art stunt has provoked praise and outrage here in germany a group that call themselves the center for political beauty have erected a replica of the holocaust memorial monument located in the center of berlin that serves as a reminder to the more than six million jews killed by the nazis during the second world war all for more on the action and the controversy i'm joined now by culture editor scott roxboro good to see you scott so bring us up to speed what happened what that this group do you have basically they took the holocaust a world which which you know read the berlin huge concrete slabs supposed to represent sort of a cemetery in the middle of the city they took that they did a very small version of a sort of a copy but a much smaller scale and they wrecked it in a small village in eastern germany and it was an interesting action because it was
7:47 pm
directed not at a large group not the german people in general or people outside the country but one specific person one person one politician while we take a look at what happened twenty four large concrete slabs and a backyard and a small town and through it's a replica of the berlin holocaust memorial erected outside the house of right wing politician. in january the far right alternative for germany party called the memorial a monument of shame this response from the berlin based artists collective center for political beauty is meant to show the politician what shame truly means. and we built a monument for her because he lives over there it's supposed to remind him that you can only free itself from go to once you take responsibility for i'm forty one and . the group known for its provocative political actions spent ten months on the project they rented the lot next to her house and worked in secret only on viewing
7:48 pm
the work this week some argue the group may have taken their artistic license too far. that he. is allowed to criticize politics and politicians to a large extent even in a satirical exaggerated way what are they cannot do is degrade people. the groups crowdfunding campaign has raised enough money to maintain the monument for at least a few years but following the controversy the landlord has already cancelled the lease agreement meaning the group will have to leave in a month's time. scott very very provocative what have the reactions been so far yeah i mean as you probably expect it's split down party lines people who are against. are against the political views of the alternative for germany love this work i think it's exactly the right message to send to what they consider
7:49 pm
a political hate speech but supporters of the f.t. in the quite a few in the little village where where hooka lives have said this is this is believable they can't they can't accept this sort of thing happening they also think it's illegal because in addition to building this structure the group also spied on they showed released footage of them filming him of listening in on him they argue that he's breaking the law because holocaust denial is illegal in germany and they think he should be under government surveillance and they say if the government isn't going to put him under surveillance we'll put him under surveillance this cause huge problems the police have already been notified they're investigating both this and of surveillance and also an accusation of theft because hookah has accused this this group of stealing a paper waste paper basket from him and so he's going to take them may be taken to court for that anyway it seems like the action in some ways of that has backfired instead of making the example of this politician they've evoke sympathy for him
7:50 pm
they've made him into the victim all right now this this group the center for political beauty have done this type of thing before yes yeah they're known for this type of action they last year in order to protest sort of right wing reaction against. after the refugee crisis they put a cage outside a theater in berlin and put four tigers in it and said ok we're going to throw refugees in to be eaten by by the tigers obviously similar idea a very provocative very sort of blunt political statement to evoke a reaction that's what these people are known for. you can support their politics or not but it's a very blunt statement and it doesn't really allow for much dialogue it's basically you're for them or against them you can't really enter into any sort of discussion but it makes you think so they want that deadly for it stephanie provocative that's definitely the case so what do you make of this type of way of getting people's
7:51 pm
attention what's your take i don't know i mean a lot of artists are trying to do this now i mean the way the chinese artist who's doing this type of political activism within is are i have a big problem when it's tries to be art because i think our should be about dialogue engaging people this is activism and i think there's better ways to do it . but there's an israeli air to shockey shapira as he put it he did an action called ula cost it was also involving the holocaust memorial he took images that people posted selfies that they took at the holocaust mall and morph them with actual footage actual films and images from the concentration camps this is a whole different type of action this sort of provokes a discussion about why we have these memorials and how we treat them and if maybe even. remembering the holocaust has become almost a part of pop culture instead of being a memorial to one of the most horrible things that ever happened in history so i think that type of action is is has some effect and has some importance there's
7:52 pm
another political activist artist who put up a structure that's up right now in from the brandenburg gate three vertical buses it's a syrian german artist who did it and the structure that he put up is a reflection of a real structure that was put up in aleppo by civilians there to protect from the three buses vertically to protect from snipers directed the same thing in berlin as a way of sort of bringing the war to the end to germany where so many syrian refugees have found refuge that's also it's a different thing it's a political action but it's also are in the sense that it provokes a dial. that discussion i think that has deafness a place in the art world this action with the holocaust replica. i think is just activism and in this case i think they really went too far and this backfired. thank you.
7:53 pm
arsons force news now and we start with cricket where the world's oldest sporting rivalry has gotten underway australia host england in the ashes a competition first played back in eighty two the first test in brisbane that drew thousands of fans to they gave a stadium where a party atmosphere quickly took over england's fans have landed. on. the fancy dress. just as ever and the barbs are in full flow after one of the strategies bowlers said he wanted to end the careers of england's players. for the bank for your lot for the last three weeks now media tells me that you're a bit frightened that england won the last ashes series but a stray you go into this one is favorites to reclaim the famous trophy. but the odds haven't turned to the confidence of england's fan group the barmy army
7:54 pm
although i think i can rejoice so we could be in bowling attack or if you go boys if you go. australia's fans are just as upbeat. paving the way for a competitive contest both on and off the pitch. bring it on our soccer now champions league byron munich beat belgian side under left two one the result byron in with a chance of claiming top spot in their group but the big drama came off the field as by and fans through fake money onto the pitch they also held the banners to protest against the what time did you euros price tag of the tickets. opened the scoring early in the second half on the left to rally go equalising just over ten minutes later. police are back the winner for bahrain is there a ninth straight win since coach has took over the reins last month.
7:55 pm
all right and here is a brief recap of all of wednesday's the champions league group phase results. all right now as we saw byron beat on their left while group rival spears j. slammed seven past celtic elsewhere chelsea booked their ticket to the next round with the win over karabakh while athletico beat rome up barcelona as goalless draw with you ventouse put the spaniards through and there were wins for sporting basel and c.s.k. a moscow. all right for let you go remind her of our top stories right now. preparations are under way isn't bob way for friday's inauguration of incoming president emerson godfrey he's promised to bring full democracy and prosperity back to the country after almost four decades of repressive rule under robert mugabe. relatives of those on board
7:56 pm
a missing argentine submarine are becoming increasingly angry at the navy's handling of the crisis after several false alarms naval officials today revealed that an unusual sound the tech did a week ago near the crash last known position was quote consistent with an explosion and here in berlin the german president has met with the leader of the social democrats in a bid to break the coalition deadlock president hunk of the steinmeyer is taught to have urged martin schulz to reconsider his opposition to joining chance i'm going marcos to joining chance i'm going to go in a new government. all right thank you so much for watching on mylar rock n roll and it's our harmony is up next.
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