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tv   Doc Film - Tashi and the Monk  Deutsche Welle  November 23, 2017 8:15pm-9:00pm CET

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people has one and it upsets. the group's crowdfunding campaign has raised enough money to maintain the monument for at least a few years but following the controversy the landlord has already cancelled the lease agreement meaning the group will have to leave in a month's time and a reminder of our top story this hour the german president has met with the leader of the social democrats in a bid to break the coalition deadlock president from. orosz marshall to reconsider is all position to joining chancer on the american role in a new government. as did every news europe today at the top of the hour from by for that. he. does he says well i think it's really important to give a bit of time and look back to the families who make so much effort.
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when you look. at kind of a growing community. or
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. everybody kind of give up hope. and you have all. and we will be with you no matter what this is a community of love and compassion we need to move forward together support each other carry each other. and these little ones even the north. are the most amazing seed of compassion and love someday they will blossom a young adult one year with a mistake and. they bring a single kid to our endeavors a guzzle suffered long song they lost their book that is when there are any young some actually abandoned by their parents and then song like us from the soul or by
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their parents these are all children sort of on a invited guest in this universe in this world. so did you. see if. you. did. not.
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and i. mean. you know. with those rather. well i think there was also there was good but i mean you know there were issues there when i. was there. at. the glasgow here.
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they're coming in you know because. you know you don't. want to. think you know. get drunk and not. and one of them how did they get. it they get. lost if you don't get off of this you. don't know how. little. you know.
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right now that she is the naughty a student that jumps say she's a troublemaker. she's been here six months and her behavior isn't improving. she never shares if someone takes her snacks and she'll pick a fight with them. she's not afraid of anyone. else. instead we have to think about how we can help her change. that would you know she wets the bed and tries to hide it with blankets. but you know that her mother died from a bad illness her father is a severe alcoholic which is sometimes c.s.u.
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and that's why she's here at johnson got side although. i hope eventual they should become like the other kids if you know. what are you studying. do you feel you are social studies. do you have a test tomorrow. if you. have a story ok. i think you are you ready. once upon a time there was a small village and a child was born there and i interviewed
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a really little baby oh no the baby's mother had gotten pregnant at a very young age but it got us. because she was not married she was so ashamed. of this she gave birth to the child all alone in the bathroom. yes so young and then she threw him under some leaves which. is what they say but the grandparents heard the child crying and rescued him and raised him . it's so you know the child became very naughty. you know have you ever broken anyone's window. are you telling the truth the villagers complained that he broke their windows and hit their cows. and they decided the only solution was to send him far away. he was young like all
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of you do you have any idea where they sent the boy. far away place or because they decided to send him to the monastery but he started to make trouble there just like he did in the village. and the teachers got fed up with him. but there was one teacher who believed he could change. and slowly over time he began to change. me. one day he became an adult now i'm grown up what should i do with my life he asked himself he thought and he thought. he realized there are many naughty and unwanted children just like him so he decided to build them a big house. i don't know where they could all live
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together. to be near my long along on my iberian numbers going up on my own he brought many kids to the house and tried to teach them good things . do you have any idea where this school is. in this movie what is the name of your school. but my friend who was that naughty kid. was like. oh yeah well now what should we do. that's right it's time for bed. goodnight. right now we're going about.
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donning their tongues others don't i was told recently what happened to the boy's father. it was
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my son fell from the roof onto a metal rod it went straight through his chest he didn't have a chance i am going to. the when he died on the way to the hospital i go. you know what's the boy's name. i will dizzy around for. play you take my son to your school he's too young to leave alone so i can't work if i leave him alone the other boys in the village will beat him. with it when you can for all those children as if they were your own the house mothers wash their clothes and look after them and i think. if we are really poor and the boy's mother is alone now. so. when we decide to take
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a child i have to think about it very deeply. it's not just for a few months it's for a whole life. when i take a kid into the school i promise them that i will be their parent so i'll try to help you. but i have to consider many factors we understand. my most difficult job is when and how to accept new kids. when i say yes it means equally say i will say this kid's life. but i say no he's so about saying you know what he's eco to say that no i don't want to save this for or i cannot say this child.
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never take two of our kids you know they feel we're really poor and i take one child from this woman's house we're poor and really poor if their space please take one of our kids you know you have to presume it though and if it was possible i would take them but it's not possible right now so minimal boy are they knew what you know what i want to johnson consol with one child on my back and one holding my hand. you took the children who still had both parents and you didn't even look at my children you know me give you.
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a little bit. more of what. he. can. ok how are your studies going five so said tashi is the most recent arrival here jumps say and one of the youngest i've seen she mixes a little with the other kids but does she have any friends yet. because. it's hard to be a friend because she's so naughty but nice. so she's mostly on iran.
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housemother alone cannot look after her or take care of the situation. you're like an elder brother so you must help her understand what's right and wrong. so slowly she'll begin to understand. this is your job as a responsible elder brother ok you know what to. do but remember raj you always try to be good and honest. son. when i was young i was in the monastery and i had to shave off all my hair you know and i think i was only a little bit older than you. even this part on the top.
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you know. there are many kids like mean this world that don't get opportunity to call someone dad and i don't remember using that term in my life. even today at this age i feel i wish i had a dad that i could share things with and. listen about he's like. see how handsome you are.
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obviously. my.
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i have a bed time in the village. there was nobody who would want to take care of
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me. my mom said it she burned herself. i don't know if. i was very sad. and i always think that my mother will come back soon. and i will hold this fitting for. morning long
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and. back in the village there was a boy he was eleven years old and for whatever reason last night actually he can't himself. i had a couple of times actually the opportunity to meet a young boy and i think a year ago that when i went to visit their village the grandmother encouraged me to save his life if you could take that boy into the community because of some challenge in his family. and i felt this morning that. that's my side little bit kind of. the mistake i feel that i made use of us not able to see the condition of his inside the mental condition of the boy what
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kind of stress he's going through and he actually had his life last night. we have more than a quest so far that we see today kids in the community. if able to say yes to the one one family and i'm saying no to the ten families. some of the decision that. i made. i think i have to deal with the rest of my life. with. your brothers and to.
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hear. what you. want to know that you. and i started you can't do you know getting. the love child she you know and you need. the money. minute. i don't know why a.s.m. down here don are not going to not even know they look nine years old and i am english and i want to jump to know if you come are or they were open to the me you
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got i and gained some home of the need this he knows he can someone. you will be in the door man. shouldn't see. me. f.f.s. .
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it would be on. the what would you. let. me. just finish. in the.
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the and. the and. i think. you know. i'm.
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sure. he's right. except. that.
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good to visited and i used that we are going to discuss about the new session and how many kids actually we can take we need to think about our current situation reality of our community whether we are capable of we have where they may have been our resources today any more kids who need it they no matter how many kids we wish to take in we don't have enough classrooms or teachers there are only three classrooms were already teaching classes outside. is there space in the family houses for more kids. everything and we already have two kids to a bed in weekend and more pants on the future and i have picture of me so i think you check out. all the things that we believe in we're already struggling to make
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those happen and the more kids we take the less attention we can give to each other and to the general. you know the reality for us right now is that. it's hard to see. i can't ignore the reality the current reality tells me we cannot take anymore kids but. it's dying. but i could still hope that i could save someone else next year. my mother actually to watch for the road construction company. she got
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to practice she was not married and all that without husband having children was an easy. i thought of not. being a illegitimate child to get wasn't easy for me and for her and for both of us. and he and i and tens and you were very young when you came here and now you're nearly grown up yes and it's time to think about your future. continued yes you want to go to college so at the other. but how do you feel about going out into the world i guess. i'll go to those i think when i leave here people will be different from those in our community. here people are really caring if anyone gets sick people ask how do you feel do you need anything. but outside maybe it
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won't be like that. all the same whenever you face challenges remember you have a family here and you can talk to us it's from us. as a school before coming here i didn't have a father so i faced a lot of problems. but oh you're like a father to me. do you know i mean if i were still living in my village i don't know what my life would be like. as the baby i would have gone to school but i wouldn't have a father like you.
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the. thing. the whole. meaning whole thing. to construct was that. you in modeling were fighting your friends now right. now what do you do you. know what. to look. good in. that you're going to look where you are there's all the dirt. we know right.
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here. you. can read so many o'connell while. you do these. somewhere on a good genoa talking on its own terms yes it was one or not your work it was out of your. own are. concentrating on your windows or is it ok i was in it and i got it on him but don't get it i mean you're like oh you're wrong brew your eyes you know open your window open your. well. you know. if you look. like. they're.
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along the. border.
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i cannot undo my life and go back to the my childhood and to. live my childhood. but one thing that now i know. that i could help to give. their childhood that i missed in my life. when i see they are laughing screaming and playing i feel. i'm living my childhood. i'm lucky that we have eighty five children. and i miss. only one childhood but i got i was sure to live eighty five.
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i know when i look back why i am alive today as something special in my life have. kids who are here now found safe home. and now they have this opportunity to dream about their future. thank you. dana.
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and. there's no doubt of. mine i just do not go to day nothing to change you know the banks pay you money and so watch the language of the
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bank money. speaking the truth global news that matters w. made for minds. their black and living in germany. he's reminded what that means on a daily basis presenter john up like this not being able to blend in and i was. taking a holiday group and being you know different than the rest. she travelled across germany to meet other black people and to hear their stories. it seemed that. i grew up in a white family in a white neighborhood it was definitely a challenge. she decided to put me up for adoption. sort of. the main thing was to keep your head down and your mouth shut of course of the face like this i could never completely disappear if you see all these stereotypes about
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africa it's good to see you. do something for your country but you're still the black guy with a. afro germany starting december tenth d.w. . the day of the news coming to your wife from far away and breaking germany's political deadlock.


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