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an unusual sound it takes it a week ago near the last known position of the vessel could provide an important clue to the fate of the submarine. basically we received information of an abnormal event unique short violent a non-nuclear consistent with an explosion. authorities say that the search will continue until it is clear what happened to the forty four crew members on board the a r a son one for now the families of the missing sailors are left with their hopes and prayers. as them bobwhite prepares to inaugurate its new president and worse than monk the fate of its all president is becoming clearer the country's ruling is than a p.f. party says robert mugabe has been granted immunity from prosecution along with his
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family and that's being met with broad acceptance by people in zimbabwe as they attempt to put the worst of the mugabe era behind them and focus instead on the future. it's business as usual in harare. and a time to digest the excitement of the past few days. focus shifted briefly to the announcement that robert mugabe and his family will be immune from prosecution. but zimbabweans are trying to put their country's past behind them many are hopeful that a new leader emerson and then god will make good on his promise to move towards a democratic future. like is we have we tried to lecture people will be free to make a selection of their choice of their own we that would to being intimidated and if they invited me and should be. giving people that the freedom that they want
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i think is going to do things. being done by the past but i think. you know we want that prison for be united with. the people with the continent so that we can build our country but zimbabweans should remain cautious according to opposition leader morgan tsvangirai . be seen to be perpetuating this both in terms of culture and in depth of practice. unfortunately we know it was a louis estate this is a. bit of the legacy. emerson and guy was welcomed back to zimbabwe on wednesday as a hero in an emotional speech he asked his people to help him improve the economy
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create jobs and stop. the final preparations are being made ahead of a man going swearing in ceremony on friday zimbabweans will see a new president for the first time in thirty seven years. christine one we're joined us now from harare christine you just heard that report the first new president in almost four decades how has money managing expectations there and zimbabwe sara amos in the designate president has evolved he has been saying all the right things last night when he addressed a huge crowd outside the posse's headquarters he told the support of his that he was going to bring jobs to this economy he told people that he was in touch with with regional neighbors as well as international countries who expressed at that the interest to supporting zimbabwe and growing the economy so he's certainly speaking to people here because sarah causative estimates have it that eighty
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percent of the vote wins on employed and that really is the case i've been traveling this country now for the past couple of days speaking to young people who just have no hope for the future and so he is talking about creating jobs he's talking about bringing investment back into this economy and these are the exact things that people want to hear so judging him by his words surf also good according to civil unions so some lofty promises there but the opposition has been skeptical of mungo what role will they play in the news and bob way. so we don't expect that the opposition will be involved in any way in the transitional government that will preside. between now and september two thousand and eighteen next year when the general election now will announce he's cabinets tomorrow as far as we understand he's not the boss he has not had any engage in gage's or discussions with any opposition members so at this stage we can expect that the opposition then will then trying to question the peace i spoke to just two days ago
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told me that they will be doing is really preparing for that general election that is expected next you know one of the things that they will be pressing the on is the electoral reform and making sure that there is going to be a democratic feet free and fair election that will be held next year in september and now we know that's an appeal as has committed itself to honoring that election and so because we can expect that the opposition is going to start taking the submission is he to campaign rigorously ahead of the us are interesting when we're there in zimbabwe here in germany meanwhile a controversial art stunt is provoking both praise and some outrage an artist collective has built a replica of brillant holocaust memorial right next to the home of a far right politician who publicly criticized it. twenty four large concrete slabs and a backyard and a small town and through. it's a replica of the berlin holocaust memorial erected outside the house of right wing
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politician. in january her off the far right alternative for germany party called the memorial a monument of shame this response from the berlin based artists collective center for political beauty is meant to show the politician what shame truly means. we built a monument for her because who lives over there it's supposed to remind him that you can only free yourself from god once you take responsibility for i'm forty one and. the group known for its provocative political actions spent ten months on the project they rented the lot next to her house and worked in secret only on viewing the work this week some argue the group may have taken their artistic license too far as that he. is allowed to criticize politics and politicians to a large extent even in a satirical exaggerated way what are to cannot do is degrade people. in.
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the groups crowdfunding campaign has raised enough money to maintain the monument for at least a few years but following the controversy the landlord has already cancelled the lease agreement meaning the group will have to leave in a month's time. turning out cologne put their bonus logo was behind them with a narrow victory over arsenal in the europa league striker say were one and scored a second happened on the german side of one nil victory there was. a second place in group h. and means their qualification fate is now in their own hands arsenal are already through as group winners despite that defeat. but in group j. there was absolutely no reason to celebrate for her to berlin they crashed out of the europa league after losing to spanish side athletic bilbao goals from matthew lucky and davey celica gave her to
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a two one lead going into the break but they failed to hold on bill bell scored twice in the second half but three cheers lost means he cannot qualify for the knockout rounds. our minder of our top stories this hour here on day w. the german president has met with the leader of the social democrats in a bid to break the coalition deadlock president frontrunner steinmeier is thought to encourage marching shoulder to reconsider his option to join chancellor merkel and the new government. and preparations are well underway in zimbabwe for friday's inauguration of incoming president and larson long dog was his promise to bring full democracy and prosperity back to the country after almost four decades and for press of world under robert mugabe. a state of the news you're up to date will have another bulletin for you at the top of the hour until then you can always check out our website that's for you dot com i'm sara harmon in berlin thanks for watching.
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