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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 24, 2017 2:00pm-2:15pm CET

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but in my experience people underestimate the power of a pretty little flower. because their life does start with me. and it could end without me. this is deja vu news live from berlin a fresh chapter for zimbabwe as the nation and dog rates
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a new president and. heart i will do for myself. with what he calls the republic and its people. soul ever go. president emerson my god what takes the oath of office amid jubilant scenes at the national sports stadium in the capital harare. also coming up the german president moves to forge a new coalition government he calls chancellor merkel and the leader of the social democrats martin schultz to join to talks next week. and baseball with your hands instead of a bat a new craze hits cuba and anyone can play without needing to splash out on expensive equipment. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us it is a lie. and mark day for zimbabwe emerson and gaga has been sworn in as president
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tens of thousands of people and v.i.p.'s from across africa gathered at a stadium in the capital harare to witness the ceremony and cheer on the new president he vowed to uphold the constitution and protect the rights of all zimbabweans when doggle replaces former president robert mugabe who held power for nearly four decades. and president delivered his inaugural address a short while ago despite the controversial legacy of robert mugabe his successor pay tribute to his one time close ally what ever it was. or. that moment of. jordan that didn't go on for those who lived before nation let us all except that knowledge these memes from. dollars. christine learned
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what has been following all of this for us from harare and she joins us now for more hi christine good to see you so essentially what emerson and god what was saying there is let bygones be bygones what do you make of that and what do you think it means for how he will treat robert mugabe's legacy going forward. city innocent i go will also went on to say that mugabe robert mugabe he is still his his father his cities my mantle and my comrade in arms we did expect that by and large him and none of what has been very careful when referencing robert mugabe he's made it very clear that he's going to pursue a policy of frequency ation take not sunni that the that the grudge in the fallout that resulted in the relationship it resulting into what it became when he was forced out of this country fearing for his life really much of that was attributed to the former first lady grace mugabe many people see mugabe as having been
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a victim of his wife's green age and hunger for power and so we can expect that robert mugabe is going to live a fairly good life the rest of his days here in zimbabwe he's been guaranteed military protection he's been granted immunity he's not going to be prosecuted and he's going to have a very comfortable lycia he's legacy is going to be preserved and i suspect in a cinema not god why is that a good great lengths to make sure that that stays the way it is chris and you've been talking to a lot of people over the past week who are looking forward very much today celebration anticipating the speech from the new president do you think he struck the right tone. he did i mean he said he said the right things you know is involved in of course the land reform issue was very controversial in this country but by and large people feel that it is something that needed to be done at some point they might not agree about how it was done so we need to say it that it's not going to be reversed of course that that struck a chord with people he talked about for instance that he's going to be a president of all people he talked about how humble he was to people so certainly
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he's using the right the language sumi talked about the fact that he is going to do yes but to get the economy growing he talked about the fact that he's got it hit the ground running so to say so he does communicate the understanding of the urgency that this economy needs so judging him by what he said i'm not as involved . based on what he said say yes this is this these are the right things that he needs to be saying however i might add that there is still a healthy sense of skepticism in a synagogue ways yet to prove himself to the people of zimbabwe he has to show that he is a different man he's awesome nation for forgiveness but it see if he has changed and that's what remains to be seen i also have spoken to a few people who said we're going to go to the stadium today and listen to the speech because we're not quite convinced that any real change has actually come there waiting to see it not just in woods but in action suit me so christine a healthy dose of skepticism what are the top priorities for zimbabweans going forward. it's the economy sunni conservative estimates will say eighty percent
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of zimbabweans on a poll some goes further is saying ninety percent i've been speaking to two young people in this country who hold university qualifications who are selling tomatoes on the side of the road in those tomatoes don't even belong to them by the way it's a difficult country to live in people have been struggling it's virtually just a whole big informal sector subsistence farm is people living hand to mouth industries closing down businesses closing down there's no cash in the secord to me so the media challenge is to is to revitalize above his economy to open up this country to investment that had been hampered by the policies of robert mugabe's time in office what he needs to do is signal to the international community that zimbabwe is open for business and he needs to show that he's going to clamp down on corruption these are some of the things that international investors would shy away from zimbabwe for him to say this is a corrupt government which will be about politicians owning much of this country
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and benefiting from the game state taking place under the table so he's going to address the economic challenges that this country is facing immediately sumi. christine milne was covering what's been a historic week in zimbabwe christine thank you very much. now to some other stories making headlines around the world gunmen have attacked a crowded mosque in egypt's sinai peninsula killing at least eighty five people and wounding scores more the attack took place west of the provincial capital. it's not yet clear who carried it out but the so-called islamic state has carried out a number of similar attacks in the region south africa's top appeals court has more than doubled oscar pistorius says murder sentence the olympic athlete was jailed last year for the two thousand and thirteen murder of his girlfriend prosecutors called his six year sentence shockingly lenient he'll now serve the minimum fifteen years for murder minus time already served. now here in berlin the german president
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has made a new move to resolve the coalition crisis president from qatar steinmeier has invited chancellor angela merkel and martin shultz of the social democrats to talks next week on forming a coalition government job may be made easier by some apparent back trike backtracking by the social democrats after late night talks the party's leadership said it would work constructively to find a way out of the crisis the s.p.d. had been previously strictly opposed to joining a coalition with. s.p.d. party leader martin slowly backpedaling at a party had called a press conference he says because germany is in a complicated situation this is the answer his party will not refuse to talk about forming a new government. kind of. there is no fixed course in any specific direction but one thing is clear if talk show that we could consider taking part in a new government constellation. then the party members will vote on this.
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option in the s.p.d. is facing a crucial test at a meeting with s.p.d. leader martin schulz german president. reportedly pressed the social democrat to reconsider forming another grand coalition with the conservatives but with scholz us party leader coalition talks seem difficult he had rejected the idea of taking on the responsibility of government twice while the rumors had it that schultz might step down as party chief members of the conservative c.d.u. show optimism that it is news president and the president's appeal that every party has to make sure that there can be a stable government in germany has some impact we have to start talking with the s.p.d. as soon as they are ready and form a new government soon. and i think. it's a tough choice for s.p.d.
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leader martin schulz cooperate with and break his promise or put the political stability of germany at risk a tough choice indeed let's bring in our political correspondent thomas sparrow with the latest on the story hi thomas good to see you so the s.p.d. party at martin short he has promised to let his party members vote on a possible coalition what do you make of that move because the party does seem to be pretty divided. well it is a way sumi of saying that the s.p.d. is open to discussing possible solutions to this situation but obviously that decision will not only be made by s.p.d. leaders but that by s.p.d. members as a whole in other words it's a way of saying that they will not continue their strictly opposition in their strict opposition to forming a new government a new coalition with angela merkel's conservatives but as you say that's right not
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everyone in the party agrees with this move whereas there are those who say that another grand coalition would harm the party even more after the elections on september twenty four there are those who have said on various occasions that the party can and can't simply stick to one position without considering future options for the party and also for the country what are these divisions mean for the future of martin schulz as the head of the party there were those rumors are circulating just yesterday that he had threatened to step down while it essentially means that he's under increasing pressure he has been under increasing pressure since those coalition talks collapsed a few days ago he has been one of the ones who has on various occasions said that the s.p.d. prefers that role in opposition so he's obviously facing a big dilemma dilemma that was mentioned in our piece to what extent they will
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continue with that course or to what extent they will put other priorities first and maybe then work with angela merkel although that is something that not everyone favors within the party thomas of the social democrats do enter into negotiations what would it then take what would they demand from chancellor merkel's conservatives. well they can certainly demand a few aspects because they could say well we are helping to form a government we are helping to break this deadlock so certainly they will be in a position to demand certain aspects for example when it comes to social justice policies that was something that the social democrats favored also during the election campaign a few months ago at the same time they would still be a junior member of the coalition so it is unclear to what extent they could pass those proposals but again a grand coalition is only one of the options on the table it is not necessarily obvious although it is indeed possible that this will be the case thomas it has
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been a tumultuous week for chancellor angela merkel as well what do you think this means for her good news then if there is the possibility of voiding a new elections for example or a minority government. certainly because this is something that was not very happy about the possibility of a minority government to the possibility of of a new election the possibility that another door opens even if it's a door that not everyone favors is certainly one that she can view favorably although that still means that she's in a very difficult position because nothing has been decided yet it is only another step in the long negotiations that we have ahead of us g.w.'s political correspondent thomas sparrow bringing us up to date thank you thomas now in cuba baseball is the national sport is followed by most of the population and many cubans have gone on to be baseball superstars in the u.s. but for most cubans are having the gear to play the game is expensive the perfect
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solution may be street baseball which is all fun of the game without the costly equipment. no but no problem you don't even need the gloves or the caps street baseball is catching on big time in cuba the new sport is being promoted by the sport's governing body as it looks to consolidate baseball's popularity that's an increasing number of cuban youngsters have gravitated toward soccer instead even former president fidel castro san antonio is involved in the drive to make sure this very american sport stays king in cuba. it's been a year since fiddle left those but he lives on and every child baseball is part of that fidel lives on in every innovative idea in the world of small lives on in the energy of every cuban involved in this project from a simple rules simple fun it's high fives all round for bicycles handy alternatives
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. a reminder now of our top story at this hour a new chapter has begun in zimbabwe with the inauguration of president emerson gaga he took the oath of office amid jubilant scene that the national sports stadium in the capital harare. it's only a month to go until christmas and it's time to go shopping it is black friday in the u.s. helena has that story coming up on business in just one minute.


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