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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 24, 2017 4:00pm-4:15pm CET

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as we go about our daily lives human lives oh often the last thing on hold moments . in visible hands. slavery in the twenty first century. story december second own d w. this is the only news line from berlin massive attack rocks egypt's sinai peninsula
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state media reports at least two hundred thirty five people were killed when gunmen opened fire and bombed a mosque they gunned down worshipers as they listen to a sermon or live in cairo. also coming up our germany social democrats bowing to pressure their leader agrees to talks on a possible coalition government with ugly americans conservatives amid efforts to find a way out of the political crisis plus i will quote myself. with the way the old republic and is the. soul ever go. and where certain persons ever some god like takes the oath of office chaired on by tens of thousands of people and v.i.p.'s at the national sports stadium zimbabwe's second president also paid tribute to robert mugabe.
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thank you very much for your company well we begin with breaking developments out of egypt where the death toll from a horrific attack has climbed to two hundred thirty five people with many more wounded the attack happened when gunmen opened fire and bombed a crowded mosque in the northern sinai peninsula state media report that the attack took place west of the provincial capital and no one has yet claimed responsibility but for the past three years gyptian security forces have battled an insurgency backed by the so-called islamic state in the region media reports say president i've referred to has sisi convened an emergency security meeting soon after the attack all right and i believe we can talk now to do karim go our way in the egyptian capital of cairo a cream can you hear me yet so if you are right kareen please fill us in what are
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you hearing what's the latest. yes basically the death toll is rising by the minute now working two hundred thirty people it was a mosque in the most signing of the sinai each as a political four cards were moving towards the most men jumped out and started to fire the people in the most who were just there listening to them and the whole thing must've taken quite a while because there are also reports that there were there will be shooting at the ambulance cars who are trying to approach the last to pick up the injured there is of course now a lot of speculation why this was lost this lonely. feeling was really kind of. a credible islam that is most. probably needed and it is very much hated by the little can commiserate much much more rigid
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equivocation of islam until now we don't really have a text in or finally i can be cured the forces also some attacks against christians the times the holy shrine of his work but this is of course the first time that the mosque was attacked with people praying there this is basically the second blood is . after the downing of a russian airliner two years ago which killed two hundred twenty fourth i'd like to ask you about that as well but first i'd like you to describe what it was like at the time of the attack this is of course when worshipers would be attending a friday prayers it would be very very crowded. yes i mean first thing after said we really have to rely to reports coming from never scripts for journalists to give . more sign research we rely very much on state television and it is on social media but of course scenes of chaos the pictures coming out from the most
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horrific you have line by line for dead bodies. and now we have like the first people arriving at the hospital it's root canal and some more heavier people are also brought to cairo so we will probably hear more when the people are right in the hospital and. basically eyewitnesses from the injured people who are career before i let you go of course there has been also that a referee attack or a not so long ago that to downing of a russian aircraft for two hundred twenty four people lost their lives what is it about the sinai region that makes it so volatile. well that's a bit of a different story because it wasn't part of the airport in sharm el sheikh which lies in the south of sinai which is that area was lots of we're talking here in this case about them saying finally in the area of l.r.u.
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should that after this is an area where basically. security is slowly building walls that they will use the militant islamists which also announce their loyalty to isis these are goals and so this is basically a local area with or is very much because. we love never managed to get a full control over this area right all right and now of course we're seeing another horrific attack being perpetrated there on the sinai thank you very much for the update karim ago our reporting from cairo. back here in germany the german president has made a new move to resolve the coalition crisis present talk about their steinmeier has invited chance on america and martin short's of the social democrats to talks next week on forming a coalition government steinmeier is job may be made easier by some apparent backtracking by the social democrats after a late night talks the party's leadership said it would work constructively to find
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a way out of the crisis s.p.d. previously doubt joining any coalition with. p.b. party leader martin schultz is slowly backpedaling at a party had called a press conference he says because germany is in a complicated situation so his party will not refuse to talk about forming a new government. kind of. there is no fixed course in any specific direction but one thing is clear if talk show that we could consider taking part in a new government constellation. then the party members will vote on this. option in the s.p.d. is facing a crucial test at a meeting with s.p.d. leader martin schulz german president. reportedly pressed the social democrat to
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reconsider forming another grand coalition with the conservatives but with shultz us party leader coalition talks seem difficult he had rejected the idea of taking on the responsibility of government twice while the rumors headed that schultz might step down as party chief members of the conservative c.d.u. show optimism that it is news president and the president's appeal that every party has to make sure that there can be a stable government in germany has some impact we have to stop talking with us p.d. as soon as they're ready and form a new government soon. and i think. it's a tough choice for s.p.d. leader martin schultz cooperate with and break his promise or put the political stability of germany at risk well i did have a use for correspondent thomas ferrer is on the story for you thomas good to say what i would convince the s.p.d. leader to reconsider his position. i would say two things laid out on the one
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hundred office of the conversation that martin should start with president. president has an incredibly influential person in germany one who can direct political debates in the country on the other hand something else that played a very important role was the fact that many members within the s.p.d. were no longer convinced that that strict opposition to joining a new coalition was the right path for the party they have been internal debates in the last few days and in particular after the so-called jamaica negotiations collapse to see whether the s.p.d. should change line should revisit that strict opposition and that's something that definitely played a role in the negotiations last night the internal discussions within the s.p.d. and obviously also with the conversations that martin shows how with president time i and thomas what do you think that the s.p.d.
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support base will make of this you turn well they are divided as i mentioned so whereas some people are still very very skeptical indeed of forming any possible coalition with angela merkel because they see that as the main problem that ended up in the s.p.d. having a very bad result on september twenty four the elections of them or twenty four there are others who say that the s.p.d. was simply no position to reject talking to angela merkel that said it is still unclear whether that will bring any results for now they are only sitting at the same table and seeing whether there is any possibility of finding common ground or thomas carol reporting thank you. now to a landmark day for zimbabwe a member cinema ganga has been sworn in as president on tens of thousands of people in v.i.p.'s from across the african continent gathered at a stadium in the capital harare so witness the ceremony and cheer on the new president to valid to uphold the constitution and protect the rights of all
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zimbabweans my god what replaces former president robert mugabe who held power for nearly four decades. and the president delivered his inaugural address a short while ago despite the controversial legacy of robert mugabe his predecessor his successor pay tribute to his one time close ally our rights and i'm joined now by peggy schultz the southern africa manager of the german african business association good to see you miss schultz of course mr gaga has his work cut out for him he will have to rebuild the economy from the bottom up how convinced are you that he'll be able to do that you're closely familiar with zimbabwe yes i'm postlude familiar with them bob i deal with all of these southern african countries south of the city in tanzania i think we will have to see more of what miss the mind when god wants to do he only returned to the country on
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wednesday evening he has made very few public appearances since and so we will have to see what will follow from what he's been seeing so far though the signals are promising he says that the country is open for business and he's clearly in trying to attract foreign investors to come back into the country to grow the economy and also put people back to work and. to get people back to work you will need help of course of some of your members that you're representing as well are your members telling you that they're lining up in terms of foreign direct investments in zimbabwe to make sure that the country can rebuild itself in terms of economy where would we have been seeing over the years that the interest was unbroken the whole time in zimbabwe i think what our members will need to see however though is is the stable and reliable partner and that rule of law prevails
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within the country and i think it will take some time after all these years of economic crisis to rebuild that trust and to bring the investors back into the country so are you saying i am i hearing that you're saying you'd rather wait and see what happens next week maybe to see if there are going to be democratic elections held in twenty. nor actually i think we should just monitor closely what will happen and also which which direction the politics of president one god one will take regardless of the elections that will follow and whether he will create favorable conditions for the investors for one thing but most of all where the rule of law will be the prevalent force within the country rather than. just the word of the president how convinced are you that he is the right man of course he has been a mugabe's right hand man for many many decades well. what i can see is zimbabwe is is good is on
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a good track. i think we have seen that the people have been very. enthusiastic and they want to rebuild the country and i think it will be it will depend on the whole of the population and not just on this the mungo on my god want to rebuild this country let's say it is politic for the sake of argument it is politically stable what makes him bob or so attractive for investors are to go and dive in economy that. boy has a lot of potential in many areas and has a very good resource base the agricultural potential is very good and used to be the mascot of africa and what we have been seeing is that the population in zimbabwe is very well educated and i think the human potential in the country is also very important for investors coming in what do you make of the euphoria that we've been witnessing these past couple of years of the days i should say sorry no problem. i think we have seen euphoria in other countries too so i don't want to be
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overly euphoric myself but what we have heard in the last couple of days were positive signals. and i think if it continues along this way then this euphoria might turn into reality right well you're still hoping thank you so very much for the shots the southern africa manager of the german african business association thank you for spending time i think you. are you're watching news that will be back at the top of the hour with another update of the headlines for now thank you for spending this part of your day with us.


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