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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 24, 2017 6:00pm-6:15pm CET

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the main thing was to keep your head down and your mouth shut of course of the fish like this i could never completely disappear if you see all of these stereotypes about it because it's good to see you. do something for your country but you're still the black you're welcome. afro germany starting december tenth d.w. . this is you don't need to use live from berlin a massive attack rocks egypt's sinai peninsula state media report at least two
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hundred thirty five people were killed when gunmen bombed a mosque during a friday sermon they opened fire on worshippers as they tried to flee or live in cairo. also coming up our germany social democrats bowing to pressure their leader every statistics on a possible coalition with on the american conservatives amid new efforts to find a way out of the political crisis plus. part of what myself. the way the polls him back and his people. sold to go. president and where some got what takes the oath of office cheered on by tens of thousands of people and v.i.p.'s at the national sports stadium zimbabwe's second president also paid tribute to robert mugabe.
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i. thank you very much for your company we begin with breaking developments out of egypt where the death toll from a horrific attack has climbed to two hundred thirty five with many others wounded it took place in egypt's sinai peninsula near the provincial capital a gunman detonated explosives and then opened fire at a mosque that was packed with worshipers for friday prayers no one has yet claimed responsibility but for the past three years a gyptian security forces have battled an insurgency back by the so-called islamic state militia shortly after the attack present a threat to has sisi addressed the nation promising to respond with what he called brutal force he also declared three days of national mourning. i send my condolences to the families of the martyrs and my wishes for
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a speedy recovery for all the wounded. once again i tell all egyptians that what happened will only increase our determination to face terrorism with all our strength. visibly outraged president karimov go ari is in the egyptian capital cairo karim reaction has been swift. yes interactions. expectable i mean the presence of. brute force and we have also in the last hour. the air force through the bombing raid in the northern sinai that of course is used to be like going to because they have to show to people that they're reacting that they're doing something but it is not of it being like a targeted reaction to the people who are responsible for the fact that the same
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for us if you will karim what would have been happening in the mosque shortly before the attack. well according to eyewitnesses there were several explosive devices and blowing up in the mosque we're going for cars where driving in front of the was the men jumping out starting firing at people who tried to flee from the scene from the mosque. going on for quite a long time because we also heard reports that they were firing at the ambulance cars were trying to approach the mosque in order to bring away the injured people so it seems like that this was going on for quite a long time what was being targeted it. what that is not very clear i think there's basically time series this mosque was a mosque with her frequented a lot by muslims who are going along with the much kind of a more spiritual reading of the religion and it spread much quicker by
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islamists who have a more rigid reading of the koran that's what possibly do frankly it's eerie is that this bill which is a village where a tribe is living that is normal for cooperating with the security forces and it's very possible that there was some of. course that were threatened here in this mosque. and cream what is it about the sinai region that makes it so volatile. it's basically a region where we have a small scale a wall going on this goes back to the times of of hosni mubarak. was that if collated escalated over the years it's an area that is basically also on the local airport zone and we're not allowed to go there so it's very difficult to see what's really going on on the ground but it seems like the people should be
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pretty horses and not. to control the area because really really only the pavement about major attacks maybe i get the forces but if we also sometimes for example against the christian minority who lives in this area it's kind of an area where you have this ongoing war and it doesn't look like this is just a new escalation of ongoing war roll like attacking a mosque. did of use the cream although our reporting from the egyptian capital cairo thank you. here in berlin the german president has made a new move to resolve the coalition crisis president frank walter steinmeier has invited chance to america will and martin schulz of the social democrats to talks next week on forming a coalition government steinmeyer his job may be made easier by the social democrats change of heart after
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a late night talks the party's leadership said it would work constructively to find a way out of the crisis the s.p.d. previously ruled out joining a coalition with medical. as p.d. party leader martin schultz is slowly backpedaling at a party had called a press conference he says because germany is in a complicated situation of his party will not refuse to talk about forming a new government. it's keep kind and. there is no fixed course in any specific direction but one thing is clear if talk show that we could consider taking part in a new government constellation. then the party members will vote on this. option in the s.p.d. is facing a crucial test at a meeting with s.p.d. leader martin schulz german president. reportedly pressed the social democrat to
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reconsider forming another grand coalition with the conservatives but with shows us party leader coalition talks seem difficult he had rejected the idea of taking on the responsibility of government twice while rumors had it that schultz might step down as party chief members of the conservative c.d.u. show optimism gap it is wooden as president and the president's appeal that every party has to make sure that there can be a stable government in germany has some impact we have to start talking with the s.p.d. as soon as they are ready and form a new government soon i. think. it's a tough choice for s.p.d. leader martin schulz cooperate with a break his promise or put the political stability of germany at risk well i did have use for a correspondent thomas ferrer is on the story for you thomas get to say what i would convince the s.p.d.
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leader to reconsider his position. i would say two things laid out on the one hundred obviously the conversation that martin should start with president. president has an incredibly influential person in germany one who can direct political debates in the country on the other hand something else that played a very important role was the fact that many members within the s.p.d. were no longer convinced that that strict opposition to joining a new coalition was the right path for the party they have been internal debates in the last few days and in particular after the so-called jamaica negotiations collapse to see whether the s.p.d. should change line and should revisit that strict opposition and that's something that definitely play a role in the negotiations last night the internal discussions within the s.p.d. and obviously also with the conversations that martin shows how with president time maya and thomas what do you think that the s.p.d.
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support base will make of this you turn well they are divided as i mentioned so where are some people are still very very skeptical indeed of forming any possible coalition with angela merkel because they see that as the main problem that ended up in the s.p.d. having a very bad result on september twenty four the elections of them were twenty four there are others who say that the s.p.d. was simply no position to reject talking to i'm going to michael that said it is so unclear whether that will bring any results for now they're only sitting at the same table and seeing whether there is any possibility of finding common ground or thomas carol reporting thank you. ireland's minority government is on the verge of collapse after the main opposition party tabled a no confidence vote in the deputy prime minister on this comes just three weeks before a crucial european union summit on bragg's it were ireland. expected to play a key role prime minister ileo car has threatened to veto progress to the next
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stage of regs that negotiations unless britain provides a written guarantee there will be no hard border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland. meantime of britain's prime minister theresa may has hailed progress and begs that negotiations with the e.u. she made the comments after meeting with e.u. president. but she can say that there are still what she called outstanding issues speaking to reporters may avoided questions on whether she was prepared to pay up to forty billion euros to settle britain's outstanding obligations the e.u. says britain has to increase its offer before the two sides open talks on future trade ties and may is very keen to get started on those of course i will be having other meetings i will be seeing president to escape today talking about the positive discussions opposed negotiations we're having looking ahead to the future deepens just special partnership that i won't leave you with the europeans are able
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whitman that i'm on with the european union these negotiations are continuing but what i'm clear about is that we must step forward to get this is for both the u.k. and the union to move on to the next stage what you're here to. see miss is my own the fourth of december was to meeting here this morning and i'll hear from him what happens but the real interest doesn't begin until december the full lose them. it's a landmark day for zimbabwe emerson gangle has been sworn in as the country's new president after nearly four decades of rule by robert mugabe tens of thousands of people and v.i.p.'s across the african continent gathered at the national stadium in harare to witness the ceremony the new president promised to introduce democratic reform and kick start the country's ravaged economy. i'm assuming one guy was inauguration ceremony went off with a bang and a massive military salute his fearsome reputation earned him the nickname of the
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crocodile and after he was sacked a month ago by ousted president robert mugabe he has snapped back to take power his inauguration comes after the sudden end to make up a thirty seven year rule but he paid tribute to the man he replaces. these. things through. the run off and the only surviving found in front of. your whole nation. comrade god. was you know was good for national independence his supporters not so surprising the years was a key ally helping direct zimbabwe's war of independence in the one nine hundred seventy s. in the eighty's he became a feared spine master during his years of civil conflict he was longing to just
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make up a successor but he fell out with his aging mentor when it became clear mcgarvey wanted to install his wife grace as president instead. despite the obvious support not everyone's convinced that things will be so different. superficially changes but what can we expect from them you know i'm really asking myself of that we're going to get off the bus that is seven years what's changed and they bring a lot of people would be happy when i expect to be delivered under the new dispensation that is certainly a lot to do symbolic ways rural economy has been wrecked by robert mugabe's decades long drive to confiscate white owned farms business leaders hope none can use his international connections to revitalize activity. the crocodile is promising zimbabwe ends a new era of democracy hopes may be high but there are also doubts about what lies ahead. our i want to tell you about some breaking news that's just
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a coming in police in london say they're responding to what they're describing as an incident at oxford circus subway station that's one of the busiest stations in the british capital you're watching live pictures is currently being evacuated police are devising people to go into the surrounding buildings and not stand around on the streets there are no further details on that right now but we will bring you more as soon as we have it in these are pictures outside the department store selfridges just a lot of people will be there doing at their holiday shopping and apparently that department store is currently being evacuated we're going to stay on top of this story and bring you more as soon as we get it. thank you so much for spending part of your day with us.


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