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tv   World Stories - Paying the price for Indias appetite for coal  Deutsche Welle  November 25, 2017 3:15pm-3:31pm CET

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just any old game in the ruhr. will be both hoping that work on monday isn't the pits. with us alone our fans will be cheering probably already cheering up to hearing that lionel messi has extended his contract with the club the new contract will keep the man some believe is the world's greatest footballer at the club twenty twenty one and get this that contract includes a buyout clause that says that any club wanting to buy messi will have to pay seven hundred million euros messi joined barcelona at the age of thirteen and has become the spanish league's all time leading goalscorer. it watching the news in berlin at the top of the hour and don't forget you can always catch up with social media we are at thanks for joining us.
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sometimes you just have to pump up the volume. when they. pop export the music magazine on t.w. . they will not succeed in dividing us not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of this dictatorship. taking the stand global news that matters d. w. made for mines. welcome
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to this week's world stories. the harsh conditions of india's coal fields. thailand's waterways go electric. but first to southern spain migrants mostly from africa have long worked the farms and. but their hopes of a better life are often dashed by harsh conditions and scarce opportunities. for these illegal migrants the struggle for survival begins every morning at the break of dawn at a roundabout near on the rio they gather and wait hoping to be hired working in the nearby greenhouses is their only source of income in a place where they believe they would find wealth and freedom those who are invited into one of these minivans are the lucky ones. social worker
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hussey got a c.e.o. wants to warn the migrants about exploitation he and his colleagues from the andalusian labor union say illegal migrants are particularly vulnerable handing out fliers he wants to inform them about their rights. for one day you're supposed to earn forty six euros and seventy two cents only eight hours of work. but. these illegal workers see i might not have any documents but they do have rights we want to let them know that the spanish laws protecting them and about the minimum wage they're supposed to earn and the conditions they should demand but it's hard to demand your rights if you don't have documentation and if you don't know that i took on the not going to the woman ok own. moral from ali takes us to what he calls his home tucked away between the many greenhouses. he
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shares a flat with seven other farm workers and is lucky to have electricity and running water. but there's not enough money to buy proper food he says. leftovers from last night's dinner plain rice and nothing else for some reason for. further down the road we find an abandoned house home to a group of moroccan migrants eighteen year old yousef invites us in to see how they live the hygiene it can dish ans are poor they have no running water to wash their clothes these cunto what they used to shower. we wonder why use estates here in these conditions he says life in morocco was as bad as it is here but after three years as an illegal alien he can get an official residence permit in spain. at night the spanish sea rescue
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service saves fifty four young men from sub-saharan africa. the dream of a better life is what brings them to europe and in this very moment everyone on board believes they're going to achieve exactly that. here in germany restrictions on reuniting refugee families proved to be a major sticking point in talks on forming a new coalition government a few weeks ago. this woman told us her story. we meet up with the same after her german lessons this is how our day starts here in berlin without her children or her husband. she tells us about her escape from syria it all happened in two thousand and fifteen she left her three children behind. that's what her husband won
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and now he's in prison in syria she's alone in berlin and her children without their parents in syria and. back then i decided to leave the country in the hopes of helping my children by starting anew and then bringing them here. that was my only goal. he shows us pictures of her children. that's her son and two daughters with their grandmother. sebastian mir helps her deal with the situation. he's had a lot to do since twenty sixteen. that's when the german government stopped refugees like osama from reuniting with their families it was supposed to only last for two years but now the conservatives want to extend the suspension. does
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but at least and first us that simply means that families are separated for years and parents are separated from their children that spouses are separated for years . for a period of time that has no definable and. and this is very hard for families to deal with it's catastrophic just offered. in the center or same shows as her favorite passage in the german constitution article six the special protection of marriage and family since the telephone lines to syria are just for up to all she has our photos. so. i keep getting photos of my children. but that only makes it worse because i can't experience them firsthand. her last hope is german politics say my hopes that someday she'll be allowed to live
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a life in safety together with her children. coal mining in india has had a disastrous impact on both the environment and on people. but often it remains the only way to earn a living. so the three month though is that one thousand years old. she scavengers in the coal mines of tokyo. where the ship is just nine to begin work at dawn every day it's fraught with dangers. the cold has to be hacked out of the exposed. ones should come our badly injured himself when working in open cold but it is one hundred fifty meters deep south with three makes four to five crips each day. she has to watch out for the police who chase them away and
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confiscate the court. well. i don't have a choice i have to do this work my parents are illiterate they've worked as laborers all their lives they can't do anything else. so i try to help them by owning money i really don't like the work my heart isn't in it. a few hours of work which is the equivalent of three euros that's more than what people earn here as day laborers of some thirty thousand people workers called scavengers. but they pay a heavy price bernie roll call releases toxic smoke and gases causing widespread as well and respiratory illnesses in the area. jarius is a top one of the world's largest coal reserves. to try again to open pits and deep
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mines here account for a quarter of india's coal production. the resulting toxic emissions have devastated the environment. the coal fires and destroyed houses and triggered landslides. has been campaigning for the rights of illegal cold workers like sub three of the rubble he says india is paying a huge human cost in its dash because. this government just doesn't bother right now paul is very important it is very informed for the development there were massive cities. with them and the cost of these people. amount of human beings who are going to be deprived of water when there's some of the other making older living that will also go some victories determined to find a way out of the gold mines. scavenging also helps pay for college.
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she goes there every day after work. to ensure her dreams of getting a good job. don't go up in smoke. our last report takes us to thailand where diesel and petrol engines power traffic on the rivers and canals go electric says a german company planning a silent revolution. they might be iconic but they can be quite a nuisance as well on bangkok's canals and floating markets long tail boats another only a familiar sight but a familiar sound as well. david hunter and his team want to change that today they're trying to convince the local authorities that going electric has many upsides brought one of their test motors along after all proof of the putting use in the eating.
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most people's mind when they switch from a combustion to an electric is how long will my battery lasts. but i think for areas like this where. you don't go too fast an electric motor can go all day without recharging so i think once people get to understand it and feel that anxiety they had before well quickly be taken away. before they can go for a piece in the conventional motor needs to be removed then the much lighter talk ito engine is mounted to the boat you know only takes a few flicks of the wrist. when. that first mr true on the local boatman doesn't seem to trust the three horsepower drive. but the slim engine provides all the thrust he needs.
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at this now you have like ten kilometer range. which is probably all day long and if we're doing traveling with. the. after a few minutes initial skepticism gives way. hard talking about like minus motor definitely has enough power and it's so easy to use you just turn the handle. thailand's tourism authority is already on board with the new technology. provided the investors don't shy away from the costs of two thousand euros the retail price for this model is about ten times as much as a comparable combustion engine its peace and tranquility however is certainly priceless.
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and africa the smart solutions for our environment. lions for the king of the beasts but when people clash with these big cancer conservationists have a duty to step in in uganda's queen elizabeth national park mines numbers have plummeted rapidly with the help of local residents conservationists are trying to protect the lines of go at africa next on d.w. . stores close at kim and god's house of music the same time the song song bogle stops. wrong icon helen schneider her run. and rap legend moses held. in forty five w.
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. your children like chocolate. you can't live without your smartphone. your tomatoes the supermarket. as we go about our daily lives human rights often the last thing on the minds. invisible hands of slavery in the twenty first century starting december second on d w.


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