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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  November 26, 2017 3:02am-3:15am CET

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they've been called. on they've been called the ultimate digital pioneers. they've been called a total work of art. after that. what's the secret of their success the funds were planned as a mom who was on the special edition of paula exploit topics what in thirty minutes on. germany is a strong country. that we have achieved so much we can do this and if something hinders us we must overcome it india. going where it's uncomfortable global news that matters w made for mines. they look like. they know what we think. and soon they'll even know how we feel.
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well i'm not a real person i'm still just a piece of software. scientists around the world are working to measure our emotions. so hopefully i can be a helpful piece assault with. a virtual person as a therapist or a robotic as a teacher neither would have human empathy. what does a machine need to do to create empathy and a medical context when i disclose more information to a person or to computer in this case algorithms instead of feelings measuring emotions starting december sixteenth t w.
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women around the world have taken to the streets to mark the international day for the elimination of violence against women hundreds marched in paris french president a man and woman gone launched an initiative to combat violence and harassment against women he noted that one hundred twenty three women died in attacks against them last year. gyptian warplanes have hit back at militants suspected of carrying out friday's attack on a mosque in northern sinai and the jets struck vehicles and hideouts said to be used by the militants in nearby mountainous the state prosecutor's office said that three hundred five people were killed in the assault on radha mosque. u.n. planes have arrived in yemen carrying humanitarian aid workers and desperately needed polio vaccines the saudi led coalition fighting yemeni rebels gave permission for the planes to land three weeks after imposing a blockade. but the coalition is still refusing to let ships dock with wheat and
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medical supplies. russian president vladimir putin has signed a bill allowing his country to register international media outlets as foreign agents. the measure is seen as retaliation for washington forcing the kremlin funded r.t. television formerly known as russia today to register with the u.s. justice department as a foreign agent. in the d.w.p. without me speak your language being a member. for content in dari pashto and order prospects for returning our web special to detect the refugee journey of life in germany and the prospects for those returning home. to join the discussion on t.w. dot com and on facebook. prospects for returning news d.-w. maybe for mine.
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it's much day thirteen and it's derby weekend in the ruler with dortmund in need of a victory against high flying rivals shellcode fierce showdown what's expected. shall have their eyes on the title and every point because they dispose of a dortmund side desperate to drag themselves and of the dolphins. i'm can't biron maintained their unbeaten run since your client gets took over against old phones. welcome to the bone this league m d w i'm part of the yes we start the show with one of the most eagerly anticipated matches of the season the derby between dortmund and shock the host stuart meant constant to find the rhythm after an impressive start of the season their last but in this league a victory was back in september and coach picked up bosh is feeling the heat the
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club's supporters are growing desperate with each poor result moving further and further away from their first league title since twenty twelfth's it couldn't be more different for their rivals this weekend shaka under thirty two year old the many go to tesco the royal blues are allowing themselves to dream of been this league a title success this season can they cause another upset indorsement let's find out . dortmund had a point to prove and came out firing on all cylinders pierre and when it came sliding into draw first blood his eleventh goal of the season for replay revealed he palm verbal internet with the goal was allowed to stand and vale was yet to more . lead turned a vis dortmund free kick into his own goal. and from van things got even worse for the visitors polled on the pain making it three nil after just twenty minutes his first goal of a season and water goal it was. five minutes later it was rough feel good arrows
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turned to get on the scoresheet it was like christmas come early for dortmund coach peter bosch. the second half i was a different story. open sharp as a count and i mean after it sort of chance and took it. dortmund began to buckle and of the onslaught i missed time tackle resulted in a second yellow card and an early shower for a young child kept up the pressure casualty scored for third dortmund it looked like a different team it was quickly turning into a nightmare of again for peter bosch for his opponents we're not finished yet. in the ninety fourth minute now got another to level the score four goals of peace secure one precious and unlikely point for dortmund is now six games about to win. have it. i've never experienced
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a day like this before for me and everyone else who was there it was really something special that he ever offered us models for so i hope people can understand that i can't talk about my future just a couple of minutes after the game we're disappointed and looking ahead just yet it's too soon after the games itself you know. dormant we found were fighting spirits but only after the final whistle poached peter bosses days in charge no look to be numbered. byron faced possibly their toughest test of the season but the champions suffering an injury nightmare at the moment despite their run of six unbeaten bundesliga games on the trot munich have often stumbled when playing in front of an intimidating crowd and went back the rivals have only lost one of their last six on this league matches and has been creeping up the table there attacking style has proven difficult to tame this season and action packed was on the cards. by and. was returning home to
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mention got back and the hosts had a lot to deal with against the record bundy's league champions and not to the head so christophe promise of injured after just ten minutes. but the fellows want to be deterred in a class handled in the area a penalty the verdict. talken as stepped up and did the rest despite the best efforts of pine keeper spend all right to it one nil to claw back thirty nine minutes on the clock robert nevin trickery nearly levelled for brian but it was that back who struck again nashton the crust from a times can turn the hosts going into half time to goals to the good. bye and stop cross were not looking impressed the visitors brought on more firepower after the break.


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