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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 26, 2017 10:00pm-10:15pm CET

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the main thing was to keep your head down and your mug shot of course of the face like this i could never completely disappear if you see all these stereotypes about africa it hurts you like you do something for your country but you're still the black guy with a. afro germany starting december tenth d.w. . this is due to the news life from berlin
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a make or break moment for i gather merkel with the social democrats now open to coalition talks the german chancellor rejects the idea of fresh elections and says she wants a new government as soon as possible also coming up. islamist hardliners turn up the heat on talk of down the government with calls for a general strike after six people are killed in violent clashes. and as pope francis traveled to myanmar aid agencies say they're concerned about the safety of rohingya muslims set to return under an agreement reached earlier this week many of the refugees don't want to go back. i'm out on a welcome to the program of germany's post election deadlock may be nearing an end with signs another grand coalition could be in the works chancellor angela merkel
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has been meeting with leaders of her c.d.u. parsi in berlin to discuss their options after coalition talks with the greens and the pro-business f.d.p. collapsed and she says a new decision must be made quickly and is expected to call on the second largest party the social democrats to form a new grand coalition that's something the s.p.d. has repeatedly rooms or had repeatedly ruled us. angular merkel city you party games to create a sense of urgency as a new grand coalition begins to look more likely what they don't want is to try to govern without a majority. they've been there as a skeptic i am skeptical about a minority government germany is a big player in european politics we need to show stability. of the city use parliamentary friction chairman for car culture called on the social democrats to put aside their reservations and begin talks for years if you have to partner up with one or even two other parties whenever you want to pass
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a new law in the bundestag that might turn out even more nerve wrecking than forging a new coalition that's why i suggest we build a coalition with the s.p.d. . or and asked me to a speedy but for the social democrats in new grand coalition with the city you is far from a done deal. yesterday hopes a stable government can be formed that's why we're putting forward the idea of a minority government we convinced it can work out even if it requires some courage . we need this country to take a big step forward germany cannot afford to simply carry on like this. many in the s.p.d. fear what could happen if they join you to another grand coalition. we watch out that are going to work or has urged members of our own party to back and new grand coalition she said a new government with the social democrats would be vastly preferable to the
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alternative of new actions going back to voters and telling them that they have to vote again i don't agree with that atl goods that we work well together so now we need to talk about the things that didn't work and try to do them even better. well that was a strong statement there from mark joined by d.w. correspondent hans brand to weigh opar options as it were. the c.d.u. is aiming for a grand coalition would that be a good option for germany you know some might say it's another four years with a part of entry opposition how is that a healthy thing for the country or you can say that it's a healthy thing in the sense that it's a sign of stability which is very important for germany and i think probably even more important for germany's neighbors and for the world at large where are people waiting at the moment for something to be decided in germany this kind of limbo this fluidity in the german situation is not really welcomed by german his
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neighbors and by its partners in the world within germany obviously it also means ability but of course the problem that we have at the moment is a different problem and with the alternative for germany the right wing populist being the second largest well they would be the largest opposition party if the social democrats were to join the government that would change the character of parliament quite significantly that's one of the reasons why the social democrats have said they're not so eager to go into another grand coalition it's going to be a very different event with a grand coalition is going to be very different set up and ending germany's political deadlock is definitely what all parties want to live in favor of a grand coalition as we know are there any significant voices from within the c.d.u. against the us not really strong voices there are many voices within the c.d.u. at the moment who are saying if coalition discussions coalitions negotiations
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should start with the social democrats then the christian democrats are conserves should not make too many concessions in other words they're concerned that in this situation of pressure on the situation of need you might say for germany that the conservatives might give up too much of their political issues of their political. in order to bring such a coalition into existence so that's really where the risk resistance within the party is but in essence i think everyone in the party is hoping that such a general such a grand coalition will come to come come to be again what can marco offer the social democrats what kind she offer them to convince them to go back into a grand coalition well the social democrats obviously have various demands some of these are already being made at the moment they are demands in the social sphere. democrats for instance want a change in the way german medical aid is organized want further investment by the
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state and things such as schools they want a change in the way the pension system is organized all these kinds of issues which have been in the political sphere for a long time have been discussed between conservatives and social democrats for a long time the conservatives will have to make concessions on some of these points and the social democrats will be interested in setting that hard to their voters telling the voters that this is really social democratic content that is coming out of a grand coalition that's really their interests are going to have to defend of the fact that they are going into this after all tiffany interesting times ahead thank you very much for joining us in studio. in pakistan islam is tarred liners have called for a general strike following new clashes with security forces seven of violence yesterday left six people dead and almost two hundred injures the demonstrations have been rallying to the capital islamabad demanding the resignation of a government minister at the queues of blasphemy they've blocked main routes into
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the city for almost three weeks now on saturday pakistani police and paramilitary forces failed to disperse the protesters despite a violent crackdown. when i spoke to journalist i thought in islamabad we asked him what exactly the protesters are hoping to achieve. as far as they're concerned the first dream on the day has is that they want the federal law minister the headhunter to resign now this is based on allegations that he committed the last me by introducing an amendment into an electoral law that removes a certain reference which they deem to be softening the state's position against m. of the muslim now that was where they started from now it is unclear what they're what they're demanding and what they want further than that because the government it seems even taken that condition on board and they're going to go shooting with them on this the real crux of the matter out here is that this is a relatively small fringe group the generally has not had the ability to turn out numbers or especially elect already has not been very relevant to their party but
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they're led by a hard line clerical has for years campaigned on this issue and also gained notoriety in fact to which you know their remarks and rhetoric inciting violence against particularly the end of the community but others as well and it seems that the move and receive the player in question is using these sort of and using the issue of law something which is a compass a hot button issue but it's on in the last few years he's using it to gain political prominence and then as far as he's concerned obviously it's worked out very well he's managed to got the capital for two weeks and now even a police operation unable to dislodge him and the other stories making news around the world. voters in honduras are going to the polls in presidential and parliamentary elections surveys point to a clear need for incumbent president juan orlando hernandez his first term crackdown on gang violence is seen as having helped bring down the country's murder race which is one of the highest in the world. a monitoring group says at least
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fifty seven people have been killed in airstrikes by russian and government forces in syria russia says its bombers hit targets linked with the islamic state group the syrian military pounded sites in rebel held eastern near damascus this despite the area falling within a so-called deescalation zone a volcano on the indonesian island of bali has had a series of a rope sions mount a goal sent steam six thousand meters into the sky disrupting international flights to the tourist destination indonesia has raised its alert level for aviation to red that's the highest possible morning. pope francis is on his way to myanmar for a historic visit it's also one that's going to test his diplomatic skills the roman catholic i left a short while ago from rome it will be the first ever visit to myanmar by
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a pope he's also due to stop in bangladesh as part of the six day trip but the mission has been overshadowed by the ongoing crisis over myanmar's persecution of the rwanda muslim minority all eyes will be watching to see how pope francis handles the henge issue. yes gone is pulling out all the stops for the pope's first ever visit to myanmar but it's a buddhist majority nation only some four percent of people here call themselves christians and they do so despite considerable resistance myanmar's military and radical buddhists consider many of the country's religious minorities to be foreigners now many christians are hoping the pope's visit will help change that perception yeah i will be very happy if i can see the pope that's why i've traveled here your entire long i think the pope could lead us to peace or gives advice about dealing with these religious tensions. but pope francis must tread carefully in the face of the countries where hinges
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a muslim minority group has been overshadowing his visit and authorities in myanmar are concerned that the outspoken catholic leader could draw more international attention to their plight pope francis has been advised to avoid using the word raheja since the country's rulers don't recognize them as such he needs heroes. tonight i will start my op a stalwart journey to me and mar and bangladesh. i ask you to accompany me with your prayers so that my presence for those people can be a sign of closeness and hope you know. more than six hundred thousand ranger have fled from me and to bangladesh since august they live in massive refugee camps like this one in coffs is bizarre but bangladesh is a poor country it doesn't have the resources to care for so many refugees last week it struck a deal with me to return the refugees hard but for many that's on thinkable after
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the horrors they witnessed in the end this woman acts out how she says the military through their children into fire is. i cannot trust the man our government if the international community promises to keep us safe and if there are people there to protect us we will go back but if they send us back without this guarantee will be persecuted again. they're in jail want the same thing is that christian counterparts who are pouring into young going for the pope's visit both minority groups hope for their safety and peace in myanmar. and the borders they have secured so much data points with a surprise win over a hoffenheim conceded an own goal after just six minutes for the stage then made it to now and get an joe seal that went for hamburg with a nother goal just before the final whistle while at sunday's late game then hash
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tag got the better of cologne get out the base of it opens the scoring before getting a second to put the results beyond. let's get a round up now of all that results from this weekend well there is a confirmation of those wins for homburg and how to it was an eight gold thriller them between dortmund gladbach ended by an unbeaten run five six beat braman fibroid picked up some much needed points against minds fine for last night's major coups and very good one against valves and on friday one over and. let's see then how those results affect the bundesliga standings by ends lead at the top of cook to three points after that to face at gladbach dives a back up to second shot down a spot after their draw with dortmund leverkusen and moving steadily up the table some changes then as well the other end with further braman moving back down and firebrick giving up some tennis now and there was jubilation a near us france b.
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belgium to win the davis cup and in a sixteen year drives in the tournament lucas prix sealed the title with a decisive win over steve d'arcy lured on by the parson home price pretty close de easy straight sets win to spark emotional scenes on and off the horse from his ten davis cup title but after the long wait it may just be the sweetest yet. and that's it for me for now you are watching due to the news that will be back again at the top of the hour so don't go away.


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