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since two weeks ago i think. this until last week was twenty four cases and i don't know most of. these people are totally dependent on the supplies delivered by the aid agencies they had to leave everything behind when they fled. and so they wait for hours in the dirt no one knows exactly what they're waiting for including hamid you know. i heard there could be plastic plates and blankets. we need everything. there are blankets in the sacks and cooking equipment to me just once food for his family rice supplies are running out this is all that's left even the prospect of repatriation is a bleak one. that burned down our mosques and villages we've suffered a lot we want to go home but how can we list safely there. while myanmar and bangladesh talk about the refugees returning home soon life in the camp
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tells a different story here they're building streets and digging wells. we're doing it properly so that at last a lifetime this isn't something temporary. this well will supply water for years. the long term plan maybe to send these range of muslims back to myanmar but there's little chance of that for now this boy may end up growing up in a place where no child should have to. so the pope is on his way. for more on the pope's visit and going right hinge a crisis i'm joined now by they've grown up he's a journalist based in yang in beyond maher dave no pope has ever visit myanmar before why is france's going there now is it because of the revenge a crisis. well the catholic church this this the announcing of this trip was made
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and late august just a couple days after this latest crisis started but the church has been adamant about saying this trip was in the planning stages months before and no one is disagree with that because it takes so much before you would actually put out an announcement like that and so this trip was originally put together because the vatican and the m.r. had just reestablished ties about six months ago and on some suchi went to the vatican to meet with the pope so that's why this happened. so now you've got this going on with this incredible situation your reporter is just talking about of course extended thousand ranjan muslims have led in the bangladesh during the past six months and now he is in a very difficult the pope is in a very diplomatic situation right now how's he going to address this issue it's impossible for him not to address that the question is how forcefully how firm will he be in support of the rohingya and one of the key things that already come out is the question of will he say the word rohingya which is very contour. most people in
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this country refuse to identify their hands or who are stateless by that term they call them bengali which is to imply that they are illegal immigrants from bangladesh the ok and the leader of the archdiocese of yangon carnal charge longboat has asked the pope not to use that word but human rights groups are pushing for the pope to use it so we're really going to have to wait and see what he does here is some of the people i've spoken to local catholics who have added who are hoping that he will not use it because they are concerned that if he does that that will be to a backlash from buddhist nationalists against the catholic minority here ok so the pope is flying into a very delicate situation there is going to have to be diplomatic as it were if the pope does decide to talk about the range of crisis whatever term he uses to refer to that could he have any impact on that could he is he in any position to help. yes good question so you know there's only about seven hundred thousand roman
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catholics in this country in a country of more than fifty million so they're quite a minority here. he's certainly going to going to have to talk about this issue the question of that i said before how friendly will he be and he's meeting with the state council the leader of the civilian side of the government on some fucci he meets with her tomorrow he will be meeting with the commander in chief of the military during this court treat or day trip separately that the senior gentlemen on long keep in mind here the government has no control over the military here so that's a very distinct thing and i'm from sochi and the senior general don't work in the best of terms with each other so how much influence can he really have on the general is really unclear and it doesn't seem like he can probably have a lot of influence on the general with aung sang suu kyi you know she's come under a lot of criticism for not speaking up on behalf of the right hand what influence he can have on her is certainly up for debate but most analysts i've spoken to say
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it's unlikely that he can change the narrative in this country much the way most people in this country feel this issue because most people in the country support the military's campaign and don't agree with the charge of ethnic cleansing but what a lot of people say is he could have some impact on how the international community looks at this issue and in what way they may support on song suchi so that may be where he can have more impact say thank you so much for that update david greene about a journalist based in yangon myanmar. a red alert has been issued on the indonesian holiday island of bali as fears rise of a major volcanic eruption authorities have evacuated forty thousand people around mt gloom but the country's disaster agency says tens of thousands more still need to move airports have also been closed leaving many tourists stranded. the thick smoke and ash spewing from mt are gung approving a captivating spectacle for these tourists the volcanic activity has spurred
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officials to raise the eruption alert to its highest level and expand the exclusion zone around the mountain to ten kilometers they've also been forced to close the island's international airports leaving thousands of tourists and business travelers stranded. because the. fifteen minutes ago it. never. got the moment. we got from a ship because. the ticket. so we don't know what's it like. as well as the disruption at the airport thousands of local residents have been evacuated from the area around the mountain the country's disaster management agency now says many more will have to leave their homes to avoid a possible eruption exactly when that might happen is the big known.
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now to some other stories making headlines around the world today along a serving member of the u.s. congress is giving up a key committee post while lawmakers investigate allegations of sexual harassment against him eighty eight year old john conyers was the senior democrat on the house judiciary committee on yours to niall's the claims. the president of who called doris has declared himself the winner of sunday's elections exit polls suggest one orlando hernandez took forty four percent of the bout his first term crackdown on gang violence is credited with bringing down the honduran murder rate one of the highest in the world. and in cuba president raul castro has voted in municipal elections that will begin the process of naming his successor says he will step down in february next president will become the first person outside the castro family to lead cuba in sixty years. germany's
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post-election deadlock may be nearing an end with signs that another grand coalition could be in the works after talks with the greens in the pro-business f.t.p. collapsed it looks increasingly possible that chancellor i'm going to michael's conservatism well again for government with the left of center social democrats the s.p.d. . germany's conservatives now say every new grand coalition with the social democrats is the best option the only alternatives are new elections or a minority government both options that party leaders want to avoid. i am skeptical about a minority government germany said big play in european politics we need to show stability. of the cd use parliamentary group leader for a counter called on the social democrats to live up to their political responsibility. if you have to partner up with one or even two of the parties
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whenever you want to posit new law in the bundestag that might turn out even more nerve wrecking than forging a new coalition that's why i suggest we build a coalition with the s.p.d. . wouldn't address me to a speedy but for the s.p. deed and new grand coalition with the c.d.u. is far from a done deal. he says that the s.p.d. hopes a stable government can be formed that's why we're putting forward the idea of a minority government we're convinced it can work out even if it requires some courage. we need this country to take a big step forward germany cannot afford to simply carry on like this. social democrats say they won't sacrifice their campaign promises for the sake of another grand coalition. well for more on this we're joined in the studio by d.w. political correspondent mikhail good morning mcadam remind us again why the s.p.d.
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is so reluctant to enter into another coalition with chancellor merkel's conservatives because it's been that before three times in the last four governments didn't really work out for the social democrats. did you party's been very successful and actually claiming the successes of the so-called grand coalition also including the minimum wage which was such a benchmark a social democrat policy and which in the end what then was viewed something that the chancellor also initiated so the social democrats lost out pretty badly in those polls which were now back in september and they don't want to go there again they don't want to do even five that and that's why it's soon as they saw the result they've basically ruled out another grand coalition and now of course we find ourselves in a very different position so the social democrats are afraid that if they go into another coalition they're going to be completely overshadowed by chancellor machall who is very very well regarded even outside of her own party so we can understand that to some degree in a report we've heard one leading s.p.d.
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member saying that merkel should maybe try to lead a minority government maybe the s.p.d. could be helpful that way we got others in the s.p.d. calling for a fresh election just yesterday really so divided on this issue or is it just playing hard to get i think it's a bit of both i think we saw a rather remarkable u. turn from the end. of the pos week and basically he's saying that he would put this to a vote to party members anyway so this of course raising the greens and now the social democrats are kind of coming round to the position that it might become their responsibility that duty to at least stop talking but you mentioned fresh elections some were calling for the his initial ruled out this coalition as you said a report we heard one s.p.d. problem for a leading member of. yes bt also saying that maybe the chancellor has just lead a minority government maybe the s.p.d. could could support that in some way is the yesterday really so divided on this
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issue about joining a coalition or are they just playing hard to get i think it's a bit of both i mean certainly there was consensus in the party that it really needed some time to reinvent itself to potentially go into opposition there was a lot of support for that but at the same time and this is also an opportunity to govern and we can see the prices rising and they will be able to push most likely be able to push through a lot more of their benchmark policies than they did in the past a grand coalition at least on paper how that could translate into practice of course we're still weeks so i def would months away from even finding out what that could mean you know thank you so much you know you political correspondent jim acosta. well it's monday today it's monday after black friday by friday marks the traditional start of the holiday season for american retailers but it's not just an american phenomenon anymore get home that's right the area that
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they have bargain hunting has caught fire around the world and even spread online sparking today's cyber monday is a look at how businesses across the globe fueling a weekend of crazy conspicuous consumption. a shopping frenzy in the u.s. everything half off in the u.k. . and the rush on online business in china. the black friday cyber monday fever is raging around the world. this electronics chain in the u.s. the birthplace of black friday is offering a fifty five inch t.v. for just one hundred eighty dollars sixty five inch for seven hundred fifty dollars for some shoppers that's a deal that doesn't need a reason when you get to t.v. from my pantry and i waited but what if i get. this business in paris is offering twenty percent off all items yet there's no long line before the door and only a few full bags instead there's skepticism over an american shopping spectacle.
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i think it's an anglo-saxon thing it's not typically french but apparently it's working pretty well there are more people on the streets than i expected and the reason i heard about it and i saw a lot of signs i received emails and coupons but it doesn't push me to buy more today than the same reason so there's no use in germany one resourceful businessman even license the name black friday to get around paying fees other businesses have thought of clever replacements. and in china black friday is just one of several days of mega sales others are tied to a specialist times of the year. yash raj i usually buy household items during double eleven or double twelve and then i buy famous brand clothes on black friday . and i'm confronted. it's little wonder that marketing experts in china have encourage businesses to sell western name brand products at sale prices
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on black friday their luxury items for an emerging chinese middle class. black friday may look different around the world but one thing is common customers get big when they see that magic word sale. that black friday was a bright day for nintendo the popularity of its switch console pushed shares of the japanese game console producer to the highest level on tokyo's nikkei exchange and nine years and health switch which was released earlier this year seems set so become a must have this holiday season retailers have driven sales by discounting the console for black friday and cyber monday intent of stock is now up ninety five percent this year. as a blockbuster sale in the media business time incorporated stuart of some of america's most circulated magazine brands will be sold to the lifestyle magazine publisher meritless the company's announced on sunday meredith will pay two point
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eight billion dollars to take over the stitches magazine titles including time sports illustrated and fortune the deal is the latest move of consular data in the print magazine industry attempting to combat diminished print readership and that tells us that meredith aims to save up to five hundred million dollars due to synergy effects within the first two years the port of zebra plays a key role in the economy of the northern belgian region of flanders. nearly half of the cargo that leaves from here is destined for the u.k. but britain's impending departure from the e.u. is already affecting trade we can only see some increases of course on the direct trade between ireland because a lot of trade with islanders not. so you get that with what you see already an increase there we tried to diversify our of course scandinavia but there's no
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country that really can replace the ok for us. it's a sentiment echoed by major car makers two million vehicles are shipped to the u.k. each year in the absence of a post breaks a trade deal world trade organization import tariffs of ten percent would come into effect. that percent is of course a quite a lot so they can to the compound and i'm already you see the sales going down on the ten percent mark of the business so we just certainly don't want that the prospect of no trade deal being agreed has left leaders in flanders on edge. it is not a kind of a free trade agreement if you're working together and to do you w o t o rules that we can load up to two point six percent of our g.d.p. on the other side on the side of you know the king or through even more trade between britain and flanders amounted to some forty two billion euros and twenty
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sixteen as far as businesses are concerned a trade deal with britain could prove a lifesaver. and of course i would like to introduce that story for you but due to technical glitch that we apologize now as britain is preparing for relegation from the e.u. there's a similar story playing out in the bundesliga terry if not the sports i think will go a lot faster in the bonus league than it will the break. thank you so much and they were talking about soccer sundays bonus legal action hamburg took on hoffenheim in desperate need of points to stave off relegation but they face an uphill battle hoffenheim were also on the hunt for points to keep them in contention with a top team. togetherness allied to a bit of elbow grease those are the qualities that have bought hoped would bring them a second home win in a row and their hard work paid off after just six minutes. the hamburg players surrounded young up but it was hoffenheim kevin acapulco man who got the vital
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touch one nil for the hosts. the visits as were ragged in the first half have been dominated the second period too but hollywood was that night by the post. then all of a bauman kept out a strike from the young stuck up. nico schultz show that there was some life and hoffenheim on seventy one minutes. but it was soon good night vienna for the visits as. there was a lot of pace on phillip cos she's free kick but this was a horror show from keep about him and. gideon young silva much needed three male victory for hamburg on eighty eight minutes the first bond is legal strike for the youngster. coach marcus
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still now has a little bit more breathing space at the bottom end of the table. motor racing and in formula one mercedes driver of a terrible times has stormed to victory at the final grand prix of the season in dhabi started from pole position and kept control for the entire race is team mate lewis hamilton put on a late charge but couldn't get close enough to challenge for the lead he had to make do with second ferrars sebastian title finished a distant third the result had no impact on the final standings though hamilton had already wrapped up the championship who races ago. and for we go just a reminder the top stories we're following for you here today on d w news pope francis has arrived in the mainly buddhist nation of myanmar government there accuses faces accusations of ethnic cleansing over its treatment of the written into the muslim minority. and there are fears that this volcano is
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about to blow in bali forty thousand people have been evacuated to safety in airports there. closed causing travel chaos. and thousands more by the way are soon to be evacuated you're watching d.w. news coming to you live from berlin we have more at the top of the next hour and you'll find all of our new stories online dot com thanks for watching.
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