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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 27, 2017 4:00pm-4:16pm CET

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she visited every news live from garland indonesia was the night the eruption of all kinds on bali could be imminent to both or to surprise the lead to the highest level of the tens of a tens of thousands of people to leave the area immediately thousands of tourists a structure also on the program. pope francis visits me and i was told not to use the word write him just so when the crisis over the last persecution of this muslim minority overshadowed his visit. and its official prince harry on his american go back and i got my own but i'm still getting married early next year. i feel gail welcome to the program indonesia is warning that a volcano on the tourist island of bali might be about to erupt the government has ordered the evacuation of more than one hundred thousand people from the area and
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close the island's international airport i'm tackling has been rumbling since august and is now spilling out smoke and love. you can for the first time since one thousand nine hundred sixty three on this most serious alert level for the second time in three months. there is a high possibility that a bigger eruption could happen. now extended police exclusion zone to areas within the ten kilometer radius of the volcano's crater. over one hundred thousand local residents have been ordered to leave their homes and stay in evacuation centers instead. of that i felt that the problem was such that we are so afraid after seeing the huge black smoke rising from the volcano. so those of us who live in the danger zone decided to leave. the. airports in bali and lombok have been forced
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to close leaving thousands of tourists and business travelers stranded at. the critical. fifteen minutes ago. i got the image. of a ship was. taken. so we don't know what's it like when. the country's geological. the volcano snail spewing out lava and that indicates a major eruption could be imminent. from correspondent. joins us from indonesia's couple jakarta a welcome how dangerous is the situation. that
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it's probably not as dangerous as it would have been two months ago and the volcano has and threatening to erupt for a while so and. are pretty well her. now around one hundred thousand people have been told to leave the area is that going smoothly. ok looks like we've critic can you hear me this is. are you just like we lost your life ok let's move on pope francis has matched with me on the most powerful army chief and shadow of meeting at the start of a historic trip to the country less than one percent of me in my identifies as catholic and francis is making the first of a papal visit to encourage this small catholic community is also expected to use meetings with the country's civilian and religious leaders to highlight the red refugee crisis hundreds of thousands of men most muslim men don't minority face
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persecution and violence and the pope's visit will highlight their plight papal souvenir is on sale in front of the st mary's cathedral in younger on. this is the pope's first visit to me and. christians are a minority here just like the muslim or hindu who for months have been fleeing persecution in the country's west it's a sensitive topic that threatens to overshadow the pope's visit. we have so many conflicts in our country i hope the pope brings peace and strength for the christian minority. he shouldn't bring up the russian issue which is anger the buddhist majority here they don't want him to get involved. so i think it's ok if he just makes a general reference to the situation and that everyone should have equal rights. and they move on more many catholics are afraid of being discriminated against just like the right engine here in myanmar people refer to the muslim minority as bengali or illegal immigrants from bangladesh even mentioning that woodrow hinge or
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as the pope often hands is considered taboo and cardinal himself not only requested to not to expect this work because in this time of history that something unwanted consequences may happen so he or rusty scorsese passant us last week me and mine bangladesh signed an agreement stating that for him to refugees will soon be repatriated back to me and. the details of the agreement however remain unclear advocacy groups for the british people say the agreement is too vague it will just get monitors that should be involved and involve. other. countries. that get their citizenship. is that get us a patient and a future. but the question remains how political can the pope be in me and my and how much moral authority can he show because he won't want to offend the country's deeply buddhist population. i was take
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a look at some of the other stories making news around the world the results from honduras this presidential election showing they've fallen leftist challenger salvador it's just over half the vote counted he has a five point edge. on the londo. the final result is expected to be close to both candidates are already declaring victory. humans have been voting in local elections designed to begin the process of picking a successor to president raul castro who says he will step down in february the next president will be the first person outside the castro family to leave cuba for sixteen years. authorities in china say septic tank was at the center of a huge explosion that rocked the port city of new on sunday killing two people and injuring at least ninety two more still missing septic tanks are susceptible to the buildup of highly flammable gases so much as move. germany's chancellor angela merkel is stepping up pressure on the center left social democrats to start talks
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on forming a new coalition government talks with other parties collapsed last week social democrats are valid to govern to opposition to september's election but now says the best option for germany and europe is to reform the grand coalition of her conservatives and the social democrats to build on god in my opinion forming a stable government after elections is an intrinsic value in and of itself and maybe all parties are considering the fact that this is important for the people for our capacity to act on the european playing field when it comes to foreign policy and when it comes to solving problems there isn't a problem. w. political correspondent thomas sparrow has been of the headquarters of the social democrats across today and we asked him whether they collapse of previous coalition talks improves the s.p.d. is bargaining position. they could be in a strong bargaining position that's correct because they can be seen as the party
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that then help the conservatives form a government and prevent fresh elections for example or even prevent that idea of a minority government which makes many people here rather skeptical on the other hand they would still be the minor party of a grand coalition if such a coalition were forms of from that perspective it is under no circumstance clear they could really present those concessions or those proposals and that they would be met also by the conservatives the areas where they would probably try and present our proposals are related to social justice that's the core area of the social democrats in the last few months and that was also their core program for the september twenty four elections must bear reporting of a controversial weed killer life a site can be used in the european union for another five years there is this isn't follows months of wrangling the e.u. had moved to ban the herbicide as it said to cause cancer but it's used widely by
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farmers across the block and critics would argue that banning its use i could cause food price prices skyrocket prince harry and his american go for american market have confirmed months of speculation and announce they will marry next year they appeared in front of cameras a short while ago in the grounds of kensington palace with ms markell wearing her engagement ring harry is fifth in line to the british throne in moscow is an actress we'll talk more we'll hear more from our correspondents in london the moment first the truth. when the couple started their relationship in twenty sixteen kept secret for months . markel is a thirty six year old american actress best known for her role in the t.v. drama suits. the royal family has given its blessing to the two and embrace markel biracial divorcée who attended catholic school. for many it's proof of how much
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the monarchy has modernized over the years. and the one nine hundred fifty s. queen elizabeth sister margaret had to give up her true love because he was a divorcee she married someone else two decades earlier king edward the sacrificed his throne for a twice divorced american royal watchers say the attitudes towards marriage have changed tremendously. and afro american is marrying a divorced woman and i think people look at him and. remember princess margaret and then pick turn and the sad. sad life unlike other royals prince harry and mark all seem to have walked through a less bumpy road the couple are expected to tie the knot sometime next spring. duncan luck as a former royal that is it with britain's sun newspaper he spent ten years following prince harry around the world and joins us on the line from london welcome to. do
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this and actually kind of surprise. well it wasn't actually ice that's going to have this isn't actually kept secret but but the confirmation coming today. still is cause for the local media frenzy up in office because. you know there are dozens of satellite trucks and probably hundreds of reporters from all around the world cup a story that the market is going to be a very new sort of royal essentially famous in their own right american style mix right. yeah. i think in terms of people joining replica killa family brings helpfully that sort of new fresh and quite sort of prince harry like unexpected arrival into the into the royal family.
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i think it's really quite important she has had a very serious career in. the hasn't just been born into a wealthy practitioner socratic family and because she went to the right school ended up meeting a prince and this really has got a sort of fairytale here which adds to the excitement and i wonder if you can give us an insight into what might have got on behind the in the background because i wonder how much of a battle they will have had to fight in order to. get this decision approved. the idea to be honest i don't think he would have had a battle i think prince charles. knows best than anyone what happens if you don't marry for the right things. this is a marriage that will be formed very close relationship will be quite a short relationship the fact that harry's marrying i think will have consumed the likes of the queen and prince charles that it's absolutely the right thing happened
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if you will place just then said the royal family have had a history of making their own decisions and letting protocol stand in front of people's hearts he's only a line for the throne so i'm guessing it sort of takes the pressure off the cuff a bit. yeah ivy i think yeah i mean o.c. and kate's pregnant so when the next baby arrives harry will be bumped down to number six on so the shrine i'm so he's lucky here to becoming the next king is looking less and less. likely these days but i just think they're still going to be a tremendous amount of pressure up on this couple because harry is the superstar of the royal family and after the quake would be so much popular member of the patrol happening so all eyes will remain firmly on him and if anything it's a challenge for william and kate now not to be overshadowed by americans arrival on the. french harry's ever increasing popularity now this wedding has made it as for
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last spring why so soon. well i don't i don't think anyone's going to be brave enough to suggest that that this is a shortcut biting. but now i see why not i mean meghan sixty six harry has been looking for a bride now since she was very young date they're in love why white go for it i think you know probably by by mid may that will be it will be mr mrs prince harry. duncan lock him in london thank you thank you. that's it you're up to date top we'll see you at the top of the hour of course you can always check out the website that's d.w. dot com i'm going to.


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