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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 28, 2017 7:00am-8:01am CET

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conservation. recycling. and transport can help regional airline find out what you can do today at regional airlines. this is deja vu news live from berlin when will it blow bali holding its breath as
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awaits to see what the smoking volcano will do next of all colleges warns it could be weeks before the mountain explodes but it could be much sooner as well torrents of lava are already eroding the landscape everything is covered with volcanic ash also coming up. in mars minority christians gathered to meet pope francis we report on their hopes as the pontiff prepares to visit the nations de facto leader aung san suu kyi. and the w. finds out what drives the young men of africa to try to get to europe at all costs even at the risk of being held captive by human traffickers ahead of an e.u. africa song that we ask a song called younger ivanoff is being done to stop the abuse. and who can resist a royal wedding. we hear how britain's most eligible by. popped the question to his
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wife to be. i'm brian thomas a very warm welcome to the show bali is on edge at this hour as volcanic ash doshas from mt agong stopping flights at the international airport for a second day now indonesia's of all colony centers saying there are strong indications that a major option that happen at any time. mount occurring is turning into the main attraction on the island of bali indonesia is biggest tourist destination that's if is it is could get there to see it the closure of the international airport for a second day has left thousands stranded many more are unable to fly in.
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these villages live outside the danger zone but the mud and ash from the volcanic activity mean daily life cannot go on as normal. covering everything makes it very difficult for us. our cars cannot eat grass that has been covered with ice so i have to move the cattle from the. tens of thousands of others have been evacuated from their homes and to coping as best they can with makeshift accommodation. seeing the lava starting to flow it has made me scared. yeah i worry this time the eruption will be worse than last. time was in one nine hundred sixty three back then devastating blast left more than a thousand people dead and turned a billion cubic tons of debris into the atmosphere enough to cool global temperatures for a year with the alert already raised to its highest levels scientists believe
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another eruption is imminent the question is when and how big. for the very latest i'm joined now by amelia cruz floyd from bali is an australian photographer who lives on the island thanks for being with us amelia experts are saying a major or robson is eminent you know do we have any idea what that means what kind of timeframe are we talking about. the student every time. it's. ok we understand that you're on your way to an evacuation camp right now has has everyone already left the evacuation zone and also like where you are trying to get that to their camp. no not on. a couple.
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ok well what about the tourists stranded along with yourself on the island are they worried they could be stuck for four weeks i mean how long can you be having to stay put or if. they're worried about you. ok thanks so much for bringing us up to date. for photographer their lives on bali thanks very much. now for some of the other stories
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making in the news at this hour police in australia have arrested a man accused of planning a mass shooting on new year's eve officials say the twenty year old was trying to obtain an automatic rifle for an attack in a crowded norburn square the suspect is a known extremist sympathizer. why is reinstating a decades old nuclear attack warning system as part of efforts to prepare for a potential missile strike by north korea the u.s. u.s. state rather has announced sirens will sound of in hundreds of locations on friday kicking off the monthly test the move comes amidst years of a north korean attempt to attack u.s. turned toward. a flamboyant t.v. host looks set for a surprise win over the u.s. friendly president in elections in honduras salvador has an unexpected lead an early election returns but both sides have been claiming victory present on hernandez had won praise during his term in office for cracking down on crime and
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one of latin america's poorest countries. well pope francis travels to in mars capital today for several highly anticipated meetings international rights groups are urging the pontiff to speak out for the muslim row hinge a minority there the subject of military crackdown by some as ethnic cleansing now the pope will meet with nobel laureate and civilian leader aung san suu kyi although catholic leaders are stressing right now that she has no influence on the military and its treatment of the injured minority bastian harvey sent us this report on the hopes that some in my own are have for the potus is. church courtyards and yang gun are bursting at the seams this week. hundreds of thousands of believers have flocked from all four corners of the country wanting to
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see the pope. and many of them are young. theresa penn i is part of a catholic youth group from kitchen state in the north of me in mar. a region that's been plagued by a war between the military and ethnic rebel armies one third of the population there is christian. for teresa and most of the others in the group it's their first ever trip to the big city so they're eager to set out and explore. most of all they want to experience the pope. they hope to return home with the courage to make their country a better place but ah it is about the model in our area there is civil war there is no place and i don't want the approval of president we are here to receive the pope's message of peace and to pray together the double knowing in ten years that i
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will not and that's important i hope that can bring us peace to name him up will be mean to me alone i say to him and then you see them in a country rife's with ethnic and religious tensions many believe the pope's message of nonviolence and understanding could help me and mar overcome its numerous conflicts. and no conflict currently looms as large as the one between the army and the muslim rule hinge a minority that has displaced more than half a million people in just a few months but only catholics in myanmar are closely following the pope's historic visit many of this country's muslims are to they hope that the pope can not only draw attention to the fate of the hundreds of thousands of fled to bangladesh but. he can also convince the powerful army to back off in the name of humanity. when isn't imaam in years gone he heads an organization that is working to strengthen ties between youths of different faiths he's aware of the debate of
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whether and how the pope should weigh in on the sensitive issue of the room. for the sake of me and mars muslims he wants a clear statement from the pontiff what muslim population hoping from. you know the situation of the northern rock kind stay about the real danger people have been doing that do you know when a part of the war where happening this genocide and it is also the time when the messenger of peace is visiting he must have mentioned about that situation to research her friends have made it to one of the most sacred sites in the buddhist world and me and mars most famous landmark the shrader gone pota she says she feels welcome here in spite of her religion she wishes everyone in myanmar could also say that about the country. and.
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pope francis can unite the different religions and foster love between people of different faiths as this is what i hope and believe. it's a noble wish but in myanmar's current reality it seems it will take nothing short of a miracle to make it come true. so can the pope help bridge some of manned mars many divisions from young gone we're joined now by correspondent boston harding who put a report together for a spot in the we know what the part of talked about with his meeting during his meeting with military leaders yesterday. well what we do know brian is that the meeting was very brief it only took fifteen minutes and it was moved up in the pope's itinerary it was supposed to take place on thursday then they rescheduled it yesterday at two yesterday afternoon
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a few hours after the pope arrived and we know that the pope reminded the commander in chief of the myanmar military general min on lying about the responsibility that authorities have especially now at this moment of transition in myanmar if you have to understand that this is a country that until a few years ago was under a military strict military rule and it only started opening up back in two thousand and eleven and mil civilian government has only been in office for a year now the general on his behalf he was saying that there is no. religious or ethnic discrimination in me and mar that it's an assessment that not only the muslim world hinge on minority will strongly disagree with but also members of other minorities might be critical about brian abbas and you mentioned the country's relatively new civilian government as well of course by nobel
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laureate aung san suu kyi and the part of we'll be meeting with her later today she's come in for a lot of criticism for not doing enough to protect the ranger. brian and so the pope will definitely be raising the roe hinder issue with her in her meeting or in the meeting with her but i think it's important to understand that this is the rohinton issue is not the only reason why the pope is here in fact this visit the pope's visit to myanmar was scheduled months before the crisis in northern rock island state. was spiraled out of control in this way and there are as we heard in the report as well there are many other conflicts that this country is dealing with at the moment myanmar is home to some of the longest running internal conflicts in the world in these conflicts between mainly between the military and ethnic rebel groups especially in the border areas for example in
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catchin state where the young people that we saw in the report were from and their fighting has been going on for many years and there are many people who are displaced and they have to live in internally displaced persons camps and they've been doing that for many years and there's their future is very uncertain and many of these people are in fact christian like the people like the young people that we saw in the report so their fate and their future is something that the pope will definitely also have at heart and that's something that he's very likely to bring up in his conversation with sensitively alongside of course the overarching row hinder issue that is overshadowing this whole trip of the pope ryan. briefly if you could bust into to give us an idea of the part of schedule what was the pope going to be doing in the next two days. well right now he's in the nation's capital in naypyidaw
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a few hundred kilometers away from yangon from here and he's going to be meeting san suu kyi and then later on he's going to be addressing government officials there and the diplomatic corps and after that he will be coming back to yangon and he will be there will be a mass that he will be celebrating tomorrow in a sports field where many many thousands of people are expected to to join him and then on thursday he will be celebrating another mass specifically for young christians and that will take place in the cathedral in the main cathedral here and yangon and afterwards he will be traveling on to bangladesh brian boston thanks much for that and for your report to swallow. this is the deputy who is live from berlin still to come on the show. how safe is afghanistan as germany sends more and more failed asylum seekers back their e.w.s. former president hamid karzai whether he thinks the contrary is safe enough. and
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a royal proposal we hear how britain's most eligible bachelor popped the question to his wife to be over a roast chicken dinner. was it the new tool of frenzy or is it the future of cash for talking about that coin and it's pushing that magical ten thousand dollar mark today hard it is brian last weekend alone the price of one bitcoin soared in value through nine thousand dollars and is indeed tipped to hit ten thousand dollars soon bitcoin is just the best known of several crypto currencies in circulation at the moment in fact there are several hundred of them but crypto currency is our digital payment systems in which the currency is created on privately owned computers bypassing any central bank with the using a technology called block chain. these digital currencies can undermine monetary policies that's what many central banks are worried about and also investors are
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protected because value is determined entirely by supply and demand so it's very sensitive to market developments when china banned bitcoin exchanges in september that's marked in red here the. big can slam thirty percent but it soon bounced back central bank as one of course of bitcoin has no tangible value and is destined to crash but in april this year japan recognized bitcoin as legal tender it seems regulators investors and big business are starting to take the currency seriously. recording has never ceased to surprise markets and now they want to cash in on the rush the world's largest derivatives market place the chicago mercantile exchange group says it will start offering bitcoin futures by the end of the year in recent days three hundred thousand users are reported to have signed up to bid going bring the total to over thirteen million but it's still quite hard to
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actually buy things with it a slew of trading platform such as fancy dot com and fast tech dot com offer everything from armchairs to ferrari's and watches but these are peer to peer sales platforms you won't be able to exchange your bitcoins for that flash b.m.w. in your local showroom but they can buy you some things. there are coffee bars that will only accept bitcoin like this one in prague you can book that perfect trip to the mall deaves on expedia with big call ins and speculation is rife that amazon could soon accept bitcoin for payment. with japan also recognizing bitcoins as legal tender it could be said that the crypto currencies future is looking good so if bitcoin doesn't actually crash it'll probably be only a question of time before the broader economy has to join the rush. global prices. have soared and raised weeks in france tell us pos the premium premium on
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to consumers for taking a hard hit. often can't even get their boss oldest filled. french croissants what only tastes half as good if they were made with less butter but these days bakers are finding it increasingly hard to get enough of it. you know if i order one hundred kilos i get maybe half of that if i'm lucky. and i'm paying twice what i used to eight euros per package instead of four. on the world is going nuts. not long ago it seemed like there was too much of everything. but now we have a better shortage. and you would not. want to be. and it's worse for customers dairies across the country are producing less and what is produced goes mostly to buyers outside the country who pay
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a lot more the price of butter has more than doubled on world markets. but french supermarkets will only pay the much lower fixed price they agreed to last year. many farmers think that system of fixed prices is out of date. it's perfectly logical under these circumstances to sell our butter on the world market. if the supermarkets would pay appropriate prices we wouldn't have this butter crisis. farmers also think french consumers should be willing to pay higher prices. people are always asking us for more they want sustainable agriculture they want to know what our cows eat into whether they roam freely in the past years and if we meet ecological standards. but all these things cost money and consumers should be prepared to carry some of that cost
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. something. but the supermarkets say they've already paid an extra thirty percent premium for butter this year and the fixed price system still makes sense. but it also meant. the prices on global markets are very volatile. we think they'll soon fall again our fixed prices make it easier for farmers to plan for the future and anticipate costs and income. this helps sustain the farming business so that. butter supplies are stabilizing in supermarkets at the moment but at least one persian baker isn't taking any chances on the way to get here during the holidays butter is a key ingredient i need from mars upon it for the traditional cakes i need it for cream fillings. so i'm already hoarding butter so there's enough for the holidays no matter what. the on people. and any. prices already
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reflect the higher butter costs so baked christmas items will be more expensive this year but so far customers are taking the added expense in stride after all delicious pastries are practically part of their national identity. human suffering and afghanistan is again on the rise brian a sad story that's right we have something from the united nations guard saying that war related injuries among afghans have river risen by twenty one percent year on year now that in part they say because the u.s. has launched three times as many bomb and rocket attacks as it didn't two thousand and sixteen extremists have also been attacking and facing number of targets like police stations the security situation is so bad the u.n. says afghanistan could be considered to be at war well the w.'s wausau at haas fraud has been meeting and talking with the former afghan president hamid karzai sixteen years after the u.s.
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led invasion that marked the end of taliban power there. former afghan president hamid karzai thank you for being here at headquarters and bonn after more than sixteen years of u.s. and nato forces being in your country how would you describe the security situation the security situation unfortunately is and what we desired for years the greater part of the country under the control of the local intell forces and violence is on the rise and on the increase of sixteen years for compared against extremism and terrorism we still have new. terrorist groups emerging in afghanistan die shows him or. we have a question as to. why donald trump the current us president has decided to send more troops to afghanistan and in the past you have said that you oppose this idea
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but in two thousand and nine when the troops in afghanistan were increased you were president then so what has changed i opposed it then too if the u.s. presence in afghanistan contributes to the safety oh and security of our people contributes to bringing peace to afghanistan contributes to strengthening in hans seeing our sovereignty i'm very much for it there's no i totally immaterial to this this is the fact of life. in of ghana stan. lack of peace lack of security talk of hope to the future this is one of the reasons that the afghan people have fled their country and you see thousands of afghans living and europe now even though some are sent back do you agree that there are safe zones as the german government calls it and afghanistan yes cities are so says cities or safe there are occasional bombs but that's for all of us my children on
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the there are lots of other people millions of girls who children or their and or young people should be in their own country should contribute to their own country should work and do it only but people are dying yes we're dying that's her home. you don't leave you don't want to be from your home because someone else is dying in that country now my my my advice is. to forty or one to the afghans who are sitting afghanistan the young ones my advice is don't leave your country let's put our hands together and build our country make it a better place at the end of this it's up to us afghans to do that new foreign country can build us and make us better so you do agree that the german government should deport afghan specked evidence room doors of not being accepted must come to afghanistan probably the scope of ghosts and probably must live in that country those who are accepted here and thousands all there must live and respect the laws
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of this country and become good force of integration in this country thank you for your time with us i thank you ma'am good to talk to you as former afghan president hamid karzai was an earlier yesterday when we have details now they're expected to be released shortly about when and where britain's most eligible bachelor prince harry will marry his americans with or megan markel now all they've said so far is that the wedding will be sometime next spring. finally after weeks of speculation the secret is out the prince and his new fiance posing for the cameras in what will be their guardian. life. now right. the couple who began their relationship in twenty sixteen recalled the moment harry went down on one knee at home in kensington palace. happened
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a few weeks ago. and this month it's. so stands as technical not of their own. this but returning to roosting to get a message of the morning was sick and it was just that just an amazing surprise it was so sweet and unnatural and hear a man tick he got on one knee calls it an instant. yes it's not exactly finished proposing is he going to. let me finish as it was years ago and him and those hugs and i have the ring and i think it was a time that i give you the rangers boys the really reserve it was a really nice my room just the two of us and i think i managed to catch cancer by surprise as well meghan markle is famous in her own right the thirty six year old american is best known for her role in the t.v. drama suit by royal standards the pair have kept a low profile rarely appearing together in public. though last year prince harry
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attacked what he called the racial overtones in the media coverage of markel who is a mixed race divorcée. different things that we wanted to do in there of course it's disheartening you know it's. it's a shame that that is the climate in this world to focus that much on that or that that would be discriminatory in that sense but i think you know the end of the day i'm really just proud of who i am and where i come from and so marcos engagement ring features diamonds belonging to harry's late mother princess diana. well you know it's it is days like days like today when when i really miss having her around and there's been numerous of the happy news but you know with the reading room and everything else is going on i'm sure says she's with her sources with us now and then jumping up and down some rules. this is did of years live from berlin we're back after a short break. kickoff
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the bundesliga highlights. dramatic derby dortmund squanders a turnaround after leading four nil that comes back with a vengeance to. hamburg close itself out of the relegation zone thanks in part to some help from hoffenheim the one thousand own goal since the beginning of the one this nigga. kick off in sixty minutes. the saddam international went on as canterbury's or dealing with anyone at that and they killed many civilians with him in the national coming including my father why the the fact that i was a student because i wanted to build a life for myself that these totally but suddenly life became elish kind of. providing insights global news that matters d. w.
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made for minds. your children like chocolate. you can't live without your smartphone. do you plan to make jokes the supermarket. as we go about our daily. looks human rights often don't last too long or minds. invisible hands. free in the twenty first century. starting december second g.w. . welcome
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back to the deed of your news our top stories right now bali on edge as volcanic ash views from mount agong forcing thousands of people to leave their homes and stopping flights at the international airport indonesia's vulcanology center saying there are strong indications of major option could happen at any time pope francis is due to meet the de facto leader of me in mar on is also she on the first full day of his visit to that country now this comes in the midst of violence against the will hinge on muslim minority that has driven them into refugee camps in bangladesh. well the berlin christmas markets targeted by and is a missed attack one year ago has opened for the christmas season this year now twelve people died many more were injured in that attack when a truck crashed into a crowd of people celebrating the holidays on the nineteenth of december last year
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now for some caught in the attack the memories are still very raw. it's one of the german capital's most popular christmas markets but last year it was also the scene of a terrible tragedy. we've come to berlin's but i tried plots market to find out what has changed since then. this is what the christmas season in germany is all about enjoying a glass of wine at one of the many christmas markets but can that be possible to enjoy when everything reminds you to those who lost their lives in last year's attacks let's find out. we need to do any kushal a survivor of last year's attack he was selling mild wine to a customer when the truck raced directly towards him then he knows he was lucky to survive but the memories of the attack still hurt. and helped an egg i mean well first off to come then i just saw the truck approaching me and our shop that then
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the hunt suddenly collapsed i can't remember anything after that. i woke up the rescue workers were pulling me i'll tell the rubble and yes. if i have a out you know it's all mine it's all on. the truck hit the back of lennie's heart and came to a stop just a few meters away twelve people were killed that night dozens were injured. one year later security at the market is tight police are on patrol hopefully that will make people feel safe. this is the place where the truck plowed into the christmas market steering directly into a group of people these concrete barriers were set up now to protect the visitors but they also keep reminding everyone of the current danger of further attacks. despite the high security the atmosphere is fisty for many visitors say they feel resilient.
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it's a different feeling it's not the way it used to be we were here the day before the attack and then it's happened it's terrible. i guess i missed it. i share the opinion of many others we can't hide after an attack like this it's a christmas market and we have to come back. we're celebrating being a life and the fact that we still have each other we won't let them frighten us the last of us needs to be. the memory of those who died is being kept alive by a temporary come immigration site it's a point and reminder to everyone who visits the blind child parts christmas market . and my colleague chris for a spring day it has been looking at some of the repercussions of that attack one
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year on to more interesting for morning you know the security is very different this year at christmas markets not only here in berlin but but across the country isn't absolutely traditionally security has been quite light at germany's christmas markets over two and a half thousand across the country by the way but you're absolutely right security very very tight this year a visible police presence. many many christmas markets across the country have some form of beriah to stop any vehicle attack some of the christmas markets coming up with quite a original ways of making those barriers look festive we have. some of the barriers hidden behind christmas trees we have a market in bo home in western germany they've actually gift wrapped barriers and in mag to book in eastern germany the areas look like pieces of lego you know that's been coming in for some criticism you know wrapping up things and christmas type of presentations that are actually indicative of
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a lot of trouble you can't please everybody you know. do you think increased security will be reducing the attraction of these markets for local people but for the thousands of tirzah come from overseas to visit them well have to wait and see brian i don't think so personally because last year what was. quite remarkable is that after the attack on the berlin christmas market many people both tourists and germans made a point of going to the christmas markets out of a sense of solidarity with the victims but also to demonstrate to the terrorists you're not going to change you're not going to affect our way of life so i don't expect there to be a dent in the numbers attending a christmas market twelve people were killed by a. truck into the crowd here in berlin dozens were injured we saw that there's a temporary memorial there how else are our victims being member. well the city
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administration has come up with the following idea they've they've worked into the pavement of. the square where this attack happened a gold colored. crack essentially at exactly the spot where this truck came to a stop it's fourteen meters long it's a permanent memorial that has the names of the countries of origin of all of the victims engraved in it that's the the permanent mark of respect if you want on december nineteenth the exact day a year ago when this happened the special ceremonies being planned and if we can expect there that well it will be a day of very solemn commemoration with speeches with that event that you just mentioned and the the memorial that i just mentioned is gold colored crack into the pavement will be inaugurated because for spring it for us is going thanks very much chris for your welcome it's to share now one of the poorest nations in the world and it's also a location in the middle of the sahara that is
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a transit route it's made it a transit route for migrants trying to cross the mediterranean and make their way to europe now summer fling is amiss extremists others are simply seeking a better life ahead of an african union summit starting later this week our correspondents scholz and audrey increased travel to their hair to meet some of the migrants. rest in peace brother reads the text about the only photo david van gogh has of his friend a few weeks ago they tried to cross the desert from the jet to libya but the truck got stuck in no man's land for nine days. some of my friends even put his hundred copies does no food no water no even see it when in the night the breeze which. is not really was a big one my friend came in to see him iran's two island died in my hand through.
7:39 am
and over the years. finale being good staying in a camp and i got is run by the international organization for migration. he was rescued by soldiers but his friend died of thirst more and more migrants are now dying in the desert until two thousand and fifteen human trafficking was tolerated in asia however under pressure from the european union the government is taking measures to combat it and human traffic is a choosing more dangerous routes rather than starting and i got as many begin their long journey further south in zone their. back s.l.a. works at the bus station and so on there. he is responsible for registering foreigners on behalf of the sultan of. one of the most powerful religious leaders in the region. so lay attempts to record the details of every migrant who enters or leaves the city. but his powers and other view are limited
7:40 am
telecom when it almost an argument going to the people from the region consider us to be the traditional authority. we talk to them. and they usually agree with us. so the overall number of people moving away from here is declining. but the people from outside i'm now using new routes and don't pastor here anymore so many of. a new group is just arrived they intend to cross into northern africa. so lay wants to convince them to stop their journey. he's promised them a food donation as an incentive but he's uncertain who will fund it money is hard to come across in this region is on there also provides shelter to thousands of wall refugees many of from nigeria they fled the violence of the terrorist group
7:41 am
boko haram so late takes us to me to nigeria and family living in the city. escaped from his village in nigeria. two of his four wives and two of his sons were killed in an attack by boko haram. he's grateful for the assistance provided by regional authorities even though his children often go to bed hungry. i just want to return to my village but it's too dangerous if i go back now they'll kill me and my family we have to wait but as soon as we hear that boko haram is no longer there we will return. more than anything that had been good just wants to go home like hundreds of other migrants stranded not got is he's abandon his dream of reaching europe and wishes to return to his homeland alive. well the migration crisis is casting a shadow over that e.u.
7:42 am
african union summit in ivory coast coming up later this week it aims to promote economic growth and stability in africa but there's outrage right now over migrant slave markets that have been discovered in libya did abuse max hoffman talked to the president of the e.u. commission john claude younger ahead of the summit was it is you've said that africans and europeans should be equals that now we have a situation in libya where there are people who are apparently being sold as slaves . shouldn't europe be doing more to stop this. year of cannot be silent in the face of this extraordinary problem which dates back to another century africa is all too familiar with the problem of slavery. i'm appalled by the information that's reaching me from africa we know about
7:43 am
libya's problems libya is not a state like any other so does neither conceivable nor acceptable for europe to close its eyes to this tragedy which is a daily tragedy for so many people children women and men in libya. already wanted us to turn our attention to this problem at a previous european council meeting. and i can't sleep easily when i think about what's happening to those people who went to libya to try and improve their lives they found themselves in hell. were you shocked it was known that the situation in libya was very difficult but the extent of it africans being auctioned off as slaves we shot it. yes i was very shocked i didn't know until two months ago the full extent of the problem it's become
7:44 am
a constant urgent phenomenon. normal no no no although europe must maintain suitable relations with libya it cannot be silent and it will not be silent. but isn't it also a direct result of the fact that controls in the mediterranean have been reinforced that it's become more difficult for africans to get to europe. the controls have been improved they needed to be improved and the fact that there are a growing number of refugees on libyan territory who are no longer able to get to europe across the mediterranean is no excuse for raping killing and robbing people . they're in camps which are like prisons not refugee camps. they call them if you. for the. call shouldn't we rather be finding legal ways for people to migrate to europe in order to reduce these problems in libya.
7:45 am
since two thousand and fourteen and during the campaign for the european elections and afterwards too in my address to the european parliament i've always argued in favor of legal migration. i believe that if we don't offer legal ways of emigrating to europe and immigrating within europe we will be lost. if those who come who are generally speaking the poor and needy and no longer able to get into europe through the front door they'll keep making their way in through the back. so we need to create legal ways to come to europe and the commission has already made suggestions. europe will clearly need immigration in the coming decades so we have to provide those who want to come and are able to come and who situation
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makes it possible for them to come with a legal path to get to europe. why doesn't that work why is there so much resistance. when with our forces we have referred it to the member states and we'll see what the member states do about it the member states in their wisdom don't always follow the commission's proposals in two thousand and one the commission proposed a joint system to protect the existence of borders. calling the member states rejected it only to demand it now so we've implemented these joint controls of the external borders. when it comes to resolving the great challenges of our age we have to leave it to the imagination of those who are governing the member states. migration is a great challenge of our age so it's not just about preparing for the future we should have prepared for the present yesterday this is fair migration and populous
7:47 am
proving the death of reason among the member states. populists a dangerous in themselves but they are far more dangerous when the traditional parties are there on the whole some proposals if traditional parties follow the populists they become populist themselves which is a phenomenon we're already seeing in some e.u. countries no we should not be afraid of the populists we should embrace those the extremists are targeting. but that's not what's happening it's in fear overcoming the reason with regard to immigration. there are the commission's proposals which also have the backing of the european parliament now it's up to the member states to follow the path of wisdom. you've now called for more solidarity with africa not just solidarity among europeans is the solidarity more than just financial it's. we would have been so. yes but
7:48 am
it's a solidarity that must touch on all areas of international life africa must become aware of the fact that it is already today a big international player europe should not ignore africa's global ambitions for me africa has always played a part in shaping history certain europeans just didn't see that. that was his last office speaking with the e.u. commission president younger ahead of the e.u. african summit starting tomorrow to the island nation of madagascar now and a frenzy over sapphires a sudden increase in the size and color of the stones has sparked a mining rush in that country which was off of africa tens of thousands of miners and gem traders of headed to the rain forests of madagascar and that has been
7:49 am
taking a real toll. we set off on a hike to visit illegal gemstone mines deep in the forest we have three days worth of provisions and camping equipment with us the track should last around six hours although we were warned this would be no ordinary hike. this is why so many people are drawn to this forest sapphire blue sapphire especially is known in europe but in madagascar sapphire comes in all colors the precious stone represents hope for a better life for the people of madagascar one of africa's poorest countries last year an especially valuable kind of the gemstone was found in the protected forest of ancona hani mina the discovery has since drawn tens of thousands of people from across the country to this forest to mine for it illegally. we plod along after six
7:50 am
hours it becomes apparent that we will need six more hours to reach the mine our porters tell us we won't arrive before dark so we set up camp and spend the night here. all goods and leaving the forest must be carried most of our porters originally came here as miners drawn by the prospect of finding the precious gems but they say they turn more money carrying things. that when we set out the next morning it's wetter and body or walking is much more strenuous. suddenly the injuries start singing. injuries are lemurs that can live in this forest we hear them but we don't see them
7:51 am
. two days before the track we met environmental activist and lemur advocate jonah writes about sofie in a protected area for this endangered species. injuries live in small groups and they need thirty different kinds of leaves to survive these leaves are only found in the forests of eastern madagascar the injuries habitat is under threat by the illegal mining. so the tourists come to visit. because of the lemurs and the. people think. because mining from tourism and people here do need money desperately.
7:52 am
after hiking for nine hours we arrive at one of the numerous mining villages and this protected forest but no one is hunting for sapphires today people are doing their laundry getting haircuts or playing card games sylvia susana is applying makeup as a sunscreen she explains that thursdays are five forty means strict in the melodies the language. there was recently an accident at the water a man fell into the river and he died just because he worked on a thursday. last january this vegetation was dense but one sapphire was discovered people settled here and cut down the trees most are laborers from middlemen in the gemstone trade. sylvia used to work in the gem mines
7:53 am
in the south of the island nation but then she heard that the gemstones here were much bigger so she switched to these mines leaving her four children at her mother's house. just a moment but i can't visit them because i haven't found any sapphires i sell these fritters just to earn some money and i mine for a malak easy boss he pays me one cup of rice per day no money. to environment and mine ministries employees join us one of the requirements of our filming here the mine ministry staff member did not want to speak on camera the man from the environment ministry hesitated at first but then agreed. and i mean i get sad when i see the forest like this it is sacred the government has already taken action against the sapphire mines and the destruction of the forest but
7:54 am
poverty drives people here they destroy the forest the government chases them away and they just keep doing it. one of. the illegal mines are also politically charged sources told us that government circles have their fingers in the jam trade and that money that had been earmarked for clearing the mines disappeared from one day to the next but no one is willing to talk about it on record the next morning fight a day is over and everyone is back to work sylvia is on her way to the river with her suv the coveted sapphires are lying just a couple of meters beneath the surface the silt and sand are washed away everyone hopes to discover a precious stone but most have no luck. sylvia hasn't found a single gem since she arrived in genuine. i
7:55 am
dream of having a stone house so my four children can be comfortable and so my mother won't suffer as she grows old i am my family's only hope i will stay until i have found enough sapphires even if it's hard. sylvia susanna and the other sapphire hunters are working toward their dream of a brighter future at nature's cost. let's get you a reminder now of the top stories we're following for you today bali is on edge at this hour as volcanic ash abuse from now and forcing people to leave their homes and stopping flights at the international airport there. and why i have more on that story at the top of the hour we'll leave you now with the genius of jimmy
7:56 am
hendrix who died in one thousand nine hundred seventy at the age of twenty seven his birthday would have been this week he would have been seventy five years old joy. news.
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