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your life line. is no one more extreme on us to build a runway. when this man's phone with down d.h.l. got a replacement host way around the world within thirty six and oleson. runway was finished allowing climate change scientists. to continue fight to research the benefit to school. that's the power train and d.h.l. making it happen. this is deja vu news live from berlin president hu kenyatta officially takes office in
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kenya a ceremony in the capital nairobi is about to get underway earlier police used tear gas to control rival supporters of the president and of the losing town the trial of the dingo will be going live to that inauguration also coming up. pope francis is treading very carefully admin mar his visit the country coming amidst violent persecution of its muslim minority and its leader aung saucer chief has come under fire for not stopping. and bawly holds its breath as it ways to see what the smoking volcano will do next torrents of cold lava are already eroding the last cape and everything's covered with all canada.
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i'm brian thomas a very warm welcome to the show after months of election drama kenya is preparing to swear in kenyatta for his disputed second term as president of that country now security is understandably very tight knit capital nairobi right now police have already been using tear gas to separate the supporters of the president and of the losing candidate. thousands of supporters have been gathering at the stadium in nairobi for that ceremony it's been delayed by two disputed polls and deadly street protests kenya's supreme court validated kenyatta victory in last month's rerun election but months of political upheaval often violent have left the country deeply divided. ok for the very latest let's cross over now to d.w. correspondent catherine though she joins us from nairobi catherine you're standing by right now at the stadium where the inaugurations taking place what's what's the
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atmosphere like right. well it's a joyous atmosphere here at the stadium it's called the customer any stadium just on the outskirts of nairobi and you've seen a lot of courses at the ruling posse coming from all over the country all of those various strongholds coming to you know celebrate the so many incumbent president to do to africa the news you can just can't carry and lots of people and in fact the president just arrived at the stadium for this just a really large massive trial just talk to me right now from the entrance to the stadium and the only excited that all get one thing to get the same game wasn't to such celebrating ok as we speak here a catherine looking at them a lot of images of the inauguration there in nairobi kenya was being sworn in of course against a backdrop of very deep political divisions has indicated i don't know how he
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intends to unite the country. that is actually that's what seems to be his kind are he one to you for you know he reaches that wasn't something was singing highest you could say that was saying that to the elections that's when you start talking about peace and bringing the country together so that trying to win doesn't you nineteen the country that is deeply divided in fact we also get reports that incumbents who can access has reached out to all the opposition leaders. so you have people who one any one to such a dialogue but they want to stop. the inauguration. incumbent president who knesset is confirmed as president ok you mentioned earlier going to he will of course be critical in every any efforts to unite the country he boycotted the election rerun is he showing any willingness for reconciliation. sure well it
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is a he says that he's ready says reconciliation on the basis of a credible call to say him he's digging his heels and insisting that kenya must go back to the election within the next three months for fresh elections and that's his that's his what he's saying back to and he does want a united country in fact he says this his claim that he will be no one in the incumbent president who clean up his own incubates he said that he doesn't want to take potshots back but he still insists that he cannot have. credible ok that inauguration as we see there with these live images proceeding in the kenyan capital nairobi catherine along for us thanks very much. to me and more now and pope francis is in the mars capital for a number of highly anticipated meetings today including with the country's de facto
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leader all sausan chait now the international rights groups have been monitoring this are urging the pontiff to speak out for the muslim minority and in the country the subjects of a military crackdown underway for a number of months though some have been calling the military's action ethnic cleansing now we'll be getting an update from our correspondent on the scene in myanmar boston hardy or first we're going to look at a report he sent us about the hopes many hab for the hopes visit to myanmar. church courtyards and yang gone are bursting at the seams this week. hundreds of thousands of believers have flocked from all four corners of the country wanting to see the pope and many of them are young. to resupply and i is part of a catholic youth group from pitchin state in the north of me and mark. a region
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that's been plagued by a war between the military and ethnic rebel armies one third of the population there is christian. for teresa and most of the others in the group it's their first ever trip to the big city so they're eager to set out and explore. most of all they want to experience the pope. they hope to return home with the courage to make their country a better place but on a view this is. in our area there is civil war there is no peace and i don't want the approval of president we're here to receive the pope's message of peace and to pray together the job or not i need ten years that i will not and that's important i hope that can bring us peace to name him up will be mean to me alone i say to him and then you see that in a country rice with ethnic and religious tensions many believe the pope's message
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of nonviolence and understanding could help me and mar overcome its numerous conflicts. and no conflict currently looms as large as the one between the army and the muslim rule hinge a minority that has displaced more than half a million people in just a few months but only catholics in myanmar are closely following the pope's historic visit many of this country's muslims are to they hope that the pope can not only draw attention to the fate of the hundreds of thousands of fled to bangladesh but that he can also convince the powerful army to back off in the name of humanity all nine when isn't imaam in years gone he heads an organization that is working to strengthen ties between youths of different faiths he's aware of the debate of whether and how the pope should weigh in on the sensitive issue of the room. for the sake of me and mars muslims he wants a clear statement from the pontiff what muslim. hoping from. you know the
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situation of the northern rock kind stay about the real danger people the war have been doing that do you know when a part of the wall where happening this genocide and it is also the time when the messenger of peace is visiting he must have mentioned about that situation to research her friends have made it to one of the most sacred sites in the buddhist world and me and mars most famous landmark the shrader gone pagoda she says she feels welcome here in spite of her religion she wishes everyone in myanmar could also say that about the country. and. pope francis can unite the different religions and foster love between people of different faiths and this is what i hope and believe.
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it's a noble wish but in myanmar's current reality it seems it will take nothing short of a miracle to make it come true. so can the pontiff help bridge some of me and mars many deep divisions from the ongoing were john now by the correspondent who put that report together for us hardish boss in the pope is meeting with sausage cheney today a very important meeting what can we expect from. well one of the issues brian that they'll be talking about very very likely is of course the row he said there was a situation in northern rakhine stay with there were injured. but that's probably not the only thing that they owe that the pope will be bringing up there are many other issues to discuss for one there will be probably the issue of transformation he already brought that up in his meeting with the commander in chief of the armed
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forces here in myanmar yesterday. of course is a country that until recently has been under the rule of the military under a military dictatorship now it's opening up the civilian government that sense of g. is de facto heading just took office a year ago so that's something that's a difficult process and that's something that he's likely to be talking about and then of course there are many other conflicts in this country as well myanmar is home to some of the longest running internal conflicts in the world many of those taking place in the ethnic areas for example in cuts in state where the young people that we saw in the report are from tens of thousands of people there have been displaced by fighting between the myanmar army and ethnic rebel fighters and they've been living in in refugee camps for for many years in their future is very uncertain and many of them are in fact as the people who we saw are in fact christian so their future and their fate is truly something that the pope will have
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at heart and that he'll be raising with sense that she she of course is trying to revive a peace process and has been trying to do that for a while to revive a peace process to to secure a deal with all these ethnic with the all the ethnic groups and of course it's a very very difficult process and difficult negotiations very complex brian so they'll be talking about that boston harbor thanks very much for that as pope francis continues is a visit to the inmarsat so very much. now for a look at some of the other stories making the news at this hour. police in australia rest of the man accused of planning a mass shooting on new year's eve officials say the twenty year old was trying to obtain and all the magic weapon for an attack in a crowded melbourne where police say the suspect is a known extremist and an i.a.s. sympathizer. a flamboyant t.v. host looks at first surprise went over the us friendly president elections in
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honduras all the door as an unexpected lead an early election returns but both sides are claiming victory president one hernandez had won praise during his term in office for cracking down on crime in one of latin america's poorest countries. or bali is very much on edge at this hour as ash from the volcanic amount agong continues and stopping flights at the international airport there for a second day in the volcanology center says there are strong indications that a major irruption could happen at any time. mt occurring is turning into the main attraction on the island of bali indonesia is biggest tourist destination that's a physicist could get there to see it. the closure of the international airport for a second day has left thousands stranded many more unable to fly in.
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these villages live outside the danger zone but the mountain ash from the volcanic activity mean daily life cannot go on as normal. covering everything makes it very difficult for us. our cause cannot eat grass that has been covered with ice so i have to move the cattle from the. tens of thousands of others have been evacuated from their homes and to coping as best they can with makeshift accommodation. seeing the lava starting to flow it has made me scared. yeah i way this time the eruption will be worse than last. time was in one nine hundred sixty three back then stating blast left more than a thousand people dead and told a billion cubic tons of debris into the atmosphere enough to cool global
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temperatures for a year with the alert already raised to its highest levels scientists believe another eruption is imminent the question is when and how big. this is the give you a reminder now of our top story the one we're following for you at this hour the inauguration of a guru kenyatta as the president of kenya is taking place right now these are live images from that event earlier police used tear gas to control rival supporters of the president and the losing candidate in those contested rerun elections violence . and we'll have more from kenya at the top of the hour for now though from a brian thomas the entire news team thanks so much for being with us.


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