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a helpful piece of software. the virtual person as a therapist or a robotic as a teacher might have human empathy what does a machine need to do to create empathy and a medical context when i disclose more information to a person or to a computer in this case. a few years and lots of feelings of the instruments that steer us and whoever can control these feelings has great power over us by compatible algorithms instead of feelings measuring emotion starting december sixteenth on t w.
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this is deja news coming to you live from berlin in kenya president hu kenyatta has just been sworn in for a second term in office the ceremonies been taking place in a packed stadium in the capital nairobi earlier police used tear gas to separate supporters of kenyatta and those of the losing candidate. really go live to our correspondent in nairobi also coming up pope francis arrives in the capital of myanmar maybe doubt he's due to meet the country's leader aung san suu kyi the big question will they discuss the persecution of the country's a muslim minority there in just sochi has been criticized for not taking a strong stand on the issue. and it looks like the controversial read to say it is a bad to make an expected intervention in the always done job is that scotland will tell you why.
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we'll. hello i'm touchy well welcome now after a days of drama kenya has just a sworn in. for his disputed second term as president the some money has been taking place at a stadium in nairobi it's being attended by african heads of state and thousands of kenyatta supporters kenyatta one another five year term in a rerun of elections last month but they were boycotted by the opposition with said the vote would not be free and fair and for the very latest let's cross over now to our correspondent on the line from nairobi catherine wonder catherine they use standing by at a stadium where the inauguration of the out has just taken place it seems cannot it was given a rapturous welcome as soon as he took his oath of office. yes it's actually on he did say that actually using his speech he said that he will. adhere to the
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constitution. and just as he told his own the entire stadium to cheers right now is standing outside greece is very much a case of come out the girl out of kenyans out you can see here just i think maybe just the mere fact that it's all over and our money you know purchase election period is over it and there's an old excitement. and there's a lot of excitement in knowing what the president. and his plans for the country millisecond. and of course a kenyatta one of the result of the election by and with ninety eight percent of the vote but we do know that the country is still deeply divided politically how can you want to given any indications how he plans to unite the country. well he said it was now that he before the inauguration of president clinton at any theme
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always said that they would do this after we confirmed as president so now all eyes are present looking at to see what you do in fact as he is taking his oh this is a place called the current ground the opposition supporters tried to come together and tried to pray for those who died or was it a morning in press attention and we saw tear gas and running battles and we also welcome you know reports of three people shot either on the president to see what he's going to do especially today those protests happening in in opposition areas i don't want the opposition candidate catherine got there he boycotted the election result is a showing any signs that he's willing to accept the situation for what it is. not really and that that is probably the conservative answer given that he still insists him and it seems dylan says that usually government which is the ruling party does not want to so in that issue that's plaguing this country which is the
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electoral terms that. they say that it has much of think once i log in this much as they want unity there must be a credible pull that takes place and that's credible poll can take place within the next three months and that's that irreducible minimum at the security point to have a credible call to kenyans can actually move forward but on the other hand you have you know security saying that you know it's just a matter of dialogue and moving forward so we're still some sort of a standoff but almost a peaceful kind of the now captain in london in nairobi thank you very much. now pope francis is a man moscow after maybe dollar for several highly anticipated meetings including with the leader unsung sochi international rights groups are urging francis to speak out against the persecution of the muslim minority i talked to our correspondent boston hartigan man mark in just
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a bit but first his report on what the small christian community in the country hopes from the pontiff visit. the church courtyard to yang gone are bursting at the seams this week hundreds of thousands of believers have flocked from all four corners of the country wanting to see the pope and many of them are young. to resupply and i was part of a catholic youth group from pitchin state in the north of me and mark. a region that's been plagued by a war between the military and ethnic rebel armies one third of the population there is christian. for teresa and most of the others in the group it's their first ever trip to the big city so they're eager to set out and explore. most of all they want to experience the pope. they hope to return home with the
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courage to make their country a better place. in our area there is civil war there is no place and i don't want the approval of president we are here to receive the pope's message of peace and to pray together. i need tell you that i want and that's important i hope that can bring us peace to name him up will be mean to me alone i say to him i don't know she does in a country right with ethnic and religious tensions many believe the pope's message of nonviolence and understanding could help me and mar overcome its numerous conflicts. and no conflict currently looms as large as the one between the army and the muslim rule hinge a minority that has displaced more than half a million people in just a few months. when isn't imaam in yet gone he heads an organization that is working to strengthen ties between youths of different faiths he's aware of the debate of
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whether and how the pope should weigh in on the sensitive issue of the road. for the sake of me and mars muslims he wants a clear statement from the pontiff what muslim population hoping from. you know. people have been using the term genocide when a part of the. happening this genocide and it is also the time when the messenger. of peace it's visiting he must have mentioned about that situation to research her friends have made it to one of the most sacred sites in the buddhist world and me and mars most famous landmark the shrader gone pagoda she says she feels welcome here in spite of her religion she wishes everyone in myanmar could also say that about the country. and.
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pope francis can unite the different religions and foster love between people of different faiths as this is what i hope and believe. it's a noble wish but in myanmar's current reality it seems it will take nothing short of a miracle to make it come true. and for more on the pontiff's visit to me and i'm joined now from young going by our south-east asia correspondent bos'n harvey boston the pope is meeting unsung sochi at this very moment what can we expect from this meeting. well of course rita the over the over the issue that's been overshadowing this whole trip of the pope so far is of course the issue of the road in northern rakhine state so for sure they'll be talking about that but there are other issues that they could be
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talking about as well for example yesterday when the pope met the commander in chief of myanmar military he talked about the responsibility that the authorities have in the transition process of the transformation process because of course this is a country that has been under military rule for decades and just a few years ago started opening up in the government that uncensored she is defacto heading just took office last year so this is a very delicate process and there have been some setbacks as well in recent months and in the past year or so maybe you'll be touching on that as well and then of course there are so many conflicts that this country is facing it has its home to some of the longest running internal conflicts in the world for example in catchin state where the people who we saw in the report are from many of the people there are christian and many have been forced from their homes tens of thousands living in refugee camps in that area because there is an armed conflict going on between
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me and maher military and ethnic rebel groups and there are similar situations in other ethnic areas as well so there is a lot to talk about not only the ranger issue even though that will of course be at the top of the list every day and a bus and this is a very historic visit because this is the pontiff first visit to me and my what kind of deception has he been getting from the civilian and military leaders. you get reactions of the whole you get the whole spectrum really yesterday when he arrived here in yang gone many people went to the airport to greet him thousands of people lined the streets of yangon to wave when he passed. by in his car to the residence where he was staying here so those were mainly christians of course and on the other side of the spectrum you also have buddhist nationalists who taken to social media for example to express their feelings about about about the visit of
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the pope and they're very angry because they feel like he's been taking sides with the room a group of people who they don't like at all and so there they feel like he's interfering in internal affairs so really their reactions all across the board i'm reading boston heartache in the young one formerly known as rangoon thank you very much for that update. let's all take a look at some other stories making news around the world indonesian authorities are warning that rumbling volcano in bali could erupt soon mount a goal is shooting massive columns of smoke more than three kilometers into the sky the government has ordered the evacuation of more than one hundred thousand people the items international airport remains closed for a second day stranding thousands of travelers a flamboyant t.v. host looks set for a surprise win over the u.s. friendly president in elections in honduras salvador and australia has an unexpected lead an early election results but both sides of claim victory present
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one of man this has won praise during his term of office for cracking down on crime in one of latin america's poorest countries. get the world economy is growing at a faster than ever pace it seems get heard from a business says as the details that's why as a meter for twenty eighteen the o.e.c.d. predicts global growth to hit three point seven percent report released just a few minutes ago and here's the good part is not only rich industrialized nations that grow developing economies are set to benefit more than ever. the company is one of globalization's winners they produce fans in germany china india and the us everywhere demand is climbing employees worldwide profit from it it's a trend that's been confirmed in a study by the organisation for economic co-operation and development or o.e.c.d.
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it states that people in industrial as well as developing countries profit from globalisation according to the study globalization can bring down unemployment in many countries consumers like to spend money on products from around the world. the global economy will grow by three point seven percent in the coming year that zero point one percent more than in twenty seventeen according to the o.e.c.d. the us is the world's largest economy will grow considerably in twenty eighteen but the euro zone's growth will be slowing down at only two point one percent and that's mostly due to bragg's it and the unsolved debt crisis in southern europe japan's economy will grow by one point two percent according to the o.e.c.d. and china will grow by six point six percent and twenty eighteen. experts are predicting strong growth for export champion germany the number of positions for skilled workers is rising but refugees won't be able to fill that gap many of them
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remain unemployed the o.e.c.d. has suggested including more women in the workforce that's why children's daycare and kindergartens need to be built the o.e.c.d. is also calling for lower taxes and special tax breaks for working couples well that's good news let's cross over to off a national correspondent on open finds that that what is driving this growth. yeah good news also here from the investors perspective and i was talking to one investor what he's making pretty much out of this i guess it would take hours to talk about all the factors but he was kind of breaking it down for me is saying me is telling to me that we have right now a very stable political situation a worldwide also the latest war tension between north korea and the united states have called off of course we have some on civility like in spain and in germany also right now but experts are telling me that they don't think that those won't have any big consequences then we have
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a very strong all prize at the same time this is always an indicator for a strong and growing economy and when you talk about europe we're also seeing right now a very strong euro currency with about one euro nineteen close to one twenty talking about europe if you look at a strong western economies are germany's for example some economists are already saying there's a danger of economies overheating and what does that actually mean and is that danger real yeah let's talk about germany it really is seems that the motor here off the industry and germany doesn't see any reason to run at a lower level export is growing also we just had on friday the latest business climate index with new records also very promising retail numbers now for the christmas season of course you mention it there is this fear that an overheating a could at the end harm the economy and we have seen something similar happening for example in china and also in india so exports are telling experts are telling me
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that a rather slower growth at the and is actually for the economy and general more healthy . in frankfurt thank you. data protection authorities of the european union are deciding whether to launch an e.u. why didn't vest a geisha into the major data breach and subsequent cover up at ryde sharing company on monday britain and italy joined the netherlands austria and poland in launching separate probes last week the right hailing company disclosed that data on fifty seven million passengers and drivers had been hacked in twenty sixteen the company also admitted it didn't tell authorities all the people affected of the bridge who were paid one hundred thousand dollars to the hackers to destroy the information. in the philippines the jeep name is an icon of daily life a colorful taxi that evolved from the u.s. military jeep but many of the diesel powered vehicles are now older and it's
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unfiltered exhaust fumes pollute the air in towns and cities the solution it seems a government mandated modernization program to make them clean the question now is who's going to pay for the upgrades. if manila gets its way this will soon be a thing of the past filipino jeepneys rolling down the road clouds of black exhaust in their wake jeepneys older than fifteen years must be off filipino roads by january first owners many of them taxi drivers will have to foot the bill for low carbon modifications that will be expensive up to thirty thousand u.s. dollars per vehicle the government has offered financing but drivers say they'll still have to up their fares the way for modifications could leave them without work they say. that we are not in favor it will surely take time until we get these types of vehicles on the road a lot of drivers will lose their jobs what will happen to us will go hungry.
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drivers staged a two day strike earlier this year a tough talking president right rico to tear today responded with a threat to tow non-complying vehicles after the deadline. his government says the outcry is overblown and the need great inner city admissions are a hazard to health the emissions add to the philippines c o two output. it's an increasingly common story around the globe as governments mandate vehicle modernization change is expensive and someone has to pay for it. a storm is brewing and german politics i mean does me that's right. a european union decision to extend the license for the controversial weed killer glad to say it could end up complicating chance america's efforts to form a new government the problem is that a minister from america's conservative blog made a go it alone decision to vote for the license extension with the support of the
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party currently in coalition with them confused let's explain. typhus eight has always been a controversial topic it pits the e.u. commission against citizens rights groups the chemicals industry against organic farmers critical scientists against support of scientists neither we kill or has become toxic to germany's acting government and is in danger in the prospects of forming a new one. e.u. member states twice before failed to agree whether to bond like was said or extend its license no decision was reached because germany abstained both times. germany social democrat environment minister supported the bond due to suspicions of the weed killer is carcinogenic and is killing off too many insects the agriculture minister from the conservative c.s.u. is on the side of the farmers and favored continued use of life was saved the lack of cabinet consensus meant berlin abstained on the previous folks until monday when
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germany suddenly voted in favor of an extension. i spoke by phone with my colleague mr schmidt today at twelve thirty and made it clear that i was sticking to my no and that therefore germany has to abstain on this issue and cannot agree to the extension. this is and this is a serious breach of trust within the acting government i have to ask myself in light of this go it alone decision whether mrs merkel has her own people under control for america. i ignored or not i'm careful what. ahead of talks about a new grand coalition between the s.p.d. in the conservatives the timing could hardly have been worse. but the agriculture minister says he gained important concessions in exchange for his yes vote. if you let me finish i feel it is my duty in the government to take decisions that need to be taken. but i also decide based on the facts and nothing else that.
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when he's under the vote has bitterly divided the acting grand coalition the e.u. decision to permit use of life or say for another five years cannot be revoked whatever the possible dangers no one thoughts the efficacy of life or say when it comes to killing weeds the concern is that it could kill off any chance of germany forming a new government. well the burn in a christmas market targeted by an islamist attack a year ago has opened for the festive season très people were killed and many more injured but an attacker drove a stolen truck into the crowds on the nineteenth of december last year for some caught in that attack the memories us to invade. it's one of the german capitals most popular christmas markets last year it was also the target of a terror attack we're at berlin's by chai plots.
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this is what the christmas season in germany is all about enjoying a glass of wine at one of the many christmas markets but can that be possible to enjoy when everything reminds you to those who lost their lives in last year's attacks let's find out. that any commercial survived last year's attack just he was selling mild wine to a customer when the truck smashed into his stall leaving him badly injured. and kept in a garden wolf we talked to comes in i just saw the truck approaching us then the hot to suddenly collapse. i can't remember anything after that. i woke up as rescue workers were pulling me out of the wreckage. yes. the fire veiled you know because it was money it's holding on. the truck had already hit a group of people before reaching the nice hot twelve people were killed in the carnage dozens more were injured. a year later security at the market is tight more
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police officers are on patrol than usual. this is the place where the truck plowed into the christmas market steering directly into a group of people these concrete barriers were set up now to protect the visitors but they also keep reminding everyone of the current danger of further attacks. it's a danger that has become normal across europe. recently on their us it's a different feeling it's not the way it used to be we were here the day before the attack and then it happened it's terrible. for us i'm new here that's. great with many others we can't hide after an attack like this it's a christmas market and we have to come back in the same vibe not smart yeah via
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fire celebrating the fact that we're alive and we still have each other we won't let them frighten us. the last of. those who died are being remembered at an as yet temporary site an official memorial will be unveiled before christmas. and staying in germany just like the americans express shock at a knife attack on a conservative man known for his migrant friendly policies the attack took place in a kebab restoral in the western german city of tina authorities say it's likely the stabbing was politically motivated local media say a man asked on the rails hartstein if he was the mare and then stabbed him horse john was taken to hospital but released later in two thousand and fifteen the man became known nationally welcoming policies towards refugees and. i
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run a marathon is not the most. it's been since ford bought for the fanatics the streets are not enough anymore real marathon addicts are no longer aiming for the simple city mouth on like those in berlin boston or tokyo for them a new challenge is always a good thing such as a gruelling run in the in talk take. these guys did not forget their skis these are the competitors in this year's antarctic ice marathon the world's southernmost long distance run we are looking for. the snow right here on the right conditions very cold so let's start with. the participants through snow ice strong winds and average wind chill temperatures at minus twenty degrees celsius but the race is not just a challenge for thermal underwear the event also takes place as an altitude of seven hundred meters so the air is thin with little oxygen. it took the wind
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twenty two year old frank your hands in from denmark just three i was thirty seven minutes and forty six seconds to cross the finish line and had rather mixed emotions. too but it's over. this is the sad part. of the finish line. and i go one mile up. others were thrilled to. see the right most beautiful it was everything i could. ever imagine. so in the end the cold of the antarctic many hearts. gosh well here's a recap of the top story that we're following for you. president who took any art out of kenya has been sworn in for a second term in office at the site of many in the capital nairobi earlier police
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used tear gas to separate. supporters of kenyatta and those of the news in kind of that. remember you can always find more news and information on our website that. you can also follow us on twitter and on facebook that's it for me on the thought she might be back in half an hour i'll see you then.
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it's beginning to smell a lot like christmas in verga news gingerbread city them are just in the world. adults and youngsters join in the baking to make this winter wonderland. the delectable tradition kicks off the festive season in norway. with. kick off the bendis legal highlight. dramatic derby darkman squanders a turnaround after a meeting for no good comes back with a vengeance and buys a. hamburger somebody to really geishas own thanks in part to some help from hoffenheim the one thousand dollars goal since the beginning of the month is new
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day. to go. sixty minutes. pope francis is here in myanmar and his visit couldn't come at a more crucial time more than six hundred thousand muslim or hindu i have fled the country to escape from what many are calling ethnic cleansing will the pope find the right words to address their plight without deepening the religious and ethnic divides that are tearing me and mar part more full coverage of the pope's visit join us here on the w. news. it's. funny claim cancer could often. tell isn't and. i feel i'm telling the famous potato.


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