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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 28, 2017 2:00pm-2:16pm CET

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this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin pope francis meets. the pope is under pressure to raise the violent persecution of man must muslim minority in the talks didn't say enough to satisfy human rights groups and the rogue injure themselves really go live to our correspondent in myanmar also coming up in kenya president who can yasser has been sworn in for a second five year term of office he promised to work to unite the country but elsewhere in the capital nairobi police used tear gas and supporters of the opposition leader. and it looks as if the weed killer lifeless is hated by environmentalists is about to make an unexpected intervention in the formation of germany's sex government we'll tell you why.
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i don't welcome i'm under such. poor processes held talks with men malita unsung suchi in the country's capital all eyes want to how the outspoken catholic leader would address the issue of the muslims which the un has said are victims of ethnic cleansing the pontiff said me and my was suffering deep divisions and respect for human rights but he did not name the minority muslim group will go to our correspondent in just a moment but first let's listen to what paul francis had to say. if it incivil your seimone they want any religious differences need not be a source of division and distrust. but rather a force for unity and forgiveness tolerance and wise nation building. course to chew on and then by.
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and for the bailout is this go to a southeast asia correspondent boston hot ticket joins me now from yonglin in me and my now boss jill the balts comments were highly into supported what he actually say in his address. when we did he spoke a lot about peace and a lot about dialogue for example he praised state councilor and defacto leader of myanmar or civilian leader of myanmar and sense that she for her peace process she of course is the one who has been pushing forward a few choices between the army and the a multiple ethnic ethnic groups in this country because there are many internal conflicts in this country some of them the most long running in the whole world and she's been trying to push for a peace process there and to hammer out a deal of course something that is extremely difficult and that is extremely
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complicated so he praised her for that but he also said that this process of peace building can only be successful if there is a spirit of solidarity and if there is a spirit of tolerance and he he included all religious and all ethnic groups and in that and he said that it can only be successful and peace can only be achieved if the basic rights of all these groups of all these ethnic groups and of all these religious groups are respected and he you can be sure he included the rohingya and that even if he didn't if he didn't name them by that by that name if he didn't use that word. he faced a lot of pressure in the before this speech from both sides from human rights groups and brought into activists and many muslims who said he should use the term because it gives the group and identity and identity that there that there's that
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there craving for an. benedick that the myanmar government of myanmar military wants to deprive them of because they're saying they are illegal immigrants from me and more now on the other hand even the cardinal the pick catholic cardinal here in in me and maher cautioned the pope before this address saying he shouldn't use the word to him because the antagonizes a lot of people here it's a very sensitive issue and it would deepen the divides between the religious groups and so in the end he chose not to use the word those who wanted him to use it definitely will be disappointed others will be relieved that's the choice he made and we don't bussin hunting in yangon myanmar thank you very much for that update tonight to kenya where the after months of election drama. has been sworn in for a disputed second term as president kenyatta took his oath of office at the same
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money in the captain nairobi he vowed to work to unite the country after winning a rerun of the election ordered by the supreme court but that vote was boycotted by the opposition and during today's ceremony police used tear gas on a demonstration by the opposition leader. and his supporters. for more let's cross over now to the ws correspond in nairobi a captain on bond catherine no opposition leader that odinga has been speaking at a rally in nairobi what we have to say. that among many things but the me thing that he said that he will be sworn in by and of them on the twelfth of december now the twelfth of december is very significant in kenya given that this is how independent states the day that we mark independent so to have him sworn as president just you know two weeks off the incumbent who kenyatta was sworn in today it seems like a troublesome situation because then we're likely to see more protests and then
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we're also likely to see more. troublesome is one way to put it it sounds like a head on collision is in the offing meanwhile can he also today was given a rapturous welcome as he took his oath of office has indicated how he plans to unite the people in this very divided scenario. he has he said that this was a competition not again. rather competition of vision and he has also pledged to the kenyan people that he would be president for all and that he will respect the constitution but it's very ironic that over the last couple of weeks the country has been seeing some kind of you know common and we thought that you know that these two leaders will meet but today with the announcement by right loading it seems that you know we're still well the pot but we're kenya says that he has the capability of uniting this country. right catherine on bondo in nairobi thank you
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very much for that. they started look at some other stories making news around the world french president emanuel mccraw has spoken to university students of booking of fossils capital one god two who are the president thought to make a clean break from the past saying that he came from a generation that would not tell africans what they should do and that he would rather focus on his efforts on bridging ties between africa and europe indonesian authorities have warned that an active volcano on bali could soon erupt mount a goal is shooting massive columns of smoke more than three kilometers into the sky the government has ordered the evacuation of more than one hundred thousand people the island's international airport remains closed for a second day leaving thousands of travelers and tourists stranded. a flamboyant t.v. host looks set for a surprise win over the u.s. friendly president in elections in honduras salvador nostra has an unexpected lead
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an early election returns but both sides have claimed victory for president one of the on this had won praise during his term in office for cracking down on crime in one of latin america's poorest countries. argentina says a submarine that when missing twelve days ago had reported a short circuit before contact was lost it was caused by water that entered the vessel's snow the search for the san juan with forty four members is still on the way but hopes to win the world after a noise consistent with an explosion was said to be detected last week. now here in germany a european union decision to extend the license for the controversial a weed killer glad to say it could end up complicating chance the mcas efforts to form a new government the problem is that a minister in merkel's conservative block made a go it alone decision to vote for the license extension without the support of the
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party currently in coalition with them confused let's explain. say it has always been a controversial topic it pits the e.u. commission against citizens rights groups the chemicals industry against organic farmers critical scientists against support of scientists in the week killer has become toxic to germany's acting government and this in danger in the prospects of forming a new one. e.u. member states twice before failed to agree whether to bond like a saint or extend its license no decision was reached because germany abstained times. germany social democrat environment minister supported the bond due to suspicions that the weed killer is carcinogenic and it's killing off too many insects the agriculture minister from the conservative c.s.u. is on the side of the farmers and favored continued use of. the lack of cabinet
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consensus meant berlin abstained on the previous votes until monday when germany suddenly voted in favor of an extension. i spoke by phone with my colleague mr schmidt today at twelve thirty and made it clear that i was sticking to my no and that therefore germany has to abstain on this issue and cannot agree to the extension. this is and this is a serious breach of trust within the acting government i have to ask myself in light of this go it alone decision whether mrs merkel has her own people under control for america. i ignored or not incur threat ahead of talks about a new grand coalition between the s.p.d. and the conservatives the timing could hardly have been worse. but the agriculture minister says he gained important concessions in exchange for his yes vote. if you let me finish i feel it is my duty in the government to take decisions that need to be taken. but i also decide based on the facts and nothing else that.
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he's under the vote has bitterly divided the acting grand coalition the e.u. decision to permit use of life is saved for another five years cannot be revoked whatever the possible dangers no one thoughts the efficacy of glyphosate when it comes to killing weeds the concern is that it could kill off any chance of germany forming a new government. staying in germany and chancellor merkel as expressed shock at a knife attack on a conservative amir known for his migrant friendly policies the attack took place in a kebab restaurant in the western german city of art and authorities say it's likely the stabbing was politically motivated local media say a man asked under the us hartstein if he was a mare and then stabbed him harshly and was taken to hospital but released later in two thousand and fifteen the man become known nationally for his welcome in policies towards refugees. news from the world of sport on the international
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olympic committee has banned five more competitors for the two thousand and fourteen saatchi winter olympics for life over anti doping violations the bans include dhimmitude and carver and alexei lego dialo two gold medalist on the four man bobsled team as well as by apple and really a silver medalist yanna roman over and all of. the latest bans bring the total number of russian athletes handed lifetime bans to nineteen the i.o.c. has said it will decide next week on the participation of russian competitors at the upcoming young chang winter olympics. to run a marathon is not the most demanding achievements in sport but for the fanatics the streets are not enough anymore real marathon addicts are no longer aiming for a simple city marathons like those in berlin boston or tokyo for them a new challenge is always a good thing such as
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a gruelling run in the antarctic. no these guys did not forget their skis these are the competitors in this year's antarctic ice marathon the world's southernmost long distance run i'm really looking for the challenge today the snow here on the right conditions very cold so let's start with . the participants battle through snow ice strong winds and average wind chill temperatures at minus twenty degrees celsius but the race is not just a challenge for thermal underwear the event also takes place as an altitude of seven hundred meters so the air is thin with little oxygen. it took the wind twenty two year old frank your hands in from denmark just three hours thirty seven minutes and forty six seconds to cross the finish line and he had rather mixed emotions. too bad it's over.
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this is the sad part. of the finish line. and i go one mile up. others with three zero to. ten toxic down the road most beautiful and it was everything i could. ever imagine. so in the end the cold of the antarctic will meet many hearts. you don't have to have a sense of adventure to go in for that kind of thing david did of the news business news coming up next and then president lots of stories he'll be looking at is the future of virtual cash rich guy that's right david e w's.


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