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made for mines. pope francis is here in myanmar and his visit couldn't come at a more crucial time in more than six hundred thousand muslim or hinge i have fled the country to escape from what many are calling ethnic cleansing will the pope find the right words to address their plight without deepening the religious and ethnic divides that are tearing me and mark parts for full coverage of the pope's visit join us here on d w news. this is d w news live from brother protests in cab yes the president is sworn in
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for a second to applause from sauza as of supporters who are of the promises to do not like the country even as police tear gassed opposition protesters who say the election is illegitimate also on the program pope francis speech made on monday to our songs to cheat calling for respect for all ethnic groups but avoiding the term rohinton did he say enough to satisfy human rights groups on the right into themselves. and meet people who say an ordinary marathon is too easy and that if you want a real challenge you need to head to on top to go. i'm phil gayle welcome to the program after months of election drama kenya's president to her can you not to has been sworn in for a disputed second time it took the. the office at the ceremony in the capital
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nairobi and promised to work to unite the country with the kenyans have won the election rerun that was ordered by the supreme court the boycotted by the opposition even as he was being sworn in police were tear gassing demonstrators taking part in a protest led by opposition leader raul odinga. de w. correspondent catherine i wonder is in nairobi welcome back catherine so rather a danger boycotted the rerun and held a rally today the day the president was being sworn in what did he have to say. oh he has made his most explosive speech in the last couple of days which is saying that he will be sworn in by a people's assembly on the twelfth of december now the twelfth of december is kenya's independence day a very significant day for millions of kenyans so his announcement comes growth as a shock to people who support the main ruling party saying that it's probably even just a joke that he's just looking for mileage but then you have his supporters who are
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saying that they believe that is true and they believe that he is the legitimate president if it is not a job and this happens next week he declares himself president what would that mean for a new. that means trying times ahead that protests to be seen on the streets of nairobi and opposition strongholds so we're likely to see more deaths unfortunately today another child was killed by police during the protests that took place at the opposition area in jacaranda so we will see a lot of this probably in coming days but we're also going to see people starting to speak to the issue of secession which is one of the major issues that has been talked about running up to doing this kurt tracked electoral period we have a lot of people from western kenya and from coastal kenya who say that they do not feel part of this country considering that who kenya has been sworn in as president following the controversial election on the twenty sixth of october and following
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that five constituencies didn't vote in that election now the presenter received a rapturous welcome as he took his oath of office today what did he say about overcoming political divisions. well he extended an olive olive branch to the opposition so far as just by saying that he is ready for dialogue and he's ready to incorporate dead vision into his new government has he forms his new government in the coming weeks he says that it was not a competition of evil versus good rather a vision and he he says he's the president for all and he would do its best to stick to the old to adhere to the constitution but this comes at a time when you know he that's the furthest he's going and people expect except expect him to go a little bit further given that he's the head of state and reach out to the opposition and put an end to the bloodshed and put an end to the tensions catherine wander in nairobi thank you. pope
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francis has held talks with have men mostly suchi in the country's capital all eyes were on the how the outspoken the catholic leader would address the issue of the wreckage of muslims is the who the un has said of victims of ethnic cleansing pope francis said mimo was suffering deep divisions and urged respect for human rights but he didn't name the muslim minority muslim group we'll hear from our correspondent in myanmar in just a man with first let's hear some of what pope francis not to say he fit into a really juicy they want any religious differences need not be a source of division and distrust. but rather a force for unity and forgiveness tolerance and why is nation building. close to. southeast asia correspondent is passed in the heart of he's in the young going men most welcome bastien so pope francis didn't mention the rain just by name
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was there any doubt that his speech was addressing them in their plight you know fill the pope today spoke a lot about peace and he spoke about the necessity that to achieve a genuine and a lasting peace it was necessary that there be an underlying spirit of tolerance and of solidarity and he also said that it was necessary that the rights of all religious and ethnic groups be respected and i think there's no doubt that with all the also meant. given the statements that he's made in the past where he's spoken out very vocally on their behalf also naming them not here today but i think yes his message also included there were although fail and this is true he did not name them explicitly today he has been outspoken on their behalf in the past why do you think you today. i think the pope was
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under a lot of pressure in the run up to this speech today there were he was pressured by human rights activists by representatives of the hinge of minority themselves by representatives of other muslim groups they all wanted him to use the term role in that because it gives these people and identity and identity that they're being denied by me and my military by the myanmar government and also by some parts of the population in myanmar so that's why they wanted him to use that term now on the other hand even the cardinal here in me and mark cautioned the pope he said don't use this word because it will it's a very sensitive issue and a lot of emotions are tied to it and it will deepen the divides between the religious religious groups and it will it will make that reconsider the ation of the religious religious groups even harder so in the end it was the pope's decision
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to make he decided not to use the term maybe because he thought it would do more harm than good phil bronstein hartigan the golan mimo thank you. and i see some of the other stories making news around the world islands deputy prime minister france's fitzgerald has resigned the move will probably of earth's a government collapse on snap elections which could have complicated proxy talks between britain and the european union opposition parties have demanded that fitzgerald step down over her role in a police whistle blowing scandal. thousands of travelers are still stranded on the indian easy on the island of bali after an erupting volcano forssell forces to close the airport for a second day now and i'll go in the shooting massive columns of smoke four kilometers into the sky the government has ordered the evacuation of more than one hundred thousand people. imagine all micro hust broke into university students in bikini fasteners capital ouagadougou the french president sought to make
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a clean break with the past saying that he came from a generation that would not tell africans what to do and he would rather focus his efforts on bridging ties between i think you and your. germany's chancellor angela merkel has expressed a shock at a knife attack on a concert getting stay conservative met known face migrant to friendly policies that have happened if they could bob restaurants in the western german city of al taina sources say it's likely the stopping was politically motivated local media say a man asked al undress a host i had seen if he was the man and then stopped and he was taken to hospital but released later in twenty fifteen the man became that nationally known for his welcoming policies to the towards asylum seekers and now i d w's have rebecca stout in my is out welcome rebecca tell us more about what happened
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well exactly as you said i'm standing in front of the done a lot and actually the kabob place where mayor and i as host stein was stabbed last night he suffered a multi centimeter wound to his neck and was taken to the hospital but was able to be released a couple hours later he even held a press conference this morning in which he said that he plans to continue conducting policies and to continue to work for the people not only the refugees who live here and out and but also for the people who were here before. now you've been speaking with al sadr residents what have they been saying. well that's really they're very split here all of them are united in saying that the violence against their mayor is absolutely uncalled for but some are blessed surprise than others about the attack in this and this quiet town some have said they're very that they've been very disappointed with the policies that the mayor has put through not only with refugees but also they feel that he has not been able
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to revive this sleeping and and demographically dying town one of the mayor's main goals by by taking on more refugees than than the quotas actually were supposed to give this town back in two thousand and fifteen was to help boost the demographics and get more people into the empty apartments here but three years two years later now the residents are saying they're not seeing the changes and it's created. it's created quite a lot of hurt feelings and people who feel that the refugees who are here may be maybe taking something away from them although many of the residents were also has a tent too to fully put factual weight behind that argument but it's definitely a feeling that that's going around this the sleepy town what's known of the attack it. the attacker was detained by
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police and authorities are saying that the crime was politically motivated they're also investigating him for attempted attempted murder. what was one of the more interesting things also about this case is that in the stoner where in the in the cup obs shop where the mayor went into two workers came and rushed to his aid one of them who was the owner of of the shop and as well his son and they both sustained injuries as well and just about an hour ago when i was outside here the mayor himself came by and delivered a large bouquet of roses to the two men who are credited with saving his life from the sale and who has been detained and it was also reported as well that the that the suspected attacker was possibly intoxicated when the attack took place ok rebecca and alison i thank you
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i really i'm out of and it's one of the most demanding events in sport but for the real fanatics the street saw no longer enough real mathematics so no longer i mean for simplicity madison's like in boston or tokyo for the madison martha none of the big new challenge is the antarctic. you. know these guys did not forget their skis these other competitors in this year's antarctic ice marathon the world's southernmost long distance run and we're looking for the challenge today in the snow right here on the right conditions very cold so let's do it. the participants battled through snow ice strong winds and average wind chill temperatures of minus twenty degrees celsius but the race is not just a challenge for thermal underwear the event also takes place as an altitude of seven hundred meters so the air is thin with little oxygen. it took the wind
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twenty two year old frank your hands in from denmark just three hours thirty seven minutes and forty six seconds to cross the finish line and he had rather mixed emotions. to battle. this is the sad part. of the finish line. oh. and i go one mile up. others were thrilled to. take down the right house here hall and it was everything i could. ever imagine. so in the end the cold of the antarctic homes many hearts. you know mania his reminder of our top stories of our present to her a kenyatta of kenya has been sworn in for a second time at a ceremony in the capital nairobi of the country's political crisis continues
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police used tear gas against supporters of opposition leader a day they say the presidential election was illegitimate. and pope francis has held talks with men mausoleum songs and she the pope a respectful divides of all ethnic groups in myanmar but did not mention the range of finding and some say cheney has come under fire for not stopping what the u.n. has described as textbook ethnic cleansing against the wreckage. of today's i'll have more for you at the top of the hour in the meantime as always the web site that's t w dot com have a good day.


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