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dream in mozambique you can do something to give a baby a future without aids. make a donation safe a life. this is deja vu news live from berlin north korea launches another test missile and the white house responds immediately it is a situation that we will handle. the intercontinental ballistic missiles fall north korea's most powerful today it appears to be capable of hitting the east coast of the u.s.
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while some reaction also coming up. pope francis holds an open air mass and buddhist majority of me and mark tens of thousands turn out for that he calls on the people of myanmar to embrace peace and reconciliation. on tackling migration the european union and the african union get together to work out how to deal with the flow of migrants from africa to europe. i'm brian thomas a very warm welcome to the show u.s. president doll trump says he will handle the latest ballistic missile test by north korea is claiming its twentieth launch this year is a new type of missile and some experts believe it could be capable of hitting any city in the united states. north korea claims it has
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become and you can't paula off to a low of over two months it has again finds an intercontinental ballistic missile one that flew at a much higher altitude then past launches before the. ending in the sea of japan to it. state media and now is the news they said the country's leader kim jong un declared with pride that now we have finally realized the greatest story course of completing the status nuclear force. young claims the new missile brings the whole u.s. mainland within its range a direct challenge to donald trump but this time the u.s. president's reaction was more muted than in the past after meeting with his secretary of defense trump refrained from issuing threats. we tell you will take care of it we have general national with us and we're going to discussion.
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it is a situation that we will handle. north korea's immediate neighbor was less restrained within minutes south korea responded by firing missiles into the sea to demonstrate its ability to strike pyongyang's launch sites the south korean president said the international community had no choice but to continue applying pressure and sanctions. vision action does not only increased tension on the korean peninsula but gravely endangers the international peace and security we strongly condemn north korea's reckless behavior. seoul has warned the situation could spiral out of control on wednesday the u.n. security council will hold an emergency meeting to discuss the situation. earlier i spoke with journalist jason strother in seoul south korea i asked him for his
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assessment of whether north korea was now capable of launching a new nuclear warhead at any target in the united states i mean based on what we heard on the north korean broadcast this afternoon it would seem that it has the capabilities and judging by the tone that president trump general mattis as well as officials here in south korea are taking it seems that this is a missile that can reach out to tubes that no other north korean missile can before as before the u.s. based union of concerned scientists an independent think tank says that if all these numbers are true in terms of its trajectory and altitude this missile could strike as far as washington d.c. ok now a regional powers like japan and south korea have been taking defensive measures in response what's going to tell us about that. right well i mean him immediately after north korea's rocket launch early this morning south korean military forces
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conducted its own live fire exercises they shot missiles at targets off at sea off the east coast by land sea and air according to the joint chiefs of staff here these targets where approximately the same distance as north korea's launch site so south korea is sending the message that it can handle or at least take out any of north korea's rocket launch facilities ok now it's been two months since the last missile launch by north korea what can we make of the timing of this law. well i think there had been some hope that the tough talk coming from washington over the past few months maybe scared kim jong un into holding back on its own as rocket launches but just yesterday here in seoul south korea's unification minister said that north korea has made faster progress than anyone expected in terms of developing its nuclear weapons program and that more tests should be expected
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essentially so really this missile test this what looks like an i.c.b.m. shouldn't come as a surprise jason thanks so much for that from seoul south korea. pope francis has celebrated an open air mass and me and mar some one hundred fifty thousand people mainly from the country small catholic minority attended the service in yang gong the pond have called on people to embrace forgiveness and reconciliation as their country emerges from nearly five decades of military rule on tuesday a part of met with the de facto leader aung san suu change in what is both a spiritual and a diplomatic visit pope francis avoided discussing the persecution of range of muslims which the u.n. and u.s. have described as ethnic cleansing francis is the first pope to ever visit myanmar . abbas in hartogs joins us now from ragon young going for the latest on what
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was the mood at the mass boston. brian considering the fact that there were as you said one hundred fifty thousand people about at that at that mass on the sports ground in yangon it was surprisingly quiet it was everything was very well organized people had been waiting for hours some even since last night before the mass actually started to get in then they took their seats everyone had their assigned blocks where they were supposed to be and then when the pope arrived of course some people cheered but most people think they had little flags that they were waving when he passed around in his open air car he was driving through through the crowds and and waving at the people the people force waved back and waved their flags but it wasn't a true mood i would say everything was very solemn it was it was. quiet rather but that doesn't mean that the people were unhappy to see the pope we spoke to people
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after the mass it ended and one lady even had tears in her eyes saying that she was so happy that she got the chance to see the pope you have to understand that many of these people come from very very remote areas of the country. nick areas mountainous areas in the on the on the border through to thailand to china also travel very far some for days to come here and to see the pope and. many of them or most of them all of them were very happy to actually finally get the chance to see him in person and up close and they were no doubt listening very closely as well to the pontiff homily what the pope talked about during that. well mainly was talking about making peace this is a country that is facing many conflicts not only the conflict in rakhine of course and the crisis of the rohinton the plight of the ruins of people there but many
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conflicts there are. ethnic conflicts that have been running for many decades and for example in kitchen state where many of the christians are from many of the christians also that were at the mass today there is an armed conflict there that has been running for a very long time and many people. have bare wounds from from this conflict and that's what that's what the pope talked about and talked about three conciliation and how that reconciliation was only possible that if there was forgiveness and if there was love and that people shouldn't resort to anger and to hatred and to revenge when it comes to dealing with these conflicts even though that might be a human reaction but he said to have the example of jesus christ obviously. to take that example and. to use the forgive be forgiving to the people who hurt them to overcome the wounds that they carried away from from from these
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many years of conflict brian. in the political discussions with the saucer she and with military leaders apparently the polish did not raise the issue of the why was . well it was the pope's decision not to mention the role hinge or. the thing is before the speech yesterday and also today he didn't mention he didn't mention the injury he did refer very briefly to the conflict in rakhine along with other conflicts people he was praying for in those areas they didn't mention the engine he was warned by various. forehand also by the cardinal here in myanmar not to use that word because it would antagonize a lot of people here this is a very sensitive issue and the fear was that it might be pinned the divide between the religious groups and make that reconsideration that the pope is trying to help
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achieve and to make that more more difficult than maybe that was the reason why he chose not to use that word brian bussin hard bring us up to date on the qantas visit to me in march thanks very much this morning boss and. now for some of the other stories making the news this hour bali's international airport is set to reopen today after an erupting volcano stranded tens of thousands of travelers for two days now and our goal has been spewing ash and smoke more than seven thousand meters into the air flights canceled and that's concerns that cloud post a threat to flight safety. olivia's top court has struck down constitutional limits on reelection paving the way for president a former almost run for a fourth term leftist leader took power in two thousand and six and has overseen an economic boom that lifted millions of people out of poverty but his popularity has been dropping amidst allegations of corruption senior saudi arabian prince met have
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been has been freed after more than three weeks in detention it was one of dozens of royals officials and businessmen arrested in a corruption probe ordered by the country's crown prince all looks like there could be some progress gearhart in the backs of talks that's why brian according to british media reports there has been a preliminary agreement on a so-called break zits divorce built the uses britain owes it money from long term financial obligations such as investment programs and infrastructure projects agreed before the brags that referendum this divorce bill has proved a stumbling block in talks settlement could mean that real negotiations about future relations and trade could start soon. newspaper reports say the two sides have reached an agreement in principle for the u.k. to pay between forty five and fifty five billion euros in a brags that bill to the e.u. the payment has been a sticking point in the recently start negotiations led on the british side by
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briggs it minister david davis the e.u. is demanding sixty billion euros from the u.k. as a kind of tab to be settled before bragg's it a collection of budget commitments and pension promises expected from the u.k. as part of its membership through twenty nineteen the e.u. has vowed not to move forward until the issue is resolved and it's even given a december fifteenth deadline for progress the new offer has been expected in recent days the u.k. needs to move beyond the divorce phase of talks before it can negotiate a future trade pact with the blog a critical issue for its post bragg's an economy the possibility of leaving the union without a deal is widely viewed as an economic worst case scenario other stumbling blocks remain in the divorce phase including the nature of the border between ireland and post break that u.k. . twenty years ago the frankfurt stock exchange went electronic that's when it flipped the switch on its cetera electronic trading system
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a program that automatically executes buy and sell orders. quite literally it's a far cry from the old method of shouting out orders on the trading floor the result was more transparency and speed and then increase in exchange capacity today some ninety percent of the total volume of all german stock exchanges are traded via cetera system's average turnover is more than five billion euros per day. celebrations of that anniversary are well underway at the frankfurt stock exchange so let's cross over there to our financial correspondent daniel cope danielle so where you standing right now is that just a pretty backdrop for the t.v. cameras these days while traders still go to the trading floor yes some are saying that this is actually the biggest t.v. studio here in germany and sometimes i really wish i was there in those golden days
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that's how some traders are describing it when there's there was still some action going on here on the trading floor one trader told me a little bit earlier people really screamed when there was news about a certain chair now the loudest noise that we can years sometimes is one of the traders who is kind of sneezing if there would be sort of an explosion only five percent of the trading is still done here at the trading floor and literally all the traders that are still here because of the computers trading in theory they could also do work from home well that could be rather interesting and big i.p.o. coming up early next year maybe you can see screen more details over to us. yeah insiders are reporting that siemens are thinking maybe to choose the frankfurt stock exchange for the for the i.p.o. of their medical technical company health in years this would be the biggest i.p.o. taking place here at the frankfurt stock exchange things twenty years the last
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really big one that we have seen like that was a telecom so yeah if this would be really the case and this would be extremely excited about we are hearing there's going to be a board meeting of the events taking place and maybe we'll know later already more about this. thank you very much open front. federal prosecutors in the u.s. investigation with the ride sharing company employed a team of corporate spies to still trade secrets from its rivals former manager disclosed the investigation on tuesday he said that the firm set up a special unit to target overseas competitors he said the group kept its work of was computer system a testament it was part of a google lawsuit against which alleges that stole trade secrets from google's self driving unit has been in hot water recently over its cover up of a major hack and data theft. apple apparently has also some serious
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security breaches in the new operating system called high sierra hackers can bypass use of passwords in a matter of seconds computer expert informed the company via twitter strangers only need to type in the word route as a username to access computers without using a password. the glitch will be removed with a new software update the mistake is a critical one one of apple's big selling point has always been its data protection and security. creating jobs in africa is in focus today and brian has more one is the very big issues today an obvious on again hard more than eighty african and european leaders are gathering in ivory coast to promote jobs and stability for africa's rapidly growing population the two day summit opens as the places greater emphasis on his ties to africa. i. think european capital was trying to send out some positive vibes at
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a number of events ahead of the summit in abidjan and at the european parliament high ranking politicians were also trying to find solutions for better cooperation between the continents is all pounding out of the people in the past the europeans have a tendency to look to the east towards russia and china they haven't done enough in africa sure we invested and we are committed but i think we need to strengthen our strategy not just throw money at the problem may. by the end of that i wish. the wake up call for europe was the migration crisis more than one hundred thousand africans arrived on the shores of the e.u. this year alone and some estimate that two million more are on the move towards europe the e.u. has been working on a plan to curb the influx and will try to sell it at the summit one of the key aspects of the plan is to fight the root causes of migration and some countries
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like those are political in others like nigeria the main reason is poverty the e.u. also wants to destroy the business model of human trafficking smuggling africans to europe has become a multibillion euro industry. to keep migrants from making the dangerous trek across the mediterranean the e.u. would like to beef up so-called reception centers in the transit countries and finally the e.u. is hoping to reach agreements with the countries of origin to take back those migrants who made it to europe but were not granted asylum. many african countries want something in return mainly money and legal migration alternatives for their citizens. that was a bit new among the few notes you know we just lack the funding and we have the will to change things but this will need to. to be supported with resources our economy is mainly informal to change that we need foreign investment.
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in new full. day he did business his mom it was in. european countries are we rebuilt they have sunk a lot of development money into africa over the decades like here in chad often with no noticeable improvement but for many on the continent the blame is clearly not entirely africa's. the biggest mistake is that aid doesn't always come with conditions attached and the red carpet is being rolled out for dictators that are starving their people and corrupting elections while enjoying the respect of the european countries. to live his big. money in return for migration control most likely that will be the defining narrative in. the europeans hope that this africa e.u.
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summit will yield tangible results. for the very latest from the cross over now to do that is max hoffman standing by for us in abidjan what are people expecting to come out of the summit. bryan the official motto here is empowering africa's youth and if you look at the demographics you have this is the youngest continent in the world but you also have the highest rate of youth unemployment and then if you see the new news statistics that the whole population in africa is going to court job pool until two thousand one hundred you can see this is in the porton topic but it is a long term topic and in the short and mid charm is the africans and the europeans are expecting different things as we just saw in the report the africans want more aid they want investment they want money to put it quite simply and the europeans want african countries to help them curb the influx of migration in short they want border and by gratian control in return for their financial efforts ok sounding
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like migration and security are likely to be key issues at this summit can we expect substantial progress in these areas. remember what happened on the western balkans route that was the the route where most migrants came through two years ago that was effectively shut down because one of the transit countries in this case turkey played along and said ok we will help you curb the influx of migrants that's something you cannot reproduce replicate here in africa because some countries make a profit transit countries like niger through the human trafficking and other countries like libya are completely out of control i mean you see in the reports that migrants now are being auctioned as slaves in libya this just shows you how far gone that country is it is the country where most migrants pass through so there is no easy solution that's why the e.u. now is trying to focus on the countries of origin we just talked about ethiopia we
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talked about niger meaning that they want to eliminate the root causes why people make that trek to europe and that is something they try to do with financial aid and of course also trying to convince those countries to take back the migrants that don't have any right to say in the european union but that brian is a very very long process it will take years decades it's a step by step progress process and that so many presidents heads of state heads of government are talking here of the jaw that's already a success ok max hoffman for us and others are looking forward to seeing what comes out of that summit max thanks very much for now though. now to a remarkable example of just how far some nations will go to avoid having to face israel in sports it appears an iranian wrestling superstar was told to throw his match in the under twenty three world championships in poland because if he won it would then have to wrestle and israeli here's what happened. this you tube video
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shows perhaps one of the list examples and spokesman like tom don't enter. iranian alley razor careening in the blue jersey had a clear lead against. love from russia. then the and rainy and train and by following a blue cube asked for a time out. he had a hefty discussion with kareem e who obviously got a direct order to lose after that to remain literally stopped wrestling the russian made one point after another and when the match although the iranian was the clear favorite for the title. but kareem he would have had to wrestle against an israeli in the next round which is forbidden for iranian athletes not to show up for the next fight would have caused a fine so greeny just lost instead. iran's sports ministry in a statement praised kerry me for supporting quote human values.
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to colombia now where people have been marking the one year anniversary of the plane crash that claimed the lives of seventy one passengers including nearly an entire team and staff of the brazilian football club topic wednesday with military honors a plaque was inaugurated to remember both victims survivors of the disaster which occurred when the plane ran out of fuel and crashed into a hillside near many. one thousand players and most of chappaqua board and coaching staff were on their way to play in a continental final perished in the crush. so golf down for golf fans and players alike it is the comeback of the year tiger woods will be returning to compete after a nine month downtime the forty one year old will tee off at the hero challenge in the bahamas on thursday justin thomas who will be paired with woods has hinted that woods seems to be in fine form after recovering from a back operation woods
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a fourteen time major is when are kept in the spotlight despite not playing not always for the right reasons last month he was arrested on charges of driving under the influence of medication and sentenced to twelve months of probation. it's a quick reminder of our top stories of this hour u.s. president all from has reacted to the latest north korean missile test launch saying we will handle it the intercontinental ballistic missiles thought to be north korea's most powerful to date. and pope francis has held an open air mass and buddhist majority man mark tens of thousands turning out for that he called on the people of myanmar to embrace peace and reconciliation. but don't forget you can always get the t.v. news on the go download our app from google player from the apple store that gives you access to latest news as well as push notifications for breaking news you can also use the app to send us photos and videos. plus all for now we're
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back at the top the hour but we're going to leave you with some fearless frost resistant athletes running a marathon in icy and arc the two at arctic of forty two kilometers and twenty five degrees celsius below zero imagine that let's take a look at those fearless escalates.
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germany's educational crisis. crumbling school buildings teaches in short supply and students dropping out of the state waited too long with new investments in education how did it come to such
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a pass and how can germany be economic powerhouse catch up on its heart was. made just. washing hands wasn't part of these kids' daily routine. now a development project is teaching them home here in the ten samian capital was clean water is in short supply but there's lots of putrid sewage and german n.-g. o. is helping to counter the effects of living with waste sources. close up in forty five minutes on. your children like chocolate. you can't live without your smartphone.
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your tomatoes the supermarket. as we go about our daily lives to move away from the last thing on one. minds'. the invisible hand of slavery in the twenty first century starting december second on t w. europe's economic engine is a driver of jobs and germany has a reputation for quality.


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