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tv   Shift - Living in the Digital Age  Deutsche Welle  November 29, 2017 10:45am-11:01am CET

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to up until recently the change only came as is often the case in africa through foreign aid. since the construction of a decentralized sewage plant put in place by border and g.r.i.z. the situation has improved. the sewage from hor thousand households doesn't flow untreated into the stream anymore. and the amount of waste has also decreased. instead the sewage ends up in a bio gas reactor. that's off the gas and live upon the waste water from the bio gas plant flows from there into our anaerobic filter which contains different chambers where the organic components are broken down by bacteria and we used a filtration material from the steel industry and freedom of the i did not. it's
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a very porous and well suited to allow the bacteria in the waste water to settle and to speed up the decomposition of the biological components that are still in the waste water. stuff and for one time. running the plant is easy and it's done by local people. for borda that's an important aspect for guaranteeing success. the cleaning effect from chamber to chamber demonstrates the efficiency of the plant. the treated nutrient rich wastewater is used to irrigate a banana plantation. the trees are bearing fruit for the first time. an important success for the project. the operator of the treatment plant was skeptical at first but now he's convinced. that i'm calling. the income from the banana
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plantations is an additional income for the operator we want to show the community that you can incorporate waste water into a cycle and that you can do other useful things with it when. i'm the one hundred on that of a tough income. another advantage is that the plant also produces bio gas for cooking. the amount covers the daily demand and completely replaces the need for charcoal. the family can save its pennies and the bio gas option also makes their daily life easier. the efficiency of the sewage plants is controlled by border in a special small lab. despite the simplicity of the system the bacteria in the filtration chambers react sensitively to chemical impurities. by constantly optimizing the process the applications are increased.
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the future brings new technical challenges. the first residential areas for the gradually growing middle class are being built on the outskirts of dar es salaam. these areas will also have the central. sewage treatment plants through border but on a much larger scale and we're going to hear. the overfull the system can be used in different combinations. the world bank now wants to support fifty such plans to improve the situation in the city. there won't be latrines here. instead hard work will go into length sewers. it's slow laborious work.
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it's clear why retrofitting the huge slums with proper sewers is an impossible task but. living space for small families. there are two children's bedrooms that most. that will remain a dream for are the core of our. she'll be staying in her hut just as she has done for the past thirty years. those who are poor live hand to mouth. they can only go shopping when the money's there. there's never the money to buy much. more. a recipe charcoal grill that's alys entire kitchen the family has nothing not
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even the embers for the fire even they come from a neighbor. one hot meal a day there's usually not more than that and even that's a luxury. their own toilet clean water those are far off dreams for this family and you're going minimum young man you're even in better sanitary conditions allie wouldn't manage to escape her suffering. poverty is holding her captive. one of the reasons is the large number of children five to six children per family is the average in tanzania. if you can get ones and we have such good lives in europe it's perfect when you see things like this it's not perfect for the middle majority have nothing i'm driven by this sense of injustice a small percentage have a relatively good access here. and let the but the majority have been forgotten of
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course i forget. and the forgotten ones are growing in number. by two thousand and fifty the population of africa will double. this rapid increase impacts the peoples access to water and is decisive for their prosperity or poverty . the united nations wanted to half the number of people without water by two thousand and fifteen. they failed the waterless are growing in number in the slums of the world.
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the fast pace of life in the digital north shift has the lowdown on the web showing new developments and providing useful information the wiki is finds and interviews with makers and users. should next on details. they make a commitment. they find solutions. they inspire. africa . stories about people making a difference. shaping their nation. and their continent. w.'s new multimedia series for africa. dot com africa on the move.
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shift living in the digital age. coming up freemium gaming an app for gore makes and skateboard acrobatics. but first cyber bullying these days many youngsters are getting abused via text message messenger service or social media but more and more victims are fighting back and make their plight publicly known. as poland loves chatting to friends every day the thirteen year old spent several hours online then one day he began receiving abuse on his smartphone from a text messaging service that keeps the senders identity secret they think it has come diab i think it happened because i supported a fellow student who was being bullied that's how it probably started. falling on funk we shrunk so in the beginning it felt kind of we're going to school knowing
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someone in class must have sent these things. but i didn't know who it was this lucasville victim to cyber bullying something that one in four german students come to experience most victims are teenagers twelve years old and above once tormentors hone in on their victim they're usually relentless. in the beginning lucas didn't know how to cope with the abuse which he didn't just receive when he was at school even came when he was home. that comes in by. i would receive messages as late as ten or eleven pm. and then it would start over at six a.m. . all day long. first i received generic abuse like you're ugly later i even got messages saying we'll destroy your family or we'll murder you know you better stay at home. is the media
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educator he offers workshops for students and teachers he says cyber bullying is an issue in almost every classroom it's a form of digital violence that can take many different forms. thanks.


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