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a few years and lots of feelings of the instruments that steer us and whoever can control these feelings has great power over us compatible algorithms instead of feelings measuring emotion starting december sixteenth on t w. this is d w news coming to you live from berlin a dramatic development at the war crimes tribunals for the former yugoslavia one of the defendants drinks from a bottle and claims it's a poison he just being told his trente a prison sentence had been upheld the good live update also coming up. north
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korea launches another test missile and the white house responds immediately it is a situation that we will handle. the international ballistic missile is thought to be the north korea's most powerful to date it appears to be capable of hitting the east coast of the united states we have a reaction. and tackling migration the european union and the african union get together to work out how to deal with the flow of refugees from africa to europe. plus in the next thirty minutes pope francis holds an open air mass in buddhist majority me and mark tens of thousands of catholics still in doubt he calls on the people of myanmar to embrace peace and reconciliation.
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i don't welcome. in a developed dramatic development at the u.n. war crimes tribunal for former yugoslavia a former bosnian croat military leader drank a liquid that he said was poison the man slobodan pryor lek made the move just after the judge had rejected his appeal and confirmed this trente year prison sentence the hearing was suspended. he was about to go to prison for what would probably be the rest of his life the judge confirmed to twenty year prison sentence and this i'm not a war criminal i oppose this conviction. stop place police adult confusion at first and then an attempt to move on to other business responsible but as the judge was dealing with the next case calls from within the court. the convicted military
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chief said he had taken action i have taken poison. gradually his claim is repeated. the potential gravity of the situation sinks in and court officials move to halt the proceedings and take him for medical attention ok. we suspend the. place the curtains. and for the very latest on this breaking news story i'm joined by our correspond dog martis your grammatic developments do we know for sure that what the man took was really poison . that is at least what the former boston crowd leader has said himself and then after that as we heard in the report just now his lawyer shouted to the judge that . he is he is the person he is he's protecting here in this lawsuit
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has taken poison if that's really the case we don't know that the status of his health is is very much on unclear but certainly authorities in the hague take this case very seriously in two thousand and six one of the convicted killed himself and committed suicide while in prison and after hearing his verdict at the hague tribunal so what happened next in the course chamber where is slobodan probably at now there i would miss reports from the court that saw an ambulance rushed in and somebody carried out there was also a lot number of aide workers that storm basically into the room so resume and he's been taken to hospital but that's unconfirmed and of course this raises questions where this man got the poison where does this now leave the court case and again.
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this was the final case and in fact it is the final day of years of processes and hearings against the leaders it is to be completed now the hearing was partially suspended or temporarily suspended but it continued afterwards and in his particular case the body has been given the sentence has been upheld and there is at least from that perspective no reason to see why it should be repeated in any form read get modest thank you very much for being us up to date with this development at the war crimes tribunal for former yugoslavia. u.s. present dollar trump says he handled the latest ballistic missile test by north korea china has voiced its grave concern and called for talks to resolve the issue of killian claims its latest test launch is
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a new type of missile and some experts believe it could be capable of hitting any city in the united states. north korea triumphantly claims it has become a global nuclear power after a lot of over two months it has fired another intercontinental ballistic missile this one flew much higher than previous ones before landing in the sea of japan. state media announced the news in a special broadcast it said the launch was a complete success and that the new missile represented a giant leap forward. not only. here on yang frames this brings the whole u.s. mainland within its reach a direct challenge to president on the tramp but this time his reaction was more muted than before after meeting with his secretary of defense trump refrained this time from issuing threats. but i won't tell you to take care of it
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when you have general most of them with us and i don't want discussion about it. it is a situation that we will handle. north korea's immediate neighbor was less restrained within minutes south korea responded by firing missiles into the sea to demonstrate its ability to strike pyongyang's launch sites the south korean president said the international community had no choice but to continue applying pressure and sanctions against the north. you know. this action does not only increase tension on the korean peninsula but gravely into angels international peace and security and we strongly condemn north korea's reckless behavior from you. seoul has warned the situation could spiral out of control the united nations security council will hold an emergency meeting to discuss the situation for some analysis
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on the story we're joined by even fausta carter he's the korea expert based in britain welcome abel pyongyang claims it's now a fully fledged nuclear power does it really have a missile that can carry a nuclear warhead to any city in the united states we do not know for sure but this test after two months of got some of us hoped maybe they'd stopped full scope. continues the pattern. it continues the pattern that we've seen throughout the year where they get bigger and better obviously they didn't fire it towards the u.s. they found it extremely high into the sky to be technical for a moment so we think that it has that range there's all sorts of other questions about whether they can really militarize a bomb there every entry issues if they were trying to hit someone but it is worrying just as all the others not been worrying yes and how has north korea been able to make such
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a rapid progress in its missile program. i think everybody wishes they knew that north korea after all the more than a decade has been on the ever tighter un and lots of bilateral sanctions which up precisely supposed to stop the materials getting in bought through diligence on that part through front companies in china here and that they have bought it we can we don't know all the details but kid eight by the result that we've just seen they have managed to make technical progress which they once doing until about a year or two ago and that makes this threat all the greats and i think this is the first missile test and two months is the timing important do you think yes it is it's then might have been hopes i mean there were suggestions even from the members of the trumpet ministration that a two month coles might suggest some room for diplomacy if they stopped well clearly they feel they have stopped stuffing so to say they've started again and of
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course you could say they were provoked i'm quite recently president trump puts north korea back on the state department's list of countries accused of sponsoring state terrorism now as far as the facts of the matter a concern and i have no quarrel with that the people will remember the the matter with using a nerve agent v.x. gas at kuala lumpur airport i'm a lazy earlier this year of the north korean leader kim jong un's half brother kim jong nam so terrorists yes however in terms of timing i mean that's the old grants will see that as a provocation they were on that list he is president george w. bush took it took them off in two thousand and eight so it's yeah and so it went back to the green business as usual that we've seen throughout much of the year here we go again right even full thick on to thank you very much for that assessment. the german government is strongly condemned this latest ballistic missile launch by north korea the foreign minister sigma gabriele says he intends to summon its ambassador in berlin for talks in
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a statement he said in the name of the german government i condemn this ballistic missile test by north korea in the strongest terms it represents another breach of international law the reckless behavior of north korea is a great danger to international security this article or some other stories making news around the world bali's international airport has reopened after wind blew away ash and smoke spewed out by the will cain flights had been cancelled amid concerns the cloud posed a threat to flight safety it had left tens of thousands of travelers stranded on the indonesian resort island bolivia's top court has struck down constitutional limits on reelection paving the way for president evo morales to run for a fourth term the leftist leader to power in two thousand and six and has overseen an economic boom that's lifted millions out of poverty but his popularity has
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dipped a mic amid corruption allegations a senior saudi prince metabo bin of the law has been freed after more than three weeks in detention that according to an official there prince was one of dozens of royals officials and businessman arrested in a corruption probe ordered by the country's crown prince. more than eighty african and european leaders are meeting in ivory coast to promote jobs and stability for africa's rapidly growing population the today's summit opens as the open union places a greater emphasis on its ties to africa mainly because of unprecedented levels of migration some estimates suggest that millions of people are heading for europe in search of safety and a better life. the european capital was trying to send out some positive vibes at a number of events ahead of the summit in abidjan and at the european parliament
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high ranking politicians were also trying to find solutions for better cooperation between the continents is open i want to get to the people in the past the europeans had a tendency to look to the east towards russia and china they haven't done enough in africa sure we invested and we are committed but i think we need to strengthen our strategy not just throw money at the problem. by the minute after. the wakeup call for europe was the migration crisis more than one hundred thousand africans arrived on the shores of the e.u. this year alone and some estimate that two million more are on the move towards europe the e.u. has been working on a plan to curb the influx and will try to sell it at the summit one of the key aspects of the plan is to fight the root causes of migration in some countries like if yo pia those are political in others like nigeria the main reason is poverty the e.u. also wants to destroy the business model of human trafficking smuggling africans to
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europe has become a multibillion euro industry. to keep migrants from making the dangerous trek across the mediterranean the e.u. would like to beef up so-called reception centers in the transit countries and finally the e.u. is hoping to reach agreements with the countries of origin to take back their. those migrants who made it to europe but were not granted asylum. many african countries want something in return mainly money and legal migration alternatives for their citizens. the few notes you know we just lack the funding and we have the will to change things but this will needs to be supported with resources our economy is mainly informal to change that we need foreign investment a. bellyful man he knew for the day he did business his
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mom it was in. european countries are we rebuilt they have sunk a lot of development money into africa over the decades like here in chad often with no noticeable improvement but for many on the continent the blame is clearly not entirely africa's. the biggest mistake is that aid doesn't always come with conditions attached and the red carpet is being rolled out for dictators that are starving their people and corrupting elections while enjoying the respect of the european countries. to live his. money in return for migration control most likely that will be the defining narrative in. the europeans hope that this africa e.u. summit will yield tangible results. and that the. next whole fun who now joins me from john in the last. question is that if the for europe
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is the summit or labatt curbing the feel of refugees to europe or does that you have a genuine interest in investing in the continent. that's the question we put to the commission president of the european union. days back and you know he thought about that because of course it's true that africa is on the top of the agenda now because of the migration crisis at least in europe that's where you're past something to lose but at the same time it opens up. it opens up a moment of clarity for the potential of africa you have a huge continent that's not very developed yet but with huge potential silicosis of interest of the european union to invest here because there might be some return of that money if finally those economies here start picking up but just america is
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also that the sound and she's a met the president of ivory coast she had a very strong message off that meeting what did she say. she did touch upon a number of topics that are important to the european union you have to keep in mind the official motto here is empowering the youth of africa and that's important because if you look at the demographic development here africa population is set to quadruple until two thousand one hundred they have one of the highest rates of youth unemployment in the world so a lot of people looking towards europe to make their future and that's something the european union really few years because you know the flow of migration even gets even stronger that will increase political problems within the european union she touched upon that said that's one reason why you really need to help develop things in africa but she also talked about the horrible things that are happening in in libya the most important transit country where young migrants are being sold
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off as slaves she firmly condemned that as well of course. right max hoffman i mean john ivory coast thank you very much for that latest update. it what you need i mean you still to come pope francis holds an open air mass in me and he calls on the people of the country to embrace peace and reconciliation but he does not mention the persecution of the working with limbs. but first to get hired and the never ending brags that saga well there might be an end in sight we will have to wait and see because according to british media reports there has been a preliminary agreement on the so-called break that divorce bill that term refers to long term financial obligations such as investment programs and infrastructure projects that britain signed up for and owes the e.u. the divorce bill has proved a stumbling block in talks a settlement could mean that real talks about future relations and trade could start soon but the news chief exec negotiator michele bachmann is said that quote
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negotiations negotiations rather. newspaper reports say the two sides have reached an agreement in principle for the u.k. to pay between forty five and fifty five billion euros in a bragg's a bill to the e.u. the payment has been a sticking point in the recently stalled negotiations led on the british side by briggs it minister david davis the e.u. was demanding sixty billion euros from the u.k. as a kind of tap to be settled before brags that a collection of budget commitments and pension promises expected from the u.k. through the year two thousand and twenty the e.u. has vowed not to move forward until that bill is settled the new offer has been expected in recent days the u.k. needs to move beyond the divorce phase of talks before it can negotiate a future trade pact with the bloc a critical issue for its post breaks economy the possibility of leaving without a deal is widely viewed as an economic worst case scenario. chief negotiator for
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breaks that michel barnier said he was hopeful a deal could be reached before december council meeting for recovery. we are working hard on these issues so that i can say to the european council on behalf of the european commission they did a few days time we have reached a sufficient level of progress for the european council to decide to move on to the second stage of negotiating a future relationship up. to. other stumbling blocks remain in the divorce phase of negotiations among them the border between ireland and post briggs u.k. . bitcoin is on fire clocking in a new lifetime high above ten thousand dollars rising nine percent just today it's been just a week since the virtual currency top eight thousand dollars at the same time mornings multiply that the largest cryptocurrency is an asset bubble so in their heads fund manager mike novogratz said con is going to be the biggest bubble in our
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lifetime while john mcafee who founded the software company of the same name says bitcoin was had headed to five hundred thousand dollars within the next three years . well investors really seem to corp non now stupid coin our financial correspondent daniel korb joins us now from the frankfurt stock exchange donna how important is that ten thousand mark for the market. or the ten thousand dollar mark is for traders more like a psychological mark but in general when you talk to them they are telling me that for professional traders bitcoin is really becoming very interesting as an alternative to invest their money in traditional stocks and also with the zero percent interest rate you're not getting anything when you just put your money aside true and bank account the relator is rarely we are seeing though is because of rumors that the bitcoin already could be traded this year at the very well recognize u.s. stock exchange c m e's if this would be the case access for investors to bitcoins
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would be even easier and they would have the opportunity to bet on falling and rising shares. you don't know where where's the limit here is john mcafee this is just crazy when he predicts five hundred thousand. i mean five hundred thousand sounds like a lot of money of course but i also don't really see a limit for the bitcoin at the moment just when we look at this year from general you first to now because it has been increasing by about nine hundred percent just imagine how much money somebody made who invested at the beginning of the year just one hundred euro's also when you're looking over to some platforms for example in south korea we are seeing the bitcoin they're already close at eleven thousand dollar mark of course the sounds like an easy way to make money but investors are also warning saying that the bitcoin price can change within a day of twenty or thirty per cent so they're really saying this is you know
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nothing for the for the traditional trader nothing for the individual it's really something just for the professionals. in frankfurt thank you. and we stay in the digital world some serious security issues with a new operating system called high sierra apparently use of passwords can be bypassed in a matter of seconds a computer expert informed the company via twitter that one only needs to type in the word router as username to access anyone's computer without using a password that the glitch will be removed with a new software update it's a serious reputational issue for apple the security of its products has always been one of the company's big selling points. and that's all from me it's back to me to thank you get heard. pope francis is celebrated an open air mass in me and mark with some hundred fifty thousand people mainly from the
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countries small catholic minority he also met with this month the pontiff called on people to embrace forgiveness and reconciliation as minimal emerges from nearly five decades of military rule. they have traveled from far and wide for this moment for most a once in a lifetime chance to see the pope up close and in person but even where you've devoted can flag alongside that of their own country a country where ethnicity and religion have long been a fault line in national politics. christians now all about that they number a little more than one percent of the population. the this mass delivered on a traditional british style states with the first ever by a pope here. the more. i know that many bear the wounds of violence wounds pose visible and invisible.
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we think that healing can come from anger and revenge. yet the way of revenge is not the way of jesus. is. the poncy face treading a fine diplomatic line on this trip on one hand being careful not to anger his hosts on the other under pressure to speak out against the treatment of myanmar's range of muslims as is he did on tuesday the pope avoided mentioning ranger by name in part officials say that's for fear of causing problems for the country's catholic population but themselves have suffered persecution. francis is someone the whole world looks up to i believe when he speaks about peace he can have a big impact. i few such joy from the bottom of my heart. i want to cry.
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he came here to bring peace to me and. that makes me so happy. but while they pray for peace many others say the pope needs to do more to condemn the crackdown on the ranger which has been described by the un as ethnic cleansing . and if you think jumping out of a plane is breathtaking how one jumping into one and mid air that's exactly what a couple of wing suit flyers have done of the swiss alps possibly for the first time ever now word of warning if you don't like heights close your eyes now and please don't try this the toe. you all are you all. too french to sleep from one of europe's highest peaks. switzerland's you from mountain in the. the aim to make it through this
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door and land inside it takes a while to get it just right. all right. after more than a hundred practice flights they make it first mintz richard then his friend fred you can. mission accomplished celebration in the air. and here's a recap of the top stories that we're following for you a defender at the war crimes tribunal for the former yugoslavia claims to have drunk poison in court he'd just been told his appeal had been rejected and his twenty year prison sentence had been upheld and the u.s. doesn't donor compazine to the latest north korean test missile launch saying we will handle it china has voiced grave concern about the test the missile for to be
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north korea's most powerful to date. the. germany's educational crisis. crumbling school buildings teaches in short supply and students dropping out of this state waited too long with new investments
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