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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 29, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm CET

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this is deja news coming to you live from berlin dramatic developments at the war crimes tribunal for the former yugoslavia both the defendants drinks a liquid he claims this boy isn't that softer judges of who are just twenty year prison sentence we get a live update on the story also coming up north korea launches another test missile
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and the white house responds immediately. that intercontinental ballistic missile is told to be north korea's most powerful to date capable of hitting the east coast of the united states. and tackling migration the european union and the african union get together to walk out of how to deal with the flow of refugees from africa to europe last in the next thirty minutes sports and politics clash in the wrestling ring and iranian wrestling stars ordered to lose a match to avoid competing against an israeli opponent really have a reporter and out of this from our sports reporter in the studio. father of a warm welcome to you i'm on the touchy mom. we begin with some drama unfolding at
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the u.n. war crimes tribunal for the former yugoslavia that's as a former bosnian croat military leader claims to have drowned poison the man. raised a small bottle to his lips seconds after judges up held his twenty year prison sentence given. he was about to go to prison for what would probably be the rest of his life the judge confirmed a twenty year sentence and then this. i'm not a war criminal i oppose this conviction. stop place police adult confusion at first and then an attempt to move on to other business. whereas the judge was dealing with the next case calls from within the court. the convicted minute trick chief said he had taken action.
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taken poison gradually his claim is repeated the potential gravity of the situation sinks in and court officials move to halt the proceedings and take him for medical attention. ok. we suspend the. place the curtains. and for the very latest on the story i'm joined by a chorus running again martis you know what is the latest on a slab on trial yaks condition. they are reports on by integration state's t.v. for instance and by other media outlets in the balkans that he has actually diet after taking allegedly that poison now there's no information no confirmation from the court whatsoever whether it was indeed poisoned there is no clear confirmation
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about his magical state of affairs we called the court and talked to a press spokesperson but they declined to comment on any of these reports and so what we know is that an hour after he apparently took that liquid from the small bottle which you see right now that he was still alive that is what one of the court guards told media in the netherlands and this is a un president and a scenes in the court carol and it seems this is not the first time something this dramatic has taken place in the court that's right of this court has seen in its twenty five year history quite a bit of drama there were for instance cases where the defendant said they needed to go to the toilet and then claim they have low blood pressure and indeed there were two cases of suicide one in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight and one in two thousand and six where according to court documents the defendants hang
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themselves in their cells and of course if somebody on death row is confirmed this will raise a lot of questions now aside from this case this is also the last set of cases this crime unit is dealing with before it's term expires what has been the legacy of these hearings. that's right a read of the twenty year sentence for the bosnian croat leader has been confirmed and so that would have been the last day for this court it has a mixed legacy really for of course with a history of twenty five years a quarter of a century that was a very long time and many families of the victims have said it took too long a number of sentences should have been tougher on the other hand it has shattered quite a bit of light onto the dark history of the boston was in former yugoslavia government is in brussels thank you very much. u.s. president dollar trump says he will handle the latest ballistic missile test by
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north korea china has voiced his grave concern and called for talks to resolve the issue kyung young claims its latest test launch is a new type of missile and some experts believe it could be capable of hitting any city in the united states. north korea triumphantly claims it has become a global nuclear power after a lull of over two months it has fired another intercontinental ballistic missile this one flew much higher than previous ones before landing in the sea of japan. only the green state media announced the news in a special broadcast it said the launch was a complete success and that the new missile represented a giant leap forward so i don't know don't bang it. here on young flames this brings the whole u.s. mainland within its reach a direct challenge to president on the tramp but this time his reaction was more
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muted than before after meeting with his secretary of defense refrained this time from issuing threats. yeah i was going to tell you that will take care of it when you have general most of them with us and i don't want discussion about it. it is a situation that we will handle. north korea's immediate neighbor was less restrained within minutes south korea responded by firing missiles into the sea to demonstrate its ability to strike pyongyang's launch sites the south korean president said the international community had no choice but to continue applying pressure and sanctions against the north. you know. this action does not only increase tension on the korean peninsula but gravely interchanges international peace and security and we strongly condemn north korea's reckless behavior when you
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go seoul has warned the situation could spiral out of control the united nations security council will hold an emergency meeting to discuss the situation. for some analysis on the story we're joined by even fausta carter he's a korea expert based in britain welcome able pyongyang claims it's now a fully fledged nuclear power doesn't really have a missile that can carry a nuclear warhead to any city in the united states we do not know for sure but this test after two months got quiet some of us hoped maybe they'd stopped full scope. it continues the pattern she. it continues the pattern that we've seen throughout the year where they get bigger and better obviously they didn't fire it towards the u.s. they found it extremely high into the sky to be technical for a moment so we think that it has that range there's all sorts of other questions about whether they can really militarize
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a bomb there reentry issues if they were trying to hit someone but it is worrying just as all the others not been worrying yes and how has north korea been able to make such a rapid progress in its missile program. i think everybody wishes they knew that north korea after all the more than a decade has been on the ever tighter un and lots of bilateral sanctions were shot precisely supposed to stop the materials getting in bought through diligence on that part through front companies in china here and that they have bought it we can we don't know all the details but kid eight by the result that we've just seen they have managed to make technical progress which they once doing until about a year or two ago and that makes this threat all the greats and i think this is the first missile to month is the timing important do you think yes it is it's then might have been hopes i mean there were suggestions even from the members
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of the trumpet ministration that a two month coals might suggest some room for diplomacy if they stopped well katie they've they have stopped stuffing so to say they've stopped it again and of course you could say they were provoked i'm quite recently president trump puts north korea back on the state department's list of countries accused of sponsoring state terrorism not as far as the facts of the matter a concern and i have no quarrel with that the people will remember the the matter with using a nerve agent v.x. gas at kuala lumpur airport i'm a lazy earlier this year of the north korean leader kim jong un's hoft brother kim jong nam so terrorist yes however in terms of timing i mean that's the old grants will see that as a provocation they were on that list the u.s. president george w. bush took it took them off in two thousand and eight so it cme it so it went back to the green business as usual that we've seen throughout much of the year here we go again right even fourth a call to thank you very much for that assessment. but we now bring your credit
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with some other stories making news around the wild bali's international airport has reopened after wind blew away ash and smoke spewed out by a volcano flights have been canceled amid concerns the cloud posed a threat to flight safety it had left tens of thousands of travelers stranded on the indonesian resort island. pope francis has called on me and must top buddhist monks to conquer prejudice in a carefully worded appeal amid the country's persecution of the muslim. earlier he'd held his first public mass in front of a crowd of a hundred and fifty thousand in the city of young go on formally rangoon urging ethnic minorities to resist taking revenge for the suffering be had endured. bolivia's top court has struck down constitutional limits on reelection behaving the way for president evo morales to run for a fourth term in leftist leader to power in two thousand and six and overseen an
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economic boom that lifted millions out of poverty but his popularity has diminished amid corruption allegations african and european leaders are meeting in ivory coast to promote stability and more jobs for africa's young and rapidly growing population tackling the root causes of migration is a top priority even more softer recent pictures of refugees and migrants at a slave auction in libya which drew international condemnation hundreds of ivorians have since returned home disillusioned by their experiences abroad joining me now is dieter because one and max hoffman he's at the african and e.u. summit in joins me now from abidjan max on these reports of slave trade amongst refugees and migrants of course huge amount of shock what can we expect from leaders there to deal with this issue. the whole topic made it to the top of the
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agenda something you wouldn't have expected two weeks ago but then the news broke it was by c.n.n. the american media outlet that it led to these showed how young migrants were being sold auctioned off at a slave market in libya and you can't really imagine the indignation that has ever since took over in africa and already last week when we met the president of the pan african parliament he said it's the children of africa are being sold like live stock so a very emotional topic of course all the leaders are completely appalled by what happened and this is what the german chancellor i'm going to machall had to say about the topic. gratian now plays a very significant role in africa. but there are reports that young african men are being sold like slaves in libya. making the whole subject even more emotional here on the african continent. because
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if that we all have a common interest in ending illegal migration and. we need to give people from africa the opportunity to come to europe and study legally. studion can. so lax what can you medical and other european leaders do to provide legal opportunities for people to come to europe. we've been hearing that for some time now by different leaders also by the german chancellor and by the head of the u. commission your girl who we talked to on monday he said we absolutely need that we need legal migration to europe but the thing is when you get into the nitty gritty details nobody wants to talk about contingency quota how many actually do you want to bring into europe are what you know what kind of conditions for them to come the germans like to talk about education for example having exchange programs giving african students the opportunity to come to europe get their education and then come back to africa but you know like i said the details are very sketchy. and
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that's one of the biggest issues for many africans is not that they want more aid but they want to frack trade get me expectable a quick partnership to emerge at the summit between the european union and the african union. you know we talked to the head of the european investment bank earlier vanno hoyer and he said it took a migration crisis for europe really to wake up and understand that development in africa was very important what kind of investments the europeans had to make but when it comes to free trade everybody is more careful i mean that's something that n.g.o.s and also economic experts have been asking for for a long time but in the end it's also about money europeans want to protect their investments in africa they're reluctant to take in african products although this is surging many countries in africa we've seen the conclusions here so far we couldn't locate anything that endorsers real free trade agreement between let's say the african union and the european union and other questions being also there's
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some especially from the african delegates that for your this summit is all about killing the flow of refugees into the block is there a genuine interest in investing in the future of the continent and the people living in the african union. you know there's a lot of mistrust between european union and some african countries because the europeans have sunk a lot of development money over the decades it hasn't really worked the africans think that the europeans are only interested in curbing migration not really interested in investing in bringing this that the continent forward it seems though that it's a mixture of both what i said in the beginning it seems like the migration crisis really put africa on the top of the agenda again and the europeans are starting to realize that it's not just about reinforcing borders but that they really will have to make a huge effort in africa to make sure that people have a future and not look towards north towards europe and see their future there in migrating to the european union max hoffman in abidjan thank you very much for that
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. ben joins me now on the e.u. is considering a new plan to bridge the divisions among member states about how to deal with migration ben exactly this is an idea or a compromise rather put forward by a stone which holds the e.u. rotating presidency at the moment the idea is to determine a country's fair share of asylum seekers based on population and wealth some nations could be asked to offer assistance if the situation becomes critical by offering aid as opposed to taking on more arrivals but once migrants arrive in a nation like germany what are their chances of settling in we met an energetic young man from guinea who's trying his luck here as an entrepreneur a language barrier is the least of his problems. a mommy suma from guinea is struggling with german tax law he's taking a special course for refugees because he wants to start his own company he arrived
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in germany four years ago with nothing. when the economic situation is no good and there's no democracy in the country then you have to go where there's humanity and justice. and vets what i've done. guinea is one of africa's poorest countries in recent years it seemed continual political unrest in state run organizations like the post office where all mommy worked employees have gone without pay although the situation has improved due to investment from china but twenty six year old a mommy doesn't want to wait until things improve back home he was studying economics in guinea before stepping onto a refugee boat that took him across the mediterranean sea now he's looking to sell german cars in guinea agencies like the el ok in berlin help young refugees
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as they try to become self-sufficient offering management courses and mentoring programs. we're dependent on our working relationships with other institutions especially banks because of course it's hard to get financing with this target group whose loan options are limited due to their refugee status. and mommy sue monied startup capital it will be challenging to find even at berlin's investment bank recently established a loan program for refugees. in order for the bank to secure its investments we have to address the fact that we're dealing with people who only have a two year resident status whereas loan repayment terms are five to six years. this means we need to involve a third party a citizen to act as guarantor on the loans then we won't have any problem authorizing them. it's uncertain whether our mommies whom i will find
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a guarantee or he may have to go it alone provided he doesn't have to return to his homeland first. the bosses of foreign businesses operating a joiner complain the communist party is trying to infiltrate their boardrooms to gain control over management decisions a german industry body wants the chinese government is increasing its influence through party councils set up inside those companies are required by law were previously seen as solely symbolic we'll talk about that with an industry representative in a moment first a look at what's at stake for german firms china being a huge market for them which is critical for many of the best imo the nationals for for example employs ninety five thousand workers at its factories in china bosch the engineering company is also a major force with sixty thousand people on its payroll there zeman says just over half that some five thousand german companies in all of operations in china last
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year alone they invested six point seven billion euros they're on senior executive told reuters that some companies are under political pressure to revise the terms of their joint ventures with state owned part is to allow the party final say over business decisions my next guest says that practice is now extending to fully foreign owned companies as well the executive director of the german chamber of commerce in china simone paul thank you very much for coming in today. what evidence are you getting what are you hearing from companies foreign companies that are operating in china about the communist party well what we have heard we have been approached by some german companies who have been actively approached by the government in order to actively set up party sales or to strengthen you know the communist party within the german companies this is what we have been hurt in this is why we as the business community and also and the chamber of commerce have some
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concerns because we want to see. where this is go in and but this is. the first evidence that we have gotten. him or are they saying exactly if if if they don't go along with the party line and don't ensure that these councils party councils that are set up that they don't have more influence than what they're out that they're going to be throwed out of the country. first of all i think you can set up these party cells always been set up by party members when there are three party members within a company then you can set up a party still i think the difference where would we have some examples is that they have been the companies have been actively approach to support that i think this is the difference that we are seeing i mean serving our party selves and also more influence of the party is not a completely new thing in china now if the companies were to pull out of course that's not going to be helpful or beneficial for china's communist party at all.
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what is behind this do you think well i think first of all we have not heard that companies specifically are pulling out at this point because of that they're unsure at some point that there could be a reason i think it's always an overall investment strategy but i think first of all the major point that we think is that the company should not be actively approached it should always be a decision by the company and i think this is where it is very important we have over five thousand german companies as you said with one point one million in this is a very good partnership jeremy the companies are very successful there and that's why we are raising their little bit of flag and this is why we are also starting a dialogue here with the government because we want to make sure that this is continuing but why would the government be so. why would it be so interested in trying to increase its influence is it
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a fact that the state system just isn't working the way it wanted it to and so many companies have gone private in china and so many foreign companies have come in and the chinese feel that they're getting a bad deal what's behind it do you think well first of all as i say it's not a completely new thing i mean that the that the party is strengthening their influence to not only see this in the companies but you also see this through the societies in universities and so on this is where we also get reports about that where there are increasing their influence and i think this is what is at the end behind that the communist party there wants to have more say and. we have seen this in the state on companies we have also seen this also in chinese private companies but now for the first time we are seeing this in wholly foreign owned german companies and that's why i said we are raising here
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a little bit the flak so tell me in raising the flag how open are the chinese to actually talking to the likes of you when industry bodies from from abroad well i think first of all there the there is really a close partnership also between our chinese partners and the german companies and i think germany is is a very valued partner they really like the german companies being in there and working with them because they are such a reliable partner so we have started a dialogue and what we have seen so far yes they have been open but i think they're coming a little bit from a different approach more we want to improve services and so on but as i said we are hear from the german business community want to raise a little bit of flag because we want to make sure that the success of the story goes for that said the germans rely on the chinese then to be reliable business partners while i think when you. look at the last twenty years there has been very
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successful story between germany and china's partners going forward and we have seen this in our latest business confidence survey that there has been the companies have been really successful two thousand and seventeen or so or in two thousand and eight in part of the companies are also seeing more and more there are challenges coming up and we hear also as the chamber of commerce want to make sure that we are addressing these challenges so thank you very much for coming in today thanks for having me preceded. you. german chancellor angela merkel's open door policy towards refugees has earned her praise and a bruising in the polls now it could be a thing of the past according to media reports the conservative alliance she leads wants to lift a ban on deporting syrian citizens several states run by the c.d.u. c.s.u. alliance have called on the government to reassess the security situation in syria
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and send back refugees as soon as it is safe to do so this is deporting criminals is a priority around six hundred fifty thousand syrian refugees currently living in germany . it was in need of unions coming up ahead. our reporter talks gender equality with new zealand's former prime minister helen clark that's on the sidelines of a summit in iceland to debate the best way to get more women involved in politics. and wine iranian wrestling star was ordered to lose a match rather than compete with an israeli opponent we have that story last in-depth analysis. and don't forget you can always get the debbie news on the gorgeous download the app from google play all from the apple store that'll give you access to all the latest news from around the wild as well as push notifications for any breaking news. you can also use the deed of the app to send
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us photos and videos which you think could be interesting for us. so there's lots more coming up including a bed fizzling with the business news you're watching the news coming to you live from berlin and remember a lot small on our website anytime anywhere that's d.w. dot com you can also follow us on twitter as well as on facebook i'll have more news for you coming up shortly do stay with the unions. are wrong and we found out two years ago that she has a heart condition and musician it has got worse in the last few months ago and she only has a year to live there's only one hospital in africa where open heart surgery is conducted free of charge. i am afraid we won't make it.
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open hot. in forty five minutes on t w. f. the journey begins with the first step and every language and the first word i would think of. he's in germany to learn german. was assessed why not with him. it's simple online on your own mile and for a. soft. music learning course goes weak. made easy. they know like. they know what we think. they'll even know how we feel. oh i'm not a real person i'm still just a piece of software. scientists around the world are working to measure our
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emotions. so hopefully i can be a helpful piece of software. a virtual person as a therapist or a robot as a teacher neither would have human empathy. what does a machine need to do to create empathy and a medical context where i disclose more information to a person or to computer in this case algorithms instead of feelings measuring emotions starting december sixteenth t w. this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin and i'm on the thought she must be great to have your company our top story a descendant of the war crimes tribunals for the former yugoslavia is reported to have died after drinking poison in court that's according to creationist state chronic news agency he drank from a small vial of liquid after
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a judge is rejected is a pita and op-ed his trente year prison sentence. for tracking that story for you right here on the dobie and we bring you more details as and when they become available and let's not talk about gender politics and achieving gender equality is the goal of more than two hundred fifty women politicians from one hundred countries on meeting in iceland this week the annual women's political leaders summit debating the best way to get more women involved in politics didn't abuse in the shylock ouf now has been talking about this with new zealand's former prime minister helen clock. so mr clark you've worked on women's issues for the united nations also across the world what can the world learn from iceland. iceland was the first to democratically elect a woman president maybe in the small societies it's possible to break through with
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a national media and. a smaller political culture than it is and complex countries my own country is now in its third woman prime minister so we are proud of our record as well and we are a small country what's the biggest challenge for women to actually want to stand office of to get men to vote for women. i think the big challenge is the political parties because political parties can be the greatest champions of women's participation and rise in the systems were the greatest opponents and the truth as in many countries that's paving the way for women to take their full place so a lot of the tension really needs to go on the role of parties who they are selecting and how they are supporting those they select so are you in favor of quota system i think of nothing else is working you should try quotas quotas are successful and rapidly boosting the numbers of of women in politics my own country's got to thirty
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eight percent female in the parliament it without quotas but it was starting to get picked frustrating when we got stuck at twenty percent and then thirty percent but i see so many countries from my time in it you in deeping who didn't reduce quotas and were able to move quite quickly that's also not always a linear development in german part and meant for instance the percentage of women just dropped significantly in this newly elected parliament and so if there's one thing you could change one obstacle you could get rid of what would that be. i think it's a question of what is the political system concerned and how should it adept to is ensure that there are significant numbers of women the german system with a list system should facilitate the entry of women so it's surprising that the numbers actually dropped in new zealand experience has been to the. tree but electoral systems do influence how women are represented in the single member
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simple majority system that the united kingdom us is not a good system problem and to work through. what do women need to change women need to lean in sheryl sandberg's have to believe in themselves their ability to do the job to know every bit as good as the the guy who would like it for himself and get coalitions around them too and i want to go forward clark thank you very much for talking to us. thank you and i hope you are taking notes that was new zealand's former prime minister helen clark talking to me now that zimbabwe has a new leader emerson magog one who recently replaced robert mugabe ending is thirty seven year rule but prior to that he was for decades described as a key in for self or more gabi both afghan designer p.f. party whose international spokesman nick gaga is the latest guest on d.-day obvious
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conflict zone where tim sebastian questioned him on human rights grievances so thought the country created a few weeks ago. yeah you call him a struggle now but. let me finish the. president had to flee for his life a couple of weeks ago and the little that's an unfortunate certain issues and it's not funny i don't know why don't i send your politicians out of limb i don't know if that i don't accept you calling him a compliment but i would say that it was it wasn't conventional it was wrong it shouldn't have up in that way but when it starts. and you can see the rest of that conversation on this conflict zone which is also available online at www dot com slash conflicts on not telling not to ban from the big business is going to go see it is only your opinion say the brits are set to agree to a briggs a bit very close attempts of the e.u. is very interesting amrita britain as you know owes the bloc quite
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a lot of money from long term financial obligations like investment programmes and infrastructure projects agreed before the in out referendum the actual amount is what's causing such a stir critics are accusing british prime minister theresa may of now selling the u.k. short a settlement could mean real negotiations about future relations and trade could start soon newspaper reports that the two sides have reached an agreement in principle for the u.k. to pay between forty five and fifty five billion euros in a bragg's a bill to the e.u. the payment has been a sticking point in the recently stalled negotiations led on the british side by briggs it minister david davis the e.u. was demanding sixty billion euros from the u.k. as a kind of tap to be settled before brags that a collection of budget commitments and pension promises expected from the u.k. through the year two thousand and twenty the e.u. has vowed not to move forward until that bill is settled the new offer has been
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expected in recent days the u.k. needs to move beyond the divorce phase of talks before it can negotiate a future trade pact with the bloc a critical issue for its post breaks economy the possibility of leaving without a deal is widely viewed as an economic worst case scenario. e.u. chief negotiator for breaks that michel barnier said he was hopeful a deal could be reached before a december cancel meeting but we cover you know we are working hard on these issues so that i can say to the european council on behalf of the european commission did a few days time we have reached a sufficient level of progress for the european council to decide to move on to the second stage of negotiating the future relationship up. through negotiation that a few true. other stumbling blocks remain in the divorce phase of negotiations among them the border between ireland and post briggs u.k. . let's talk about this with daniel cope our financial correspondent who joins us
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from frankfurt daniel will the brits pay that huge exit bill. well this is a very interesting question and i don't know maybe you also have this image you know one night maybe to reason may's sitting at home opening her online banking account and then you know making this transfer of fifty billion euros of course that's not even what they're talking about because i was reading a statement a little bit earlier the charming thing behind is that at the end they don't even pay this amount in total it's more about all the commitments that the u.k. has made in the past with the european union and we are talking for example about retirement or other you know financial agreements that were made in the past the u.k. saves in the past i don't see any reason to pay for this dirty divorce now it seems at least that they have changed their mind about this so if we get a financial deal before the end of the year where will it put the overall
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negotiations would you say. well it certainly would speed up those very slow negotiation that we have been seeing throughout the year i mean break that is still you know some months away it's going to supposed to take place in two thousand and nineteen so still some time but experts are also saying that even you know it's going to happen in two thousand and nineteen many of the agreements by this time won't be even be able to discuss at least with a sort of agreement future talks for example about trade a future talks about the rights of u.s. citizens in the u.k. or u.k. citizens in the you could be discussed because the european union always was very clear if we don't have an agreement on the brics that those talks are not going to continue and you heard from daniel cope our financial correspondent in frankfurt thank you the u.s. economy continues to expand at a faster rate the government's just posted
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a three point three percent rise for the last quarter that's the quickest in three years and that's despite the nation being hit by two big hurricanes business investment is up and a strengthening economy would warrant continued rate increases but analysts have slashed fourth quarter growth estimates jews who are slowdown in consumer spending and sluggish wage growth apple has some serious security breaches in its new operating system high sierra hackers can bypass use of passwords in a matter of seconds a computer expert informed the company via twitter that strangers only need to type in the word root as they use a name to access computers without using a password we've given it away to everyone around the globe now but apple says it's trying to fix the glitch and that it will be removed with the new software update the mistake is critical about those big selling points has always been its data protection and security. hedge fund manager mike novogratz says bitcoin is going to
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be the biggest bubble in our lifetime cryptocurrency is skyrocketing slamming through the ten thousand dollar barrier and just in the past few minutes cracking eleven thousand there's been a flurry of crypto hedge fund launches boosting its value with the prospect of the controversial currency crossing over into the financial mainstream john mcafee who founded the software company of the same name reckons in the next few years bitcoin could hit five hundred thousand dollars to a story now that international sports bodies are really wrestling with radio quite literally thank you very much ben now this because still it is bigger in iran and israel has spilled into the world of sports one small and iranian wrestling star says he was ordered in the middle of a match to lose to his russian counterpart an ant and he says the reason was so that he could avoid facing an israeli wrestler in the next round. this you tube
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video shows perhaps one of the worst examples of unsportsmanlike conduct ever really an alley reason to remain in the blue jersey had a clear lead against. love from russia. then the reunion traina by fruiting a blue cube asked for a timeout. he had a hefty discussion with creamy moves legal to direct order to lose. after that to really literally stopped wrestling. the russian made one point after another and the match lluvia radian was the clear favorite for the title. karim he would have had to wrestle against an israeli in the next round which is forbidden fruit reigning in athletes not to show up for the next fight would have caused a fine so grimmy just lost instead. ministry in a statement praise can really for supporting quote human values.
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and the rest is a count of the pressure he faced has led to a heated debate online fredricka biology from a social media team has more on that for us but can predict first of what looking to us about the reaction of the iranian government as well as a wrestler himself well i'm rita the official response from taran was all praise. iranian government has called the kerry me a source of pride and the national wrestling federation has hailed him as a hero and praised his sacrifice on the other hand the wrestler himself he seems to be rather conflicted about what happened and the day after the match he posted a video on his instagram account and the video shows him walking along the rain streets in poland he's listening to a rather somber song and the song starts with the sentence silence is the last stronghold you cannot take away our right and he also gave an interview to
3:44 pm
the iranian student news agency where he discussed his feelings a little bit more into that and there he talked about how hard he worked to prepare for the championship and he also said the following in that interview he says i do accept that israel is an oppressor and commits crimes but would it not be oppression if our own for it has undermined my hard work again so clearly he is quite torn about who and what a strong miss is that actually if you read bits. the lines now what do the iranians feel this support this athletes decision well we have seen a lot of people posting in support of the decision they said it was the right thing to do throw the match essentially on the other hand we've also seen a lot of people criticizing the decision some are blaming carry me for and in a way bowing to political pressure others are lashing out at the government saying
3:45 pm
that politics and sports shouldn't mix for instance we have a user here who is saying even palestinian athletes compete against israelis why are you forcing our heroes to throw it throw away everything they worked so hard for and of course iranians are not the only ones who are discussing this story we also have the c.e.o. of the international jewish organization and to defend nation league he fumed on twitter and he was saying that this episode to him is a clear example of intolerance he says it's a virus that inhibits individual progress and diminishes an entire society so i'm retired this clearly all so much outrage out there for for distorting and for to get this all the fust kind of incident of this kind involving is really athletes what is the bigger picture yeah right and i think a good example was where the two thousand and sixteen olympic games in rio there for instance a lebanese team they refused to share
3:46 pm
a bus with an israeli team or an egyptian i flipped he caused a stir for refusing to shake the hand of his israeli opponent and in iran and just in august this year two football players they were banned to they were banned for life from playing for the national football team because they participated with their greek teams in a match against israel and israeli team in television and one of them was actually the captain of the national iranian team. now that obviously didn't go down well with a lot of people in iran and we see this clash coming up over and over again between people who think that the ban from competing against israel is undermining the work and in a way hindering the development of iranian athletes and on the other hand people who think especially hardliners who think that their ideology comes before sports. biggest opinions there for you from
3:47 pm
a social media team thank you very much. the fever has unveiled the official poster for next year's world cup in russia honoring the legendary goalkeeper yashin in a vintage design and the was cup p.r. hype machine doesn't stop there ahead of friday's group draw russia has also unveiled its wild cup inspired designs for moscow's famous subway system. russia's p.r. machine was in full swing at the official world cup poster launch as well as honoring russia's space program by football legend was appropriately place front and center. regarded as many as the greatest ever goalkeeper is the only shot stopper to have won the prestigious ballon d'or. and the black spot as reputation still resonates with players and fans today. this
3:48 pm
is very powerful because love yes it is a big figure who is known worldwide even today and i'm sure that in several hundred years this man will still be remembered. the country's trains are ready. and the stadiums are on schedule two now all eyes will be on friday's world cup draw which will determine the match ups for the group's age despite russia's slim hopes of success fans are hopeful their nation can still be competitive you know the final it will say between brazil and germany we have to be on the list it will support russia but if we qualify from the group that will be perfect. after investing nine point six billion euros russia believe the world cup is in safe hands. and for more russia's world cup preparations i'm joined in the studio by yannick speight from sports desk welcome out of russia has been as we saw has up for a retro design for its opposed to using their. legendary goalkeeper yeah
3:49 pm
this also going to strikes the right note yeah i absolutely love it and i think most of the reaction across social media on twitter on facebook from media and fans alike has been fantastic the poster itself the eagle gourevitch said he took inspiration from the nineteen twenty nine thirty soviet posters so that retro feel has really struck the right time and i think among fans especially because i think the starter is a big part of football and saying that kind of old look football fans love that sort of thing as well saying the legendary live yashin he went to the world cup four times he was in his heyday in the nineteenth sixty's and to say him on the front in front of center the poster has also really you know got a really great reaction and i think it's a big win for russia here ok and also in terms of preparations you know the trains are ready the stadiums are ready seven forty thousand tickets have been sold is this going to be done the perfectly round tournament it's looking pretty smooth so
3:50 pm
far but there are a few concerns i think while the trains ready the just going to be difficult for fans there's going to be some huge distances for fans to travel between between host cities up to two thousand kilometers in fact so i mean it's going to interesting to see how the fans handle that as well there's a bit of controversy around russia or in general obviously the ongoing doping scandal that decision next week will be made on it's a limp enough plates if they can compete in the winter games but also then there is the fan aspect of hooliganism and racism in the the ultras so we'll have to see how that pans out hopefully the security is tight and everything goes well yeah and you know the draw for the goofiest will be made on friday what should we be looking at oh yeah it's going to be pretty exciting a lot of teams will be hoping for an easy draw russia. are in a tough spot i guess they're in the top sales but they are the lowest ranked team in the world in this world cup they could come off against england and i don't think anyone wants that we saw the same last year i must say at the euros where
3:51 pm
england fans and russian fans clashed. and avoid each other right jani thank you very much for coming in and sharing your expertise. these are scenes from the brand new german language mystery series dark which will air on netflix on the first of december and. desk it will be every bit as its title and she said the studio to tell us more welcome can i guess in a fans in germany can wait to devolve the series i mean if you're into a no are type crime drama with a supernatural twist then this one definitely is for you know darkest part of
3:52 pm
netflix's sort of continual push into new international markets so it's first original german language series and it's created by a duo order and young chief he's a that's a husband wife to her we were behind the english film sleepless for instance and they wanted the challenge of taking a narrative over ten episodes so this is a very very dense storyline a huge cast a very good german actors and let's have a quick look. a small town with some very dark secrets the mysterious disappearance of a young boy the second in just a few weeks sparks a desperate search for answers by four connected families each with their own skeletons in the closet. and the families don't know where the boy is but eerily we do.
3:53 pm
the mind bending story covers not just three generations but time itself. with more than seventy characters right a young freezes work is a feat of german engineering. and i'm a very structured thinker i think i like what i like gains that involve strategy it is very mathematical. this is. the series takes place in a world where the every day is filled with omens of something about to go terribly wrong. in this one a good hour of the shorter. or even. the good in the. dark deals with the dark within all of us the idea of free will and why seemingly normal people do very bad things.
3:54 pm
and i am influenced and fascinated by the idea of an ordinary person doing something terrible. and dark is a slow burn taking its good time to give out answers answers we least expect. very pretty but i'm not into new law. you know it's funny you should say that because they say apparently according to statistics that is the third episode that is going to determine whether you stay. whether you wander off whether you're going to binge the whole season to be honest you know that once the supernatural time travel elements came into it it kind of lost me but that's probably due to my personal taste as well dark is definitely being touted as the german answer to the american netflix hit stranger things which was incredibly popular one countless awards and it does have many similarities like the cast of children child has disappeared and of course the supernatural portrayal
3:55 pm
of a small town she came in the one nine hundred eighty s. and it's pretty amazing these elements because they were pretty much made in parallel so that's an interesting thing but dark really stands on its own from there on you know it's decidedly more terrifying i would say. a lot of very specific cultural references that will speak to german audiences and it'll be really interesting to see how it takes off internationally and if people. are not put off by the subtitles again you know you talk about binge watch even it fixes quite changed so we don't just watch t.v. when it's reason quality the bar of it is the quality and jimmy's trying to catch up is it succeeded you think out of the question also probably a matter of opinion in many circles but this series is extremely ambitious definitely you know working with a very highly sophisticated story very slick cinematography and the music reminiscent of a lot of the netflix hits so we are you're right seeing the wave of german t.v. series that are aspiring to that very high end stuff that we're seeing coming out of the u.s. and scandinavia amazon actually beat netflix to it here in germany its first series
3:56 pm
you are want to came out this year in march and i'm not sure we have time for this but it was written by. directed and starred in the lead role but i think definitely the best one that we've seen. so far as bobby longer lead. which is this one here unfortunately i think we've run out of time for the german produced series of the most expensive ever and i can tell you about it another time ok that's it from across the desk thank you ok. that's it thank you very much for watching.
3:57 pm
the wrong note we found out two years ago that she has a heart condition and musician it has got worse in the last few months i can look and she only has a year to live there is only one hospital in africa where surgery is conducted free of charge. i am afraid they won't make it.
3:58 pm
open. in fifteen minutes on d w. your children like chocolate. you can't live without your smartphone. do you buy your tomatoes in the supermarket. as we go about our daily lives human rights oh often the last thing on our lines. invisible hand is. slavery in the twenty first century. starting
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december second on d w. the i want into an official estimates more than one point two million venezuelans live in colombia legally and illegally. but already uncle sam will return to vast. to visit friends and i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. down witness global news that matters g.w. made for mines and d.-w. look at me speak your language being dug up. for content in dari pashto and order prospects for returning to our web special pleading at the refugee journeys of life in germany and the prospects for those returning home. to join the
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