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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 29, 2017 6:15pm-6:31pm CET

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well to get it just right. up to more than a hundred practice flights they make it. fit and his friend fred who can. was. mission accomplished celebration in that. well there's a. visitor will have your business update that just about. your children like chocolate.
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you can't live without your smartphone. your two major hopes the supermarket. as we go about our daily lives human rights are often the last thing on the one mind. invisible hands when in the twenty first century starting december second on t.w. . i've been fizzling let's do business coming up on the show warnings from international industry bodies today that beijing is trying to increase its influence on foreign companies in china who has the fun. well say over doing
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business there. and a break is a boost for european markets eight years chief negotiator says a deal on a divorce settlement could come next month. the bosses of foreign businesses operating in china complain the communist party is trying to infiltrate their boardrooms to gain control over management decisions a german industry body wants the chinese government is increasing its influence through party councils set up inside those companies are required by law were previously seen as solely symbolic we'll talk about that with an industry representative in a moment first a look at what's at stake for german firms china being a huge market for them which is critical for many of the best multinationals for its wagon for example employs ninety five thousand workers at its factories in china bosch the engineering company is also a major force with sixty thousand people on its payroll there zeman says just over half that some five thousand german companies in all of operations in china last
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year alone they invested six point seven billion euros they're on senior executive told reuters that some companies are under political pressure to revise the terms of their joint ventures with state owned partners to allow the party final say over business decisions but my next guest says that practice is now extending to fully foreign owned companies as well the executive director of the german chamber of commerce in china simone paul thank you very much for coming in today. what evidence are you getting what are you hearing from companies foreign companies that are operating in china about the communist party well what we have heard we have been approached by some german companies who have been actively approached by the government and in order to actively set up party sales are to strengthen you know the communist party within the german companies this is what we have been heard in this is. why we as the business community and also the chamber of commerce have
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some concerns because we want to see. where this is going and but this is the first evidence that we have gotten. more are they saying exactly if if if they don't go along with the party line and don't ensure that these councils party councils that are set up that they don't have more influence than what they're out that they're going to be throwed out of the country. first of all i think you can set up these party cells are always been set up by party members when there are three party members within a company then you can set up a party still i think the difference where would we have some examples is that they have been the companies have been actively approach to support that i think this is the difference that we are seeing i mean serving our party selves and also more influence of the party is not a completely new thing in china now if the companies were to pull out of course
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that's not going to be helpful or beneficial for china's communist party at all. what is behind this do you think well i think first of all we have not heard that kompany specifically are pulling out at this point i mean costs are very large they're sure at some point that there could be a reason i think it's always an overall investment strategy but i think first of all the major point that we think is that the company should not be actively approached it should always be a decision by the company and i think this is where it is very important we have over five thousand german companies as you said with one point one million in this is a very good partnership jeremy the companies are very successful there and that's why we are raising their little bit of flag and this is why we are also starting a dialogue here with the government because we want to make sure that this is continuing but why would the government be so. why
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would have been so interested in trying to increase its influence is it a fact that the state system just isn't working the way it wanted it through and so many companies have gone private in china and so many foreign companies have come in and the chinese feel that they're getting a bad deal what's behind it do you think well first of all as i say it's not a completely new thing i mean that the party is strengthening their influence to not only see this in the companies but you also see this through the societies in universities and so on this is where we also get reports about that where there are increasing their influence and i think this is what is at the end behind that the communist party there wants to have more say and. we have seen this in the state owned companies we have also seen this also in chinese private companies but now for the first time we are seeing this in wholly foreign owned german companies
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and that's why i said you know raising here a little bit the flak so tell me in raising the flag how open are the chinese to actually talking to the likes of you when industry bodies from from abroad well i think first of all the there is really a close partnership also between our chinese partners and the german companies and i think germany is is a very valued partner they really like the german companies being in there and working with them because they are such a reliable partner so we have started a dialogue and what we have seen so far yes they have been open but i think they're coming a little bit from a different approach more we want to improve services and so on but as i said we are here from the german business community want to raise a little bit of flag because we want to make sure that the success of the story goes for that said can the germans rely on the chinese then to be reliable business partners well i think when you. look at the last twenty years there has been very
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successful story between germany and china's partners going forward and we have seen this in our latest business confidence survey that there has been the companies have been really successful two thousand and seventeen also and two thousand and eight in part of the companies are also seeing more and more their challenges coming up and we hear also as the chamber of commerce want to make sure that we are addressing these challenges so thank you very much for coming in today thanks for having me. it'll be a brags that breakthrough negotiators from the european union say the brits are set to agree to a divorce bill very close to the use terms britain owes the block money from long term financial obligations agree before the in the out referendum critics accuse british prime minister to resign may of selling the u.k. short a settlement could mean that real negotiations about future relations and trade
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could start soon that prospect briefly sent sterling to a high newspaper reports that the two sides have reached an agreement in principle for the u.k. to pay between forty five and fifty five billion euros in a bragg's a bill to the e.u. the payment has been a sticking point in the recently stalled negotiations lead on the british side by briggs it minister david davis the e.u. was demanding sixty billion euros from the u.k. as a kind of tap to be settled before brags that a collection of budget commitments and pension promises expected from the u.k. through the year two thousand and twenty the e.u. has vowed not to move forward until that bill is settled the new offer has been expected in recent days the u.k. needs to move beyond the divorce phase of talks before it can negotiate a future trade pact with the bloc a critical issue for its post breaks economy. the possibility of leaving without a deal is widely viewed as an economic worst case scenario. e.u.
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chief negotiator for breaks that michel barnier said he was hopeful a deal could be reached before a december cancel meeting or recover you know we are working hard on these issues so that i can say to the european council on behalf of the european commission did a few days time we have reached a sufficient level of progress for the european council to decide to move on to the second stage of negotiating the future relationship up. through negotiation did a few true. other stumbling blocks remain in the divorce phase of negotiations among them the border between ireland and post breaks that u.k. let's talk about this with danielle corp our financial correspondent who joins us from frankfurt daniel will the brits pay that huge exit bill. well this is a very interesting question and i don't know maybe you also have this image you know one night maybe to reason may's sitting at home opening her online banking account and then you know making this transfer of fifty billion euros of course
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that's not even what they're talking about because i was reading a statement a little bit earlier the charming thing behind is that at the end they don't even pay this amount in total it's more about all the commitments that the u.k. has made in the past with the european union and we are talking for example about retirement or other you know financial agreements that were made in the past the u.k. saves in the past i don't see any reason to pay for this dirty divorce now it seems at least that they have changed their mind about this so if we get a financial deal before the end of the year where will it put the overall negotiations would you say. well it certainly would speed up those very slow negotiation that we have been seeing throughout the year i mean breaks it is still some months away it's going to supposed to take place in two thousand and nineteen so still some time but experts are also saying that even you know it's going to
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happen in two thousand and nineteen many of the agreements by this time won't be even be able to discuss at least with a sort of agreement future talks for example about trade a future talks about the rights of u.s. citizens in the u.k. or u.k. citizens in the you could be discussed because the european union always was very clear if we don't have an agreement on the brics a real those talks are not going to continue you quoted from the financial correspondent in frankfurt thank you. and if there really is a break as a breakthrough you'll hear it here on lasting business.
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