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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  November 30, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am CET

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scientists around the world are working to measure our emotions. so hopefully i can be a helpful piece of software the virtual person as a therapist or a robot as a teacher neither would have human empathy. what does the machine need to do to create empathy and a medical context would i disclose more information to a person or to computer in this case. the rhythms finster the feelings measuring emotion starting december sixteenth t w. i want to welcome to the show it's great to be back here in the studio for a nother action packed program here's
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a look at what we've got in store for you today. oh to cuisine christian bow is a go me oh is german a ship of the year. the road revival of featuring a young frenchman and his harpsichord. and bottoms up london's subway hotel is home to the world's number one bar. we kick off today show with some fine dining and if you would like to have a meal cooked by germany's the best chef then you will have to head to a castle in the western part of the country on the border with luxembourg that is where chef chris john a bow creates award winning dishes now hours just crowned chef of the year two thousand and eighteen by the restaurant guide told me you know well we met up with him to find out the secret to his success. yellowtail amberjack sashimi. grilled steamed longer steamed.
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it is it made if this is not raw sprays and line. many go maize can spot a dish may find christiane bell on the site the new chef of the year is one of the first in germany to combine japanese influences with classic french cuisine. and yeah. we use a lot of fish often preparing it the way the japanese do and that means we use a lot of raw fish and a lot of very briefly poached fish. rarely with cream sauce of the sort of things like that. in our dishes the focus is always on the basic ingredient is inherent flavor we have to accent. but an all around it's an array of fantastic side dishes . and even not far from the border with luxembourg and friends will mains and consulates be pampered by the three stone chef since nine hundred ninety eight
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thousand his twenty per cent team have what to realize his vision of fine dining. the products they use come from all over the world and own ways of the finest quality like it's yellowtail amberjack straight from the type you fish market you don't care as much yellowtail amberjack is also available vacuum packed already filleted from a pharmacy in new zealand and australia in noisy london you know how you would you know my hair product has the same name yellowtail amberjack but it's quite different from one another it's my pleasure. for a long time bam restricted himself to classic french cuisine but after he was awarded his third michelin star in two thousand and five he realised he wanted to do something else trips to asia and especially to japan expanded his calorie horizon he began combining the best of both worlds. cream all meats instead of
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vegetable oils exotic fruit since face he developed a style of his own and he was soon popping up all over germany. media. i never aim to faithfully cause someone else's recipe and his wife and me because he did was important to me to come by in the style of cuisine that i had already been practicing with new things and to build a bridge between france and japan. the ambience in the restaurant his minimalist tablecloths and the way to stay when talking is the background music isn't classical but electronic everything is focused on enjoying the food every. detail is important even including the right plates for each dish. to fall we have a credo here my wife and i in the company. we want to make people happy with our working slice of what we're service provider to say at the very top level know so
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and that's how we see ourselves this indoor not obsequious we don't bow and scrape or the crawl on the floor we want to meet our guests as equals and provide them with the service on the very highest level a human being named chef at the end means christiane power has achieved just about everything he can in his profession but he's still passionate about his work and so gold mines from all over the world can continue to take pleasure in he thinks i think alan every combination. this week the british royals made headlines with the news of a future marriage in the meantime a piece of british royal history has gone on the block here in berlin more on all that at the top of today's express. twenty and eight hundred forty one by louise elites and who had a close relationship with them on
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a. twenty page book contains mox of victoria's hair drawings photographs letters and a swatch of fabric from her wedding dress. the dress as this is cultural in world history here in my hands. queen victoria rule the british empire for sixty three years longer than any monarch before her the book was sold for around thirty thousand euros to an anonymous collector. britain's prince harry is now engaged to us actress megan markel his older brother william is quite happy about his plans to settle down but. i have resisted the work for it obviously started here before food stories about it but i'm pretty sure it's right. good news for william. perry proposed to megan while they prepared to roast a chicken. gate and it was officially announced earlier this week. the wedding will take place in may twenty eighth teen in st george's chapel at windsor castle.
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irish and soon to release their fourteenth studio album on friday a very personal one the songs on like tomatoes from sing a bono to the people closest to him the first single from the album is will the best thing about me. the album is a companion piece to some of the venison released three years ago you two founded in one thousand nine hundred seventy six weeks that song to stick high point in the 1980's nine hundred ninety was the latest album has received mixed reviews. from. the young frenchman is all wrong joe has dedicated his musical career to
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a very old instrument the harpsichord now it experienced its heyday from the fifteenth to eighteenth century mainly in baroque music well today you will still see the harpsichord appear as part of a full orchestra but thanks to rondo it's taking center stage again. the harpsichord many think of it as an instrument from long ago fragile and sensitive but that's not quite true. it's a sensitive instrument when it comes to musical expression up there so that's the most physically it's very robust if you don't have to worry that you're too rough with it.
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you have to use your whole body and know how to make it dogs with a film also. sits at the harpsichord barefoot and in jeans the easygoing frenchman has been earning rave reviews since his debut two years ago he goes from performance to performance sometimes energetic and sometimes tired. but the heart of the called the strings have plucked him that's much more closely related to the harp a guitar into the piano. here we have the jack big. drum that plucks the string. and the white stuff breaking. the whole mechanism is very simple in a big but you press the case and the plectrum plucks the string. and the sound stops. here is the first register with it sometimes. the register
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above it sounds more nasal. yeah you can connect the two registers so that when you play on the lower register the upper one place a lot of automatically. from those first album already won the french victoire dylan music classic prize as the best new artist. i know that you also played jazz piano can you play jazz on the harpsichord too. you can but i don't. so you only play ball rock music on the harpsichord. but yes i only play the harpsichord repertoire. john rando first heard the harpsichord on the radio when he was a child and was captivated. he belongs to a young aspiring generation of bar rock musicians his own sambal never mind plays
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music without sounding frumpy. the music industry is happy to see young people like john rando bringing classical music into the here and now a certain nonchalance makes for a good image genuine or not. west coast what a musician does is a microscopic part of our world it's almost invisible a drop in the ocean. going where you say it's a small or an essential detail them. knew but i don't really think it's that important to before. like his instrument. little like he's fallen out of time is he trying to escape modern reality.
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but. you know i don't think i'm afraid for modern day life. part of the musical present there may not be as those other instruments like the violin know the flute. but it has a very checkered history not only in a straight line. one of these days once almost forgot. everything else if you don't know the history behind something then you do see for yourself about its value for the present. i just don't want those fingers compositions from three centuries sound fresh and modern. and if he has no score to read that he simply improvise is in the rock style.
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could be the best thing that has happened to the harpsichord in recent times. on december sixth one thousand nine hundred seventeen the parliament of finland declared it in the bennett nation ending its autonomy within the russian empire well as the one hundred year anniversary approaches finland has opened up a new national park it's located in the middle of the country and it covers approximately one hundred and ten square kilometers of land where the park has something for everyone from hiking and mountain biking to yoga and with a bit of luck you might even see some wildlife. sun national park offers stunning landscapes and total solitude. one of its
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highlights is the yuma. finland's largest canyon lake it's three kilometers long and has steep cliffs up to fifty metres high. it's the perfect spot to experience the awesome beauty of nature. finland spent two and a half million euros on new trails overnight cabins and bonfire pits to turn the one hundred ten square kilometer nature reserve into a national park. it's now more welcoming to hikers mountain bikers and water sports enthusiasts. and whatever the season there are lots of reindeer in the forests here there's lots of wild.
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chaya type of marquee says the new park will help people get closer to nature. finnis people house or. be in very close to the nights are. being weak on both carry her inside us. nowadays i think there are some kind of young people are also kind of awakened like oh we need to go it's a nature more. she says the park can bring harmony to the mind and body. of the us embassy that's why she teaches yoga here. saya grew up in this region. i have to realize in years in helsinki and time spent learning yoga in india she returned to her so this year i help people to rediscover
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nature and she says. nowadays so what i see is that even if people go to the nights are we are so into in all right and they reason which is not so slowly so it might be even difficult to do calm down in the nights or so your. mindfulness exercise. might help people and i have seen it helps. but when science has offered her forest and sound to yoga classes since the park officially opened in june she calls it the healing forest sort of message by and she's convinced that the essential oils that the trees give off can affect the lymphatic system and grow the stress and depression.
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that's why she says direct contact with the trees is also very important. it doesn't bother her that some people ridiculed the idea. yet there this. my aim is that the three hawking is going to be. what they were do. with. it's so. it's something we need to realize how much we need to nature and be a part of it. ok. for saya title maki national park is the ideal place to live and work as you commune with nature. earlier in the show we introduced you to the best chef in germany so now it's time
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to complement those meals with the best drinks that money can buy and according to five hundred food and beverage experts the best bar in the world is in london's saveloy hotel so we head there now to find out how it be that out all the rest. of. the american bar in london is famous for its freshly mixed cocktails made up of the finest ingredients. the bar dates back to eighty ninety three in one thousand nine hundred four it moved into the sample a hotel. the bar's recipes were published in a book nearly one hundred years ago. nine hundred twenty zero 1930's there was a book published by harry kroto the first had bought and they're here and today that's been considered cocteau bible and ever since it was always
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a destination and reason for. this year the american bar was named best bar in the world. every year in a panel of around five hundred industry experts so much the fifty best bars worldwide. the bar last cape is always changing what's amazing about this is that it's managed to stay relevant and stay contemporary even though it's one of the most historic for under twenty five years incredible history but it's not stuck in the past it's very much twenty seventeen bars as but something else. stayed contemporary means having a wide selection of drinks. that's why nonalcoholic cocktails are also on the drinks list. picking creasing lee you don't want to know not to hold it drinks to be in the alcoholic drinks people's
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lives people driving. may well be members of a party not drinking they don't want to have a poor adult on this they want to enjoy the atmosphere and enjoy the drinks just as much as those that are drinking. the cocktail costs about twenty two year of quality comes at a price and in the best bar in the world. the travelling show search is solely is a canadian production which began in one thousand nine hundred eighty four now what started out as a small and shaky enterprise has now developed into a multi million euro circus and ever character driven and without animals nearly every year cirque du soleil introduces a new show with completely new acts and death defying stunts we caught up with a couple of acrobats who are performing in the latest edition.
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cut to being a d. and her partner alexis today are butterflies in a surprise. for nine years their lives have been up in the air daily training vital the two acrobats take part in up to nine shows a week. any other job is out of the question. i can't lie for a living so i don't think it's a lot of people who can say that and i really feel i think i feel more alive when i'm flying than when i'm on the ground so i really feel like a butterfly when i'm doing the show you know i really feel good and i feel free when i'm flying so yeah i like to be able to fly a lot of. really cute young meaning also has to practice every day he comes from a chinese family of acrobats and can shimmy up the rope like
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a spider. around fifty artists tour with this show of this year to sunday among them is austrian clown jerry or gets nick at fifty one he's one of the oldest in the business. but reduced to house a new sofa. might probably just sit on the sofa and do nothing here imo is actually going to be no limit on what stage i'm like a kid i do what i want and i have fun. and it's great to stay fit told him a few to play. oh that's the name of the fast paced circus production inspired by a world of insects the artists from sixteen countries make for a colorful show we can and we all know each other we know each other's quirks we're a family we all speak jibberish together and the main language is english but it works it's great. a lot of hard work goes on backstage around three hundred costumes have to be washed and checked after each show. is responsible for around
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two hundred pairs of shoes shoes are just her thing most of the time. it's not always easy to put your hand in many issues in the morning but i still love it. and the artists are grateful sifter still a will be performing oval across europe until mid twenty eight eighteen. and finally we were out of the show with some tips on how just first up your home with some do it yourself as advice and today our resident d.i.y. expert zari hans and teaches us a unique way to store your kitchen knives. today i would show you how to grease new life into old books it's super easy and super
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fast to do and looks pretty cool you'll need books best if the colors go together some are used for volumes of hot melt glue gun some twine. and your knives of coal with. first few books together it's enough to put some hot metal in the corners and in the middle of the books. down one book on its end and press it against the next that's one both to the other. finally wrap the twine twice around the block of books untie the ends on the back signs. that say you can now store knives in your new knife blog. if you don't have books that match color wise you can stick different books
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together and spray the block with the color of your ties. to your design at it's best check out our you tube channel interior design stunning design ideas spectacular buildings and d.i.y. tutorials on home decoration we'll take you inside the most beautiful european homes show you the latest in furniture fabrics accessories subscribe and don't miss out see you on you tube. now with that it is time to say goodbye but we will be back here tomorrow same place same time so be sure to tune in for me and the rest of the crew here euro max as always thanks for joining in and we'll see against you. next time on your own. finish artist kano who tomorrow uses his flashlight to
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create light sculptures that exist only on photos the artist captures fleeting moments with time lapse exposures his images resemble a ghost in the forest or an abandoned. this and more next time on your other.
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independent scientists say. any particular unfed check out sites shows him a controversial. new video evidence designed to make decisions by bundesliga referees more transparent and less fair. but it doesn't.
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kick in thirty d.w.i. . your children like chocolate. you can't live without your smartphone. to buy your tomatoes in the supermarket. as we go about our daily life human rights oh often the last thing on our lines. invisible hand is. slavery in the twenty first century. starting december second on d. w.
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designed to preserve our ecosystems they exist around the world. global ideas takes the next step protection for our planets by a lot. diversity trailblazing projects. d.w. dot com slash global ideals. of. the e.u. on the african union have agreed on a plan to dismantle people smuggling networks and repatriate stranded migrants in libya the plan was drawn up during a summit in ivory coast hundreds of thousands of migrants have crossed the high.


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