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tv   Kick off - Video Assistance - Does it make football fairer  Deutsche Welle  December 1, 2017 5:30pm-6:00pm CET

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we are typing ellington called horse fishing in the field of coal mines i mean is trying to make sure that you comply with what you should comply with which is not the new hose and regulation which is a ballerina but also at the end the company would like you to comply with honor so what society at large would expect banks tacl play with. that all sounds good but what does it look like in practice there have been more new cases under the new management russian clients were allowed to loan to ten billion dollars of dirty money through georgia bank and last year the bank still didn't have its huge derivatives business in the united states under control so the regulatory authority sent a watchdog he can do what he wants and the bank has to pay and the british regulators are critical of the supervisory board. and the all thora he considers the making of such statements by don't you bank to being reckless the seniority of the
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individuals dealing with them responsible for this issue is particularly concerning . we can read in the company report the level of funds they're still expecting here . don't you bank started the year twenty seventeen with seven point six billion euros set aside for litigation risks and fines that's more than in the entire previous history of the bank. the bank paid millions in fines and claims it doesn't do deals like that anymore but what derivatives skeletons are still in the closet it's impossible to tell from the outside how dangerous this risk is all that's known is the value of don't you banks to rivet if portfolio. i can understand that the figures you read big enough to be taken and really seriously you're not exactly so. scared but these are signs will some news from
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last night. make you surely don't believe that these positions would still be tolerated in today's world and in today's regulatory environment if they weren't properly secured and seen as stable in play here and up because he had the option of beakers in that belief we'd like to know with almost five hundred billion euros in derivatives we'd like to know how much risk they entail checks have to be constant and comprehensive the chairman of the supervisory board assures us they are we contest that. after all it was this enormous delivered his portfolio that led to the i.m.f. declaring don't your bank the biggest source of risk. american banks are not really comparable but even among european banks don't bank
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has the most derivatives on its balance sheet thirty percent of its total assets. in february twenty seventh team john cry and went to the world economic forum in davos in switzerland it should have been a slightly less fraught environment but everyone there knew that the fourteen billion dollar threat was just one of many dangers hanging over him. as the global company that can endanger the rest of the money delete don't your bank is still far from being over the hump there's the risky big derivatives portfolio and in addition the bank is earning too little and spending too much. how can a bank spend more than it makes the board is accountable to this man. lightner head of dacha bank supervisory board hired them all.
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a month do you sometimes feel there's still a lack of cost awareness in the bank. yes. deutsche bank needs to be overhauled reducing costs almost always means cutting stuff and that's an expense in itself. golden handshakes cost money but regain trust and security. because i want it live on here that we're cutting sixteen thousand staff around the world four thousand of them in germany us and the he proceeds these are big numbers and they're not nice but that's what's needed to make the bank more profitable again. so how does don't you bank want to do new business we've still not heard a convincing answer to that question john cryan is making cutbacks and savings at
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the same time is investing billions just to keep the place going. computer systems are an example they were set up in the sixty's new technology has been added over the years but it's not compatible with the old technology don't you bank currently has thirty eight different operating systems. minus ms and skipped into it as far as i know no other large german bank has such an outdated system skating in and out. globally dontcha bank second biggest location is india ten thousand indians have been doing manually want electronic systems can't do through automation. that's now to be phased out billions of being invested in computer systems while the bank has a general hiring freeze two departments are exempt compliance and i.t. .
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who was there originally needed in the derivative business in america for example computer failure nearly caused a total collapse in twenty six days. but in spite of urgent warnings by the supervisory board the computers weren't repaired. unfortunately it looks like torture banks did not have adequate recordkeeping so they went for a period of weeks after an outage in two thousand and sixteen without knowing what their positions are or if you don't know what your positions are you could have an open artery and you could lose an awful lot of blood or being dead before you discover what your position really is that's not at all good for reestablishing trust in investment banking is big money at least being made here which is solid but rather boring retail banking actually bring in more. once you take into account all the bad deals investment banking made
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a loss of eight hundred and eighty million euros last year while private clients generated a profit of six hundred and ten million euros. if we're to believe the bank its investment banking sector has been over a whole lot that's the anyway don't you bank can remain a major player in the financial industry and play with the big boys. but which of the two crown prince is marcus shank and christians a ving stands the better chance of becoming john prine successor one day is also clear self-confident head of investment banking. we booted the bowls back out of the penalty box and emerged from last year with a no skull drop and that wasn't an easy year but at some point we've got to win the game we have to get into the opposing sides home often score
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a goal. a no score draw but the competition is forged ahead even the small comments bank is more profitable now don chipp bank was the only one to make a loss again in twenty sixteen. we wanted to know how at risk deutsche bank really is and how dangerous in mid may the shareholders held that a g.m. . car phone or the chief legal officer is visibly more relaxed than half a year ago. and the shareholders are also in a better mood than they were just a few months back anything was on the counter back then even a bailout with taxpayers' money that's all in the past now compared to past crisis meetings the twelve hour meeting is a walk in the park. the riskiest bank in the world is no longer the most dangerous the bankers have become
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significantly more modest in after almost two years as c.e.o. i'm convinced it's not damage a bank that contributes greatly to the well being of our clients and society as a whole notion of can but that's hardly recognized anymore nor the best comeback is in. the man in charge is making an effort and has learned german even though dontcha bank itself is becoming less and less german a chinese billionaire the ruling family from qatar and an american fund are all major shareholders they want to see profits again banking means good risk management if the bank risks too little it doesn't make money if it risks too much it goes bust if it gets into bed with the wrong people it loses trust and money. real estate mogul donald trump was a major client of deutsche bank but then there was a spat and their business relationship folded. the private bank has got trump back
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along with his family and son in law lawmakers in america are now asking what a don't shit bank and our president up to. donald trump is in the process of relaxing strict banking regulations in february twenty seventeen he signed an order to the secretary of the treasury the tough controls introduced after the financial crisis should be relaxed as quickly as possible they need each other. i'm talking about in the pre presidential era they need each other because donald trump was couldn't get financing from other wall street firms and he's the kind of client that deutsche bank in this country ends up with because they can't crack the top tier of clients and so that's sort of a symbiotic relationship that the two developed over time. it's a difficult balance between making money again on the one hand and not messing up
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on the other. if don't your bank can't achieve this balance things will remain difficult. it's all about good business and trust. defy a good deal because they are i think the question of social acceptance is the main risk for deutsche bank when his aunts and healing yes i did i as a if we don't manage to get broad swathes of the population the media and politicians to understand that it's an important requirement for the success of the german economy to have a globally competitive capital market oriented financial institution and to support it publicly and then we won't be successful in the long term that's i'm betting the line for sticking to what we have to do a lot on to achieve that and whether we'll manage it and that's remains to be seen
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as. but that's the main risk we have is failing on a day i think to don's but off the coast of coast as good as fuck. if you'll plausible you'll be accepted it's all about trust but also about the figures and deals what's ultimately decisive is the deals the bank does and the ones it doesn't . so what did the bank spokes person say again you can facing prison time if. you can't do something what you know you can try to be so. live what you want to be .
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independent scientists say. any practical unfed chica that's socially controversial. new video evidence designed to make decisions by bundesliga referees more transparent and thus fair read. but it doesn't want. to go in thirty minutes d.w. . it's about moments that. it's all about the story it was in so. it's all about george chance to discover the world from different perspectives.
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join us in speired by distinctive instagram or yours at d w story topic each week on instagram. i'm a mother like two billion other mothers around the world i have one wish the best for my child. but in this is selling t. in which breastfeeding is often frowned upon and adds will for me to abound with profits is more important than my baby's well being how do i know how to make the right decision. starting december ninth on d w.
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this is day eight of the news live from berlin fresh pressure on the trump white house as federal investigators charge another former advisor this time it's the ex national security had michael flynn facing court on charges of lying to the f.b.i. about contact with russian officials we'll take you to washington to see what this latest development means for the president also on the program. germany social democrats say they are no longer ruling out a coalition with chancellor angela merkel's conservatives as the country six a way out of its political deadlock. on the countdown to next year's world cup in russia begins of the draw for the thirty two teams i mean for footballing glory is taking place in in moscow now. plus the pope breaks his silence on me and mosque persecuted muslims pope francis finally uses the word as he meets rohinton refugees
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in bangladesh he apologizes for the world's indifference to their plight after having failed to raise the matter publicly in me and now which stands accused of the persecution. i'm still gail welcome to the program donald trump's former national security advisor michael flynn is in court as we speak facing charges of lying to the f.b.i. he arrived at the courthouse a short while ago he's expected to plead guilty to the charges court documents show that he's accused of willfully and knowingly making false statements to the f.b.i. while serving in the trump administration and this is part of the special counsel's investigation into russian meddling in america's twenty sixteen election prosecutors say the general lied to the f.b.i. have asked his contacts with the russian ambassador before entering office. let's
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get more from d.w. comes from the constant phenomena in the washington d.c. welcome back cost and. michael flynn then expected to plead guilty to the charge that he lied to the f.b.i. what was the what was the lie what was it about. well we don't know exactly which exactly it was the special prosecutor but mullah reportedly had several lies to choose from really those were statements that michael flynn made to the f.b.i. on january twenty second and twenty ninth's about his meetings and dealings with the russians and apparently and that is the interesting thing michael flynn is no only charged with one count of making a false statement to the f.b.i. first of all the fact that he is expected to plead guilty would indicates that robert mueller has enough evidence on him that he and his lawyers michael flynn and
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his lawyers have decided it's better to plead guilty. because then they might he might get a lighter sentence if that in fact happened it also could indicate the fact that just one count of lying to the f.b.i. has been charged that michael flynn has struck a deal with robert and his team because once again the reports of being that there were several counts they could have charged and so this might indicate that michael flynn has basically flipped that he's now also a witness for robert and that he might give information other people involved in this investigation so michael flynn of course a former advisor to donald trump where does this now leave the president. well first of all it means that donald trump's hopes that this investigation might be over by the end of the year probably have been
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a bit over up to mystic in the last few days there were reports that the president was very upbeat because his lawyers had told him that this investigation probably would be off his chest within a few weeks. robert mueller is not finished yet i don't think there is enough evidence at least we haven't seen it yet that the president himself is implicated directly when it comes to dealing with russia but a number of people around him including his son in law and jared and also the attorney general jeff sessions have had problems with their memories about their dealings with russians in the past and also let's not forget that donald trump had this problem that he tried to get then f.b.i. director james comey michael flynn. back basically that he asked me to back off eventually find out komi and at mit and on television that it was because
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he wasn't happy with the way the russian vest occasion was going so again no evidence against trump but doesn't mean that the point of struction of justice might not come up again in the investigation and the one thing that definitely we have to sit on a trump is guilty of he's very bad at choosing his people not only michael flynn oh it's a formal complaint manager several other visors all had to go in the last few months because and phenomena in washington d.c. thank you. the leader of germany's a social democrat says all options for forming a government still open mohsen schultz says the s.p.d. will use a party conference later this month to allow members to decide whether to begin coalition talks with i'm going to serve attempts having rolled out a coalition after his party's disappointing showing in september election since then however mr schultz has come under intense pressure to break the deadlock gripping german politics marching childes made it clear that his party has not
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decided anything a grand coalition as well as other alternatives are still on the table. there was broad support for not ruling out any options when it comes to forming a government. we have an acting government in place and we are not under time pressure. so i poke the s.p.d. chairman rejected media reports that at a meeting last night with president flung. his party opted to pursue a grand coalition steinmeyer invited chancellor angela merkel the varian conservative leader horse over and chilled to discuss the ongoing governmental impasse. schultz was visibly irritated at the media reporting on what were confidential talks and blamed conservatives for the leak. because these statements seem to have originated in the conservative block i called mrs merkel and told her that i find this an acceptable. the s.p.d.
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rank and file are divided on whether to enter another coalition with conservatives many social democrats want the party to make a fresh start in the opposition the s.p.d. youth organization is collecting signatures to protest another grand coalition and the general public is also skeptical. i think this is a bad solution a political deadlock i think this would be a bad idea. i'm all for fresh elections and no coalition. is maybe the only chance to form a government on the other hand we'd lose out on the s.p.d. is a strong opposition. at this point only one thing is clear until there is a new government. will stay on as acting chancellor. this is daily news live from berlin still to come the pope meets right here in giraffe u g's in bangladesh and asks for their forgiveness for the persecution they have suffered.
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had evaporated is here with the latest on the fate of lin and the european commission is giving look tons or one of the bid is more time to revise its possible takeover plans of air berlin it's now got till december the twenty first the competition commission is investigating whether love tons of complies with e.u. lore and is adjusting its bid evelyn subsidiary the austrian airline nikki could be up for grabs the fans or is facing pushback from competition authorities over that part of the sale now british airways owner i.a.g. is again considering bidding for it look fans are once nicky's eighty one aircraft and the associated landing slots for a purchase price of two hundred ten million euros. the bit coin volatility continues the cryptocurrency rebounding to ten and a half thousand dollars after u.s. regulators approved the listing of bitcoin futures but it comes as central banks in the u.s. and europe warn about risks to the stability of the fiscal system. bitcoin is
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a different kind of money for one you can't touch it it has neither notes nor coins it's also not regulated by the world's central banks so they don't like it at all they're warning of rampant speculation and criminal activity surrounding bitcoin and of a threat to the global financial system after all that coin is not a hard currency. coin should become an alternative currency but that's exactly what the banks don't want because that would make them with their cash monopoly effectively useless no longer solvent we wouldn't need them anymore and so it won't happen. but even if bitcoin is merely digital it's still making some people record returns right now since the beginning of the year its value has increased ten fold this week alone the volatile crypto currency fluctuated by as much as thirty percent central banks continue to warn that it's
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a high risk asset anyone investing a bit coin stands to lose everything but then that can happen with real money to. the share account to me is meant to make us all feel so much better about ourselves sharing work spaces cause bicycles all with the help of a simple app one entrepreneur once told me it's all a scam the sharing concepts less about caring and more about getting your data is a good example. is this your telephone number. yes. is this your profile picture yes. all this information can be seen on the internet . customer data made publicly accessible this is bike sharing we asked a volunteer dement to test rental for registration by smartphone is quick and easy and it just one euro for thirty minutes it's a bargain but what damage ten other customers don't know is that their data is not
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secured it's available online. with just a few clicks investigative journalists from very end broadcasting were able to easily find the names numbers and profile picture of users from around the world they even found movement data including of our test subject dammit. is this why you've just been oh my god yes what do you think of that not good in fact it's terrible after all i'm paying them to use the bike and i'd expect my data to be safe. oh by excess the security gap has been fixed the bike sharing business is booming almost all the big providers come from asia with two million bikes it's practically raining two wheelers in beijing the bicycles can be parked anywhere which is very appealing for customers. this
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summer germany got in on the craze too like here in munich and berlin suppliers underbid each other offering ever lower prices are the real endings from customer data instead. you have less data from customers and you can call the right data or up at the right moment and match advertising precisely to the customer that's what makes this information so valuable for advertisers and the movement profiles can be sold to brokers and for a lot of money. but it's likely most people will be more annoyed about all the bikes left lying around on land. in the water and in the air. could the do not stays be numbered i'm talking about a very meaty sandwich sold on every street corner in berlin a turkish invention covered in garlic well the european union is considering banning phosphates indunas that's what holds the meat together the plan has kabob
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shop owners in a spin. but re stone mans owns a journal shop in the busy mitten neighborhood of berlin he does a good business here but kabob shop owners around germany are up in arms about a new e.u. regulation that would ban phosphates from germany. stuff also so i expect a small bit of damage to our business. but i'm convinced that the journey is a stablished enough to survive it. it's trendy it's part of berlin so i think a small issue will not be the end of the journey kabob. recent health reports have linked phosphates to cardiovascular disease but the kabab industry says phosphates are needed to keep the meat juicy and consistent but don't miss the shop won't be directly affected by the ban he doesn't use meat containing phosphates. we only use one hundred percent of rio and no minced meat.
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and his customers are happy without phosphates too but he. doesn't even have phosphates and because it's not made of means i eat and that's why i eat my dinner here and not somewhere else. without phosphates germany's favorite guilty pleasure might just get a little bit healthier. back to feel now and some use the football fans will get excited about i'm so sad thank you yeah the wait is over they drove for world cup twenty eighteen group stage has taken place in moscow all thirty two participating teams now know who they will face next summer and russia the draw which went which happened inside the kremlin palace was an affair featuring musical and dance performances before getting down to business hosts russia were drawn first into group i along with egypt and their opponents in the opening match saudi arabia. so let's take a look at
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a couple of the group's drawn defending champions germany were handed a tricky draw their own take on mexico in their group effort before facing sweden and former semifinalists south korea among the toughest groups drawn was group b. where reigning european champions portugal will line up against next door neighbors spain as well as morocco top ranked asian side iran for much more of the draw than including each and every one of the groups in full go to our web site d w dot com forward slash sports and we'll talk about this more now from russia where we find a d w russia bureau chief for you to welcome during here in the studio we have got expect from a sporty an eclipse start with you which group catches your eye i think to start with germany's group such as the oil because it's a little bit tricky they have mexico who are a strong team but they also have sweden in there who knocked out italy of course in the world cup playoffs so that's a tricky one too and then they have south korea who were former semifinals in the
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world cup the other one that i think is a bit tricky there's no real group of death this year which is a little bit disappointing it's nice to see some big teams in the same group at times but that's portugal with spain and then they also have morocco and then iran and iran are a bit of a tricky one i think there are very strong team from asia and they could cause some problems for both spain and portugal in particular so who's going to be happiest with the draw is that i think the happiest will have to be england they have been drawn with belgium panama and tunisia and i think that they should be going through in that group that said illinois blown up as a as a you know a strong team before every tournament and they always fall flat and then also my own country australia we've been drawn with france a tough tough opponent there but also in peru and denmark so that's a that's a good draw for us. in moscow how important is this world cup for the country and indeed for president putin. highfield however must go
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russia has been paying lots of attention to the show tonight and to the world cup generally it's undoubtedly a good opportunity for this country to show one of its attractive sides that's why money doesn't seem to be an issue for the kremlin moscow has polled around ten billion euros to into preparation including into the construction of the seven new stadiums across the country the world cup is enormously important for us as president vladimir putin as well he certainly will try to score politically hosting its first world cup russia will have an opportunity to present the country to the world not as an aggressor the deserves to be palish but as a friendly host my colleague i'm really sure of the temperature emong russian fans here in moscow let's have a look. it's minus seven degrees celsius in moscow but that doesn't stop the amateur football team a la pushover they play at least once a week no matter what the weather. alex and the more i can has been playing with
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the team for two years he's a school sports teacher but on and off the pitch soccer has always been his passion . here in russia football is the game of the people. strike shoot beautiful goals we may not be at the world cup but we definitely try to play an elegant game over seven hundred thousand tickets to the world cup in russia have already been sold so far about half of them have gone to the country's own fans including alexander. yet there are reminders of the upcoming event darted across moscow even a countdown to the kickoff. and the majority of russians feel positive about hosting the world cup this coming year. was it in the can yes no it's a good thing of course a lot of tourists a lot of guests will come we're always happy to have guests that are the best you know. it's a serious major event and i know that. people are already buying tickets online
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people here are definitely looking forward to the world cup. the world cup has given a boost to the infrastructure of cities like. and wonderful stadiums have been built now the guests just have to arrive. in. the city of moscow has been feverish lee preparing as well investing one and a half billion euros to improve pedestrian zones and roads. in cooperation with the city has even given one of its metro trains a make over it will be spreading the soccer spirit across moscow until the end of the world cup. but alexander and his teammates won't be needing any encouragement when it comes to the soccer spirit today they're watching a game at a teammate's local bar. alexandre
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has been an avid football fan since he was six he'll of course be back in his home team at the world cup and will be watching the draw closely. with the hosts so the main thing is for us to at least come in first or second in a group we hope that the russian team will end up in an easy group the whole country is hoping for an easy group. the russian national team currently has the lowest ranked of all the world cup participants but no matter who wins fans like alexandre can still enjoy a month of the beautiful game. back to europe in moscow affordable the tickets for russians. while the majority of tickets implications came from the russian fans received fifty seven and i'm sorry a fifty seven percent of the tickets. got forty three percent the majority of foreign demand came from
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a guy. state six china and brazil prices range from ninety euros for a second round group match to nine hundred forty euros for the final in moscow even in the capital moscow here what i'm saying web site right now incomes incomes are higher than in other parts of russia some say tickets are a luxury but according to previous ticketing policies russian residents will have a special prize category with tickets starting at nineteen the euros what about preparations one of cricket cricket critics been saying about the preparations for the tournament. well russia's stadiums already have problems are more likely to arise from a poor infrastructure hair in moscow for example a baptism of fire for the renovated luzhniki stadium and it in cows for tens of thousands of fans almost eighty thousand people came to the game just weeks ago and
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after the match they had to walk several kilometers to leave the stadium it took them up to two hours to get from the arena subway the russian press described it as mismanagement and a complete disaster but the officials admitted mistakes and promised that all air also will be fixed hopefully ok let's talk about the russian side again expat how rough a ride you expect them to have against egypt or to go in saudi arabia it's going to be tough but hopefully for the russian fans it won't be a disaster on the field for them. i think they will be relatively happy with destroyed could have been a lot worse or a tough club a tough team for having such a small population and egypt are a little bit of a dark horse. of course for the first time since ninety ninety and they'll be well up for the tournament saudi arabia they've just sucked their coach and brought in a new coach to a bit shaky as well so i think russia should be fully expecting to go through the knockout rounds. for
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a bit of use for your russia in moscow thank you both. now let me just bring you some of breaking news is reaching us here in the studio police in potsdam a town near lynn have evacuated a christmas market after the discovery of a suspicious package or thought of confirm the package contained explosive material i will bring you more on that as we get it now to some of the other stories making news around the world argentina's navy says it has given up hope that any of the forty four man crew of a missing submarine will be found alive if it's to locate the vessel however how it will continue in the ocean off argentina's coast it's believed an explosion aboard course the submarine to sink more than two weeks ago. britain's prince harry ards american feel safe american marco have attended their first official engagement together crowds turned out to greet them in the english city of not to go where they were attending a charity event to mark world aids day that i'm setting gauge went earlier this
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week. a panel chaired by japan's prime minister shinzo has agreed on a date for the country's emperor to advocate the band's first application for nearly two hundred years will take place on the thirtieth of april twenty ninth he and profit heater will step down and be replaced by his eldest son crown prince now he took the emperor is eighty three and in poor health. well the pope has finally used the word it right here on his tour of asia he was meeting with rohingya refugees in bangladesh who had fled violence in may and now pope francis has faced criticism for not using the word publicly during his visit to myanmar earlier this week a gesture of acknowledgement perhaps foreign to these ranger refugees they are recognized in their home and the country they were forced to flee one by one they lined up to meet the pontiff many told him off their plight this moving encounter long anticipated in france is his visit to the region the suffering of the minority
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group forcing the pontiff to walk a diplomatic tightrope today compassion to the place of diplomacy. we will not close our heart. we will not lose to the other side. the presence of god today is also called ranger. the small group of refugees traveled from bangladesh's border to see the pope in the capital dhaka. the pope said to me that he will pray for us as much as he can he said he would do whatever he can and with allah's help all my troubles will go away he asked me not to lose patients the refugees francis met came from sprawling makeshift camps like this one more than half a million people have fled here to escape persecution in neighboring man mark francis
6:11 pm
isn't scheduled to visit. earlier in the day thousands turned out to see the pope ordained sixteen new bangladeshi priests. a sign of the relative freedom the church enjoys here but it's a freedom that can be taken for granted christians are often persecuted in this region it's fear of their safety that france's had until now not referred to the ranger by name. well here's a reminder of our top stories at this hour former u.s. national security advisor michael flame has pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. he was charged as part of the special counsel investigation into russian meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. election general flynn is the fourth almost white house advisor to be indicted in this investigation. i am the draw for next year's football world cup in russia has taken place in moscow oldest germany will have to overcome mexico sweden and south
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korea in that group. just to repeat the breaking news approach of a little earlier police in potsdam attack have evacuated a christmas market after the discovery of a suspicious package authorities have confirmed the package contained explosive materials and we'll have more on not enough update at the top of the hour also of course on the website that's t w dot com of the.
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independent scientists. and you have to go. check out sites. controversial. new video evidence designed to make. by going to see good referees more transparent and that's fair enough. but it doesn't. kick off next sunday doubling. hotbeds of jihad. french prisons. highest recruiters have it easy here thousands of prisoners are squeezed into overcrowded jails with little hope for their futures. tony was one of them he explains how
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he nearly became a terrorist. in sixty minutes on d w. they know what like they know what we think. and soon they'll even know how we feel. well i'm not a real person i'm still just a piece of. scientists around the world are working to measure our emotions. so hopefully i can be a helpful piece assault with a virtual person as a therapist or a robot as a teacher neither would have human empathy. what does the machine need to do to create empathy and a medical context when i disclose more information to a person or to computer in this case. algorithms finn stead of feelings measuring
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emotion starting december sixteenth t w. video assistance this season marked the launch of its international trial face. search. for referees in the grand to you in the review area together they're making football bear. but it's not perfect dubious decisions game interruption and questions over its competence.
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video assistants doesn't have the all forty to overturn my decision that's mine and mine alone the decision of the referee video assistance has come under a lot of questions and from fines players and officials we take a look behind the scenes to find out how it all works welcome to kickoff. marco company got to want to shake our system is. set up such. a sick sick sick sick sick. video assistance the sign of greater fairness in football interior it's a master stroke it was designed originally not to interrupt the flow of the game flow to interfere in four key not situations only when a goal is scored it has relays any potential offside convolve or other infringement in the build up. straight red card decisions can be reviewed and unseen incidents
6:17 pm
of unsporting behavior reported to the referee. with penalties it clarifies whether the right call was made and whether a justified claim was overlooked. video it's also true that cases of mistaken identity with any carving offense. the video assistant referee analyzes the footage and communicates his view to his on field. the referee can stand by his initial judgment amended accordingly check the incident in the review area the final decision rests with him. it's really the most significant innovation in professional football for the past fifty years and for the german game. to be at the forefront shows once again that we are a prime mover when it comes to innovation. alone headquarters were in intensive training program from the start of the twenty
6:18 pm
sixteen twenty seventeen season the german league the d.f.l. and the football association the d.f.t. aim to immerse the referees in the particulars of video assist is involves looking at things in a very different way. and. now there's a new aspect making decisions based on t.v. images that's a skill in its own right it's not three dimensional how do i approach it what do i have to look out for in a t.v. analysis that's all new for the referees. it's a different perspective quite literally out on the pitch like it's an instant impression of the situation the decision making is partly instinctive as a video assistant referee i have to evaluate all the material at my disposal in a very short space of time. training begins offline but with the games playing out live and pictures coming in from up to seventeen different cameras of the
6:19 pm
stadium. before. six hundred forty four. i'm sure the video assistant referee is going to be under an awful lot of pressure as well checking a colleague's decision and crossing that threshold correcting a referee's decision but it's also a pressure situation. it's not about ultimate truth but watching a replay obviously gives me the option of making a bunch of cool in some situations when i just see it once at high speed out on the pitch. with the t.v. a high tech accessories dissecting all the material to reach the right conclusion but without losing sight of the bigger picture of. the future of football the introduction of technology to make the game fairer by reducing the number of
6:20 pm
incorrect decisions a team of operators and a video assistant referee are tasked with identifying and reporting errors. was. the innovative measure requires ongoing poor donation with the international football association board which determines the laws of the game in march twenty eighth seen i.f.a.b. will rule on whether to continue with video assist video assistant or v.a. or isn't only being tested in the bundesliga other leagues have been running their own trials. at the d.f.l. headquarters in frankfurt the project steering committee prepares to get down to work. it's a process of regular top level exchange referees representatives broadcast and communications specialist and senior management trash out the details of the plan to get things off and running.
6:21 pm
this season is to train up the referees off line first. nail down the brother refereeing obviously there's the technology that needs to work properly to start and then you've got marketing and various other areas to consider as an overall package it's an interesting and exciting project. and. the d.f.l. has invested one point eight million euros in the project this season for a long time it was against the use of video evidence but reversed its decision to be part of its development. goal line technology was something else what we said at the start we'll do it we're up for that and it worked out well it's now reliable elements of the game. where they exist the next logical step was to take on this development and get proactive with it rather than waiting
6:22 pm
to see what anyone else with the. january twenty seventh team at frankfurt's comet's bank arena the d.f.l. and d.f.t. have all the latest on has the test phases progress and. among those on the podium phoenix fire the first current german beat the referee to publicly address the subject. he is one of the twenty three bonus nigger referees to undertake video assistance training. the scans constantly this hour but it's a very focused job on the absolutely dependent on teamwork rest is between yourselves and the reply operator there's a special training for that as well of the communication but it's all constantly rolling for. the referees manager helmet crew has been there from day one monitoring the introduction of video assist a key question he's faced from day one is how much time should be allowed for the
6:23 pm
video assistant to make a call to stir the crowd and so i don't want to get all the speed of the decision making has also improved considerably start getting times of up to ninety seconds in some case. isn't a bit longer now it's averaging between ten and forty seconds often getting inside of ten seconds so we're seeing progress at the moment we're very satisfied with how it's going in every department. heading into the twenty seventeen summer break the best part of the year into the deal with this trial it's been hard work now a real sense of anticipation is growing. at the start i found it very very difficult you're in a totally different role but i've done it six seven times now and every time you feel a bit confidence and you start to get the knack of working with all the video material you already know roughly where to look which camera angle to select. and.
6:24 pm
varia the d.f.t. referees are working up a sweat in preparation for the new bundesliga season it's business as usual in that regard in another of course the times they are changing. the imminence deployment of video as there's calls perhaps above all for an equally radical shift in mind. at any rate the mood of the referees camp is overwhelming. it won't be long before everyone accepts it as a useful resource the referee on the pitch and the teams involved i think it's going to be a success. i don't. think you know the other training course before the under twenty world cup demonstrated that everything we tested practiced and learned here beforehand was a really good foundation also for the referees who haven't had any previous experience with it. to make a clear decision. affan in the space of
6:25 pm
a fraction of a second. in the thick of a highly emotional atmosphere. you know. we always have to worry or the concern of making a match defining mistake and that's not something any referee or a system that wants i want his head knowing there's someone sitting in cologne who can correct any potential mistake takes a little bit of the pressure off of us out on the pitch. exciting because it's a change and for me change is always kind of interesting getting to grips with it making it happen i'm looking forward to it. they formed off. back to the theory defining the precise scope of the video assistance role it's a fine tuning process of internal and external communication.
6:26 pm
i visit. with feeling very confident in working intensively for a year now the referees are all highly motivated and i think it's safe to say. that. at the video essay center in cologne everything's gearing up for the big kick off. and on since i'm preparing conscientiously and constructively for the past year obviously a dry run is never quite the same as the real thing. the real deal is rolled eight of the twenty seventeen super cup cup holders dortmund against champions by a. focus twenty seventy. five and his on field assistants are not alone. in cologne to base stealer and his replay operators are also raring to go and their services are soon required.
6:27 pm
was by and people either offsides. it's a question for them to do assistant referee. check not to check to check. sometimes i will stand. next up for the video assistant referee a spot of foul play. i guess. i will be down sees yellow backed up by the view from cologne the foul was not intentional so it doesn't have to be a red card if the topics whole picture. that . is that i had a long phase of preparation and try to train for every eventuality but actual
6:28 pm
competition is different again especially when you have to make decisions that are going to be met with universal approval. by. anyone that's a new element now that maybe hadn't been quite so anticipated or used to have the referee making the decision on the pitch obviously a subjective decision. now we have a video assistant offering a second opinion which is also subjective and open to criticism not the object of a second instance some people might have expected with human elements in the equation no decisions ever going to be fully objective. three hundred i don't. buy and again flavor comes in the campaign opener with the first big call for the video assistant referee to be a console's with his backup in cologne and towards the home side a penalty. on much a tree this pile from fireworks here we grab day on marcel smeltzer of dortmund
6:29 pm
leads to the first video assisted sending off in the bundesliga. all set for their heavyweights meeting with bae and. michael fritz is the man in the middle for this one. the tension is palpable more than sixty thousand packed into the stadium alone it'll be all systems go at the video center. of the oval arena and minds my ok for and his colleagues are in for a busy shift under the floodlights. first was lights on the interplay between manual gray for his touch on colleagues and video assistant referee giving none in cologne. so i.
6:30 pm
don't want to pay for use the feels good just to make any comments this was not. because of childcare referee marco for it was christian doing it on g.c. at the video assist that target just. a few i shot the breakaway. never upsets the. stick. and minutes later fritz has another call to make and this time it will be referred back to the known . everything looks fine. on to the next tough call.
6:31 pm
and check on spirit. comment to shake this one spear comment oh man shaking hands in fact not much of. the ball goes to hand but was it intentional sometimes being. done sometimes on one's own guns on foot so taking them down so i can see from. the response that. there's a strong spirit to hunt it on this wide ramp up front on him now is a hunch the earth made contact here made up. loose this new one so to say in a common cause there need to be ready for that kind of situation on place you can anticipate it on someone slides in like that near the goal line as video assistance to your post right spike so meet it. well that's what it feels like then you've obviously got to find the camera angle that shows you that in this case that it was a handball penalty. and honda's made.
6:32 pm
the shot i'm. going to. keep it to you i have to believe it when a. player tries to cross from the goal line now those slides in the hand movements natural his arms away i reset and the pull stretches hand which is stretched out wide above his head vide always just like you had in court for. the analysis continues from more than a dozen camera angles my robot heaven dives he puts away the penalty was. was in november the rules which tweaked now the v.a.r. can intervene whenever it believes the referee has made a mistake no longer wear the four key areas the only opportunity for consultation
6:33 pm
is that moment of. the hook to which a hook gets here. as you can. also look at. it ok the. store's model. the final word always goes to the referee as on the pitch. last oh oh. oh oh oh oh oh whoa. whoa. whoa whoa whoa. whoa whoa in the second half shot because daniel kind of jury goes down in the. box anything suspicious. six zero zero zero zero zero s. . comments momente a check going to stick. stick shift so as long as on the safety net provided by the
6:34 pm
video assistant is already proving a boon to the officials at the heart of the action in this case michael fritz. sake take up sides with the option to see if. it is ok to record. the decision on brian's current goal can be reviewed in a matter of seconds oh. oh and so to minds where the host taken or neat even as the ball nestles in the mess the girls being checked for offsides as many wildlife unknowns. ticos was. playing it. as. is ok.
6:35 pm
ok. the action continues. nori moto handled the ball here it's a question of vital importance once a japanese international puts minds to know. what's the verdict in cologne. or what is the. bottom home incident if the device. to go to a public trial you know that's the first time a few of the one hundred. affiliates i know much less of a. there's no evidence there's no fear about it on the face of it. and also about a ban on a stick up on a home. because of the stuff i'm going to tumble.
6:36 pm
finish up and they don't tell you folks. are helpful. got it this time this time. ok oh talk like this let's. see. what about family how to. use. a club. class. on average video assistance helps avoid one or two potentially pivotal mistakes made
6:37 pm
think through every match day. one. more case. no revision needed a great fizz game at minds. hoffenheim pull a gold box and before halftime things really start to he's off. the rack signals for a corner what it is to hold a bunch of the muscle on. the slate ok so it is ok to equalize if a half an hind sandro vanya with a header after a slight push with his much a. mum. you don't want to look at us and then spanish those us like us. ok. the goals goods the header itself very good to online to see into the second half.
6:38 pm
and if the. sick sick sick sick sick sick. but hopeful the most. women were not told to. get. to follow. their. lead oh i was listening. to mano a mano who is linking that money is linking as escape that's why when the race goes to one of us one of us has. serious well that's a good. and i mean for a. man when i spoke for forty five minutes today i decided we would give exact
6:39 pm
accounts of what we see so together we can make the correct school is in the home and it's making a good. adding another layer of security i'm not supervisor today it's mine advancement the game has one more goal and as for hoffenheim three to. the folks who take months ago to take sconce not afford afford to for its own cost that's that's that's. so yes. but a lot of us might i like to lie to her. british accent on up was softening the tricks ok. it was a lot of fun that's all anyone else. is into by. the seat of a doll's house. and the one that someone. has a very difficult seat there any one here for here for the fun of if one of the months one of the for the whole thing it was.
6:40 pm
to avoid. but to not go. despite video assistance dubious calls remain part of the game like on match day thirteen during breaks clash with vosburgh maximillian arnold was booked for a harmless spiled after consulting v.a.r. it was switched to grads the technology came under heavy criticism has been first of all was very confident this current test phase will have a positive conclusion and maybe i will be among those blazing a trail for defining feature of football over the next ten twenty thirty forty years by the physio on. the bone display again on video assistance it won't end all discussion but is making football topic fair.
6:41 pm
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