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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  December 2, 2017 5:02am-5:31am CET

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eighteen world cup in russia have been drawn and world cup defenders germany will start the tournament with the first game against mexico twenty ten world cup winners spain will meet up with european champions portugal in their group. donald trump's former national security advisor michael flynn pleads guilty to charges of lying to the f.b.i. how closely is he cooperating with the investigation into collusion between the tom campaign and rush my name's christopher spring eight this is the day. we do not meet a reckless president who believes she is above the law. was
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her that's right. we talked about the simplest things there are a few issues where cooperation between russia and the united states is important especially terrorism that was one of the issues we discussed but her conversations were entirely proper and absolutely transparent that there weren't any secrets at least not from our senators and of them but the further than any comment on i think. when you come home i go away. and also coming up on the day soccer fans across the world are being glued to their t.v. screens watching the group draw for next year's world cup in russia d.w. sports will be joining me for a close look at who's playing who and what that means for the chances of victory. we begin with this donald trump's former national security advisor michael flynn
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has pleaded guilty to charges of lying to the f.b.i. that's after he was charged as part of a wide ranging investigation into the trump administration over its relationship with russia prosecutors say flynt lied about his contacts with russian officials in the wake of trump's election victory last year. he was one of donald trump's and earliest and most vocal supporters know my friends facing a u.s. currency accused of lying to the f.b.i. . that's what flynn said about hillary clinton in campaign rallies last summer in shooting with trump a chorus of chance against the opponent right here you're exactly right there is nothing wrong with that. if i did attend a tenth of what she did i would be in jail today despite the americans of his links
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to vladimir putin flynn remain close to the presidential outsider. and went on to be rewarded with a senior cabinet position in the white house. only to be forced out after twenty four days when it's a marriage he had lied to the vice president might about meetings with the russian ambassador baer is u.s. media says inconsistency in his account of those meetings given to f.b.i. agents are the basis for today's charges the white house has distanced itself from fleming further comment on i thought well this is not even the president wants to talk about him. flynn on the receiving end now as he left court having pled guilty to us media report that he's prepared to testify that the call to contact russia came from the heart of his old friend trump campaign.
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ok let's pull in our washington correspondent on all those costs because one of the interesting things about all this is that flynt has actually been investigated for a wide range of allegations but he's only being charged with a single count of lying to the f.b.i. how closely is he cooperating with this investigation. well we don't know that for sure as robert mueller the special prosecutor appointed by the department of justice is keeping his cards close to his chest but indeed many observers here believe that miller had much more on flynn than just as one charge of lying to the f.b.i. in an official investigation and that that implies that indeed general flynn flipped here and is now effectively a witness for the prosecution so that would signal that flynn is perhaps providing information on other suspects in this investigation in exchange for
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leniency we can expect that even though michael flynn has not said so publicly in a statement that was published today in a written statement michael flynn said that he assume full responsibility accepted full responsibility for his mistakes and he didn't name anyone else but prosecutors have stated that they believe flynn was directed by the trump transition team when he met the russian ambassador after the election and the court documents say that mr flynn called a senior transition official who was was other members of the team trumps mar a lago results and i asked them specifically what to talk about with the russian ambassador if at all so clearly this might be direction that the mill investigation might go on and of course that begs the question what has the white house been
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saying about all this and how close is this all getting to president trump. well the white house has sort of tried to distance itself from flynn the lawyer for donald trump well mr flynn was with the trumpet ministration only for a short time and he didn't implicate anyone with his plea which is technically correct and he didn't name anyone at least not yet and also he was the national security advisor for mr trump only for a few weeks but clearly mr flynn was one of the closest allies in advisors of donald trump during the election campaign and after it has all he was in the know he was part of donald trump's in a circle and that might make a lot of people around on the trump or his former transition team quite nervous donald trump himself i think so far is not in the focus there but not so much about the russian dealings but maybe because of what he did afterwards the way he has
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been handling this investigation let's not forget there's still the question of whether he committed obstruction of justice by first trying to get the then f.b.i. director james cole me off flynn's back and then eventually firing mr cole me because he wasn't happy with the way the investigation was going ok cost many thanks for that constant phenomenon in washington. i've. now it's world aids day an annual opportunity to reflect on a deadly pandemic that's killed roughly thirty five million people since it was discovered some thirty years ago here's where we stand in the fight against hiv aids according to ignite at united nations thirty six point seven million people currently living with hiv across the world the good news is the number of annual affection's infections rather has fallen by sixteen percent since twenty ten many
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people have asked ill becoming infected one point eight million last year alone without proper treatment of course hiv can lead to life threatening diseases but here's the other item of good news better medications so-called retroviral have increased life expectancy according to one study a twenty year old living back in one thousand nine hundred eighty six. could expect to live for another nineteen years fifteen years later that life expectancy figure is you'll see it in a second move right up to fifty three years that a twenty year old infected with hiv in twenty eleven could expect to reach the ripe old age of seventy three now that is the big picture for this global health issue i'm waiting for me at the big table to discuss the big picture is to work for the german aids service organization aids health mr fyshe thank you very much for
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coming in to talk to us now hiv aids used to be a source of exclusively bad news i've been just showing that there is also good news in the fight against hiv aids progress a medication diagnosis the rate of infections and deaths appears to have peaked. are we on the way to controlling this pandemic yes we are if we really want to and if we do anything we can do. to stop h.l.v. and aids in all countries of the world we have a great situation in germany infection rates are low because control by medication very well if you get infected today and get tested early and get treatment at once you have a nearly normal life expectancy and you can lead a pretty normal life with sexuality children and so on like like your neighbors but that's not the picture everywhere is it to me that there are still areas in the
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world and that is exactly the point in the world only fifty six per cent of people living with hiv i have access to the n.t. retroviral therapy and even in germany there are some people who don't have access for example of people who are not legally in germany in germany you can get many kill. the medication easily so it's there are still some huge problems also in germany ok but the visibility of medication this that's a. key thing we're going to look now at the story of a person called mono she is from india and she tested positive for hiv back in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine but for the disease and began working for india's hiv aids alliance in new delhi she is now campaigning for a welt where hiv suffered treated with dignity. mona bologna is one of the few women in india who speak openly about being infected with hiv she's lived with the
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virus for twenty years husband and son both died from complications of aids the government h.i.v. program started just in time for medical treatment and free drugs have saved her life. living with aids they remind me of. my why it is going to be. the trucks are helping me to live a normal life her oldest son mohit is a child of a negative but is still suffered other children were not allowed to play with him he also feared losing his mother for mona the social exclusion is almost as bad as the illness itself. he saw my fight with this is safety he saw my fight with my soul because he is the witness since childhood. whole i am suffering with my health something. i am struggling with my. health than
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my. duties or my family. just over two million people in india a living like my own or with hiv the government is making a concerted effort to combat the epidemic with some success the number of people infected with hiv has halved since two thousand and ten one reason for this is that india does not recognise the peyton's filed by western drug companies more than half of aids patients receive free medication produced in india i want. because. the so i think india believes in access to treatment for everybody and therefore whatever is necessary good quality treatment is available generic drugs that. takes part in a support group in delhi she tells young h.i.v. patients they need not fear for the future with treatment they can even have
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healthy children. i lost my. because i was not aware that best. during my pregnancy or off my delivery so it was lack of knowledge of. the battle against the hiv virus is certainly not been won in india but there has been significant progress thanks to people like mono but lonnie . still with me in the studio holga vision from the german aid service organization . such want to pick up on one aspect of that report the price of patented medication effective medication india. has decided to ignore those patents and produce its own cheap and effective medication how important has that been that move from india for instance in the fight against hiv aids that has been very important because you know medication has always been very expensive the new drugs
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are still very expensive and in the beginning big pharma wasn't willing to cut the prices and they led millions of people suffer from aids and die so people like this woman and governments like the government of india or brazil or thailand had to do something to save the people and they decided to use a possibility that is in international law due to the trips i think it's there is a health emergency a national health emergency you can have a composite relicense is and just produce the stuff you need to save the people and that is so important and saving lives now the coming medication that is being used to entry retroviral is essentially contains hiv aids stopping it from from spreading but there's no vaccination yet against the condition where do we stand in terms of developing that kind of vaccination it's very difficult to say because we
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have seen so many tries to find a vaccine and they all didn't work and so much money though you. just on research why is it so difficult to find because hiv is such a difficult virus it changes it transforms itself all the time we have lots of subtypes and variations of the subtypes and you know you need a vaccine against the flu every year and you've gone and even transforms itself. even faster so it's so difficult to find something that works with every variation of hiv fortunately we have something simular we have pre-exposure prophylaxis this is not a vaccine but a medication that protects people at high risk from acquiring a this is very important to have access to this pre-exposure prophylaxis it works like a vaccine it's a different thing but it has the same effect and we need to eat excess also into i mean better excess it exists but lots of people can't afford it so we need the
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public health insurance to pay it ok just very briefly on thursday scientists announced two big studies in southern africa to test what may become an hiv vaccine how promising is that well that is promising that is hope but that is still still the beginning you can never know how a study ends even if there is so much hope in the beginning and it possibly it will end with a vaccine that protects people with with a. fifty percent or sixty percent probability or something like that and that will be the next step but that's not the solution and if it works completely in that region that does not mean it works in other countries on other continents so this will be hopefully the next important step but it won't be the end of research we'll have to see how it plays out from the german aids organization many thanks for talking to thank you for having me.
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now the path towards unlocking germany's political stalemate is a little clearer tonight the two largest parties chancellor merkel's conservatives in the social democrats have agreed to hold exploratory talks on forming a new government where they still differ however is over what form that government is going to take chancellor merkel wants to revive the grand coalition of conservatives and social democrats that's ruled germany for the past four years but . yesterday's leader martin schultz he says it's not a done deal yet he's keen to keep the outcome of these exploratory talks open marching childes made it clear that his party has not decided anything a grand coalition as well as other alternatives are still on the table. there was broad support for not ruling out any options when it comes to forming a government. we have an acting government in place and we are not under time
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pressure. so. the s.p.d. chairman rejected media reports that at a meeting last night with president funk steinmeyer his party opted to pursue a grand coalition steinmeyer invited chancellor angela merkel they vary in conservative leader horse over and schultz to discuss the ongoing governmental impasse. schultz was visibly irritated at the media reporting on what were confidential talks and blamed conservatives for the leak. because these statements seem to have originated in the conservative block i called mrs merkel and told her that i find this an acceptable. the s.p.d. rank and file are divided on whether to enter another coalition with conservatives many social democrats want the party to make a fresh start in the opposition the s.p.d. youth organisation is collecting signatures to protest another grand coalition and
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the general public is also skeptical. i think this is a bad solution a political deadlock i think this would be a bad idea. you know if you're for i'm all for fresh elections and no go it was a good move it's maybe the only chance to form a government on the other hand we'd lose out on the s.p.d. is a strong opposition. at this point only one thing is clear until there is a new government. will stay on as acting chancellor. now it's been a day of great anticipation for soccer fans all over the world but the wait is now over the draw for the group stage of next year's world cup in russia is complete all thirty two teams now know who they're going to be facing next summer the draw was conducted inside the kremlin in moscow a glitzy affair as ever featuring musical and don't perform it says before getting down to the business of making that draw or hosts russia drawn first in group along
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with egypt you're a guy and their opponents for that opening match of next year's world cup saudi arabia. with me now to talk us through every single group in detail yannick speight from d.w. sports thanks for coming in yeah nick let's start with them with that group a host russia facing saudi arabia in the very first game of the world cup then egypt then you're acquiring the russians must be quite happy i mean that's a manageable group isn't it it could have been worse for russia that's for sure and their fans should be expecting that same to go through the knockout stages which is quite important for the tournament i think europe was probably the strongest team in that group that their first world cup since ninety ninety saudi arabia they've just changed their coach that strong so it's a good chance for russia and i can answer russian fans will be happy about that let's look at group b. . european champions portugal in that group and they face a very tough opponent straight away spain then they have morocco in iran. a tough
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group but not really a group of death is it no not a group of death i don't think there is a group of death in this world cup which is a little bit disappointing but portugal spain two very strong teams and then iran i think they could surprise a few people they very well organize they did well last woke up cause argentina a lot of problems and they're very they've got a nice coach and as square is formally of midges you know odd thing so it is tough group but you would expect spain and portugal to go through this one ok let's look at group c. and that's one that yanick is particularly interested in you may have noticed from his accent he's one of our australian colleagues so the socceroos in this group they have a tough one you know one of the tournament favorites fronts then peru denmark you think of the socceroos might make it through on pretty happy with this group to be honest i mean france is a tough one to one of the favorites for the tournament but i think we can challenge peru and denmark that said on either of those teens can join friends into the knockout stages but i'm confident we can do it ok let's move on to group d.
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argentina in that group of course the runners up last time around in twenty fourteen losing to defending champions germany will come to them in just a second argentina facing iceland croatia nigeria. you know yes that is not perhaps a group of death but i think that's a really tough group i have to agree with you it's the closest i think we're going to get to a group of death they really look quite even lee much to me an argentine or a big name but they were pretty disappointing in qualifying and austin of course defeated in one nil in the euros last year and croatia always with the noise the balance of a strong team but they often disappoint in nigeria as well well well rounded so i think that's the toughest group to pick if you had to remind me about that iceland game didn't you as you can tell british and an england fan will get to their group in a second first group heavyweights brazil up against switzerland costa rica serbia they're going to coast through that group as you would say when you i think brazil as well
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or one of the favorites the last for them to have a few you know relatively easy warm up matches before they get into the knockouts out of serbia costa rica and switzerland i think it's pretty even in terms of who's going to get that second spot and can move to the defending champions germany now they're in group after their first game against mexico before they take on sweden and then south korea south korea always a hard working side but that should be manageable for germany as well shouldn't it i would say so i think germany have to top the group i mean they're the defending champions they have to make a statement and that group is definitely doable i think it will be tricky mexico a strong saw germany did defeat them for one early this year in the confederations cup sweden of course knocked out italy in the play off. there a tough nut to crack as well but germany they really should be topping this will move to group g. that's the one that particularly interests me as an england fan and belgium panama
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and my home team england are looking at that i mean panama belgium and england must be pretty confident of getting through that one so i think you guys got a very soft draw to be fair. of course a great thing i think it's between england belgium who gets top spot panama you really can't see them doing much i think they've got nearly flat although we do have a record of messing things up to do and we'll have to say we'll see about that finally group h. this one headed by poland rounded down off with senegal colombia and japan you know that's also a very even group it is difficult to predict who's going to get through that one i think poland would be extremely successful in the qualifiers but they usually are and then they struggle in the actual tone in colombia a strong team in the last world cup though a couple less aging senegal they could repay their fate from two thousand and two the only other world cup appearance where jews had an absolute storm of maybe we'll say the same from liverpool. ok just very briefly who is going to win it i'm going
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to go to brazil i think i think i can get back on top in this tournament they've had a very strong record ok yet expect many thanks from d w e sports the day is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at the top of the news or at my twitter handle spring on the right don't forget to use the hash tag the day i'll be back on monday of course in the mean time to have a relaxing weekend untactful watching see you soon.
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