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tv   Sarahs Music - Mozart in Havana  Deutsche Welle  December 2, 2017 9:15am-9:31am CET

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well you know the fact is there is music and look where we are. of course we're in havana where else. cuba is famous for its music. music country and i absolutely adore being here.
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i'm here in havana for the two thousand and seventeen mozart festival out here on the streets you can hear cuban music on every corner and here in the cathedral there's mozart going on. with the a.
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thanks for having me here at your wonderful festival really i'm so happy to be in havana for some mozart and to hear these wonderful musicians performing i remember the first time i came last year i was so impressed at the standard of musicianship here with your musicians tell me about where they come from. and. i am and we want to. tell and get up on the checklist and would open. the. show the north of mosul goes for. me about it it's quite a families and by might be nice to see them and to not want to come across about.
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them and to some tremont and when we went to pharmacy on that of mostly goes in the last event or at the most you can see there not a professor at the. desk. at last you get them and they're in an all in the. same had to trace you there. and we're going to see a. room to go and. they can the d.n.a. into. that remote. area then they don't let their latinos on the lower class call us and say yeah. so when i was thinking the rehearsal so mozart would have been a good cuban i see some similarities you know he was always joking he was the rhythms in it the being alive you know i think he would have liked. so. look.
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there are latinos. a nun who. said i go to the muscle of the fed and. there most of. the. day i go and i will get they are going through meant it a lot. i mean. well i am loving experiencing that side in havana so i look forward to the concert thank you for having us that has made us your food but if that are going to sadr.
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do you have a favorite piece by mozart apart from the musical joke which we are playing.
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knowing there was mozart happening of course i want to join in on my horn so i was really happy to have the chance to perform with these wonderful young musicians in the lyceum. and the. this is tell me about your wonderful
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festival on a two thousand and seventeen. no . noise. so when you finish all the pieces of mozart beethoven festival.
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i propose next year we do. what you think. each year so i can come back four years. out here on the beautiful plaza de la you can still hear cuban music coming from every corner but we're going in for some more mozart see you next time on serious music and.
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with. yeah yeah
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. thank. you. i think ok. today's challenge frank from havana. i'm. french prisons. highest recruiters have it easy here thousands of prisoners are
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