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tv   Euromaxx - Highlights of the Week  Deutsche Welle  December 3, 2017 9:30pm-10:01pm CET

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some israelis and some palestinians reacting to these rumors. i think during this season of this most this is one of the most sort of prizes and chopped surprises that we as a palestinian people have to see if this statement and this time that it's like an on time bomb dr affect the entire area i think he waited too long they should have done it immediately when he became the president this isn't. one. of them to go see that i think president trump making jerusalem the capital is amazing because the whole state of israel flourishes from jerusalem from the city of jerusalem and u.s. government. but. they don't. they don't care about. you and the declinations about their human rights. all more than
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sixty thousand people are still living in shelters and bali after being a vacuum weight have lost weight because of signs of the island's volcano was about to rot and the real killers calmed down over the last few days but authorities say the threat of a major or a russian can't be ruled out a number of international airlines have again been forced to cancel flights because of smoke and ash. prayers at bally's biggest temple on the slopes of mount where shippers with face masks at the ready to protect them from the fumes and ash being spewed out by the volcano. the island of bali is indonesia's top tourist destination the visitor trade has been hit hard by the travel destruction which forced the airport to close for two days the run up to christmas and new year is normally high season not this year. some
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guests cancelled one moment ago and began erupting but the worst came after the airport closed almost ninety percent of the guests cancelled their bookings. for those who reached the volcano's a spectacle in itself. kind of excited. exciting like i've never seen something like this before. but it's fun it's fun. not quite so much fun for the forty thousand local people evacuated from their homes many are survivors of mountains last bigger option which killed more than a thousand back in one nine hundred sixty three. after the volcano stopped erupting last time i went back to my house and planted. corn crops were good but now it's happening again and. what's happening now is still nothing but then mud flow was coming down from the crater followed by a big explosion. the question now is whether the rumblings of the last week
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will be followed by a full scale eruption. well in the final game of match day fourteen votes nonstop a commanding win against machine gladbach you know smelly open the scoring for the wolves after just four minutes daniel davi added another midway through the first half and yahshua sealed the victory with twenty minutes to go three male the final score there alone of confirm they've parted company with coach peter stroger after four and a half years at the helm last season stroger led cologne into europe for the first time in twenty five years but this season has seen a catastrophic form of form with the club still winless in the league after fourteen games not even a fighting draw was shown on saturday could see. in saturday's
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other bonus league action another coach on the hot seat faced a crunch match peter bosh led his dortmund team into labor crews and working to end a six match win last run but they face a tough task against the hosts who had lost in eight games. the pressure was on for pits of bush and the dortmund bosses were hoping for a helping hand from above. it was the wayside that took the first hits in the opening minutes maximillian philip one of four changes in goldman's line up injured his knee in this challenge with jonathan tom the club fear he'll be out for weeks. defending has been diabolical at times this season and it raised its head again in the thirtieth minutes kevin fall and left the defenders in his wake as he stormed forward to take the lead. is the lead a coup is a man's fourth goal in four games both sides took a hit when when dale wiped out dortmund's gonzalo castro the video referee had his say deeming this crunching tackle
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a red card offense when del was off for an early shower while castro joined filip on the doctor's examination table. come the second half dome and had the better flow and combined well. rafa get into the under his sure sure to under link zero one one in the seventy five minutes. the pressure on bush began to let up but he would have had a scare is later coups and came frighteningly close with two minutes left to go. dormant kept fighting for their coach and made one final push in the dying seconds of the match to grab all three points puts a no avail. frustration on the pitch as the game ended all even and peter bush he's still in the job at least for the time being. and other top bonus like a clash on saturday army life's a shout of chance to reign in rulers firing back with victory over hoffenheim and their opponents have been in a rut for the last ten months. with just one win in seven games yulian novels among
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was looking for a strong response and while lucky stars in control it was hoffenheim who took an early lead. not in the miri with his second of the season one nil after thirteen minutes hoffenheim defended resolutely throwing their bodies in front of every lots of attack both legally. and illegally. ralph pozen who two was clearly concerned he rang the changes at half time through munched replacing lucas close to monday open the cano bus it was to no avail hoffenheim restarts with a bang says cannot breathe lecturing on to a long punch up field. and the forward hit a spectacular second just ten minutes later. an
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incredible strike pates a good luck she with no chance. late in the game hoffenheim struck again marc it's converting for a full meal victory. i forget full day at the office for husband who till in life see. none of those men and hoffenheim celebrating a near perth x. performance. all right let's check out all the bonus lego results so far this weekend. as we saw what sport be clawed back earlier on sunday frankfurt defeated head to berlin on saturday shock and cologne shared the spoils their set hoffenheim win against life's a labor kissinger with dortmund we showed you by our next win against hanover braman defeated augsburg downed lines and on friday freiburg shared the spoils with hamburg. then plunging temperatures in eastern china have left tree branches and
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leaves coated with a special type of frost called rime these scenes are from mountains sean and john showing province dripping white crystals on the trees and turn the area into a winter wonderland prime forms and water vapor in the air freezes rapidly on the surface of the planet. left it on the news has been. they know look like they know what we think. and soon they'll even know how we feel. well not a real person i'm still just a piece of software scientists around the world are working to measure our emotions . so hopefully i can be a helpful piece of software to virtual person as
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a therapist or a robotic as a teacher neither would have human empathy. what does the machine need to do to create empathy and a medical context when i disclose more information to a person or to computer in this case the rhythms finn state of feelings measuring emotion starting december sixteenth t w. your heart of a man is chairwoman of the social democrats youth organization but hopes to trade for a seat on the party executive be talking about rebellion and politics welcome to the d w interview. i will focus. on your parents are. your father was a local politician and many kids would say no way i'm doing the same thing my parents did but you are.
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as you correctly noted i come from a very political family and of course politics was always a topic at home. we used to discuss it at the kitchen table and i used to go to events but i come from various from the very end forest where social democrats tend to be in the minority. so the rebellion wasn't against my parents but more against the mainstream and the christian social union which is very dominant here. and politically i think the subject of justice preoccupied me is a very. good us discussion with. my parents and not only s.p.d. members they're also both teachers so they were really after me to do well in school and get the grain. very much the classic school girl in high school and
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university with no major hurdles in my way of course i realized very quickly that there were others who did have hurdles and it wasn't so easy for them. i didn't. know the rebellion against your parents and did but you're not obsessed with harmony are you. know i'm not at all obsessed with. arguing it's really important to me when i feel like something has to be said i don't talk you just because it looks good or it's expected. when the matter is really important to me. where you are now you intend to stir up the social democrats what's the main reason why you want to be elected to the party executive. and i think it's the extremely important to bring young people and their experience and viewpoints into the party that's to say experience from their studies and training and starting professional life. you don't find that often within the s.p.d.
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but it's important especially for a major party to include these viewpoints so i very much hope to be elected and given this trust. your you've just experienced first hand the way the s.p.d. handles its younger members in your place on the ballot in bavaria for the national elections would have been assured they gave you the brush off because that still hurt. but yes that was a bitter experience for me and one that in the end won't cast the s.p.d. in a good light. this is the time t. is on average very. very male. you can tell that by the parliamentary group where very few members are under thirty or even thirty five. and i think in the long run that will be a problem. where it's about including the young people's views in getting in touch you'll find many of the young people you talk to you feel that politics have
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nothing whatsoever to do with them. but if they see someone who is younger talking about their experiences that would have a very different impact. also young people. i think that'd be a way ahead for the s.p.d. . could the reason it didn't work out with a ballot in bavaria b. that you obviously like to attack the s.p.d. as political approach you want to publicly gave the form. party chairman. a grade of d. minus i'm sure that didn't help relations between the youth organization and the. stepped up type of course the party chairman is the one you take your frustrations out on. we were in the grand coalition we had just voted for the data retention act and tightening the right to asylum and we had to swallow not to it's
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a pill it's from the christian democrats and especially from their very insistent party. and when the youth organization were not happening. behind everyone's backs expected to say something straight out that's how i've always done it. referring to his disagreement with the ex parliamentary group chairman thomas of a man called you consistently lacking in solidarity and it gets worse almost going below the belt the spokesman for the party's conservative faction tweeted and i quote. part only causes trouble for you or your worst enemies your party can write . for. it was lacking when you have to say if that's what you heard that's cause labels may i see it more as a no no because we have absolutely nothing in common politically. i stand for completely different convictions but in recent months i've got a very different impression. on social democrats running credibly strong election campaign we were the backbone of the federal level campaign against thousands of
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new members and we've accomplished a lot politically within the s.p.d. which is important to young people. and that made them realize what a youth organization should actually mean to them. martin shorts for instance supported my bid for the executive. at the national youth organization convention i can. also emphasize this point. may not be a right. it you can see they would all welcome that with my bed. after. you sent the youth organization was the s.p.d. is back they hope to form a bulwark against a grand coalition but many in the party don't like the idea they're marching toward the grand coalition is that also how you see it. right now we're in a tricky situation now that angle america has failed to form the three way
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coalition and the free democrats christiane lindsey quit to the talks the situation is pretty difficult. and of course the s.p.d. is available for discussions with the various actors in the constitutional institutions of the german president suggesting that when they you know thought in isolation take a very clear position and in my personal opinion a new edition of the grand coalition isn't the right way to go. in that last edition which almost all your election promises. retirement at sixty three and so on a great project. yes but all the points we had in common that i'm used to. i just don't see any more projects in common another problem i see is that the grand coalition has actually been voted out we lost fourteen percent of our vote and that's really not a new mandate. i'm going to explain why that happened and the s.p.d.
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ended up with twenty point five percent even though very had accomplished so much so. i think the grand coalition is partly responsible because the two major parties never debated policy direction. no real differences were apparent. the german people were never clear where the s.p.d. wanted to go and where the christian democrats wanted to go. he was seen as two parties that do everything together. that's been especially noticeable the past few weeks. the free democrats and the greens toward the country saying every vote for the s.p.d. is a vote for the grand coalition. the same five people are now saying the s.p.d. has to agree to a grand coalition but i see that as a problem. but if the grand coalition is the problem what's the solution a minority. no s.p.d. ministers are not to mention female ministers. would get the laurels.
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i think you have to get a little creative. as i said to the grand coalition is a problem because we have no points left in common because there's no debate over policy direction also because the far right e.f.t. would leave the opposition in parliament. i think the s.p.d. has a responsibility not to allow that. and has a responsibility to be more creative i could imagine a minority government that would mean a great improvement least for parliament then we'd know what the individual parties stand for we could debate the right solution. if we do want democracy. but you also have a responsibility to the s.p.d. is still led by the people who turned in these bad results from this bad campaign what has to change who has to go. it's going to have to go is the wrong question
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it's what has to change especially what do we have to change about our platform. now yes sure. they'll be some changes of the national party conventions in general the party executive will become younger more feminine. the executive committee will too because i support that but i think it's far too short sighted to reduce everything to a question of personnel but. the real problem is that we have to revise the s.p.d.m. platform and we have to have a sharper profile but we also have to deal with its use coming up in the future. what does digitize nation mean to our workaday world how will life be in the society of migrants global justice people expect answers to these quest.


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