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empathy and a medical context what i disclose more information to a person or to a computer in this case. a few dozen little feelings of the instruments that steer us and whoever can control these feelings has great power over us to the positive don't go rhythms instead of feelings measuring emotion starting december sixteenth on t w. this is d w news live from berlin a make or break day for the british prime minister's brags that plans to resubmit heads to brussels to push for progress in the irish border and citizens' rights
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talks on a future trade relationship all depends on a breakthrough today can she do it we will go live to brussels also coming up u.s. president donald trump weighs a decision that could set off a seismic shift in the middle east moving the u.s. embassy in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem could he calls the peace process to crash. plus trading life in a war zone for a life of toil an eleven year old girl is one of an unknown number of syrian child refugees who must work instead of going to school we have a special report from istanbul. i'm sara kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us. british prime minister
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to resign mate heads to brussels for a day of crucial talks on britain's exit from the e.u. she's hoping to reach a deal on bragg's a divorce terms with the european commission chief john claude younker the two sides are said to have agreed that britain will pay around fifty billion euros to leave the bloc but they still haven't hammered out conditions for the irish border and the rights of citizens living in each other's nations the e.u. has refused to move on to future trade talks until those issues are settled. for more now let's bring in our correspondent garrick mattis who is standing by with the very latest from brussels hi to you georg what are the most controversial sticking points would you say between britain and the e.u. at this point i mean when we boil it down is it all about the money well given the latest concept come concessions that at least the appear to be the latest concessions on the brakes a bill that has shifted a bit into the background and given more room for citizen rights and the question
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of a hard border in northern ireland the key sticking points appear to be now in that field particularly northern ireland because for the irish government it seems it is now the time to come forward and to make demands because it will depend on them if they give green light then the things could move for forwards to face to and that is something that the u.k. is particularly keen on face to would mean trade talks about a future relationship and derek i just want to turn back to that hard border and ireland that you mentioned there does it seem as if a solution is in reach. it is the single most contentious issue and ultimately a solution can only be reached once you talk about a future relationship because that can resolve this issue but for the irish government at the moment it seems they're very keen to at least hear the intentions of the bridge prime minister to get some sort of guarantees of what they could say for instance if they would put it on paper and say we don't want
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a hard border so no forms of of custom checks that could separate northern ireland from the republic of ireland something that many people in ireland but also many people in northern ireland do not want to see on the other hand creating that border if it would come to a real separation from the u.k. creating that border in the irish sea so separating northern ireland from the rest of the u.k. is also very contentious so it's a highly diplomatic highly complicated issue today will be all about the intentions of the u.k. in which direction they are heading and if it's the right direction if they give some guarantees we might well see today that we move into the second face. matus with the latest from brussels thank you another source of contention and brags that negotiations is the role of the european court of justice may has promised that britain will take back control of
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making and interpret its own laws but the e.u. still wants jurisdiction over the rights of e.u. citizens living in the u.k. who stands to win or lose as the two sides untangle this legal puzzles well now d.w. went to the e.c.g.'s jays headquarters in luxembourg to find out. the sacred halls of the european court of justice its future role is a major obstacle in the press to negotiations. the british government wants no more european judges meddling in their legal affairs so mrs may has remained adamant that her country will not be bound by any future judgements of this court we will take control of our own laws and bring an end to the jurisdiction of the european court of justice in question. leaving the european union will mean that all will also be made in westminster and cardiff and belfast but escaping the jurisdiction of the european court of justice is not as easy as many in the british
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government believe we have agreed to guarantee for the fifty thousand school. but the u.k. will apply concepts. in a manner. which you low but we fail to agree that european court of justice played an indispensable role in assuring the traditional systems. so the e.u. wants the european court of justice and its judges to maintain jurisdiction after breakfast especially when it comes to the rights of e.u. citizens living in the u.k. legal experts also say britain won't be able to remain close to the un trade and customs while at the same time breaking free from all the regulations that govern the single market without the court. difficult. chris relationship with. having common rules and above all in the rules being interpreted and applied in the
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same way. to see how you feel. rule. and not only that while the u.k. will likely fail to escape the easy reach entirely the country will also lose influence here since the court will no longer contain a british judge. one possible solution to a system of joint e.u. u.k. courts to resolve disputes but even then european judges will continue to have a say in u.k. affairs. case definitely not closed. well let's turn now to some other news because we're going to head now to brussels accord spain has ordered the release of several former catalan cabinet members who were being held in custody for their part in catalonia as declaration of independence in total six catalan secessionist leaders are to be released on bail
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but the judge upheld the jailing of four other men who have been in prison since november those still in jail include the former catalonia vice president former cabinet member and two pro independence activists meanwhile in brussels as we mentioned ousted catalan president carlos pushed amman and for close separatist allies are in court for extradition hearings and a possible decision on whether they will have to be sent back to spain. pillas following those proceedings she joins us now from brussels so what are we expecting to hear out of today's hearings charlot. there is a closed door hearing going on in the courtroom behind me carlos payan one and four other dismissed ministers arguing that they should not be extradited back to madrid now it's possible that we could get a result to the judge could rule today on whether or not they will be sent back and
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a great deal of course is at stake for them back in spain they're facing thirty years behind bars one of their charges alone rebellion is extremely serious but this doesn't mean to say that if a judge does decide today that they will be sent back that they'll be straight back on a plane they do have several appeals and his lawyer calls which ones lawyer has said that he believes that this process could go on into at least january so we're expecting some legal wrangling to continue over the next couple of weeks ok so pushed him on perhaps realistically not being returned to spain soon but what sort of timetable do you think that we are looking at here charlotte realistically speaking. well yes well it could take several weeks and that does mean of course that constitution is likely to be here in brussels during the elections which is due to take place in catalonia on december twenty first no
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there's a lot of speculation about exactly what that will mean for those elections but. has said that he is running an official campaigning is due to starts tomorrow there is some speculation that he will try and honiss his position here essentially in exile he would have to become sort of a figure so people he can argue to people back in catalonia that he is. prison dissidents it's not yet clear exactly how that will play out and according to the polls pro independence parties and anti independence parties are currently neck and neck so it's going to be very interesting to see exactly what's going to play out. here in brussels ahead of these elections charlotte some parallel with the latest from brussels thank you. eight people have been arrested in connection with a car bomb killed a maltese journalist back in october. was
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a leading investigative journalist reporting focused heavily on corruption on the island nation now the suspects are described as multi is nationals most with criminal records the prime minister of malta says that investigators have forty eight hours to question the suspects and to decide whether to seek those charges of a quick check now some other stories that have been making news around the world the u.s. and south korea have begun their biggest ever combined air force exercise the trails involve more than two hundred thirty fighter jets they have predictably drawn an angry response from north korea on state television pyongyang called it an all out provocation that could lead to nuclear war. the leader of germany's christian social union the bavarian sister party of chancellor angela merkel's conservatives has said that he is stepping down as the state's premier the announcement by horst say hoffer could further complicate merkel's current efforts
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to build a new federal coalition government. sky watchers in the city of london were treated to a spectacular view of the moon on sunday night for the first and only time this year a visible super moon lit up the sky the lunar event occurs when the moon is especially large and bright because it is at its closest distance to the earth a turnout to turkey which has taken in more refugees from war torn syria than any other country more than three million syrians are officially registered there and the un children's agency unicef says that about one point two million of them are children now has vowed to place all syrian refugee kids in school within three years but it is a work in progress right now many syrian children feel that they have no choice but to go and work to help their families survive.
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the reckoning noise of sewing machines has become the soundtrack of this child what she works twelve hours a day monday to friday in this clothing workshop in east ambled the women he a selling underwear and iris has to make sure they never run out of fabric. she earns about fifty cents and allah. as the house and the room of course i'd rather go to school but it's just not possible we have to pay a lot of rent and food the water bill everything is expensive and that's why i need to work and help my family. out us is eleven years old and not the only child in this workshop. has been working here for two years like others he is from syria. from the moscow's is certain he is the oldest among the kids. the youngest here is only six years old. the turkish owner lets us
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film but only because we promised we would not show him in our report child labor is illegal in turkey the owner knows this but says the families would be much worse off without the work. these children might be safe from the war and terror all back home in syria but what they really need now is education and the chance to build a future despite efforts by the turkish government to get refugee children off the streets and into public schools many here remain out of the classroom. many other children us and out by their parents to beg on the streets they can be seen everywhere in istanbul. up to one million syrian refugees live in the city about one third of them are children no one knows exactly how many of them are working instead of going to school. and us has finished
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work for today she takes me home with her to meet her family. she has two little sisters her mother is pregnant and had to stop working they don't receive any financial support from the turkish state her father found a job but even with the money. they can still only barely make ends meet. we have to send her to work we don't have any other choice every morning she cries and tells me i want to go to score it's heartbreaking i know she is too young to work and many people would not offer her job because she's still a child but i know the owner of that clothing workshop and he said he wants to help us. in syria i was the only one working.
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and it was enough to support my family. even my parents. but here it's different rent the kids expenses i just can't do it all on my own. i meet. one of the stumbles district may as he admits the child labor is a problem in turkey one that has grown with the arrival of the syrian refugees. visit. our options are limited. we try to get these children into our schools give them books and pens and school bags of course we do . but we don't always read all of them. it's often the case that more help is needed and we are able to give. the talk.
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that's why others are trying to help in our houses neighborhood syrian teachers are giving classes even on weekends for children who otherwise wouldn't be able to attend school turkish arabic or math the basics at least. for paris these are precious moments when the sewing machine stop rattling and she can be a child again if only for a few hours. long now we have from turkey to the business world in the united states monica jones is here with more on a tie up in the health care industry right in date and dates america's biggest drugstore chain c.v.s. has agreed to acquire health insurance et now for almost seventy billion dollars now the deal will link c.v.s. nationwide where network of ten thousand stores and clinics with at nasa twenty two million customers analysts say it'll take a further consultation in the industry as firms seek to defend themselves against amazon the only one online retailer is threatening to enter the market as it
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acquires a surgical licenses across the united states. and if the recent bitcoin boom weren't enough you may soon be able to invest in venezuela's very own crypto currency the country's president nicolas maduro announcing the so-called petro which will be backed by venezuela's oil and gas reserves is an attempt to claw back financial independence as both tension and desperation grows the venezuelan bali valar has plummeted over ninety five percent against the dollar on the black market over the past year sending the price of food rocketing. now here in europe eurozone finance ministers will pick the replacement for euro group chief deisel blown today the job is one of europe's top posts and it was especially crucial during the tumultuous years of the eurozone debt crisis for some years then it seemed the eurozone was doomed and with it its currency but recent
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data shows there is life in the old dog yet. years of recession on three bailouts if there was ever a poster child for europe's economic crisis it was greece but now the country's fortunes appear to be turning around growth is returning and borrowing costs to fall in. southern european nations spain and portugal are also showing signs of recovery that's especially good news for the e.u. single currency. since january of this year the euro has risen to around fifteen percent against the dollar landing most recently iran to dollar nineteen so is it all rosy not quite says the european central bank while things are improving economic with remain italy's fragile banking sector is a big concern and public debt in the country is high should europe's third largest
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economy find itself on shaky ground and the euro would be likely to suffer too. for the latest let's cross our two commodores now are a man in frankfurt the euro's come under some pressure today what's the problem. well it's not really a problem you know it's very nice that the euro has come down from the high rise it's shown here in trading last week people in germany are quite happy when the euro is not too expensive it helps our exporters which deal with businesses outside the eurozone of course what's driving this decline of the euro is a dollar strength after the u.s. senate passed this bill on tax cuts on saturday morning markets in europe have opened the week with a very very upbeat tone they hope that those tax cuts in the u.s.
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now more likely to happen will give the u.s. economy a boost and this helps the u.s. dollar currency this indicates also that market people are not really really concerned about the possibility that the u.s. budget deficit will increase quite significantly if this tax reform is really passed ok so these are reactions and expectations related to the united states what about here in europe what are the key topics you are today. well everyone is focused on brussels today where we have the meeting of the euro finance ministers they will decide who will become their speaker after their own deisel blome. ex touch finance minister has to give up his post because he has lost his job as finance minister in the netherlands and also in brussels to resign may we'll have lunch with younger the e.u. commission chief they will talk about brake said and market people are really
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anxious to get a few details they say that the reason they will really has to put some money on the table in order to broker pope progress with a more you know softer approach to bracks it in other words putting the money where her mouth is counted was in frankfurt thank you very much for bring us up to date now this weekend was the first sunday off advent and that means that here in germany christmas season is in full swing germany is of course the home of the christmas market where the first ones appeared as early as the late middle ages and those hundreds of years they've grown to become a seasonal economic factor and they are regulated as is one of its most popular products here in the center of cologne locals and visitors are getting into the festive spirit for many that means indulging in a thief no drink or two food quality tester all of our miami has come here to check
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they're up to scratch. i'm i would assume ok for the boiling point of alcohol is seventy eight degrees is so mulled wine shouldn't be hotter than last. and don't go together my own hole but evaporation and that would reduce the quality. when it comes to drinks there's no competing with mulled wine in the four weeks before christmas a store like this one can expect to bring in a rant one hundred sixty thousand euros. with some to size in markets across the country it's no wonder germans consume a total of fifty million liters of mulled wine a year. so what makes for the perfect you've tied experience like. colder weather maybe a bit more mild wine and another few visits the christmas market it's only a matter of time before you get into the spirit getting into the christmas spirit
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is big business and at this market at least visitors can be sure their mulled wine has enough of the other kind of spirit too. so much for business sara is now taking a look at a very controversial topic namely the one of jerusalem being recognized as the capital of israel thanks so much monica yes in fact a big warning coming from jerusalem jordan basically saying warning the u.s. president donald trump that recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel could have dangerous consequences trump has repeatedly fledged to make the controversial declaration and move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem previous u.s. presidents have declined to do so amid fears that the move would enraged palestinians who claim east jerusalem as their capital donald trump's son in law and advisor jared kushner says that the president is still deciding on whether to formally recognized as israel's capital in the coming days. but also is that the
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president's going to make his decision and and when he hasn't made his decision he's still looking at a lot of different facts and that when he makes his decision. he'll be the one to want to tell your nominee so so i hope he'll make sure he does that at the right time. let's get more now on this issue joining us from jerusalem is due to a few courses fondant tanya kramer welcome to you tanya we know that just the suggestion that trump could declare to the capital of israel has caused an absolute up for in the region what would you say are trumps motivations. well i think we don't know what his motivations are until he makes a decision and clarifies them as well he certainly made that pledge to move the u.s. embassy which is currently in tel aviv to jerusalem during his election campaign has signed that waiver once and his presidency now there is speculation that he could sign that they've a but then he might recognize to some as the capital of
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israel and that would constitute certainly a major shift in u.s. policies and it comes at a time when the u.s. is actually reportedly being pushing for a new peace to be just heard jared krishna there the son in law and middle east peace envoy mr trump who came into the region many times in the past couple of months and he made it clear although he didn't give any details about what this new plan might entail but he said that it's a very personal and very important point for mr trump to go ahead with it now a lot of people are questioning now why would mr trump well had such a recognition it is such a contentious issue and there is a good international consensus to say that jews and the status of jerusalem should be part of a negotiation and they could get a deal and also for the palestinians of course they want to see. is to resign as the capital of the futurist state and that would all preempt such
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a negotiations trying to tell us just briefly if trump does move ahead with this recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel what are the potential consequences. well i mean it really hurt it already i mean there's a lot of serious concern being boys are ready the palestinians have said you know would make any peace a push for peace totally avoid the don't jordanians are very concerned about it they have a stake in toulouse and they're custodians of the whole he sided gyptian to have warned about it ahead of the arab league has warned that it's my destabilize the region so all of this together will make people look very. you know they will look at all the steps being taken now there in washington and follow very closely what will happen then the next couple of hours tanya kramer with the latest from jerusalem thank you. quick reminder now the top stories that we have been following for you here at e.w. prime minister to resign heads to brussels for a day of make or break talks on britain's exit from the e.u.
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the two sides still haven't agreed on the terms for the irish border and so since rights the e.u. has refused to discuss the future trade relationship without a deal on those issues. europe today i'm sara kelley in berlin thanks for watching . baboons london residential areas. got a real good night in cape town. that. mitchell fences on to
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protect the housing estate and acoustic hardship for the impudent piece of. advice effective without earning. a go at africa next d.w. . haven't. seen it all done at all. that drive no de talking wasn't one to go back to their roots in the scheme the aim is a substantive return to simplicity hard to resist the distractions of pseudo glamour and the award ceremonies and all the fuss you get to move music is the core of it all sociology homage for sixty minutes. the d.w. media center see it find it here it discovered.
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video and audio podcast on language courses in the d w media center at media center dot de w. dot com. i'm a mother like two billion other mothers around the world i have one wish the best for my child. but in a society in which breastfeeding is often frowned upon and adds will for me to abound with profits is more important than my baby's well being how do i know how to make the right decision. starting december ninth on d w.


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