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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 4, 2017 1:00pm-1:31pm CET

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me. and now. i need you. this is the deputy news live from berlin a make or break day for braggs the talks british prime minister to resign may head to brussels to push for progress on the irish border and citizens' rights the e.u.
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says the talks on a future trade relationship all depend on a breakthrough today. also coming up this eleven year old girl is one of an unknown number of syrian child refugees who must work to help their families survive we have a special report from to stumble. and u.s. president donald trump weighs need decision that could set off a seismic reaction in the middle east whether to boot the u.s. embassy in israel to jerusalem could he calls the peace process to crash. kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us u.k. prime minister to resign may has a day of crucial talks in brussels on britain's exit from the e.u. today it all comes down to ireland she is trying to break through the deadlock over
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how to handle trade and movement across the irish border post brags that the e.u. worries that our return to tight controls of the u.k.'s border in northern ireland could disrupt peace on the island european negotiators have refused to move into future trade talks until the issue is settled out of these say let's bring in our correspondent who is standing by in brussels so georg with the focus on the irish border today what exactly is at stake here and doesn't seem like a solution was is within reach. of the republic of ireland here is demanding currently safeguards from the united kingdom that no hard border shelby established after breaks it between the republic of ireland and northern ireland which is part of the u.k. and because at the moment both are in the e.u. this has created a soft border virtually non existing border if you go there you have hundreds of
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green border crossings you can move back and forth without controls without custom offices and the concern is that all of that may vanish and create further conflict in northern ireland so we won't see a solution today but what we need to see is safeguards from the british government so that northern island so that through the republic of ireland and the other e.u. twenty six your member states will say green light to move to second face georg other than the irish border what is the state of negotiations on bragg's that just remind us of the other sticking points between britain and the e.u. at this point we've just learned from start who is the chief rex it coordinator of the european parliament who met with the chief bracks at negotiator michele dunne year only moments ago and we've learned that the bill is also not yet fully settled there's no fixed deal here although it appears that concessions have been made and so he rates the chances of a deal today at fifty fifty. meantime georg we know that the e.u.
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wants a deal on the status of e.u. citizens living in britain what's on the table there. now the key question here really is how can those evil citizen rights that are currently provided from the e.u. and are being transferred into u.k. law how can these be guaranteed in the future at the moment it's the european court of justice who is giving that guarantee but after breck's it its jurisdiction will cease to exist and that and that is a huge obstacle a key sticking point the e.u. wants clear guarantees and once that the straw restriction of the european court of justice remains in place georg matus in brussels thank you. while another big meeting taking place in brussels today monika jones has more on that it's our eurozone finance ministers they will pick the replacement for euro group chief as your own dice to bloom today actually the meeting starts asked we speak the job is one of europe's top post and it was especially crucial during the
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tumultuous years of the eurozone debt crisis some time it's in the eurozone was doomed and with it its currency but recent data shows there is life in the old dog yet. years of recession on three bailouts if there was ever a poster child for europe's economic crisis it was crease but now the country's fortunes appear to be turning around growth is returning borrowing costs to fall and. southern european nations spain and portugal are also showing signs of recovery dr especially good news for the e.u. single currency. since january of this year the euro has risen to around fifteen percent against the dollar landing most recently iran to dollar nineteen so is it all rosy not quite says the european central bank while things are improving
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economic with remain italy's fragile banking sector is a big concern and public debt in the country is high. should europe's third largest economy find itself on shaky ground the euro would be likely to suffer to. a writer for the latest threats over two cornered listening frankfurter canard this isn't about who will become the next president of the euro group how important is this now that the euro has left the crisis behind pretty much monica this question is very important for the eurozone in terms of convergence you know this regular meeting of the ministers for finance of the different members of the euro zone is about what has to happen in terms of economic policies fiscal policies so that the currency union works better and better and of course in this regard the question whether for example the finance minister of latvia will become
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the president of the euro group all the finance minister of luxembourg plays an important role they sure have a very different very different view on europe and on what kind of policies should be pushed in the foreground both the finance minister as i mentioned latvia and luxembourg in the race as well as the two finance ministers of portugal and slovakia all right well talking of different views we know that john cloud younkers having lunch with to reset may their crucial breaks to talk also as we speak what is the market hoping all those talks will bring. generally speaking market people simply want that the two sides get their act together so that phase one of the breaks that talks will finally come to an end that would allow the two sides to proceed to phase two and phase two is about the future trade relations this has to
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do not only with the famous passport riots of the london based banks but with thousands of details in trade relations that have to be talked about there not a worry at all for businesses at the moment neither in the u.k. nor in the u. but they will be a big concern for businesses especially in the united kingdom after march twenty nine hundred twenty nineteen which is the set breaks a date which isn't that far off anymore conduct was in france for thank you so much for this there are the areas getting thinner full council and separatists absolute they were heading now to a court in spain because they have ordered the release of several former cattle and cabinet members who were being held in custody for their part in catalonia declaration of independence in total six cattle and secessionist leaders are to go released on bail but the judge upheld the jailing of four other men who have been
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in prison since november those still in jail include former catalonian vice president the former cabinet member and two pro independence activists well meanwhile there's also been developments in brussels on this matter because the ousted catalan president carlos pushed him on and for close separatist allies were in court for extradition hearings a decision on whether they will be sent back to spain is expected later this month . well let's turn now to turkey which has taken in more refugees from war torn syria than any other country unicef says that about one point two million refugee children are living there on qur'an has vowed to place all syrian school age children into classes within three years but even the e.u. funding to help handle this influx the resources are limited right now many syrian kids feel that they have no choice but to go to work to help their family
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survive. i am the rattling noise of sewing machines has become the soundtrack of our us is childhood she works twelve hours a day monday to friday in this clothing workshop in istanbul the women here a sewing underwear and iris has to make sure they never run out of fabric. she earns about fifty cents an hour. as the house and i have a rule that of course i'd rather go to school but it's just not possible we have to pay a lot of rent and food the water bill everything is expensive that's why i need to work and help my family. out us is eleven years old and not the only child in this workshop musar has been working here for two years like out us he is from syria. from the moscow's is certain he is the oldest among the kids.
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the youngest here is only six years old. the turkish owner lets us film but only because we promised we would not show him in our report child labor is illegal in turkey the owner knows this but says the families would be much worse off without the work. these children might be safe from the war and terror all back home in syria but what they really need now is education and the chance to build a future despite efforts by the turkish government to get refugee children off the streets and into public schools many here remain out of the classroom. many other children us and out by their parents to beg on the streets they can be seen everywhere in istanbul. up to one million syrian refugees live in the city about one third of them are children no one knows exactly how many of them are
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working instead of going to school. at us has finished work for today she takes me home with her to meet her family. she has two little sisters her mother is pregnant and had to stop working they don't receive any financial support from the turkish state her father found a job but even with the money. they can still only barely make ends meet. we have to send her to work we don't have any other choice every morning she cries and tells me i want to go to score it's heartbreaking i know she is too young to work and many people would not offer her job because she's still a child but i know the owner of that clothing workshop and he said he wants to help
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us. in syria i was the only one working. and it was enough to support my family. even my parents. but here it's different rent the kids expenses i just can't do it all on my own. i meet. one of the stumbles district may as he admits the child labor is a problem in turkey one that has grown with the arrival of the syrian refugees. visit. our options are limited. do we try to get these children into our schools give them books and pens and school banks of course we do . but we don't always reach all of them.
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it's often the case that more help is needed and we are able to give. is the talk. that's why others are trying to help in our houses neighborhood syrian teaches that giving classes even on weekends for children who otherwise wouldn't be able to attend school to kish arabic a math the basics at least. arris these up precious moments when the sewing machine stop rattling and she can be a child again if only for a few hours. of get a quick check now of some other stories making news around the world the u.s. and south korea have begun their biggest ever combined air force exercise the drills involve more than two hundred thirty fighter jets they have predictably drawn an angry response from north korea on state television pyongyang called it an all out provocation that could lead to nuclear war. ten people have been arrested
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in connection with the car bomb that killed a maltese investigative journalist in october the suspects in the killing of death nay. are described as maltese nationals most with criminal records investigators have forty eight hours to question them and to decide whether to seek charges german officials say that they have secured a suspicious package delivered to a state governor's office in the eastern german state of throwing up employees at the chancellor ian ayre fart notified the police after discovering what was thought to be a hand grenade police say that they're still investigating jordan has warned us president donald trump to recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel could have dangerous consequences trump has repeatedly pledged to make the controversial duck liberation and move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem previous u.s. presidents have to climb to do so amid fears that the move would in bridge
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palestinians who claim east jerusalem as their capital. donald trump's son in law and advisor jared kushner says that the president is still deciding on whether to formally recognized roussillon as israel's capital in the coming days. is that the president is going to make his decision and and he hasn't made his decision he's still looking at a lot of different facts and that when he makes his decision. he'll be the one to want to tell your nominee so i hope he'll make sure he does that at the right time let's get more now on this issue we are joined by dove leiber he is a correspondent with the times of israel which is based in jerusalem thanks so much for being with us a lot of head scratching over the prospect of trump recognizing jerusalem as the israeli capital what do you think his motivations might be. well i think he just wants to fulfill a campaign promise to be honest at least on his point of view. you know it's it
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works with his base it's very popular here and his own i just think that he wants to feel that promise it's you know despite all the talk you know he just wants to be seen as someone who can get the job done he said he was going to do but ultimately. isn't the u.s. aggravating the situation in the region i mean could he bring the peace process crashing down if he decides to acknowledge jerusalem as the capital yet so. he can just bring the peace process crashing down most people must really syria don't think there is much for a peace process to be crashing down in the first place cherry cushion or. the president's son in law at says there isn't even still a necessarily a plan yet for peace process they're still working on it we could come crashing down is peace and security here drew some as a tinderbox and most every single bout of serious violence that's taken place
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here the state of israel and since before the question is serious or has originated from a conflict or would you islam and especially the temple mount so i mean this is what we're dealing with here and as you're on the ground there can you just tell us what the atmosphere is like because i mean we know the palestinian authority for example that they want to roselyn as their capital that they have claims there as well what is the mood there at the moment and how do you see this playing out if trump does indeed make this decision well i mean among the palestinian officials as a frenzy. there are they seem quite afraid that this could happen and you know. if it does they the thing about jerusalem is that in the palestinian authority point of view they don't really have control over it it's in israeli. you know israeli police run the show here and i mean they don't have control what happens in the street in jerusalem or in the west bank they could if you know america declares
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moves their procedures on anything could happen it's true when they say they don't have control because they really won't happen till they barely have control now and you can see there's a lot of panic you know mahmoud abbas has called eight or nine wolves leaders in the past day them to urge president trump not to do this you could sense the panic among officials about this happening into the honest israelis don't seem to be talking about it much that that much at all so what is. well as a heading though and i don't know that kind of the president and we can hear the frustration in your voice we thank you very much for telling us a little bit more about the situation correspondent with the times of israel which is based there in jerusalem we want to bring you some breaking news here on t w because reports are saying they gammons x. president ali abdullah saleh has been killed after fighters from yemen's armed who
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feed movement blew up his house in the center of the capital sanaa an alliance between forces loyal to sol a and iran backed who fees has collapsed in recent days this after made peace overtures to a saudi led coalition that they have been fighting against we'll have more on this breaking development coming up a little bit later on the program you're watching d.w. news still to come an australian lawmaker still can't marry the man that he loves but that did not stop him from popping the question in the middle of a parliamentary debate did he say yes that heart stopping moment just ahead. but first it is more business news with monica johnson monica i understand we're heading to venezuela this time. and this is a very interesting development there i mean if you missed out on the bitcoin boom then you may want to invest in venezuela's very own cryptocurrency the country's president nicolas maduro and that once in the so-called petro in an attempt to
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close independence of the venezuela bully vod plummeted over ninety five percent against the dollar on the black market over the past year sending the price of food rocketing. in the fight against his country's economic crisis president maduro is running out of options the state is on the verge of bankruptcy unlike bitcoin the petrol be backed by a physical asset oil venezuela's reserves are the largest in the world but the need to squeeze more money out of them has led to a surprising new idea here. i want to announce that venezuela will implement a new crypto currency system backed by oil reserves venezuela will create a new crypto currency the petro to advance monetary sovereignty to make financial transactions to overcome the financial blockade of. the so-called financial blockade is comprised of u.s. sanctions and e.u.
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restrictions against venezuela they were imposed after dora's increasingly brutal treatment towards his own people they are suffering from hyper inflation of one thousand four hundred percent imported food and medicine is running out the economy of the once prosperous country has taken a nosedive but jurors cryptocurrency is now a sign of the country moving away from banks and regulation in a desperate attempt to stay afloat. now a town in poland that used to make fear like the one behind me in the nineteen seventies has captured the attention of hollywood part of a charity drive residents also collected money to send tom hanks the hollywood actor is very own fee at one twenty six p. a cult vintage car that's familiar in eastern europe the greatest in tinseltown. it may not look very hollywood but it's certainly what dreams are made of.
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this is the moment veteran star tom hanks took the theater one twenty six p. for a spin. so how did one of the world's biggest stars come to drive one of the world's most forgotten cars. time to back up. it all began with a tweet back in november twenty six thousand during a trip to europe hanks posted a picture of himself posing with a vintage vehicle along with the joke caption i got a new car. that captured the attention of this polish woman who lives in the city of bell school biala where the fear was originally produced. the idea was to present the famous star with the fia as part of a promotion for the town and a local children's hospital. not one to do things by halves she arranged to have the fia won twenty six p.
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flown from warsaw to los angeles prior to that she spent a week showcasing the car at the airports. you know what i thought so shocked at home and loves this initiative because it's just beautiful. it promotes my fizzy it supports a hospital that's up to about vintage cars. doesn't accept it in the movie all the others got what it is out to the car was fully restored and then personalise for hunks. when it arrived at its destination in los angeles he was keen to strike a pose with his new baby you know. this is the way this is the way americans show up already here. and there certainly is something to show wolf about the money raised is going towards renovating the pediatric psychiatry ward in the children's hospital. now they get first we'll bring you the latest business use in the next hour but first one is legal is always good for surprises and absolutely everyone
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has monica are heading to the soccer pitch now because will spark entertained munchen gladbach on sunday night and lock box had been on a roll in recent weeks and a win against the walls would put them in second place but the visitors knew that they needed to put more space between themselves and the relegation zone. data hacking abroad involves berg knowing victory ivory's old club would elevate gladbach to second the false book had other ideas mario gomez found space in the box. in the smartly calmly slotted home of the book the hosts one nil up after just four minutes. and vosburgh was soon two goals to the good with. daniel to darby and molly combining brilliantly for the second. darby's fifth goal of the season.
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but doc did manage to find the back of the nats. the with box words annoyed by the offside flag two nil to vote at half time. midway through the second half it was three nil and get in over the but just kill of a game with an absolute paul driver told spurs biggest win of the season. packing making a hasty exit. australia appears set to soon legalize gay marriage across the country during a debate in parliament on the issue one lawmaker decided to make his stance very clear with a very public proposal to the man that he loves take a look at this debate has been the soundtrack to our relationship we both know this issue isn't the reason we got involved in politics give us tax
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reform any day but in my first faith to find albums by the ring that sits on both of our left hands that i have the answer the questions we can ask. so there's only one thing left to do. right. no but you. got checked out in the market you can't just let head start not to record that that was a yes then you. got your license thank you speaking. well jim. and before we go we want to bring you this breaking news that has just come in because british media have reported that britain and the e.u. have reached a deal on the irish border that agreement would ensure that there is
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no hard forder of between northern ireland and the republic of ireland again no hard border there it would be a crucial breakthrough that could now open the door to talks on britain's relationship and the future of trade. creative and political courageous stories that the burly knowledge talent can see.
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in gauged in the fight for equality and justice and against censorship hatred and violence. filmmakers fighting for their cause. our special program. next on deal with. young entrepreneurs eager to tackle the challenges in our series founders. in this episode in bangladesh for a child discovers a working world full of extremes i don't fuck with their teammates people with ideas to improve that if we don't do anything who's going to do it that the star post. started with. sixty minutes to. take her slowly. with all the wonderful people and stories that make the game so
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