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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 4, 2017 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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the good news is our own choices in energy conservation. recycling. and transport can help the line find out what you can do today at regional the line . this is day two of the new flight from berlin the downfall of a key player in yemen civil war to the rebels told on former president ali abdullah saleh killing him in iraq and i'm gonna talk to him in the capital sanaa about what
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this means the company was involved also on the program. despite recent press reports the european union says there is no deal with the button to unlock the next stage of breck's and told us despite its recent nice offer on the phony issue of the irish board to get the latest from brussels and the london. police involved to arrest ten people in connection with the murder of journalist to me a cover wanna see if she was reporting corruption on the island as you just called moment in time. you'll. still get a welcome to the program the rebels in yemen have killed the country's former president ali abdullah saleh just south of the capital sana'a sources within the rebel groups say fight to stop his own. vehicle with
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a rocket before shooting him dead this unverified video posted online forced to show sound his body being removed from the rubble in a blanket security has been heightened when fighting has intensified leaving at least one hundred twenty five people dead over the past six days. to get more from genesis to be a who joins me on the line from the yemeni capital sana'a welcome to d.w. so there were initially denials that abdullah saleh was dead can you what are you hearing and tell us what happened. really former president of yemen. was killed early morning today on this was concerned. by the ministries. via. some of its one hundred first and the shoes. of the statement that
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he was killed it was a tool senior on. a number of. why they were trying to get out of the capital sanaa this morning now the former president worked with. for many years so why have they killed him and why now. when it was a problem that started the last necessary step to. lieutenant . can you tell our story. richard. that the it's. all out confrontation erupted between the two
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allies here in santa cruz all kinds of gun flies. and this compensation. what they endured up with the killing of. very closely. today that. everything would come to long. after the killing of saleh and after a very secure everything this is what we can see today it is quite. why we don't understand why we haven't come up. in the yemeni capital sana'a thank you. hopes of real progress between britain and the e.u. today have been dashed after reports that a breakthrough had been reached over the irish border european commission
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presidential and britain's prime minister recently announced that they had not reached agreement in the talks which were designed to unlock the way to negotiations over trade relations. despite our best efforts and the significant progress we. have made over the past days on the street main we've told issues it was not possible to reach a complete agreement today. we know have a common understanding on most relevant issues was just to us we are open for discussion. for consideration for the negotiation and further discussion as president has said we have had a constructive meeting today both sides have been working hard in good faith we've been negotiating hard and a lot of progress has been made and on many of the issues there is a common understanding but it is clear and it's clear crucially that we want to
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move forward together but on a couple of issues some differences do remain which require further negotiation and consultation and those will continue but we will reconvene before the end of the week and i am also confident that we will conclude this positively. thank you hear more on this from d.w. correspondents barbara faisal in brussels and back at mass in london welcome barboza let's start with you there was a lot of optimistic talk earlier about an agreement between the u.k. and ireland regarding the border between the republican the north so where did that come from and what went wrong. people had obviously they their dear and there was a draft agreement of course on the table that the things were done and dusted and there was just heaviness enjoy also throughout this month it took a light afternoon when we as we just saw a timecode young girl came out and dash everybody's hopes because according to the
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draft agreement one had found a formula that would make it possible for northern ireland to stay was the regulation so close to the republic of ireland and that means so close to the regulation in the european union that the two countries could continue or the part of one country and the country could continue to interact as they do now keep the good friday agreement intact keep borders open and everybody would be very happy but this was dashed in the last moment and as you asked phil what happened we think here in brussels that the do you peed the unionist northern ireland party happened in forster must have and it's said here that she was in the telephone to trees of may and obviously there was an about turn on the side of the british prime minister as pick up or then with a mass in london. to resign may's parliamentary majority of course depends on support from the d.p.
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let's hear from lena foster first. we have been very clear northern ireland must leave the european union on the same terms as the rest of the united kingdom and we will not accept any form of regulatory divergence which separates northern ireland economically or politically from the rest of the u.k. so berg it must fosters it has been consistent that line so any deal with ireland granting the north special status was always going to be a problem for teresa mayes. it was always going to be a problem however there was hope here in london that it could be about the wordings and that there could be some compromise however it is a very tough nut to crack because the the d. of p. the unionist for them it's so important that they stay close to the u.k. this is the border that they don't want basically
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a border around our land around the island of ireland where northern ireland and ireland have some sort of similar negotiations some similar deal with the e.u. but then that would be different from the u.k. because their main objective is to stay close to the u.k. and not come to some sort of well reunification almost if you would show the back door via this new agreement with brussels and berger despite today's failure to resume session is confident that we will conclude this positively i wonder where does this optimism come from given the problems from scotland and london when there was only the whiff of a deal well for sure i mean we've had said you can the mayor of london reminding everybody that london also voted for staying within the e.u. and we've heard from wales we've had from nicholas sturgeon and scotland and they're saying well if northern ireland can have a special deal then so can we because also scotland's main objective is to stay
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within the e.u. within the single market this is what the people of scotland have voted for so there is a fear that there could be all sorts of constitutional. all sorts of consequences for devaluation of power that we have seen over the last decades. as as a consequence of this deal so yes it's still there are that many issues that the reason may has to iron out and as we've seen it's very very tricky final and brief or to your barber of various of what happens now. what happens now that they'll try to find another bridging formula however logically feel it is impossible to solve this so that everybody is content because either you have a hard border between northern ireland and ireland where the european union will end in the future after breaks it or you'll have it through the irish sea either northern ireland stays close to the united kingdom or it stays close to the republic of ireland both is not possible and that's the conundrum that the british
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negotiators find themselves in now and they really have absolutely no idea how this can be solved within the next three days obviously in brussels burg at mass in london thank you both now to some of the other stories making news around the world the leaders of germany social democratic party have agreed to hold talks on the possibility of forming a new coalition government with chancellor angela merkel's conservatives and their decision still has to be approved as an s.p. the party conference later this week leader martin short's initially ruled out a coalition with the conservatives but his face increasing pressure to change course over recent weeks united states and south korea have become their biggest ever combined therefore sexercise involving more than two hundred thirty fighter jets this is drawn a predictably angry response from north korea the state television there describing it as an all out provocation that could lead to nuclear war. of course in spain has
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ordered the release on bail of six former catalan cabinet ministers who were being held in custody for their parts in catalonia declaration of independence however the judge upheld the jailing of four of a man who have been imprisoned since november. police in multi have arrested ten people in connection with a car bomb that killed a journalist on the island in october. and again it's here was one of the country's leading investigative journalists reporting focused heavily on corruption the suspects are described as maltese nationals most of whom have criminal records investigators now have forty eight hours to question them and to decide whether to seek charges. because there is a journalist at the times of malta based in the capital the latter welcome to day w. and what more is known of these suspects and their likely motives well. a few minutes ago actually sources close to the government have said the two main
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suspects out of ten suspects are george their children and for the georgia to will tease man brothers actually who has a long criminal history all of a sudden the investigation is her focus from the circle of ten people ten suspects potential suspects which were mentioned this morning know the focus to two people who know the motive is not is not yet been established but investigations are still ongoing and we expect at least by the looks of it that these two guys will be useful men could be arraigned if not tomorrow the latest on wednesday ok so that looks like progress when lol to us justice minister spoke today w. he seemed to have already decided that dominick i want to get it's he was killed by criminals she was investigating the family has its doubts and where were you on that. well the family up to forty eight hours ago they were complaining they were actually completely in the dark of all because of investigations to be honest this
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development to this development took many people by surprise because the general impression of there was that the police and the authorities had made little generals in this investigation. to be to be honest the things it was quite an extraordinary day today even the fact that the prime minister himself decided to claim knowns that they were initially eight suspects and then they went up to ten suspects to do it on the other hand the police commissioner is nowhere to be seen today evolve nor have the conference was there are there any of them and think they had some promotions in temporal office when the police force but the commissioner refused to face the press in fact the home of first minister came to face the press so it is being treated very highly the prime minister himself actually speaking of all these investigations. thank you. tis the season to be jolly and that was definitely the case with
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a sunday with us gay resorts in the us state of maine on sunday on sunday at the ski slopes for the one hundred sixty years were decked out in santa claus called chips i raise my local charities which are festive joy and serious skills on display but it does raise a question the santa need a sleigh and randy has to get the job done pretty stick with skiing. this is the w. new still to come wool cocktail socks of germany's famous christmas markets and why to be so at just the right temperature. will have you'll be up next and i'll be back at the top of the day when. you take it personally your way with all the wonderful people once the.


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