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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  December 5, 2017 6:15pm-6:31pm CET

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investigation proceedings and it's becoming clear that the violence was planned in minute detail. as investigators that these militant activities did not happen by chance that no one there simply got caught up in it coincidentally findings indicate that there must be discussions and planning computers and cell phones were seized during the raids now there is hope that additional information about germany's organized left wing extremist scene will be revealed. dude i mean news still to come on our program donald trump's banking records have been subpoenaed for germany's largest bank deutsche a bank that story is coming out with gary hart next monday to. say that. every journey begins with the first step and every language but the first word i
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looked in the. rico is in germany to learn german why not learn it simple online on your mobile and free shop from d w z e learning course nikos a german made easy meat the germans new and surprising aspects of noise and culture in germany. us american kate music takes a look at germany idiosyncrasies of the traditions everyday lives and language i can just come out of my lungs and so i'm young good. looking guy a d w dot com the germans. look . at it with. a fresh twist in the trunk of russia saga u.s. investigator robert molests of pain is thought to bank to release data on accounts
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held by president trump over russia's influence on his election as president. from american samoa to the united arab emirates the e.u. is blacklisting seventeen countries a stark savings to the dismay of compassion as there are no e.u. members among them. that and more here on business on get out of office welcome germany's largest lender is being dragged into an investigation into russian meddling in the us. presidential election last year a number of media outlets are reporting that special counsel robert miller who's leading the inquiry has asked tortured to release data on accounts held by president donald trump and his family information was demanded by subpoena after daughter rejected to months to share the data from you house us house democrats in june citing privacy laws the bank lent the trump organization millions of dollars for real estate ventures in the past now to shed some light on what this means both
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for georgia bank and the investigation into the trump complaint i'm now joined by our financial correspondent carbo's in frankfurt and our washington correspondent carson phenomena constance to you first why this subpoena now what does it say about the stage of the investigation into russian meddling in the elections to be honest we can only speculate about that because the special prosecutor robert muller is keeping his cards very close to his chest but having said that it's quite clear now mr miller is interpreted in his mandate very aggressively he's not only looking into the issue of possible collusion between the trump team and russia during last year's election campaign but also into the conduct of those people involved for instance polman affords trumps former campaign manager was charged for text fraud and money laundering concerning money that he earned as a lobbyist for a pro russian party in the ukraine and not for what he did during the election
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campaign sent out so it's quite clear now that is not afraid of trump because a few months ago when there were rumors that trump was about to fire miller he was asked to interview whether miller would cross a red line if he would look into the finances of the trump family trump said yes seems that miller has done now exactly that. is this just about wanting to have a look at the account or could dodge a bank itself be implicated in all this. you have that's exactly the question that everyone here is wondering about but of course we do not have an exact answer for that either what we do know is that the bank has had very close business relations with russia for a long time with companies with all of us and we also know that deutsche bank has failed to prevent money laundering it had to pay high fives for that here in europe
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but also in america what we also know is that trump has had relations with russia or at least his family people like jared and inviolate and don jr with russians also with russian oligarchs like the building tycoon. now the third thing we know is that trump and deutsche bank have had business relations for decades the bank has given loans of several hundred u.s. south seven hundred million u.s. dollars to trump and the question now of course what people here are wondering about is whether all this is connected with that there is some chronic to vittie of the loans to the russian investigation or to potential wrongdoing of trump and his family. back to you what is the feeling in washington is the noose tightening around trump with this next step of the investigation briefly if you.
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well i wouldn't go that far yet but it's clear there are people in trump's inner circle which are in the crosshairs know michael flynn his former security advisor has been charged and has mitt has admitted of lying to the f.b.i. he's no cooperating with the prosecutors the next person in the focus now seems to be jarrett cushion or from son in law and let's not forget that also trump and self . looked. to question whether he committed obstruction of justice when he first tried to get the f.b.i. director off the back of michael flynn and then later fired mr coleman the f.b.i. director because he wasn't happy with how the investigation was going so there might be some uncomfortable months ahead for trump thank you very much cause phenomena in washington and in frankfurt the philippines has prohibited the sale of a dengue fever vaccine developer french drug makers sanofi the government had to
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immunize more than seven hundred thousand filipino children with dane vaccine or then it discovered the vaccine actually made the illness worse in many cases activists protested in front of the health ministry in manila demanding the government be held accountable for its role in the scandal sanofi shares were big losers on the paris stock exchange today european blacklist of tax havens that's what the u. ministers of finance adopted today tax havens have been again in the center of discussion since the paradise papers were leaked now the e.u. is taking the first steps naming and shaming seventeen countries on a blacklist but to the dismay of transparency campaigners e.u. members like luxembourg or ireland are not among them and british overseas territories are also being spared. a tropical tech saving in the middle of grey brussels today the e.u. finance minister singled out seventeen tax savings on the blacklist countries like
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barbados namibia or to news or have refused to help the blog crackdown on tech starters but you state stopped short of imposing national sanctions on them for that but i still. hopefully this will help to increase the transparency of the global tax environment i want to emphasize that this is not a punitive measure but our wish is that those countries will cooperate more in the futures market us pretty frock or stock but according to the european commission the measures against tax savings don't go far enough from the commission point of view we could go. see in a stronger defense so or counter measures but we hope that this work will continue on the cultural side n.g.o.s also criticizes the blacklist as being too short they count thirty five countries that should be blacklisted among them for countries within the european union ireland the
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netherlands luxembourg and marta but there is not a single you member state on the list europe should first put its own house in order critics say alongside the use blacklist the finance ministers also adopted a grey list with forty seven countries that have pledged to fall in line with e.u. tech standards if they don't they also end up on the blacklist but without real sanctions that's not much of a threat until then tech savings will probably remain just that even inside europe . now let's bring in or saw the name she's a tax and inequality advisor at the charity oxfam one of the fiercest critics of international tax havens and oxfam wanted thirty five countries blacklisted including four e.u. member states or no there are only seventeen and no e.u. member states is on that list is that justified. well this finally you black lace is a bit disappointing because there are only seventeen countries and i'm not least and
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mostly tiny countries or even they have a ping countries on the other side you have major tax havens who are just ending up on what is called a great list so we're been wondering how that greatness is not going to be turned into a white washing of very famous tax havens when it comes to either countries the e.u. never had the intention to even evaluate in the sest those countries and never said that a few e.u. member states if we were playing the e.u. on criteria to them they would clearly fail and correct the uncalled for taxation because it seemed there tracked a lot of profits which are not made in their territory let's name names what which countries are you talking about well i'm talking about when on tax seven such as arlen then and then and monta on luxemburg well who do you blame now for the fact that no e.u. country is on that list maybe one of the countries you just mentioned well i mean
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none of the you countries is willing to name its own member states they claim that you know the you can reform itself but it's been years we've been expecting for reform from those tax seven and things are not changing there it's a bit hard you know to ask for it countries to reform outside of the you while you're not even able to put your own house in order. is not blacklist going to have any effect whatsoever on corporate tax evasion what do you think. well when it comes to the black is as i mentioned only seventeen tiny countries are really listed so far but what could be interesting is in fact what's happening with what they called the great list so about forty seven countries and on these great least and they kind of make commitments to reform and to change a few jurisdictions where none countries are chairs behind. jersey. have made commitments to put more substance and to check if there is more substance
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in their country meaning you know no more companions having just a. mailbox there so let's see how this is going to be monitored and how is this going to be followed by the e.u. but when you have a huge tax havens at the table deciding if they should finally end up on the and the blacklist you can be a bit worried right thank you very much or shall the name from some international. social media giant facebook has announced a messaging children between six and twelve years old facebook messenger kids as it's called is controlled and monitored from a parent's account the company says they'll be no advertising and the only data collected will be the child's name some experts believe facebook's intentions are good but. the company may have. brand recognition at the very right. and that's it for me on the business. i gave us we'll have an
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update for you in the next thank you very much for watching. the women wait till nightfall to cross the border into israel. there syrian mothers
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bringing their wounded children into enemy territory. to. doctors they will treat the little ones who are often seriously injured it's a gesture of humanity in an inhumane conflict three. d. w. . the whole d w one up. w. made for minds of. their black and living in germany. has reminded what that means on a daily basis presenter john up like this not being able to blend in and i'll tell. you no different than the way. she traveled across germany to meet other black people and to hear their stories. it's
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that. i grew up in a white family in a white neighborhood it was definitely a challenge. she decided to put me up for adoption. so the main thing was to keep your head down and your mouth shut of course of the phrase like this i could never completely disappear if you see all these stereotypes about africa it's good to see you. do something for your country but you're still the black guy with a. afro germany starting december tenth d.w. . prosperity optimism that's the power of global trite global three thousand brought to you by d.h.l. .


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