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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 5, 2017 10:00pm-10:15pm CET

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it's a feelings of the instruments that steer us and whoever can control these feelings has great power over us to about algorithms instead of feelings. this is d.w. news live from berlin tonight the words russian athletes were dreading. the russian olympic committee is a suspended who is immediately sick olympic jeeves and banned russia from the upcoming winter games over state sponsored doping clean athletes will only be allowed to compete as a neutral site also coming up a move that endangers the entire middle east peace process u.s. president on the drug tells palestinian president mahmoud abbas he intends to move
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the u.s. embassy in israel to jerusalem palestinian groups are calling for a day of rage in protest we'll get the latest from jerusalem and police in kiev arrest former georgian leader me cows feel it but are forced to free him by angry supporters we'll have an exclusive interview with the man who escaped the police. by bringing off it's good to have you with us the international olympic committee has banned russia from competing in the twenty eighteen winter olympics some clean athletes will be able to compete as neutrals but under strict conditions with just ten weeks before the games begin in south korea i.o.c. president thomas bach and the executive board found the evidence of systematic doping presented. them today was enough to stop athletes from competing under the
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russian flag at the gate this is the second time in a row that russian athletes will miss out on an olympics because of doping they also missed out on the twenty sixteen summer games in rio the i.o.c. president held a press conference in luzon a short while ago here is part of what thomas bach and to say the russian olympic committee is suspended with immediate effect individual clean russian else leads will be able to participate under strict conditions at the olympic winter games young child two thousand and eighteen the invited astley so will participate be it in individual or team competitions under the name lim pique else lead from russia with the acronym. oh they are that's what happens if you're from russia let's pull in matt herman from
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our sports desk so we've got the ban we've got clean athletes given an option but we certainly can't say that they're surprised anyone can know in fact the more the tea leaves were sort of be starting to take shape this is precisely what i thought was going to happen i mean the i.o.c. took a lot of heat before the two thousand and sixteen games rio for not taking a stronger step against russia i mean the evidence that was upheld in today's report by schmidt was basically the same evidence that it was uncovered in the mclaren report last year the i.o.c. simply decided back then it was too soon to have that evidence taken exactly and they decided well we aren't ready to ban the team or the olympic committee we're going to pass it on to the individual sports federations and some of those decided to ban russia and some didn't but today the evidence was just too clear too overwhelming russia needed to be banned in russia is an olympic powerhouse country
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we know that it's about to host the next football world cup but the reputation of russia's athletes i mean it really couldn't get worse than it is right now so what has to be done to rehabilitate that image well i think the first thing that they need is a degree of you know remorse or admission that this was an existing thing this sunday out from the audience or from the government or from the state and everybody from everybody i mean this you know the allegation here is not just that a lot of russian athletes were doping it's that a lot of russian athletes were being directed by you know a limp dick committee members by the russian ministry of sport to participate in a systemic doping program and the reason that this punishment does fit the crime is that this was a collective crime i mean this was the russian state conspiring to rig the olympics and we know we've heard tonight that russia's olympic committee. says it plans to appeal this bad oh i bet they do this is this is exactly out of the usual russian
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playbook be it sport or otherwise it's to deny deny deny i say it's a western conspiracy aimed at weakening russia we've heard from the russian president zack lee and then go down as far of the road towards either stalling or appealing and see where that gets them i don't think that their chances of getting reinstated into these games are very good the evidence is overwhelming there's a whole range of whistleblowers investigative journalists who've present is very strong evidence so i don't know how that's going to go for them you know to be interesting to see what happens once that appeal is lost memory from our sports desk thank you very much like you were u.s. president on the trump has told egypt jordan and the palestinian leadership that he will move the u.s. embassy in israel to jerusalem it is a move that would be tantamount to recognizing the disputed city as israel's capital something that trump promised during his presidential campaign reiterating statements made earlier this week palestinian president mahmoud abbas warned tromp
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that moving the embassy would endanger the middle east peace process and provoke unrest in the region. groups including hamas have called for a day of rage in protest trump is expected to make an official announcement tomorrow germany's foreign ministers ignore gabriele he had this to say today about the trump announce. and so i have for me it's taught me a lot of member states including us have expressed their concerns that the recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel will not calm the conflict but rather escalate it and heights it's in everyone's interest that that doesn't happen . yet therefore we as germans among others in the e.u. are firmly convinced that we must maintain the two state solution as a goal and if that means a secure israel but also an independent and viable palestinian state yes i'm there
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for unilateral steps to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital and that includes east jerusalem i believe that would be a very dangerous move. and is it fair that your victim all right we've got team coverage on the story now i'm joined from jerusalem by my colleague tanya kramer and in washington our correspondent carsten phenomena good evening to both of you talk you let me start with you how are palestinian authorities how are they reacting to this phone call from u.s. president donald trump. yeah we understand that mr tom had these conversations with the palestinian president mahmoud abbas also the king and they issued a statement afterwards saying that they were in town informed about the intentions of mr trump to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem it's not clear when this will happen there's no time to be given not you know the framework in which is will be done there no details given in that but the statement by president and all the details you've
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been hearing over the past couple of hours stressing you know that this so much concern and they're warning about the impact for the region and they're also stressing that the palestinians will not give up on their claim on east jerusalem as the capital of the if you just state according to international resolutions so i mean this is a cause many of the concerns of for many leaders individual have to stress that came from egypt from jordan from turkey from saudi arabia everybody is saying this is a dangerous move and it could establish the beach and president trouble also called the jordan's king abdullah. and we know that abdulla has in the past said that this type of move would in danger stability in jordan why is he so ward. i mean jordan has a lot at stake here jordan is traditionally the custodian of the holy sites and the other marks are compared into a sense that everything that concerns east jerusalem and also concerns jordan and
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you should not forget there's also a lot of palestinian refugees living in jordan so what he also expressed again today in that statement is he also warned about the danger to go ahead with this move without having the framework of negotiations and he's also you know this is concern you know many variables from people i talked to today on the palestinian side at least you know that this is setting new paramita to assume such a sensitive side and so symbolic for a lot of people and i think it leaves a lot of people here with a lot of uncertainty now how this will play out and carsten moving the u.s. embassy to jerusalem it has been u.s. policy or goal of the u.s. for decades but it's never been implemented right. basically all the presidents of the clinton have been kicking this can down the road every six months because twenty two years ago the us congress passed
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a law the jerusalem embassy act which says that. is the capital of israel and that the us embassy should move there now that law gives the president of the united states the chance to postpone the implementation of that law by a six months at a time if it is in the national interest of the security of the united states and that has happened again and again bill clinton and george w. bush and then barack obama have all postponed the implementation of this again and again donald trump also did it one in the summer this year but only grudgingly after he was. supported in this by his advisors and allies of the united states but now he seems to have changed his mind it could be that he declares he wants to the embassy in jerusalem but still postpone the move for six months so legally not much would change but it would still be
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a game changer politically and diplomatically all right kirsten phenomena in washington in time you premier in jerusalem both of you thank you well chaotic scenes today in kiev the former georgian president mikheil saakashvili nearly is arrested by police there after a group of his supporters came to his rescue. early morning hide and seek and the rubes above kiev's my town square except the man being detained by a unmarked special forces is a former president and one of ukrainian president petro poroshenko is most vocal opponents. as news of the rate spread on facebook within minutes a crowd had gathered on the streets below but still there was no word from the police as to why he was being detained. his arms tied behind his back second really had one last chance to address his supporters calling for president bush and
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co to face impeachment the but it was one second he was bundled into a car that the confrontation between police and his supporters really got going. was it was street on a month's rubbish bins even park police cars were all fair game as the crowd tried to prevent second piece forcible departure. in the meantime ukraine's prosecutor general finally got around to answering the question on everyone's lips why don't such a big operation and why now really he said they colluded with exiled ukrainian oligarchs was preparing to subvert the country's government. and a short while ago our correspondent in kiev nick connelly talked to the former georgian president and the ukrainian opposition leader mikhail saakashvili we have this exclusive interview now with him nic started by asking why he thinks he was detained today. for the real reason is that for the last several months i've been
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heading the movement for change in terms of corruption in terms of getting rid of a corrupt practice of the president and his immediate surroundings had brought ukraine to be group situation of being the poorest country in terms of g.d.p. if europe and. they've been menacing me for some time they've told me that they were there asked me it's what they've been sending me people they told me that they will that if they don't find something on me they will invent something on me that was depression cause right hand man mr gross kid that told. me your thoughts today published more times which apparently show you told me to stick with ching i don't know i don't know i don't know who these guys well i don't know them i don't know how he looks i don't know how he sounds and why would i i mean this is this is absolutely fake the feeling is that these people they told me that if they cannot find anything on me they will create it we've been marching peacefully quietly but
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but in bigger numbers more and more and that's what they were scared of republicans willing to to elect which is someone who was born in the country look up i'm not running for office right now i'm running i'm just trying to rescue this nation from absolute zero bleeding of corruption. well well right now i'm deleting the proper progress whatever i whatever it is no future prepares for me to see but because of course i'm going to run for president a footprint for sure thank you. all right that was really their talking with our nick connelly in kiev all right just briefly a new world record has been set and the rest in a rain shower nearby for the longest lasting rain but you see it right there now this beauty appeared in taiwan on thursday it lasted for almost nine hours university researches we understand are nelson meaning photographic evidence to the guinness world records committee if accepted this rainbow will knock out the
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previous record which was a six hour rainbow recorded in england more than twenty years ago maybe that's the breaks it effect we're seeing right there and hey maybe there's a record size pot of gold at the end of the rainbow when taiwan you're watching news live from berlin more news at the top of the hour and at the end of the rainbow see that. like two billion.


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